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Sixth Form Ski Trip Ch.02

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Big Tits

Shobna was indeed still going. Her partner was flat on his back, eyes rolled in grateful glee, as the curvy Indian girl bounced up and down on his cock. Her boobs wobbled and jiggled, her bra now closer to her waist than her chest. The room was filled with the wet slapping sound of slick flesh meeting wet skin.

With each thrust, she let out a strange sound- somewhere between a groan and a yelp.

Her lover’s hands were gripping her bum, fingers splayed, pressing into the cinnamon-toned flesh. Shobna’s glossy black hair was now a lank mess. The result of over an hour of incessant fucking had been to plaster it down over her face, drenched in the inevitable sweat of two very horny people screwing each other’s brains out.

She barely acknowledged Pierre and Lydia as they emerged from the bathroom, looking no less dishevelled.

Pierre eyed this debauched scene with interest as he steered Lydia towards the other bed. Her hand unerringly found his cock, which was already showing signs of stirring again. Lydia indicated that he should sit on the edge of the bed, facing her room-mate.

He sat, rapt with attention. Lydia knelt by the bed, and swept her long hair back away from her face. The pretty English schoolgirl wrapped her fingers around Pierre’s half-engorged cock. She looked up at him with an expression of mock concern.

“I think he wants a little encouragement”.

Lydia planted a gentle kiss on the crown of his penis. Then a second, lightly touching her lips to his shaft. Then a long, langourous lick of her tongue, running from the tip down to the base. The musky scent of him filled her senses.

Pierre groaned. As her tongue found his balls he groaned again louder. She felt his cock harden further, blood rushing into it. The thick, mossy taste of him was overpowering. Her tongue explored again the rough hair and dipped down to caress his perineum.

“Fuck” he exhaled. “What do they teach you in those English schools?”

“This and that”, she smirked. And as he instinctively leant back and pushed his hips towards her, Lydia took his length in her mouth. Her lips formed a vice-like seal around him and she sucked him intensely. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap whilst he gripped her tangled hair in his hands.

Pierre’s eyes shut momentarily as he enjoyed Lydia’s more than competent blowjob. He savoured the moment. For the umpteenth bahis firmaları time that night, he silently cheered his luck at picking up this remarkable British vixen.

As Lydia sucked and licked at his cock, Pierre thought back to his other recent conquests, trying to mentally compare them to this.

There had been that Romanian dancer of course, worryingly thin but with an insatiable appetite and remarkable flexibility. And the middle aged American woman who he had fucked in the club toilets whilst her annoyed husband searched for her. And — mon dieu!- that threesome with the two Swedish snowboarders, who had seemed as interested in fucking each other as they had him.

And of course the steady stream of bored local waitresses and service staff who were always up for a perfunctory fuck.

On balance, he felt that this Lydia girl was certainly one of the best.

Pierre felt the heat rising in him again, Lydia’s oral ministrations unerringly guiding him towards another climax.

Then, nothing. She stopped.

Pierre opened his eyes with a momentary flare of frustration.

Giggling, Lydia stood up. “Pace yourself!” she urged.

Facing towards the other bed, Lydia slowly lowered herself onto his lap, guiding his cock inside her welcoming cunt until his was buried to the hilt. She gasped a little, then began to rock back and forth.

Shobna saw her friend grinding like the world’s poshest lapdancer. She saw the pert little boobs describing jiggling circles in the air. This spurred her on in her own quest for climax.

Pierre’s hands found Lydia’s neat little breasts and rolled Lydia’s perfect pink nipples around his palms.

For her part, Lydia’s attention was locked on the hypnotic sight of Shobna’s bouncing tits. Her friend was almost unrecognisable, her once immaculate makeup smeared across her face. Her moans had taken on a slightly strangled tone, the sound of someone utterly exhausted and dehydrated but still impossibly horny.

Lydia rocked back and forth on Pierre’s cock.

She allowed her thoughts to wander, using the pleasure she felt in her loins to drive her towards new heights of sexual fantasy. Lydia wondered what it would be like to fuck Shobna, pictured sitting astride the curvy girl and wrapping her legs around her waist. Pictured grinding her willing pussy against her friend. Pictured burying her face between those kaçak iddaa magnificent breasts. Wondered how her friend would taste.

Lydia was jolted back to reality by a sharp stinging sensation in her nipples. Pierre had squeezed them hard between his strong fingers. She yelped, in a “that-hurt-but-please-don’t-stop” kind of way.

Pierre’s thrusts took on a fresh intensity.

His left arm was like an unyielding bar across her chest, pressing her breasts flat and holding her in place as he fucked her harder.

His right hand slid up her reddened, sweaty body and found her neck.

“Yes”, she gasped, “more!”

Pierre gripped Lydia’s throat, squeezing it firmly but not brutally.

“More”, she moaned.

He squeezed, his strong fingers now choking her.

Lydia began to feel light headed, the waves of hot pleasure between her legs intensifying.

“MORE!”, she choked through his grip.

With a grunt, he squeezed again. Pierre drove his shaft into her glistening cunt harder.

Lydia, barely able to breathe, reached a new plane of ecstacy.

Opposite Shobna acknowledged that she had company for the first time, reacting to what Pierre was doing to Lydia with renewed excitement. She found new reserves of energy as she ground her hips in tight circles around her man’s cock.

Lydia’s face turned purple and tears streaked her mascara. Just at the point that she thought she might pass out completely, she came hard, letting out an incomprehensible moan from deep inside her.

As her tight young pussy flexed and quivered Pierre came too, with a loud cry of “putain”.

His cock released its load for the third time that night, this time filling Lydia’s pussy with his hot seed. His explosive climax felt like it went on for nearly a minute.

He held her tight as she shook on top of him, then when he had finished gently lowered her sideways onto the bed.

Summoning all her willpower, Lydia sat upright. She laughed.

“Fuck me!” she enunciated in her cut glass accent.

She looked unrecognisable from the stunning girl who had strutted into the club earlier that evening. Her face was bright red, with streaks of makeup down her cheeks. Her hair was a mess. And stray smears of Pierre’s cum marred her tanned thighs.

Pierre kissed her solicitously on the forehead. She wriggled so that she was lying against him. Pierre held kaçak bahis her, his now flaccid cock pressed gently against her bum.

The two of the watched as Shobna rolled off her partner, knelt by him, and finished him off with a vigorous handjob. When he came, the thick ropes of cum coated her dextrous hands.

For a good five minutes no-one in the plush hotel room spoke. Four people, in various states of undress, sprawled sated on their beds. Four people who had shared something indescribable.


It was later. The two men had left. As a matter of routine Lydia and Shobna had accepted their phone numbers. The smell of sex still lingered in the air.

Shobna walked to her suitcase and retrieved a towel, wiping her lover’s cum from her hands and stomach. She unclipped her bra from where it had settle around the slight curve of her belly, and threw them with her panties into an untidy heap on the floor.

She sprawled back on her bed nude.

Lydia had cleaned herself up in the bathroom and changed into a clean pair of knickers and a t-shirt.

She also treated herself to a furious, lighning quick wank standing up at the bathroom counter, aroused by her own debauched appearance. Her knuckles tented the blue cotton of her panties, as she breathlessly gasped her pleasure staring at her own reflection.

Lydia removed her ruined makeup and rescured her discarded bra, shoes and dress from the bathroom floor. She carried them back into the bedroom, and dumped them carelessly by her suitcase.

“That was…” Shobna said, struggling for a suitable adjective.

“It certainly was something”, Lydia giggled, suddenly feeling a little self-conscious.

“I haven’t shagged a guy with an audience since Lizzie’s house party last year”, Shobna grinned.

Lydia laughed. She hadn’t been there, but had heard the story. Shobna and her then boyfriend had been at it in the back garden, screwing on the wet grass. What they hadn’t taken into account was the light on the back of the house, activated by a motion sensor, which had illuminated their congress for anyone who chose to look out the back window.

“I think this is an object lesson in why our parents shouldn’t have sent us to an all-girls school”.

Shobna dissolved in laughter.

“Quite. Anyway, come here matey, I like to cuddle afterwards”.

Lydia, feeling curiously vulnerable after the evenings exertions, crawled into bed with her still naked friend. Intimate now, as those who have shared an intense experience tend to be, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

And that was just the first night.

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