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We’re walking hand in hand back to the cottage along the shore of the lake. The full moon is so bright making it easy to navigate, especially as we are both barefoot. You’ve got your favourite sundress on, the floaty, off the shoulder one that stops just about your knees and accentuates your gorgeous figure. You certainly turned a few heads whilst we sat outside the restaurant eating dinner in the warm summer air and I keep thinking how lucky I am to have met you. There’s a splash, quite near, and it startles us. “Just a fish” I say.

You turn towards me and wrap your arms around my waist. God how I love the feeling of you close to me, holding you tight. We kiss. Little pecks at first then slowly probing each others’ mouths with our tongues. Your lips are so soft and your tongue darts in and out and round mine. I can feel the warmth of your body radiating against mine, and I break off my kiss to lean down and nibble your neck. There’s a bank behind us, and you push me slowly back until I am sitting on it. You lift up the hem of your dress and then straddle me. I grab hold of your buttocks with both hands and pull you in and we continue to kiss.

You push me farther back so I am lying down now underneath you. You are lying on top of me, but the only part touching me is your pussy through your underwear, where it is rubbing up and down on my cock that has formed a tent in my trousers. I reach out and squeeze your buttocks, helping you to grind up and down. I am rewarded with a moan, and so I alternate between stroking and squeezing your buttocks as you continue to grind yourself against me and push your tongue bahis firmaları deep into my mouth. Your grinding is getting more rapid, and I can feel the heat coursing through you. You stop, look me in the eyes and say “Skinny-dip?”

Before I can react, you’ve jumped off me, pulled your dress over your head, and taken off your underwear leaving them in a heap on the floor. I watch as you jog down into the water, wading forward until you are almost waste deep and execute a perfect little dive. You resurface again, rolling over onto your back, your breasts just visible above the surface of the water, the moon reflecting off your body with a ghostly white. I gather up your things onto the bank, folding them, noting just how wet your panties are. I take my clothes off quickly, freeing my raging cock and head into the water to join you.

I too wade forward until almost up to my thighs and then dive in to join you. The cold hits me like a hammer, driving the air out of my lungs. I surface and you start laughing. “Fresh isn’t it?” you ask. You lie back in the water again, floating near the surface. I stare at your gorgeous breasts, the nipples rock hard because of the cold, and trace my eyes down your body toward the curve of your abdomen, the merest hint of your pubic hair just visible. I swim out to you and we lie along side each other, treading water with our hands for a moment, staring up at the stars in the sky.

“Come on” you say as you start to swim back in. You stop when you realise you can stand on the slightly slippery bottom. Turning toward me, I can see the water level is lapping just at the top of your kaçak iddaa breasts, your nipples tantalisingly just below the surface. I walk up to you, and getting hold of your waist, lift you up towards me, slightly higher in the water, using the natural buoyancy. You wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me deeply, and at the same time wrap your legs around my waist. Slowly, ever so slowly, you ease yourself down, and I feel the tip of my cock against the lips of your pussy.

You continue to kiss me, and I move my hands down to under your buttocks. You squeeze your thighs slightly, allowing for the tip of my cock to enter you, just an inch or so. You are still wet inside from the earlier rubbing, so there is no friction, just the delicious feeling of the head of my cock stretching open your entrance. You break off the kiss, and then staring into my eyes, slide down impaling yourself on my shaft, right until it feels like my cock is the only thing holding you in place.

The sensation is mind blowing. The cold of the water, the soft velvety warmth of the inside of you, the heat of your breasts against me with the hardness of your nipples. We pause a moment before I grip your buttocks and start to move you up and down my shaft. Up and down, up and down, up and down. You are moaning now, alternating between pulling yourself in close and leaning back to change the angle. I want to surprise you, so in one quick motion I lift you completely off my cock, turn you around and then lower you back down onto it, again using the buoyancy of the water to help.

I am holding your waist now, driving into you from behind, again kaçak bahis and again. I’m getting close now, but I know I need you to cum with me. I bend my knees slightly, bringing you closer and more upright into me, and I wrap one arm around your waist, while the other moves straight down to your clit. I rub your clit slowly in circles whilst my cock drives back and forward into you. I think the angle means that my tip is close to your g-spot, as you are moaning out loud now and telling me to go faster. “Yes, yes, yes, don’t stop, oh please don’t stop” you plead.

I am stroking your clit faster and faster and your hand is over mine, pressing it down to apply the perfect pressure. I can feel my buttocks start to clench and my legs start to shake as my orgasm draws itself from every inch of my body. “Cum with me my darling” I whisper in your ear. And you do. I bury my cock deep inside you just as your stomach muscles contract and you let out a long low moan. I feel the pulsing of your contractions as your orgasm grips and releases me. My cock expands slightly and I explode savouring the feeling of my cum joining the flood of your own warm juices deep inside you.

I hold you tight, not daring to move, waiting for the moment to pass. I can sense the goosebumps starting to form on your body, so I release you gently, and you slide off me. We walk hand-in-hand out of the water and pick up our clothes. “Good job it’s only 100 metres to the cottage from here and the fire is on” I say. “Let’s hope we don’t meet anyone”. “I don’t care” you reply, laughing. I help you onto my back and half walk, half jog back to the cottage with you clinging on for dear life. The fire is indeed still burning, and we fold ourselves into each other in front of it, a blanket wrapped around us, slowly warming, lost in our own thoughts of skinny-dipping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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