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Skater Dude Likes to Fuck A Lot

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So I’m 21 now and feel like I’ve been around the block a lot already. I like to skateboard and shit, smoke bud and I work making pizza and also hustle on the side.

I got kicked out when I was 18 a few years ago by my mom who caught me fucking her boyfriend in his ass. I’d actually been fucking around with him since I was 15 when my mom went to her sister’s for a weekend and I was alone with Rick. Well it didn’t take him a long time for him to proposition me. I was walking around the place (grew up in a double-wide) in my boxers and Rick was checking me out and I knew he looked at me long before that. So then I saw him looking through the hole in my boxers at what he could see of my dick and so I was like “what?” and just stared at him, drinking a soda. So he was like “can I suck your cock?” and so I was like “Hell yeah.” Damn, I’d been getting my dick sucked by this dude I knew from school since I was 12 and he’d done it all the way up through high school. Plus I had a couple girlfriends in school who liked to get fucked and suck my dick. I even got one of them to take it in the ass.

So yeah, Rick was all happy when I told him to go ahead and I moved forward to where he sat at the table and then he moved down onto his knees and my cock was already growing out the hole of my boxers, so it made it hella easy for him to just pull it out the rest of the way with his mouth. Fuck, he was real good at sucking cock and I popped my bone in his mouth in seconds. But after that we had this secret thing going on and I’d let him suck my cock whenever we were alone. So he started showing me porn videos and getting me all nasty and got me to start fucking him up the ass pretty regular. Fuck I loved busting my nut up his ass any chance I got and he turned me into a freak and he became like a nasty bitch for me to fuck, even when I had my girlfriends and would fuck them, I’d still fuck him whenever I could.

So yeah, he was the main man in boosting my confidence with it and well it’s just gotten bigger since then. What can I say, I’m a bit cocky and my dick is the center of the fucking universe.

So yeah, mom walked in on me fucking Rick up the ass in their bed one Sunday afternoon when we thought she wouldn’t be home until 8 or 9 at night and turned out she came home at 4 in the fuckin afternoon. So, I got what I could into a backpack and took my skateboard and backpack and the money I had stashed away which was about $300 from the summer job I’d worked at this deli, and fuckin took a bus toward the city.

So I’ve been living in the same residential hotel since I moved here and the day I moved in is when I met the hotel manager and he was fixated on me the minute I moved in. He charged me for a week at first and said I could start paying by the month after I got some work. He also showed up at my room at the dingy hotel and said he’d cut me a break on the rent if he could suck my dick whenever he wanted and so I was like, well sure if I’m not busy and he was like “ok cool.” He’s a pervy guy in his late 40’s and he seems to like giving head to younger dudes like me. So yeah, he started coming to my room at any given hour, day or karabağlar escort night, a few times a week and would close the door and I’d lay back on the bed and he’d blow me for an hour or so until i decided to pop my load down his throat.

So I got a job first at a gas station and that lasted about 8 months and then we got robbed when I was working a night shift and so I quit there after that. Then I got a job where I work now part time making pizzas and for the rest of what I make I get from freaky, nasty, dirty older men and desperate guys wanting boy dick for a reasonable rate. Usually we go to my room where I am but sometimes they take me home or to another motel or hotel, or to a dark place to park their car and they suck me off there. Fuck these guys are total pervs too and licking their chops until they get their mouth around my dick and after a while most of them want me to fuck them cuz I got a nice dick. Some of them like to lick and suck my furry butthole and that feels so fucken good!

There is this one dude though I see someone on the reg who I met a year and a half ago and he’s in his mid 40s and heavily tattooed and from what it sounds like he did some time in prison . Anyway, he always pays me the same….$350.00 for two days/a weekend. He takes me out somewhere remote as fuck and that’s where he did something I never saw coming but given the right situation, I’d welcome again but ONLY from the right dude to do it. This dude made me strip down and then he bent me over the tailgate of his truck, pinned me down and forced his dick up my ass, putting a hand over my mouth. Fuck it had been the first time I got fucked and it was painful and I think I was seeing stars as this guy jammed his dick into my ass that he only lubed with his spit and continued fucking me until he popped a wad into my ass. That was just to start with. For that first time for two days he forced me to suck his dick and he raped me in my ass repeatedly and he also got me pretty high too. And all this happened in this spot he later said he knew about ahead of time and it was out in the middle of nowhere where noone was fuckin around. Then after he was done, he took me back to the city and dropped me off and said he’d keep an eye out for me again. Which, he has seen me many times and has taken me to a cabin in the woods and also driven me around all weekend to places where he could rape my hole and fuck my face.

So yeah normally that’s not my thing, but if a guy comes along who wants to prop me and he’s the same type of dude, then he’s welcome to take me wherever and rape the fuck out of me.

You know, I think its from that guy where I now get my attitude because when I fuck guys I get real aggressive and like to be forceful. I’m a real nasty fuck for being the age I am. I also really like young twinkie dudes 18 and 19 who look younger and I don’t charge them. No, I take them to my pad, get them hella stoned and then strip them and fucken face fuck and butt fuck the hell outta them. That really gets me giong and I like to make them my little bitch.

So that’s that for now yo, but leave comments if you want to hear more.



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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