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Chapter 3

The next few days went by quickly. We did not make love to each other again, though we are still making love to each other at least twice a day, if you know what I mean. The morning after I made love to Sterling for the first time, we kissed tenderly and stroked each other until Sterling could cum no more, and every time he did so, I scooped up all his baby cream, and we both licked it off my hand, and then kissed some more, until we simply could not go for any longer. Of course, the quadruple thick baby diapers that we had put on the night before lasted us until damn near dinner time, so our morning play time had been inside them.

When it had been time to change our mega saturated baby diapers, we sucked each other, one after the other, having an ultra intense kiss and cum sharing session for at least ten minutes between each orgasm, though I did not give Sterling any cum, but that was perfectly okay too, we still kissed as if I did anyway.

At bedtime, since we had triple diapered each other, we only kissed and stroked again, once more I scooped up all the delicious cum I could and we shared it. The next few days were very much like this, and we are loving it and each other even more now. Sterling says that it is important that we not make love to each other too often, to save that and enjoy the other methods more often, so that we learn to truly savour the times we do share in that most special way more. I think I agree.

When we were not making love to each other, Sterling was once again teaching me all that he can, and he is a great teacher. Not only am I doing the required schooling every day, but he is also teaching me more and more about running a business and all that that entails. Friday morning, Dad and Reilly were on their way to the city where the hospital was, and I called and talked to them before they left, and told Reilly to go get better, and that I would call him just before the surgery, of course asking Dad to tell me when that is to be. Dad called when they arrived, telling me that both he and Reilly had enjoyed the flight, a first for both of them of course, and the hotel that Sterling has them in is quite nice, and very close to the hospital he says.

Monday morning, I was so nervous that I did not want to be made love to in any way, and when I called Reilly, it took everything in me to not burst into tears. I told him just how much I love him, and how much I want for him to pull through the surgery and come back to me, and he said that he would do it if he could, but that he is not scared, he said that they had met the surgeon yesterday and that he is really nice, and promised to do his absolute best to help him out.

All of Monday, until the call came in again, I could not concentrate in the least. I was a basket case all day, and cried off and on. Sterling was of course very understanding, and held me and consoled me the entire time. Finally Dad called, and said that Reilly is out of surgery, that he had made it through with flying colours, and now, of course, he just has to pull through the next twenty four hours, which of course is always the second most dangerous part, especially after a brain surgery. I admit, I did breathe a massive sigh of relief, because Reilly was through the hardest part of it all now.

The next day I was not as bad, but I was still on pins and needles most of the day, and Sterling did not make me do anything more than just our morning exercises. Finally, at just after dinner, Dad called to say that Reilly was now awake and is responding well. They had kept him asleep for that long, so that he could recover more easily they said, and since he has waken up, and has full function, the surgeon says he sees absolutely no reason at all that Reilly will not live a full and long life now, that the surgery was a success.

As soon as Dad and I hung up, I dragged Sterling to our bedroom for a celebratory love making session, and I asked for him to fill me up once again. It was still painful, especially at first, but I opened up far faster and with less discomfort than our first time, so that is really good, and Sterling filled me as full as he could for three orgasms and one piss load. We plugged and diapered each other up, nice and thick, and then went and had a really good sleep.

It was back into the swing of things after that, and every evening Dad would call and tell me how Reilly was doing, and every night I got to talk to him as well, and I told him how proud I am of him, and of course how happy I am that he had made it. He says that he is super happy that he”ll get to live now, and we tell each other how much we love each other. Reilly made me promise to be there when he gets home, and to spend the night with him, I swore that that was a promise that only the devil himself will make me break.

Sterling and I arranged to be in town the day that Reilly and Dad get home, we had had to do some business in the morning, so I was in my impeccable suit, but I have a suitcase as well, and I actually got to help Sterling out with a few things, but since I am still learning, I could not do a lot, but it was cool none the less. Finally we got the call, saying that Dad and Reilly are home, so as soon as the meeting that Sterling and I were in was done, he took me to my parents place, because no, I cannot call it home any more.

Sterling asked if I wanted him to walk me up, and I declined, grabbed my suitcase, which I have lots of diapers in, even some Pampers for Reilly, and headed up the twelve flights of stairs to what used to be home. Several people saw me, and stopped and stared, only two kids actually recognized me at all, the rest wondered what the hell I was doing there.

When I walked into their apartment, all three of them looked to me to see who was coming, and it actually took at least three seconds for them to even recognize me at all, all dressed up as I am.

“Holy shit, Skye, look at you, you look like a million dollars?” My dad said in awe.

“No, only about ten thousand dollars.” I grinned, and then went and hugged my parents first, and then I picked Reilly up and hugged him long and gently.

“I missed you.” Reilly said to me, crying happily.

“I missed you too Baby Bro. How do you feel?”

“Really good now. I always had pain in my head, now I don”t.”

“That”s really good. I see they hadta shave your head, oh well, it”ll grow back, but wow, what a scar.”

“Yeah, they only took the bandaids off yesterday and let me see it, it still has lotsa stitches in it, but they say that they”ll come out themselves soon, but that I”m all better.”

“I”m so happy to hear that.”

“Me too.” He said, and hugged me as tight as his tiny little body could.

“So, how was it Dad?”

“Scary, exciting, nerve wracking, you know, life.”

“I bet.”

“How about you, you really do look amazing, you look like you don”t belong here any more?”

“I really don”t, I”m doing really well, it”s amazing. I”m learning so much, Sterling”s an amazing teacher, and the courses he also has me taking are way better than I ever woulda got here. And no, I”m not talking about the thing I”m sure you think I”m talking about, though that is amazing as well. I never want you to feel bad for what I”m doing, trust me, I”m where I needta be now. I even got to sit in on a board meeting today, and I was typing the notes for it and all. Sterling assures me that with how well I”m already doing, that by the time I”m an adult, I”ll be fully ready to run my own businesses. As for looking like this, it feels nice.”

“That”s at least good, and helps to alleviate some of our misgivings on it.” Mom said.

“Have none whatsoever, I assure you, I don”t, and I never will. I truly love where I”m at and what I”m doing, and though I do miss you guys, I just can”t see myself leaving, I can”t come back here and live like this, not any more. I”m sorry. I”ll do what I can to help get you guys outta this hell hole as well, but I can”t live with you, not any more.”

“You”re gonna leave me forever?” Reilly asked, bursting into tears.

“Hush hush Baby, I”m not leaving you, I”m still gonna come and visit, just like I promised you, and I”ll even spend the night with you, but here”s just not where I belong, okay. I made a promise to you, and I mean to keep it, just like you kept your promise to me, I just won”t be here with you all the time, okay.”

After a few moments of sniffling, he finally said that he was okay with it.

Reilly would not leave my side, and stayed cuddled into me the entire time we sat there talking. I had to tell my parents pretty much everything, though they never asked, and I never said anything about our bedroom activities. We all know, even Reilly does, but it truly is something that cannot be talked about.

Finally Reilly said that he was getting tired, and asked me to come and get him ready for bed, so I told my parents that I was going to go to bed at the same time, and that I had promised to sleep with and hold Reilly when he got home all better, so we hugged and kissed goodnight, and I took my baby brother to bed, where I still believe that he wishes to lose his virginity.

“I have a surprise for you Baby, well, probably a couple surprises actually.” I said once we are in what is now just his bedroom


“I think that you”re a good little gay baby boy diaper lover, and would love to get to wear a cute little Pampers baby diaper. What would you say to me putting you into a gorgeous little Pampers Baby?”

“Really, you knew, and you”d really Pamper me?”

“Hell yeah, but you already know I am too, don”t you?”

“Yeah, I saw how many times you”d put your diaper on and then pee it right away.”

“I know, and you often did the same thing. Hell, more often than not, your baby pants weren”t even pulled up fully when you were already peepeeing your diapers. Like I”d say anything bad about it though.”

“I know, because I saw how much you did it, so I knew you”d understand.”

“Sterling and I are both gay baby boy diaper lovers, and now I get to wear gloriously thick and thirsty tape on baby diapers all day, every day. It”s wonderful.”

“And has he fucked you yet?”

“No, but we”ve made very tender love. I”ve only taken him a couple times so far, though, he”s so big, and I”m so small, so it takes a long time for me to be able to take him fully, it hurts like you couldn”t imagine, but feels better than you can possibly imagine, all at the same time.”

“Will you still do me, you promised me you would?”

“Yes Baby, I will. Now, let”s get you into your sexy little Pampers baby diaper like you deserve.”

Reilly happily agreed, and so, I stripped him until he is standing before me, naked and as hard as can be, his little erection standing as tall and proud as it possibly can, maybe a whole five centimeters long, maybe one and a half around, and his tiny little baby balls are pulled up tight to his body in anticipation.

I then laid my baby brother down on the bed, grabbed my suit case and grabbed from it everything that we want and need, and proceeded to diaper Reilly up really well. I lotioned his little baby bum hole, his tiny little baby balls, and rigid little boy spike until he came, and then I creamed him every bit as well again, until he came a second time. I then pulled up his proper baby diaper, and taped it on.

“Do you haveta go peepee Baby?”


“Good, peepee your baby diaper like a good little gay baby boy should.” I say as I press my hand to the front of it to feel him do so.

It takes not even a full second for Reilly to let go his clearly painfully full bladder, because for such a little guy, he sure peed a lot. That is excellent. He soaked his diaper, pretty near to capacity in that one wetting.

“Mmmm, very nice Baby.” I say as I pet his little Pampered peepee.

“Mmmm, that was very nice. Now can I change your baby diaper?”

“Absolutely Baby.” I say.

I have to help Reilly to get me undressed, and when he sees and reads the diaper shirt that I am wearing, he grins brightly and groans deeply, it has a cartoon of a teen baby on his hands and knees, displaying his sexy little thickly diapered bum, with the printing underneath it saying proud little gay baby boy diaper loving slut. He helps me out of that shirt, and exposes me in just my super soggy baby diaper, and he cums, hard.

“Wow, you”re just so fucking hot like this.” Reilly says, and fuck does he sound husky and horny.

“Thanks, so are you. Especially in a Pampers baby diaper.”

“Thanks. I wish I could wear these all day, every day from now on.”

“We can talk it over with Mom and Dad tomorrow, if you”d like.”

“You mean it?”

“Absolutely, now, change me Baby, I haveta go peepee really bad, and I wanna let you feel me peepee my baby diaper as well.”

“Oh god yes.”

I laid down on the bed, and Reilly opened up my diaper, exposing my erection to him. He had seen me naked hundreds of times, probably he had even spied upon me when hard, I know how much he watched me when he was home, I had not been blind to what he had wanted, but now he is truly getting to see me, and he is gazing intently.

Finally he pulls out from underneath me my super soggy baby diaper, grabs a fresh one and slips it in in its place, and then proceeds to clean, lotion, and cream me up real well, doing to me exactly what I had done for him, including the two matching orgasms. When he pulled up and taped closed my diaper, he did it perfectly, and then he presses his hand to the front of my diaper, and I stop forcing myself to not pee, because trust me, after my first cum, I almost ataköy escort peed, but my second one was worse, and I have been forcing myself to hold it until now. I have never been able to hold a lot, nor for a long time, but tonight I held it easily a full hour longer than I have ever managed before, and because of that, I peed far more than I normally do as well. Trust me, my bladder had been in serious pain for almost the last hour.

“Wow, that was amazing.” Reilly groaned sexily again.

“Fuck it hurt though, holding all that for you. I knew what you wanted and needed, so I happily held it all for you.”

“I did the same for you. I kinda also wanted you to peepee inside my baby bum hole though.”

“I know Baby, and I still plan to, don”t worry. I plan to take a long time before I make hot gay baby diaper love to you, and by the time I do, I”ll needta go peepee again, don”t you worry. Why do you think we stopped in the kitchen and had a nice big drink first.”

“Oh, okay.” He says happily.

I urge Reilly into bed with me, and he crawls in happily. I also move up on the bed, and into a more proper position for what we fully intend to do, and as soon as Reilly is close to me, I pull him to me and lay on my brother a definitely not brotherly kiss. Reilly squeaked cutely in shock at having me do so to him, but then he sighed and melted into the kiss. I am using all the practice that Sterling and I have had recently on my brother, sensuously tongue kissing him, and at first he was every bit as clumsy in our kiss as I had been too, but he learned just as quickly as I had, and now he is kissing me like a little pro.

So far we are just holding each other, moving nothing but our lips and tongues, and for easily ten or fifteen minutes, this is all that we do.

“Wow, who knew kissing could be so fantastic.” Reilly sighed deeply when I pulled away to see how he is doing.

“Mmmhmm, how you feeling Baby?”

“Real good. I”ve wanted to kiss you like that for a very long time. The first time I watched you play with your diapered peepee, I wanted to come to your bed and play with it and kiss you.”

“Same. How long ago was that, do you remember?”

“I think I was still four.”

“Yeah, that”s about when I started to see how much you watched me, how much you tried to see me naked, and I knew you weren”t usually asleep when I jacked off my little diapered dinky. I let you watch me, because I wanted you as well.”

“Would you”ve sucked and fucked me then?”

“If you had”ve asked, in a fucking heartbeat.”

“And you will now?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I love Mommy and Daddy, I”ll really miss them, but I wanna come live with you, it”s you that I love like that.”

“And I”d really like that as well. The problem, Sterling and I really are baby boyfriends, and I really wanna spend lots of time with him. I”d absolutely loveta play with you, but us two, we can”t be baby boyfriends as well. I”ll see what I can do to get you your own baby boyfriend, and we”ll go from there, okay Baby, but we can”t be boyfriends, just gay baby brothers with benefits.”

“I know. I saw how you looked at Sterling when he came here, you fell in love with him right then, didn”t you?”

“You”re a very perceptive little baby boy, aren”t you?”

“Yeah, that”s why I always knew the doctors and nurses were lying to me, they all told me that I”d be just fine, but I knew I was dying, and that if I didn”t have that operation, I wasn”t gonna be able to last more than a few months more. The pain was getting so bad, but they just kept telling me that I was getting better. Mom and Dad never did that to me though, they told me the truth, and how sad they were that they were gonna lose me because we”re so poor, that no one cares about us. I”m happy that you found Sterling, and that he agreed to pay for the operation, I don”t wanna let you go, but I know I haveta.” He said, sniffling only a little.

“Yeah, I know. You don”t haveta lose me totally though, we”ll still get to play, lots and lots, as much as we can, and I wanna try and figure something out for you guys, but for you specifically. I think you”re really smart, like me, and living here won”t help you to become all that you can be either.”

“I”d really like that.” He said, and then attached us at the lips yet again.

This time we are slowly and tenderly petting each others backs and soggy baby diapered bums as we kiss tenderly, and for another ten minutes or more, this is what we did.

“May I start preparing your hot little gay baby bum?” I broke the kiss and whispered to my beautiful baby brother.

“Oh yes please, though I think you lotioned and creamed it more than enough already anyway.”

“No, that was a good start, but even I”m larger than just the one finger I got inside you. Not much, granted, and it won”t take much to prepare you at all I think, because you took my one finger so easily inside you, but still, I can”t stand the thought of hurting you.”

“You won”t hurt me, nothing hurts any more. Even yesterday when I stubbed my toe real hard, it was nothing compared to the pain I usedta feel.”

“Was it really that bad?”

“I didn”t realize it, “cause it just always was, but now that it”s not there any more, nothing hurts. I also don”t care how much it hurts, I just needta feel you inside me. I”ve dreamed of sitting on your peepee for a long time already, and I want it so bad.”

“And I want yours inside me too, and tomorrow morning will be your turn, okay Baby.”

“You mean it?”

“Of course I do, I”d never do something to you that I wouldn”t also let you do to me.”

“Oh, thanks. I”m still so tiny though.”

“No more so in comparison to Sterling and I, and I make him feel very good as well. I can even make him cum just by making love to him, so I know it must feel amazing, otherwise he wouldn”t. You”ll do just fine Baby, and you have a fine little baby bone that”ll make me feel amazing, don”t you worry about it.”

“Oh, you”re not lying, are you?”

“You know I”m not, you”d feel it if I were. You”ve told me flat out that I was lying to you, that you felt it, and made me tell you the truth.”


And this time I attached us at the lips once again, only this time I pulled Reilly up as far as I could, so that I can reach his tiny little gay baby bum hole easier. I slip my hand deep inside his soggy little Pampers baby diaper, and tickle his little entrance, and he sighs extra deep into our kiss. I had used more than enough lotion and cream to make him good and juicy back there for this, and moments after starting to tickle his baby bum hole, I slip my pinkie finger inside him, and he moans deeply.

About two minutes later, Reilly has opened up well to my little finger, and so, I pull out and slip my middle finger in instead, and continue going for another five minutes, kissing softly as I do. Reilly is doing very well, and I have been able to slip all in easily, and so, I slip my index finger inside as well, and very slowly start working him with two fingers now.

The moan that Reilly let escape into our kiss was even deeper than before, and no, it is most definitely not a moan of pain.

We are nearing an hour since we changed each other, when I finally decide to slip a third finger inside my baby brother, and he took it with ease. Of course, my fingers are not at all large, yet it should still be a far cry more than little baby Reilly could take into his tiny little baby bum, because trust me, he is wearing Pampers size six, so not even the biggest ones yet, he is still so tiny, and his little hole barely looks like it could take just one of my fingers, let alone the three that he is now easily taking.

“I”m ready, I know you have three fingers inside me, and I know you”re not as big as even that, so please make gay baby diaper love to me now.” Reilly whispered softly.

“Are you certain Baby?”

“Absolutely. That was the only thing that got me through it all, the desire to feel you fill me up. It”s what I”ve wanted and needed for so long.”

“Okay Baby, roll over, press your cute little baby backside to me, and I”ll make it as loving and beautiful as I possibly can.”


Reilly rolled over, and as soon as he was in place, I poked a hole in the seat of his sexy little baby diaper, leading to his well prepared little hole. Knowing that I really do not have a lot to work with, I decide to just push my diaper down in the front, and as soon as I am ready, I slip my little erection inside Reilly”s diaper, and press my dick lips to his cute little ass lips.

“Mmmm, that already feels amazing, and you”re not even inside me yet. Do it, make gay baby diaper love to me Baby Brother.” Reilly moaned deeply, and so, I slipped inside my hot little baby brother.

I went as slow as I possibly could, but considering how open and loose Reilly is, and how small I really am, it took only a minute until my bared pubis is pressed into Reilly”s pampered posterior. I wrap my arms around Reilly, he wraps his arms around mine, and we hold each other tenderly, and for easily five minutes, we did not even move in the slightest, we are just enjoying the loving feeling of me being deep inside Reilly.

When finally I started thrusting, though, I did so every bit as slow and tender as I had done with Sterling, and I slowly made very soft and tender love to my little baby brother. He is making that same sound that Sterling says I make as he makes love to me, he calls it purring, but still I have never heard it, until now. Of course I had heard it from myself, sort of, but now I am hearing it from Reilly, and I finally understand what Sterling means, it really is a so very sexy sound, and says just how much both Reilly and I enjoy what we are experiencing.

I was only able to last maybe five minutes, but truth be told, it was not because of me, it was because Reilly exploded in what will probably be his single most powerful orgasm ever, and he took me along for the ride. He gripped me almost painfully tight, his entire little body quivered as he came, and I felt his little baby bum hole pulse at least a couple dozen times as he attempted to eject the cum that is even further away than my own is.

“Oh…..my……fucking……god………..That was amazing.” Reilly panted.

“Yeah, it was. How do you feel Baby?”

“Better than I ever dreamed was possible.”

“Good, I know how you feel. I finally got to feel the same myself not all that long ago. Now, I haveta go peepee Baby, would you still like for me to peepee inside your Pampered baby bum hole?”

“Mmm, yes, peepee deep inside me, then make peepee Pampers love to me.”

And so, I let go my bladder. I am not in nearly so much pain as I had been before, but I had already built up more than enough to need to go pretty bad again. As I peed deeply inside Reilly, I would rock my hips, of course every time I would do so, my pee paused, so I made my peeing last a good solid five minutes, and Reilly certainly seems to be enjoying it every bit as much as I am and do.

“Wow, that feels even more amazing than I dreamed it would. Not sure why anyone would dream such a nasty thing, but that was definitely not nasty.” Reilly sighed, sounding so very husky once again.

“Know how you feel Baby.”

“Oh, you sure do, and I finally know how you feel too, and you feel fucking amazing. Make gay baby diapered piss love to me now please.”

“Mmmhmm.” I say, and for damn near one more full hour, and three more amazing gay baby boygasms, I truly did make sweet tender gay baby diapered piss love to my beautiful little gay baby brother.

I am surprised that Reilly is still awake once I finally went soft inside him, and promptly got expelled, since I am no longer anywhere near large enough to stay inside him. As soon as I slipped out, he sighed in deep love.

“Thank you so much, that felt amazing, but now you haveta change my baby diaper, I”m almost falling asleep.” He whispers to me.

“I agree Baby, and I need a baby bum change too. Will you be able to change me as well?”

“Of course.”

“Good.” I said, as I slipped out of bed to grab the supplies.

I change Reilly first, and then he changes me, and then we curl back up in bed, and hug each other tightly as we fall fast asleep. We hold each other all night long, and it was damn near every bit as good as when I do so to Sterling.

“Good morning my beautiful little baby brother, how”d you sleep last night?” I whisper softly into Reilly”s tiny little ear as soon as he comes to, I had just been laying there, softly tickling his tiny little tummy and chest since I woke up nearly twenty minutes ago.

“Mmmm, I”ve never slept better, thanks so much, last night was amazing, and then feeling you hold me all night like that was almost as good.”

“That”s good. I”m glad. Do you haveta go peepee, you”re super hard in your super soggy Pampers Baby diaper, so you probably haveta, huh?”

“Oh yeah, and this diaper feels way better than my other diapers ever felt.”

“Yeah, I can”t go back to cloth, these are just way more comfortable. Now, the only way you”ll be able to make gay baby diaper love to me is if I”m up on my knees and you push both our baby diapers down, and I want and need for you to make hot gay baby diaper love to me now please.”

“Not sure I”ll be able to either, but I guess I”ll kinda haveta. I”d really liketa make love to you now, but do you haveta go peepee too?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Can I suck your peepee as I get your baby merter escort bum ready, and then you can let me drink your pee, I”ve dreamed of doing that for a long time, and I”ve even sucked the pee from your diapers before, and you always tasted so good to me.”

“Oh god, that”s hot. Hell yeah.”

“You mean it?” He asked happily.

“Oh yeah.”

“I thought you”d think I was super dirty or something.”

“You are, but I like that in a boy, and truth be told, you weren”t the only one sucking the piss from a well used diaper, because I”ve done the same to yours and mine several times in the past.”

“Nice.” He groaned.

I roll onto my back, so that Reilly could gain the access that he needs, opening up my legs at the same time, and he dove in with gusto, pulling down the front of my super soggy baby diaper, and engulfing my entire erection in one gulp. Wow, my baby brother is an amazing cock sucker already, yet he has never done this before, and I find that I am damn near ready to cum in just a few seconds.

Then he worked his tiny little hand into the back of my diaper, tickled my little bum hole for just a few seconds, and then just as he slipped his middle finger inside me, I exploded. Reilly caused an orgasm that damn near rivaled a few of the massive ones that Sterling has caused in me, and once more, I nearly blacked out from the sheer power of it.

Reilly must have felt when I came down, because as soon as I did, he started rubbing my stomach, right where my bladder is, and that was all it took, it had already been a fight, holding my bladder back, and he made me explode, once again, and I fed my baby brother all the pee I possibly could. He greedily and happily drank it all down, and was not satisfied until he nearly sucked me dry.

I whispered to Reilly to slip another two fingers inside me, because, let”s face it, three of his fingers are still nowhere near as large as two of Sterling”s and his two fingers don”t hurt me in the least. Reilly happily did as I asked, and continued sucking and fingering me, until I came again.

As soon as I was down, Reilly pulled off, and we both know what he needs, and so, without a word, I get up onto my knees, spreading and opening myself up for what my little baby brother wants and needs. Truth be told, I want and need it every bit as much. Reilly works himself into position, pulls down both our baby diapers enough to do what we need, and then slips all inside me in less than a second, but, in all fairness, he really is not that large, but I can feel him, and he does feel amazing inside me, and so I tell him so.

Reilly is trying to go as slow as he can, but his little erection keeps trying to override his brain and take control, so every few seconds he will start fucking me, and then slow right back down and make love to me again. It is funny, because I can damn near hear him yelling at his dick to stop that. He is too hot for his little body to contain it for too long, though, and barely a minute after slipping inside me, Reilly explodes in yet another massive orgasm. He slumps onto my back as the waves of it wash over him, he is panting and gasping, but I can tell that he is still awake.

Unfortunately Reilly went off too quick to have caused me to cum as well, though he did have me damn near half way there when he had finally had enough. No, he is not big, in fact he is kind of tiny, but he still feels utterly amazing inside me.

Once the orgasm lets him go a little, Reilly gets back up again, slips his little baby bone as far inside me as he can, and I feel him trying to pee, even though he is still so hard. Just as he starts, he too starts rocking his hips, thus causing his piss to pause, and so he pauses and pees a little more, and keeps on dong so inside me until he is empty, and I am gloriously full.

Reilly then adopts as long and slow a love making as his tiny little body is capable of doing, and makes me feel damn near as good as Sterling makes me feel, only there is absolutely zero pain mingled in there as well. For easily five minutes this time, Reilly makes love to me, and I am building to a massive orgasm myself. I was actually the first to go off, but Reilly gasped and came almost instantly as soon as I did.

We managed to last for only two more gay baby boygasms, at nearly ten minutes a piece apart, and Reilly just shriveled up and slipped out of me. He laid on my back, holding me for dear life for easily ten minutes more though, and I can hear him softly crying. I know what it means, and I understand it, and it makes me cry softly as well.

Once Reilly started pulling away, I rolled and pulled him to me, and pressed our lips together and kissed my baby brother like he deserves. For close to ten minutes more we kissed.

“I love you so much, I just don”t wanna give you up.” Reilly whispered to me when he pulled away.

“You don”t haveta give me up, and I”m never giving you up, but baby boyfriends we simply can”t be. I already have a baby boyfriend, my heart and soul belong to him. He knows and understands what the two of us feel for each other though, he knows that we”ll also make love to each other, and he”s okay with that. I swear, I”ll do whatever I can to help you out, though, okay.”

“Okay. Would you change my baby diaper please, put me into a fresh Pampers baby diaper, so that I can go show Mommy and Daddy who I am, and what I want and need?”

“Absolutely Baby, and I brought the whole pack for you to keep, and I”ll make sure and keep getting you the diapers you deserve somehow, okay.”

“You mean it?”

“Of course Baby. I”ll also get you to change me, and then we”ll both go out in just our nice thick thirsty baby diapers together, okay.”

“Thanks, you”d really do that for me though, show them what you are too?”

“Yes, they deserve to know, and really, they probably already suspect it anyway.”

“Thanks.” He said, and kissed me again.

We changed each other once we were done kissing, we lotioned and creamed each other really well, but both of us are more than satisfied, and did not even get hard, so that is very good. Once we were both good to go, we headed out, and found our parents in the kitchen, sitting at the table, drinking tea.

“We wondered if you”d have the courage to finally come out in fresh dry diapers.” Dad said in way of greeting.

“How long have you known?” I ask curiously.

“You were probably seven the first time you risked wearing a diaper during the day, and we knew how much you wet it. You both look super cute like this though.” Mom said this time.

“Thanks.” I said.

“I wanna wear diapers all day every day from now on, can I please?” Reilly asked.

“Yes, we”ll figure it out somehow, but we might needta keep you in your cloth at night and while at home to save some money, okay Baby.” Dad said.

“Okay, I can do that.” He said happily, and went and hugged and kissed Mom and Dad, and they petted his cute little Pampered bum as they did so. As soon as he was done, it was my turn, and they both patted my baby diapered bum as well.

“We also couldn”t help but to hear you boys last night and this morning, are you baby brother boyfriends?” Dad asked.

“No, just gay baby brothers with benefits. I”ve explained it all to Reilly, and though he doesn”t truly accept it, he does understand it.” I said.

“Good.” Mom said.

“When”s Sterling coming to pick you up anyway?”

“I was to call him as soon as I was up, we have another meeting late this morning, so I probably needta get going pretty soon, so I needta go get changed here pretty quick, but we”ll have time for breakfast.”


I called Sterling, and he said he would be here in about forty five minutes, so that gives us plenty of time to eat breakfast together, and then go get dressed and ready for the day. Reilly sat on my lap the entire time, and I even fed him as we did so, and he loved it. Mind you, so did I. Once we were finished eating, I asked Reilly to come help me to get dressed and ready, and he happily agreed. Considering what he and I did last night and this morning, I am not exactly fresh, and so, I ask him to use baby wipes to give me a kind of sponge bath, and then he helps me to get dressed.

“You look super hot all dressed up like this Skye.”

“Thanks Baby. That means a lot to me, coming from you.”

“I really do want you to take me with you.”

“I know, and you know the reasons I can”t.”

“I know, but I don”t agree.”

“I know Baby, now gimme a kiss in privacy, and then I gotta get going.”


I picked Reilly up, cradled him under his already slightly soggy baby diapered bum, and we kissed for a few minutes. As soon as I set him down, he started tearing up, I kissed away his tears, and told him that I would be back soon, and that we would make love again, but that hopefully by the next time I came, that I would have something worked out for him.

I said goodbye to my parents, hugging and kissing them, telling them that I love them, and then I head downstairs. Sterling was pulling up just as I exited, so I went and opened up the door and hopped in.

“Hi there Baby, how was your night?” Sterling asked, and then kissed me.

“Mmmm, it was nice, how about yours?”

“Surprisingly boring, since I”ve gotten used to you being with me already. Did Reilly love the Pampers you brought him.”

“Oh yeah, and he”s diapered and wishes to stay so forever, I told him I”d try and figure something out to allow that to happen.”

“We”ll make sure the little cutie gets his baby diapers, don”t worry. And did you make gay baby diapered brotherly love to each other?”

“Oh yeah.” I sighed, and gave him the abridged version of it.

“Very nice. I”m happy for you two. When are you gonna ask?”

“I”m sure I have no idea what you”re talking about.” I grinned.

“Why are you holding off?”

“Because my parents would never accept just having things handed to them and not working for them, so I”m trying to find a way to get them away. As for Reilly, I wanna find him the cute little baby boyfriend he needs. He knows that we”re brothers with benefits, that he can”t be my boyfriend. Maybe once that happens, I”ll ask the question that I know you know I wanna ask, simply because I don”t want him to feel like the third wheel.”

“Fair enough. What kindsa skills do your parents have?”

“Sadly nothing that would really help them in any of your businesses, other than janitorial really, but you”re fully staffed.”

“True, but our first appointment of the day is at a place that I”m looking to buy, so, maybe we could get them jobs there.”

“Where and what is it?”

“It”s actually a small retail chain selling shoes, they have thirty five stores, and they”re failing, because since the new guy took over, after it sold to another corporation, he”s sucked it very nearly dry, and the corporation wants it off their books, because they can”t figure out why it”s not making a profit, yet their sales are strong.”

“Oh, cool.”

So, we headed to the company”s head office, not a large place, but it was also their main warehouse as well, so that portion of it was shockingly large. I have my computer with me, and I am to take notes once again. There are only twelve other people there, all of them managers. My first thought when we were introduced was why so many managers for such a small chain.

We got down to business, and Sterling pretty much got right to the heart of the matter, told the managers that he was interested in buying the business, and asked them what their thoughts were on why the company was not making any money. They talked for near on two hours, and my god, I know I am only ten and all, but I have never heard a larger pile of bullshit in my entire life.

“Skye, you”ve had a scowl on your face near on the entire time we”ve been talking, would you care to ask a question or two?” Sterling asked me.

“Oh, sorry, it”s really not my place, I”m just an assistant.” I said softly.

“That”s okay, sometimes I can”t think of all the questions to ask, and I think you have a couple that you”d like to ask. Go ahead.”

“Um, I”m not answering any questions from an assistant.” The current CEO of the company said snottily.

“If I”m buying the company, and you wish to stay employed, if I ask a maggot to ask you a question, you bloody well answer it.” Sterling said sternly.

“I don”t have time to answer questions from children.”

“You probably don”t have time to stand in line at the unemployment office either.” I said before I could think about it.

“Well said, because that”s pretty near exactly what I was about to say, now, Sky, please, ask your questions.” Sterling grinned brightly.

“Okay. What is the average wage of all the retail staff?”

“Minimum wage.” One answered.

“And do you give full or part time, and do you include benefits?”

“Part time, no benefits.”

“Store managers, same questions?”

“Depending on city, they get low market pay with base benefits.”

“And there are thirty five stores, I”m told, I know that some of you are district managers, how many district managers, and what are their salaries?”

“Five, and sixty five a year starting, and bonuses and raises, with full benefits.”

“And what is their average wage now?”

“Hundred a year.”

“And the rest of you are head office management. I”m guessing that most of you bahçeşehir escort are well over a hundred grand a year, with regular bonuses and raises as well.”

Gee, no one answered that.

“May I make an assumption Sterling?”

“You most certainly may.”

“Thirty five, divided by five, is seven, that means each district manager only has to manage seven stores. All thirty five stores are within five hours easy drive from here. Those numbers don”t add up. Then there are seven managers in a head office that controls only thirty five stores. That”s the amount of people that run multinational companies with hundreds of outlets, again, those numbers don”t add up. I”m also gonna go out on a limb here, from seeing the basic numbers already, that your bonuses were typically an extra hundred grand a year, on average of course, so, that”s twelve people, taking ninety percent of the profits, gee, no wonder why there is not enough money to pay the employees and stock the stores. You are all stealing from the company, and my recommendation to Sterling as soon as he signs the papers is to fire every last one of you and let the janitors do your jobs, because they could do it better.”

The shit storm that ensued as soon as I finished speaking was really quite comical. Every last one of them tried to deny anything, saying that they were paying themselves what was fair for the market, so on and so forth, blah blah blah. Sterling and I let them vent for near on an hour without saying anything. Finally they stopped talking.

“Several of you called Skye some pretty foul names, told him that he”s too stupid to understand anything, I consider treatment of that sort to be reprehensible, no matter whom it is that you are speaking to. He spoke his mind, maybe he put it a little blunt, however, with that being said, it is near on identical to what I was gonna say anyway, because you all needed to hear blunt. My next meeting is with your corporate heads, where I will be signing the papers to buy this business, every last one of you are to write up your resumes, and hand them to me personally, should you so choose to stay. Half of you are no longer employed, three of you already know that I will not be accepting your resumes at all, and I am blacklisting you for the treatment that you doled out to whom you felt to be a lesser being, simply because you feel that you are far better than anyone, you are not. I will be back here in two hours or less, those who do not wish to stay, may feel free to pack up their belongings now.” Sterling said, and then stood to leave, I did likewise.

We did not talk until we were in the car again.

“Wow, what a bunch of pompous assholes.” Sterling laughed.

“Not quite the words I would”ve chosen, but that”ll work. Aren”t you afraid of what they”ll do while we”re gone?”

“Nope. I already have people in place to ensure that that doesn”t happen.” He grinned.

“Oh, scoping out the territory ahead of time?”

“For almost six months I”ve had a mole on the inside. The police are also here now, to help ensure that they do nothing in their rage.”


The drive to the corporate headquarters was not all that far, and the meeting there was far more pleasant, Sterling simply said that he would be happy to purchase the company off them, and then all the papers were signed, hands were shaken, and then the corporate CEO asked what his feelings were on why it was losing money, and how Sterling hoped to resolve it, so Sterling told him the bitter truth. The guy was furious, and also blacklisted pretty near all the managers as well.

Once done there, we were headed back to the head office that we had just left, and when we arrived, we found that only four of the managers were still there when we arrived. Shame faced, they each handed Sterling a copy of their resumes, telling him that they are ashamed of the way that they acted, however, they never once stole from the company, but happily accepted far more than even they knew that they were doing. Sterling looked over their resumes, accepted them all, and told them that he would get back to them shortly with their new positions and pay schedules.

Sterling and I went and sat down and poured through all the information that we had, he asked my opinion on a lot of things, and though I thought that I could be no help, he told me that I had a few really good ideas, and even when he said that something was not a good idea, he explained why, and how we could maybe adjust it to make it a good idea. It was great, and I am learning a huge amount.

Finally our remaining managers were called back in, as well as the person that Sterling had placed as a mole, they were all given their new positions, their pay rates, and several new rules to follow. The days of the unjust bonuses were gone, as are the business lunches with people that they have no rights having lunch with on the company dime. Sterling flat out told them that he runs a nice lean and tight ship, and that blatant abuse of the company dollar is punished swiftly and as harshly as necessary. He then went over the pay rates and benefits that all the employees are now to get, they are all to be offered full time with benefits, of course no one is obligated to take that, but he knows that most will jump at that opportunity. He had already found out how many employees each store has, and in several instances there were stores that were running only four people, yet were open pretty near every day until nine, so that left part time employees with no benefits to work full time, and then some.

He felt that there are too many people in the main office, and only just barely enough in the warehouse, so he ordered a full restructuring, to be approved by himself, his new managers were to take care of that, and he told them that it is to be voluntary, not forced. He did say that he wants to hire almost thirty new people though, to help shore up the stores and get them where they should be at, of course, he knows that this is a tough thing, but he knows that there are people looking for work, and if he offers full time, good pay, and benefits, he will attract more people.

He also told his people that some of the product lines are stagnant and need to be dropped, as well gave them some excellent ideas of new items that they should be carrying. He says they are a shoe store, so bloody well sell shoes, no one goes to a shoe store to buy jewelry, so get rid of it, it is a poor seller and an eye sore. He told them that he wants the company to start transitioning to higher quality as well, but at an affordable price to families, not necessarily the best, but that some of the shit that they currently have, and are selling at top dollar has to go. He told them that he wants them to pretty near double their offering of shoes inside of six months, and that he is to authorize every purchase, because, like he says, a shoe store with only twenty selections per gender is atrocious, and is one major reason they were losing money.

The new head office manager asked how they could fit all this into the stores, and Sterling told him that by getting rid of all the dead weight in the stores, that should free up a massive amount of room, but that he is also going to have a retail designer go and visit every store and see what all changes need to be made to make the stores not only more efficient for displaying all the product, but more visually appealing and comfortable. Sterling told him that he will likely be renovating each and every store, since many of them are original to when the company started well over twenty five years ago, so they are all getting worn and tired looking. He will also look at moving stores that are in too small a location if necessary, since he knows of a few that are a little on the small side, since he has also visited a few of them himself.

The new manager paled and asked how much money he plans to spend on all this, and he simply said, lots. He asked how he plans to afford this, since the sales have not been strong enough to support such a move. Sterling told him that the sales have not been supporting it, because the sales were instead supporting over inflated wages at the top, as well as having too much stagnant stock, no fresh options, and wielding uncaring staff because they keep getting shit on and getting nothing for their efforts. He says that just getting the employees to care about their jobs, getting them happy to be there, will be the one thing that they need above all else to drive sales, but adding new options will certainly help as well. He also told him that once he has a list of all discontinued items for them, that all employees will be allowed to purchase up to as many as five of those items for only a quarter a piece.

The new manager was staggered at this, that could be thousands upon thousands of dollars that they are just giving away, and Sterling said that he knows that, but that it is an excellent gift to all those that have stayed on and gotten little to nothing in return.

Then Sterling dropped another bombshell on him, he told him that as soon as all that is done, and he wants the majority of it done in six months, that they start expanding, that the company has not opened a new store in more than five years, but that he wants that to change.

We ended up spending almost the entire rest of the day there, going over all the details, what needs to be done, who is to do what, who they are to hire to do all the work, so on and so forth. The new manager is to call a full managers meeting, and to have every available manager and assistant manager come to home office, some time in the next week, and start letting them know of all the changes, up to and including all their employees” new wages and the offers that Sterling has put out there. By that time, Sterling says that he wants the entire list of discontinuations to be approved, so he needs to go over it all and give it to Sterling as soon as humanly possible.

I am pretty sure the poor guy is not going to get any sleep over the next week with all that Sterling expects of him, though, if he is smart, he will be delegating a shit load of that work to his new employees to help with. I think he is, but, I also think that he is the sort to worry over every little aspect as well, to ensure that it is done correctly, because I am just as certain that he realizes that this is his one and only last chance to get it right, and that he cannot afford to fuck this up. Then again, the other managers will know the same things, so they too will be doing what they can to ensure Sterling”s demands are met, though he never demanded anything at all.

“Wow, what a long day, but, you realize that we only each got to change ourselves the once, and we”re both super soggy? I also hadta change myself, and since getting you to change my every soggy baby bum, I really don”t care for it much at all.” I said as soon as we are back in our car and heading out.

“Yeah, it was a long day, to be sure, and I agree, changing myself was none too pleasant either, but necessary I”m afraid. It”ll be a few minutes before we arrive to the restaurant, so, let”s use that time wisely and change each other really quick shall we.”

“Okay, but I”d much rather a long and glorious and draining diaper change.”

“You and me both Baby, you and me both, though you can”t physically drain out yet.”

“Yeah, tell that to my balls, they sure feel like they needta drain out right now.” I giggle.

“Not nearly so much as mine do, but after dinner Baby, we skipped lunch, and neither of us really has the fat reserves to be skipping lunch.”

“Yeah, no shit, granted, most days I rarely got much anyway, but I am still really hungry.”

“I know, at least you had loving parents who did at least do all that they could to keep you as well fed as they could, you know myself and so many others didn”t have even that luxury.”

“True. There were kids in my school who had even less than I did, and many cases no real parents either, I always tried to help them out whenever I could, because some of them thought I was the rich kid, I had two parents, and I at least got a sandwich for lunch, sometimes even an apple. I”d often share my sandwich with one, and my apple with another, so that we all at least got something.”

“You had less than half as much lunch as most kids in the rich world would have, and yet you shared half of it with others who had even less than you, you truly are special.” Sterling smiled warmly to me.

“Thanks, I knew we were all in the same boat together, I got just a tiny bit more than some, but it wasn”t fair to flaunt that, it was fair to share it, and so I did. I know, most probably wouldn”t, but that”s not right.”

“No, but that sadly is the way too many people think. Even still, every month I give on average twenty percent of my earnings to help out the poor. I donate so much food and clothing to the poor it”s almost staggering, yet there are still so many with nothing.”

“Having hadta go eat in the soup kitchens several times throughout the years when it got just a little too lean for us, we truly do thank you. We still never got lots, and it was never great, but it was good and filling, and nutritious too I suppose.”

“No prob.”

“Now, about that soggy baby bum change, please change me before I leak and ruin this suit?” I say, already starting to strip.

Sterling only agrees to this, and also strips, and then we change each other quickly. Even though we are both painfully hard, and it is a hell of a chore to tape each other up, we do still manage. We got dressed and all tucked back in properly, with barely ten seconds to spare, because almost no sooner had we finished, when we pulled up to the restaurant that we are going to. Not the same one as before, this one a nice one, to be sure, but not near as fancy or expensive.

We were seated quickly, and we ordered only shortly after, and then, in not too much time at all, we were eating, and it was pretty good, but, I do have to admit, after eating true five star, nothing else truly compares. Once we were paid up, we headed out, and now is the long drive home.

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