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Skys the Limit Ch. 01

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This is fiction, a story and it should be view as just that. Everyone depicted in this story is over the age of 18.


Reginald Hutchins watched his daughter throw her bag over her shoulder then locked the front door. He made a movement towards her with the intention of relieving her of the heavy load but she shook her head as she made her way to his SUV. Sky was small in frame and height but with a heart as big as the universe. She looked like an exact copy of his wife Cheri, with her long honey blond hair, creamy white skin, and round hips. The differences, Sky’s eyes were the greyest grey and she wasn’t as developed in the chest area as her mother. Comparing the two was another indication that his gorgeous little girl was growing up. In two days she would be 18 and a gorgeous woman, which was the reasoning behind the trip they were undertaking.

He never really had anything in common with Sky so his wife suggested they join a father/daughter club. It was a way to bond with his daughter who would soon be moving away and when she did, their relationship would suffer. But if they bonded, they would continue to stay close over the years. Well that was at least the idea. So he reluctantly agreed to try the club. If he didn’t he would have to listen to his wife claims that if Sky were a boy they would be closer nonsense.

This was going to be the first time they would be alone and it really worried him. Reggie knew nothing about her. But Cheri wanted him to join the exclusive club that his boss headed when they moved to Kipland. Relationships were everything to his wife lately so connecting with Sky and gaining a friend in his boss was a win, win. And that’s why Reggie and Sky were heading for Willow Lake to spend a fun filled weekend with his some co-workers and their daughters.

It wasn’t hard to get into the swing of things after arriving at the cabin. It was a small group and all the girls were eighteen except for Sky but she made friends easily and they instantly got along. There was David, his twins Marcy and Darcy who were both beautiful and his boss’s brother Greg who also worked at the firm. There was Kevin and his daughter, a cute buxom red head named Hailey. Paul and his girl Savannah, who was the sexiest gothic chic he’d ever seen. And Brad and his daughter Lisa, who obviously loved the color pink and looked just as innocent.

After introductions Reggie followed David into a cabin that looked like a mansion. “I thought it would be more people,” Reggie said as he climbed the stairs behind David. The two were acquainted; David was for all intense and purposes, Reggie’s boss and the guy that hired him. He was also a distant cousin of Cheri’s and saw fit to help them out. By giving him a job in this awful recession, David had virtually saved Reggie’s life and he was grateful.

“If we accepted too many people in our ‘club’ it wouldn’t be exclusive now would it?” David smiled as he opened the door to one of the rooms. “You and Sky will room here.” Reggie was about to protest when David said, “we feel it’s best to keep your child in your sites at all times. It makes some of the fathers feel safer.” Reggie could understand the logic so he didn’t oppose.

After a light lunch, which they referred to as a meet and greet, the girls wanted to go swimming. Reggie and all the fathers sat on the deck looking over the pond. Greg, who was only twenty one, was walking the shore talking on his cell phone.

“Was that a new car Savannah pulled up in,” Brad asked?

Paul shrugged, “Can you deny them anything?”

Each of the guys started laughing and talking about how much they spoiled their daughters and wives. Reggie financial situation made it impossible for him to spoil his girls but this new job would definitely allow him to shower them with gifts. Brad passed Reggie a beer. “Thanks,” he said. Brad smiled then sat back on the luxury beach furniture.

“How’s Rita,” David asked Kevin?

“I don’t know but I’ll be sure to ask the pool boy when I get back,” Kevin said as lifted a beer to his lips.

Reggie was appalled to hear Kevin’s admission. He worked with him and knew his wife. Kevin was in sales. He looked at each of the men and realized he’d seen all of them at the office, even Greg. He looked over at the guy and thought it odd that he didn’t seem too torn up about his wife’s infidelity.

“Yeah,” Paul laughed, “I wish Cynthia had a thing for our pool boy. It’s Rose, our housekeeper, she can’t keep her hands off of.”

Everyone but Reggie laughed. David, who was about ten years older than him, gave him a frown. “You have to loosen up Reggie, this is sanctuary. We speak freely about whatever is on our minds. No subject is taboo.” Reggie smiled but was still a little uncomfortable talking about such private matters.

Brad coughed, “Speaking of taboo, Hailey lost her top Kevin.” Each of the men craned their heads to see Hailey wadding to shore after the bikini top that was washing up on the sand. “Wow, little Hailey’s all grown up. Just look at those beautiful breasts,” Brad said with awe.

“I student sex parties porno know,” Kevin frowned, “I see them daily. And the girl hates wearing bras.”

Reggie looked down at Hailey and when her perfectly large breast began to bounce the moment her feet hit the sand his cock actually swelled because those jingling tits were indeed beautiful. He shifted in his seat, embarrassed that he actually allowed himself to think of his co-worker’s daughter in such a way.

After dinner and a few board games everyone retired for the night. Reggie though it strange that David, Greg and the twins were all sharing a room but he didn’t question that either. He was looking over some emails when Sky came from their bathroom.

“It’s a vacation dad,” she said reaching for his cell phone, “no work.” They struggled over the phone until Sky was on the bed in his arms with her short nightshirt up and exposing her underwear. They were Hello Kitty pink and white boy shorts. He found himself looking up to her chest. Sky didn’t have the large breast like Hailey. In fact Sky was an A cup. Even still, Reggie found himself wondering what they looked like beneath the tight shirt she wore.

He groaned as if irritated. His cock was hardening. Ashamed, he lightly shoved his daughter off of him. “I’ll turn it off,” he said, moving away from her.

After a short description of her day, Sky fell asleep in the bed while Reggie made use of the chaise lounge. Sometime during the night, Reggie woke. After a few hours of looking at the ceiling he went downstairs, needing a drink. For some reason the open discussion of Hailey’s breast and the thought of Sky’s little mounds bothered him. Taking a few sips of water, he stepped out on to the patio. This place was a little slice of heaven, he thought as he took in the fresh night air. If he couldn’t relax and bond with Sky here, then it wasn’t meant to be.

He was about to go back inside when he heard noises. Was that crying? He walked around the porch and stopped, frozen by the sight of the shadows he saw against a tree. He wasn’t able to see any faces but he heard the voices and made out two figures.

“Please daddy,” a girl whispered.

“Alright baby,” a man whispered back, “just a few licks.”

To Reggie’s shock, the girl went to her knees. After a few heartbeats, her head began to bob back and forth. The man hissed and the girl moaned. He was transfixed, riveted by the site of one of the girls sucking her father’s dick.

“I’m cumming baby,” the man grunted after ten minutes. A string of curses came out of the man’s mouth. “That’s it sweetie, swallow daddy’s cum. Don’t let it drip baby. There you go.” The man bent over, Reggie thought he may have kissed her then straightened.

“You promised daddy,” she whined, “You said you would put it inside me.”

“I am baby. I promise but not now ok. Now let’s get you to bed.”

Reggie hurried back inside and was in his room in record time. He was thirty seven and still in great shape but he was winded trying to get inside before he was seen. Sitting on the chaise in his room, a number of emotions went through his head. He was sickened, concerned, worried, and excited. Hell was he excited. Probably more turned on than he’d ever been in his life. But what was he going to do? One of these guys was mouth fucking his daughter and had promised to fuck her later.

He could tell David, but what if it was him. He didn’t get a clear view of either of the shadowed figures so accusing anyone of these guys may earn him his walking papers and he couldn’t afford to lose his job. After three hours of going over everything he saw but still no closer to a solution, Reggie fell asleep. That night he dreamed of things he would never have thought of. He was standing on the shore next to the water and all the girls in the cabin were lined up side by side on their knees.

He was naked and his dick was so hard he could chop wood with it. He slowly stepped up and stuck in cock in the first girl’s face and she willingly opened up for him. When her lips closed over his spear he hissed as he fucked her mouth hard then squirted all over her barely legal pretty little face. His dick hardened instantly again and he moved to the next willing beauty. He fucked every one of the girl’s mouths but when he came to Sky, a fear rose in him and he jerked awake. Reggie immediately ran into the bathroom were he pulled his engorged cock free. Just pulling out of his shorts was all it took for his seed to shoot into the air.

As Reggie sat at the large table during breakfast he felt a waved of nausea. It took him most of the morning to build up the courage to look at any of the girls. And it took all morning for him to not picture them on their knees. When he tapered down the erotic thoughts of his co-workers daughters he watched everyone, hoping to discover who it was that was outside last night.

No one stood out as the girls were happily discussing the boat ride to the island they were going on this afternoon. The men were submissive cuckolds porno talking about supplies. He recognized none of the voices. It was mostly because they were whispering last night and even if he did, what was he going to say. Accuse the guy of having his own daughter blow him in front of everyone. By the time they loaded on the huge boat, he’d figured he would just keep his mouth shut for now. What happened was weird but the girl didn’t seem hurt or depressed and she was eighteen.

On the boat, everyone ushered Sky over to a large cake and sung happy birthday. Reggie cursed under his breath. He’d been so occupied with other things that he’d forgotten his daughter was now eighteen. He’d forgotten his present back at the cabin but was happy to see that everyone had come prepared. He drifted out of the way, feeling somewhat idiotic but eventually Sky found him to show off all she’d gotten. He told her he had something for her but would have to give it to her later. She hugged him tight and shrugged, telling him she could wait. When she joined the others he realized how proud he was to have such a great kid.

It became harder and harder for Reggie to keep his cock in check. The girls were flopping, playing, and laughing and the entire time their supple, fit bodies moved in ways that made him dizzy with lust. And to make things worse every so often one of the girls would rush by him, touching him in some way the sent heat through him, especially Sky. She would come over to kiss his cheek or touch him in some innocent way and it was driving him crazy.

The island they eventually reached was nice and to Reggie’s surprise it had a small cabin that he could see from the boat but they didn’t go to shore right away. Instead they stayed on the boat and he was told they would dock at sunset. He interacted with the other father’s but the image of the girl giving her father head and the others on their knees in his dream kept coming to him. He couldn’t help but study each of the girls. As he did, his cock got hard again so he did his best to push the matter out of his head and relax.

“Having a good time,” Greg, his boss’s brother asked him?

Reggie shrugged, “Yeah, but I thought there would be more bonding with the girls. Maybe some crafts or a baseball game, stuff like that.”

Greg laughed. “They’ll be enough time for bonding. We just try to relax a little before all that.” With that said Greg got up and dove into the water. He found the girls and was splashing them like they were old friends. Reggie watched Greg grab Savannah and raise her up then slam her into the water. Greg leaned in close to the girl and Reggie thought he saw him lick her cheek. The sight made him wish he was young again.

“You look stressed,” David said sitting next to him and dragging his attention from the frolicking.

“I just….,” he started then paused, “I think I saw something last night and I don’t know what to do about it.”

David grabbed a beer from a cooler nearby. “What did you see?” Reggie reluctantly went into what he saw. David listened and when Reggie was done he asked, “Do you think he was hurting her?”

“I don’t know if she was hurting then but think of the long term issues she’ll have. She’d was molested and by her own father.”

“So you think he forced unwanted sex on her?”

Reggie thought about it. “No, she didn’t looked force and she definitely wanted more.”

“So how can you say she was molested? I try not to judge others but I’ll say that if the girl did that to some of the boys in her school she would be labeled a slut and her high school years might be ruined if the guys decide to share. Who is her father going to tell?” David tipped his head back and swallowed more beer.

“So you’d rather your girls blow,” he looked around, “let’s say Paul verse a teenage boy.”

“If they wanted,” he shrugged, “my girls are eighteen. Why, do you want them to blow you?”

Reggie’s cock betrayed him again so he gave David a scared look of embarrassment. David notice and laughed heartily. It was impossible not to. “Jeez Reggie, lighten up. If I freaked every time the thought of one of my girls gave me a hard on, I’d have died of a heart attack by now.”

Reggie face turned red. He heard Sky laughing and he turned to see her running from Hailey. His cock began to throb and an imaged of her little mouth around his cock startled him.

It wasn’t long before the sun set and the group was on their way to the small cabin. Reggie wondered if they were going to sleep here because the cabin didn’t look big enough from the outside. And when David opened the door, the design of the place kind of took him by surprise. It was one big room. There was a kitchen with counters and appliances and he could see the bathroom through an opened door on the far side of the room but there were no other rooms. There was no furniture either, only a bunch of large pillows and blankets against the walls. Long blackout curtains covered the windows.

“What is this for,” Reggie asked? taboo heat porno Everything looked brand new and the girls ran inside whooping and hollering over the harem like setting.

“Bonding,” Greg laughed as he burst through the door past him. Greg took up a pillow and threw it at Darcy. Then everyone began to throw pillows and blankets at each other. Within minutes Reggie was throwing and dodging pillows.

About an hour later they all lay exhausted on the bed of pillows and blankets they’d scattered. Sky lay at Reggie’s feet, breathing hard and panting. He looked around. Each man was lying close or nearby their daughter. Something felt weird about the scene. He looked over at his boss. David was slowly rubbing his hand over Marcy’s ass that was barely covered by her bikini bottom. As a matter of fact he and Brad were the only ones not caressing a part of their daughter’s body.

Reggie saw Paul lean in and kissed his daughter Savannah. He must have slipped her his tongue because she pulled back and looked at him strangely. He touched her face. “Don’t you want to make daddy feel good Savannah,” he asked her? She looked confused. Most of the girls were now looking confused as their father’s began feeling them up or removing their bathing suits. “Please baby, don’t embarrass daddy in front of his friends. This is what happens on father daughter retreats.”

Savannah and the others looked around until they focused on one coupling. All eyes locked on Brad and his daughter Lisa. Brad was sucking on her pale breast as he was fingering her pussy. Lisa was moaning as she thrust over her father’s fingers.

“Daddy, what’s going on,” Sky asked as she watched the scene in front of them.

Reggie couldn’t find his voice. He just watched as Lisa began screaming out her orgasm. Every one’s attention went to David as he stood. “Fathers, we are here to prepare our girls in the ways of the worlds. Free of prying eyes and judgment. If you don’t feel comfortable tasting the sweet juices these girls have to offer, you are welcomed to leave.”

“Stop it Uncle Greg,” Marcy cried out as she scampered away. Greg caught her by her leg and pulled her to him. He ripped her bathing suit bottom down her legs and stuck his finger in her pussy. She resisted for a few seconds before she threw her head back and started moving with his motion. David gave Reggie a glance before Darcy willingly spread her legs and he buried his face in her pussy. Darcy whimpered the cooed as she gripped her father’s hair.

Savannah was crying as her father took down his pants and stuffed his cock in her mouth. Kevin looked scared as he watched everyone around him. He relaxed a bit when Hailey took off her top. “It’s alright daddy. I’ve seen the way you look at me. I know you want this,” she told him as she lifted her brown nipple to his lips. He seemed to be fighting some internal struggle then he sighed and licked the nipple that was offered to him. Then Kevin grabbed his daughter Hailey by the waist and hungrily attacked her large breast.

“Owwww, shit that hurts Uncle Greg,” Marcy screamed.

Greg was pushing into her now and she was struggling again. “It’s alright,” Darcy said. She took her twin sister’s hand, “if you relax it can feel good.” Greg must have penetrated because she caught her breath. Marcy stopped her noise making and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her hips was leaving the floor and meeting his thrust after a while. Greg grinned as he panted and grunted over top of his niece.

“Daddy,” Sky voice trembled.

Reggie looked to his daughter who was watching everyone like he’d been. Only he was excited and turned on beyond belief and she looked frightened. He reached for her and she placed her hand in his. Sky scooted up on his lap, looking at him with wide grey doe-like eyes. Her long baby blond hair was in a pony tail at the top of her head and her cheeks were the perfect flush of red. He knew she wasn’t exactly innocent but he was certain she was pure. “It’s alright Sky,” he said. He knew that they weren’t going to just let him leave without consequence. Not when he’d seen so much. And honestly he didn’t want to leave. He cursed in his head at the realization of what he wanted.

“You want me like that too dad,” Sky asked? Remarkably she didn’t look scared anymore. She looked confused.

Reggie realized she was sitting on his engorged cock. “You feel that baby,” he raised his hips so his hardness pressed against her backside, “that’s for you. My cock wants you so bad it hurts. You and your friends are so damn sexy that I’ve been hard since we got here.”

She frowned. “You told me to save myself for someone special.”

“I did Sky,” Reggie admitted. “Do you have someone?”

Sky looked down then sighed, “I don’t think he wants me…like…like you do.”

“I do want you. I want you so bad baby but know I love you and I don’t want you doing anything you’re not ready to do,” he told her. Sky nodded. “Have you ever sucked a cock Sky?” Reggie knew it was wrong but as he said those words his cock pulsed. He wanted Sky to blow him more than anything in the entire world right now. She nodded. “Am I special baby?” She nodded again. He kissed her mouth and slipped her his tongue to gage how agreeable she was going to be. When she took his tongue in her mouth and tangled her with his, he eased her off his lap and pulled down his shorts.

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