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Sister’s Loving Brother

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My name is Joe. I am 24 and I live alone. Well, I used to live alone. My 21 year old sister Amber and her fiancé Travis are currently staying at my house while their own is being repaired after they had a fire. It was fine for a few nights. I thought Travis was a douche, but I was able to catch up with Amber, so it wasn’t so bad. But after a few nights Amber and Travis had apparently started to get a little too comfortable at their temporary residence. For the last few nights I hear Travis and my sister fucking in the room next to mine. I tried to ignore it at first; pillow over the head, earphones in my ear, television on, but I always found myself purposely trying to focus in on their sounds. Amber’s panting and moaning began giving me an erection, but just as I had first done after hearing them having sex, I tried to ignore it. I would just lie in bed with a hard cock and wait for them to stop. Their sex sessions never did seem to last too long. Travis was obviously finishing way before Amber was and after he got off he would just be done and leave my sister unsatisfied. If I was fucking her… no, I couldn’t think that way. I shouldn’t be thinking that way at all. I tried to keep that in mind, but it soon came to be that every night I was masturbating while listening to my sister getting fucked in the next room. I never let on that I had heard them fucking and as far as I knew, they never suspected I had.

I wake up and look at my clock. 8:00 AM. It was Friday but I didn’t have work today due to the company needing to do expansive cleaning and maintenance around the office. I could hear Travis outside scraping off the frost of his car before he left for work. I decided to go back to sleep. I wake up again. I can hear a monotone buzzing coming from somewhere. The clock says 11:00 AM. I listen quietly, trying to figure out what the buzzing is. As I focus in on the sound I can hear heavy breathing. I quickly realize that the sound must be my sister masturbating with a vibrator. She must not know I’m home… I thought about masturbating but her quiet shallow breaths were not getting me very excited. The constant buzzing wasn’t helping much either, so I quietly left my room and went to the kitchen and made myself a bowl of cereal. Halfway through my breakfast the buzzing stops. A few moments later the door to Amber’s room opens and out steps Amber, completely naked. Amber took a few steps towards the kitchen before she realized I was there and froze. It was even longer before I realized how I was staring at her. Her evenly tanned, slender body, medium sized perky tits, shaved pussy, I took it all in. Amber quickly got over her surprise and turned and ran back into the guess room. I watched her taut ass until she disappeared into her room.

The door opens a few moments later and Amber comes out, this time fully clothed. “Well that was embarrassing” She said. “I thought you were at work.”

I pretended to be very interested in my bowl of cereal so I could cumlouder porno avoid looking at Amber. “You just waking up?” I asked her, obviously knowing the answer, but I felt it was better that she didn’t know I had heard her masturbating.

“I know how loud my vibrator is, Joe.” I choked a bit on my cereal as she said it. “But thanks for trying to make it a little less awkward. I masturbate, I have sex.” Amber places her hand on my shoulder and gives me a kiss on the cheek. She walks to the front door and puts her coat on. “I’m going out for awhile. Gonna meet up with Travis after he gets off work. We’ll probably be gone most of the night. See ya.”

“Bye.” She walks out and shuts the door.

Later that night, around midnight, I was sitting on my couch in the living room. I had sat there to do some work I needed to catch up on but spent most of my time watching horribly bad movies on the sci-fi channel. I was drifting off to sleep occasionally but tried to stay awake to watch the end of the movie that was currently airing. I hear the front door open. I look back to see Amber stumbling in, obviously drunk. She shuts the door. No Travis? Whatever, I just need to pretend this morning never happened. I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep though I felt myself about to actually fall sleep. I feel Amber’s body sit down on the couch next to me but keep my eyes shut until I felt her fumbling with my pants’ button. I jerked awake as she reached inside my pants and pulled out my cock. “H-hey, what are you doing?!” I grab her wrists to get her to stop but she pulls away and grabs my cock again.

“Let me do it… Travis…” She mumbles under her breath. She thought I was Travis? It didn’t matter! I couldn’t let her — But I lost all objections once her soft petite hand began to stroke my hardening cock. She stroked me with her right hand while her left dug back into my pants. She squeezed my balls hard. I grunted. She released her grip on my balls and began to massage them a little roughly. He right hand kept on stroking. Her fingers rubbed up my shaft, hitting the head and then back down. Up, down, up, down, she continues to jack me off and play with my balls. I look at her. Her face was concentrating on the cock in her hands. She bit her bottom lip, then her head goes down and she swallows my cock. Her tongue swirls around my shaft as she slowly lowers herself farther down onto my cock. Her lips seal around my cock and she bobs up and down making little slurping sounds as the tip of my head pops in and out of her mouth. I run my fingers through her hair as she continues sucking. Her hand goes down into her pants and she starts fingering herself. Amber starts to breathe heavier and letting out a few moans that are stifled by the cock in her mouth.

“I’m cumming.” I say to her.

In response to my comment, she sucks me harder and faster. I burst inside her mouth but she doesn’t let up. She doesn’t even bother to swallow my cum. A few czech amateurs porno moments later she finally separates her mouth from my cock and begins to use only her tongue to lick up all the cum off my cock while she still fingers herself. After she finishes cleaning off my cock, she reclines back on the couch arm, still fingering herself with her eyes closed. She unbuckles her pants and tries to pull them down with her one free hand. I hesitate. Should I really fuck my sister? Can I really take advantage of her and fuck her when she thinks I’m her boyfriend? My hands go to her waist and I begin to pull her pants down to her knees. I watch her fingers working slowly under her red panties. I slowly continue pulling her pants off, still having a debate in my head if I really should go ahead with fucking Amber. Finally I give in and finish pulling her pants off. I look back up at Amber only to realize Amber has stopped fingering herself. She fell asleep… I let out a sigh, though I am unsure if it is a sigh of disappointment or relief.

I go to the kitchen to grab a wet paper towel and wipe the cum off around her mouth. Both of us still pantless, I carry her to her bed and lay her down. I go back to the living room and grab her pants so I can put them back on her. Cock still raging, I go back to my room and jack off, thinking of my sister. Only after do I begin to think about what would have happened if Travis walked through that door when his fiancé was blowing her brother. That thought was followed by the dread of what would happen tomorrow morning when he came face to face with my sister. Hopefully she was too drunk to remember anything.

By the time I wake up in the morning Amber had already left for work. A few hours later, Travis comes in and starts packing up his stuff.

“What’re you doing?” I ask.

He turns to me, digs in his pocket and tosses his house key at me. “Packing up and leaving. Your sister didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“We broke up. I’m leaving.”

Did he find out I let her blow me? Oh god, is it my fault they’re breaking up? “…Why?”

“Your sister is really hot, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t just do this “one girl” thing. I’m too young to be tied down”

I was speechless. Relieved I hadn’t been found out, angry at Travis, sad for my sister. Travis didn’t wait for me to say anything. He just walked out the door and left.

Amber came home a few hours later but this time she passes me on the couch and goes right to her room. I go after her, entering her room. She is taking off her jeans and she throws them on the floor. She looks at me as she turns to her bed. She’s wearing a tight yellow t shirt and black panties. She drops down on the bed on top of the covers. “Good night.” She says without looking at me.

“I’m sorry about Travis.”

“He’s a douche bag.”

“I’ve always thought that about him. What happened?”

“We went out to a bar last night czech casting porno and I found him in the bathroom fucking some little whore. Don’t know why anyone would want him for sex. He’s horrible at it.” She shifts her legs apart a little, giving me a clear view of her mound hidden behind panties. I can’t help but glance at it but quickly go back to her face only to realize her eyes locked onto mine. “I’m sorry.”

“About what?” I say in a completely unconvincing tone as I feel my face heat up from embarrassment.

“For using you as my own little revenge against Travis last night. It’s just that you’ve always been so great to me. You’ve been the best brother anyone can ask for. But what I’m most sorry about is passing out before we could do more.” She takes off her shirt and bra. “Tonight seems to be a good night to correct a lot of mistakes.” She smiles and I don’t hesitate for a second. I take my own shirt off and climb onto the bed kneeling right up next to her.

As we kiss I lead her onto her back. We kiss again but I break my lips away from hers. I kiss her cheek, her neck, her chest, slowly, sensually, making my way down to her panties. As my mouth works down her stomach, my fingers roll up her thighs until they both reach their intended destination. I pull her underwear off with my hands, lips quickly following down to her clit. Amber’s fingers stride through my hair as I tease her pussy with my tongue. I start working at her more seriously. Her breathing picks up, her moaning gets louder, her grip on my hair gets tighter. I give my sister the best tongue fucking I’ve ever given anyone. Her body begins trembling, she pushes my face harder into her cunt, her moans become screams. “Oh, God! Oh, God! Don’t stop, please don’t stop! I’m gonna cum!” And by God did she cum. She screamed so loud I was certain my neighbors heard it. The bed was soaked.

“I… I had forgotten what that felt like.” She was still breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath. She had a smile as wide as her face, eyes as bright and joyful as I had ever seen them. I take my pants off and without even moving off the soaking wet bed, I climb on top of her. We share another deep, passionate kiss. She smiles again as my cock goes inside of her. I fuck her slowly, keeping my eyes locked onto hers. I begin to play with her tits with my right hand while my left supports my body. I pick my speed up, pumping my cock into her faster and harder, more and more until I’m thrusting my cock into her, my balls slapping against her skin as the headboard bangs against the wall.

“Harder… Faster.” She barely manages to get the words out between her moans. I do as she commands, I stop playing with her tits and use both hands to anchor myself down as I ram my cock into her pussy as hard and as fast as I possibly can. “I’m going to cum!” She screams.

“So am I.” I answer.

“Cum with me. Cum inside me.” And she cums, screaming again as she does. Barely a fraction of a second later I cum inside my sister. I pull out of her, a bit of cum drips out of her. The bed is completely soaked. Nothing else seems to matter. I collapse next to Amber, my arms draped over her. We are both panting heavily, incredibly sweaty, and we both had never been happier.

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