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Sisters, Mmm, Good Friends

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Double Penetration

“I get lonely, but sometimes I just wanna get laid,” 32-year-old Lena told her sister Amy as they relaxed on a Florida beach. Amy glanced up the beach and spotted her husband Patrick walking back carrying three cold bottles of beer.

Amy turned her head leisurely back toward her sister. “You don’t want to go back to that loser, do you?”

“No,” Lena said. “No way.” Amy looked out at the ocean through her dark sunglasses. Amy was just eighteen months older than Lena; the two sisters were sometimes mistaken for twins. They were about five-foot-four in height, and while they carried a few more pounds than was considered “fashionable,” men of all ages were always looking at the sisters and smiling. Amy and Lena were the kind of attractive sisters who possessed personalities that made men want to be around them. They were not only pretty, their curves, their dark eyes and hair and their smooth skin gave them an exotic, erotic appearance. The only distinct difference in their looks was the length of their hair. Amy’s hair reached her shoulders and curled slightly under. Lena’s hair stopped just before the ends of her earlobes and curled slightly upward.

“Well, listen,” Amy said to Lena. “You’ll find a guy.” She grinned and pulled down her sunglasses, looking over the tops of the frames. “Besides, you could easily find a guy who could ‘fill in’ for a while.”

“Ha, ha, very funny,” Lena said in a sarcastic tone.

“Okay, here ya go,” Patrick said, handing out the beers. He smiled at his wife and sister-in-law. Patrick loved being with his wife and her sister. They were fun, funny, and he admitted it, they were good looking and sexy. While he couldn’t deny he’d fantasized occasionally about Lena, he knew he could never cheat on his wife, and he was confident Lena would never do anything illicit with her brother-in-law. He loved them both, but he was in love with his wife.

Lena, and she was talented enough to never let on to Patrick or her sister, did in fact also fantasize about her brother-in-law. But she knew she would never do anything to hurt Amy. She admired and found sexy the same qualities in Patrick that attracted Amy.

It was an idyllic summer for the trio. Patrick was a novelist and magazine writer who had found uncommon success and could live life as he pleased. He was enthusiastic to have Lena join him and Amy on many of their excursions – not merely because he found her sexually attractive but because he liked and respected her. She was a beautiful person as was his wife.

They enjoyed a summer of smooth, golden sand and tropic heat, of sunny days and saltwater swims and warm, breezy nights – of love and friendship. Patrick owned a new motor cruiser, and he sometimes fancied himself a Hemingwayesque adventurer, although he had to face facts, he was neither as good a writer, nor as good a drinker.

One day, while the three of them were on board his craft, Lena’s bikini top accidentally slipped about halfway off. Like her sister, she was well endowed – 36D – and Patrick outdoor sex porno caught a glimpse of an erect nipple. Everyone was genuinely embarrassed, but they laughed about it. Patrick felt himself become almost instantly horny. He went below deck to find something else to do. He found it difficult, though, to forget Lena’s beautiful round breasts, her sweet nipples and large areola. It was almost like looking at his wife.

Later that night, while showering back at their beach house, Patrick began thinking about Lena. His cock quickly got hard and he began stroking himself – imagining licking Lena’s hard nipples. He stopped and got out of the shower, trying to put sexual thoughts about Lena out of his mind.

Patrick put on some shorts and tee-shirt, stepped into the kitchen, took Amy by the waist and kissed the back of her neck. Lena looked at them and smiled from her seat at the kitchen table.

In her room that night, Lena thought about Patrick – about his lean body, his kind eyes and sensitive hands. She slipped her hand into her thong and fingered her clit. She didn’t remember ever getting so wet before fantasizing about any man. She lie back, massaging her breasts with one hand and rubbing her clit furiously with the other. She could hear her sister down the hallway, moaning with exquisite pleasure as she and Patrick made love. “Oh god,” she could hear Amy yell. “Screw me hun, screw me hard, hun!”

Lena came, a shattering orgasm soaking her thong and leaving her exhausted. She fell back onto her bed and threw her arms back above her head. ***** That winter, Lena joined Amy and Patrick at their large cabin in the woods of western Maryland. They spent their day’s Christmas shopping in the D.C. area and their nights at concerts and art exhibit openings. Patrick never felt better than when he could walk into an event, black tie, with his hot wife on one arm and his hot sister-in-law on the other.

They escaped the cold rain one night, hurrying into the cabin after returning from seeing a movie together. Patrick showered, put on some lounge pants and tee and settled into the sofa for some good reading. His wife and Lena disappeared first into the kitchen, then into the couple’s bedroom. A couple of hours went by, and Patrick headed for bed.

Lena and Amy were still sitting on the bed talking and laughing. Patrick couldn’t help but feel he’d interrupted something, but he ended up sitting on the bed himself and joining in the conversation. None of them had laughed so hard, joking and taking about some of the strange people they’d met lately.

Finally Lena went to her guest room. The lights quickly went out and Patrick took one last trip to the bathroom. He dropped his boxers to the floor, and when he started back to their bedroom, he stepped through the bathroom door naked, not worried because it was so dark in the hallway.

He was startled by Amy as he stepped through the door, bumping into her, she too was now naked. He felt a warm hand touch his stomach, then public agent porno his waist. He touched her smooth ass and then took her by the waist. Her soft, plump breasts pressed against him. Patrick kissed her shoulder and smelled her clean skin, his hard cock strained as she reached down to hold it. Like an electric shock, Patrick noticed Amy’s hair seem shorter than usual.

The horrifying realization shot through his body that the person he was fondling wasn’t Amy but Lena. But he wasn’t certain. They stepped slightly into the dim glow of a full moon that shone through the windows. The muted light bathed her pale, wonderful tits. He looked up and Lena stared into his eyes.

“Oh, shit,” Patrick thought. He dropped his arms to his side. “Listen,” he whispered. “I am so sorr …” Lena put her fingers to Patrick’s mouth. He felt a hand touch his arm, and he looked to see Amy standing nude beside them. She took his hand and led him toward their bedroom, Amy following, holding Patrick’s other hand. Thin, white window coverings filtered the natural light coming through the windows. Candles burned in a couple of locations around the room.

The sisters guided Patrick onto the large bed. Lena touched Patrick’s biceps, then she slid one hand down to grip his rigid cock and stroke his smooth bare balls. As Patrick sat upright, his back braced by the headboard, Lena mounted Patrick and slid her shaven pussy down over his eager cock. Amy smiled touching her sister’s arm as Patrick took hold of Lena’s hips. She began riding Patrick, her ass moving in a sensuous rhythm, she braced herself by putting her hands on his shoulders.

Lena’s pussy felt so good to Patrick. She was almost a carbon copy of his wife. Lena leaned her head forward to kiss Patrick, but Patrick pulled away slightly. “It’s okay, hun,” whispered his wife. She smiled at the two of them. “It’s alright, go ahead.”

Lena and Patrick’s lips touched gently, then their tongues found each other, and they kissed in lustful, horny desire as Lena fucked Patrick, the bed squeaking ever so lightly, Patrick’s stiff cock filling her excited pussy. Their mouths parted, a small strand of saliva trailing from their moist tongues, and Patrick and Amy looked at one another. As Patrick and Lena meshed their bodies together, his engorged cock sliding up into Lena’s hot slick pussy, Amy leaned into Patrick and the husband and wife kissed, their mouths glistening as their tongues wrapped around one another, Amy sucking Patrick’s lips as he pulled away then plunging his tongue back into her hungry mouth.

Suddenly, Patrick leaned forward holding Lena by the waist and threw her onto her back on the bed. He looked at her and slid his cock back into her soaking tunnel. “Suck my titties,” she whispered. “Suck my titties, babe.”

Patrick sucked Lena’s beautiful hard nipples and slid his cock in and out of her pussy, his balls slapping her ass. “Mmm …fuck me,” she sighed.

As Patrick held himself up by his arms, Amy began massaging reality kings porno her sister’s breasts. Patrick didn’t think that either of them had any lesbian curiosity – and he always thought that the whole lesbian sister lovers thing was silly anyway. But they cared about one another and about Patrick and obviously wanted the others to feel good. As Patrick fucked Lena, Amy moved her mouth toward her sister and kissed her lips. It was clear by Lena’s expression that this had never happened before, but then, Lena opened her mouth and extended her tongue. Amy put her mouth on Lena’s, and they kissed sensuously, their tongues flicking in a duel of lust. “Oh, honey,” Lena murmured to Amy.

“Do Amy,” Lena whispered. Amy quickly moved into the doggie position, and Patrick slipped his slick cock easily into his wet wife as she arched her back to display her swollen pussy lips. “Oh, god, Patrick,” Amy blurted out. “Fuck me, hun, fuck me like I’m a horny little bitch.” “We’re both horny little bitches,” Lena laughed. The cold rain blew outside in the night darkness as Lena’s, Amy’s and Patrick’s warm lusty bodies mingled, their skin excited by one another’s touch, two women offering their eager pussy’s to a throbbing, hard cock.

Lena reached under and rubbed her sister’s clit as Patrick pounded her pussy from behind, holding her ass and servicing his wife like an unrestrained stud with a receptive mate. “Oh, god, yes,” Amy screamed as she came hard and intense. “Fuck, yes, fuck yeah!”

Patrick pulled out, and the sisters embraced each other, their tongues met again, and Amy’s mouth slid down Lena’s neck until it reached the fullness of her tits. Amy began sucking her sister’s hard nipples, first one then the other. Then, as she moved down to kiss her stomach, Amy reached around and slipped a finger into Lena’s tight, little asshole, working the muscle with her fingertip and rubbing Lena’s clit with her other hand.

Lena fell back again, and Patrick slid into her, pounding her beautiful pussy with lustful enthusiasm. “Fuck me, babe, fuck me!”

“I love you,” Patrick moaned to Amy. “We love you,” she answered.

Lena started to cum, her hips bucking as Patrick’s balls became incredibly tight. “Cum inside me, babe,” Lena moaned. Amy gripped Patrick’s arm in affirmation. He shot his cum into Amy as his thrusts pounded her public mound. “Yes, babe, oh fuck, yes,” Amy screamed as Patrick’s cum oozed out between his thick cock and Amy’s soft pussy lips. He kept pumping Lena’s supple, tight pussy until he’d drained himself of his warm seed, Lena’s thighs gripping Patrick’s waist holding him in. Patrick’s hips jerked in one final spasm, his cock still hard and tight inside Lena’s wonderful cunt.

They collapsed onto the bed, hearing the rain outside and caressing each other in their warm, erotic play space. They kissed each other and touched each other and rested. They knew their lust would rise again soon and they were eager to again love one another and to experience each other. They knew too that they had something special that others would not comprehend. But they were free and in love, and they wanted to share each other’s bodies. Patrick felt Lena’s hand on his cock as it slowly enlarged in her hand. He kissed his wife.

“Let’s fuck some more,” Lena whispered.

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