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Sleepwalking Ch. 03: End of Pretend

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This is the third entry in my Sleepwalker Diaries. I highly recommend that you read the first two parts to see how we got this far.

licks and kisses,



Dear Diary, what can I say but hang on to your binding. Ever since this whole dirty, kinky, crazy adventure started I’ve known that it was only a matter of time before it came out in the open. I mean, seriously, how long can you pretend to be asleep and ride up and down on your brother’s cock in the middle of the night? At some point a girl gets so horny that keeping quiet simply isn’t an option.

Before I get too far down that track though, let me tell you how it all happened.

As you know, I went home because of my sleep walking and the first time was completely innocent on my part. Of course the innocence didn’t last (you already know I’m a dirty bitch) and eventually I fucked Grant. Then we both moved out here, me for work, Grant for school.

Early on Grant didn’t have many friends and it was just the two of us in the house. He’s here to keep me from doing anything completely stupid when I sleep walk (like try and drive the car or light the stove) and because he’s doing that he gets the benefit of Mum and Dad paying the rent. I don’t mind that bit either! I pay my share, but if he wasn’t here I’d be paying the whole lot.

It all started well enough, but being Grant’s first time living out of home I had to teach him a few facts of life. Toilet seats go down, toilets get cleaned, washing doesn’t do itself and there’s sure as hell no ironing fairy. We took it in turns to cook, which may not have been the best choice. It will work in the long run, but let’s just say that some of his early efforts had me thinking that perhaps I would have been better off doing it all. I think its fair to say that we both looked forward to my cooking night! I have introduced him to the concept of vegetables again, even if they are the frozen variety.

We have separate rooms of course. I sleep with my door closed but Grant sleeps with his open. He says that the noise of my door opening is enough to alert him to the fact that I’m sleepwalking so that he can react in time to stop me from doing anything too crazy. I think he just likes me visiting.

I waited a bit after we moved in before I deliberately did anything and as it turned out, the first time that I sleepwalked for real I only went and turned the television on. Grant came out to get me and was faced with the dilemma of waking me up and sending me back to bed or trying to navigate me there somehow whilst asleep. He went for option 2 but after a few failed attempts to move me, woke me up.

I was dazed and confused, but thanked him when I made it back to my room and had worked out what was going on.

The next time I sleepwalked he woke up when I left my room. He scrambled out of bed and followed me, watching with amusement as I started fumbling about in my pyjamas trying to make a sandwich. He stopped me before I ate it, which was lucky given the hideous combination of ingredients I’d pulled from the refrigerator and slapped onto the bread.

Those two incidents happened within days of each other. We were talking over breakfast the day after the sandwich incident and Grant suggested that maybe the fact that we weren’t at home any more might mean that I wouldn’t be kicking him out of his bed from now on. I studied his face, trying to discern if he knew that I had been faking some of the time or not, but couldn’t convince myself either way.

I thought that if I went in to his too soon after the discussion, it would be too suspicious. I was getting frustrated. I mean I wanted nothing more than to ride my brother’s cock again, or better yet whenever I wanted, but it seemed like events kept conspiring against me.

It was taken out of my hands. Only two nights after the sandwich incident, I woke up in his bed. I had no memory of what had happened, but as always, my pussy was wet. It was so strange to think that I must have done something, or that he had done something to arouse me and I really had no idea what it was. I found out later of course, but at the time … nothing. I later found out that I didn’t have sex with him and that he didn’t fuck me, but he did touch me all over and masturbated while looking at my naked body.

Three days after that I was determined to have his cock in my pussy but once again missed out. It was a bit of a weird one though.

I had been out with friends and had a few drinks. Grant had been at home studying and apparently, for a bit of tension relief, had watched some porn on a DVD that he’d bought. I didn’t know it when I went to bed, but that night I sleepwalked my way into the small living room and apparently sat down and started watching his DVD.

The noise of a girl screaming in orgasm on the television woke Grant and he came out to find me sitting in front of his porn. He’d forgotten to take it out of the player and I’d managed to start watching it! Apparently türbanlı porno I was topless, wearing just my pyjama bottoms and nothing else.

Grant tells me that he sat down next to me and started to play with my tits. I didn’t react a whole lot other than to squirm around on my seat a little. He bent his head and sucked the nipples and after a while, stood up and exposed himself. He stood in front of me cautiously, wondering if blocking the view of the TV would cause any dramas. Apparently it didn’t. He stroked his cock and moved the tip of it across my lips. They parted before him and he happily slid his rapidly hardening dick into his sister’s mouth.

Fancy sitting topless, asleep and having your brother sliding his cock in and out of your mouth. It quite possibly freaks you out, but it turns me on. He wanted to fuck me. He said that even after having wanked himself to orgasm while I was out, he was horny as buggery. Apparently watching the por had stoked his desire considerably. He tried to wiggle me out of my panties, but couldn’t manage to move me enough to do so without fear of me waking. In the end he fucked my mouth to the point of orgasm and then unloaded himself into the boxers that he’d been wearing when he went to bed.

He was about to wake me up when he realised he was naked. Instead he headed back to his room, discarding the cum filled boxers and grabbed a clean pair before coming back to wake me up.

It turned out that my pyjama top had been discarded back in my bedroom so I was topless when he woke me. He hadn’t even turned off the DVD or the TV and so I was woken up sitting on the couch in front of two girls tangled together in a 69 with my nipples hard and erect.

‘You have to wake up Nikki,’ he was saying, shaking my shoulder.

It took me a while to work out what the hell was going on, especially because the sight of the two girls having so much fun together turned me on more and more as I realised what it was. When I turned to Grant, his cock was already starting to show signs of arousal.

‘Nikki, you were sleepwalking,’ he explained, his eyes flicking down to my tits.

“Oh shit, really? I was watching porn?’ I asked laughing.

‘Yeah, you’re the most awesome sister ever,’ he said.

‘Wait, where did I get the porn from?’ I asked.

‘Oh um, I left it in the player by mistake,’ he explained, clearly embarrassed.

I laughed at him.

‘I guess you’re enjoying being away from the ‘rents hey?’ I asked him.

‘Yeah, look I’m sorry I won’t do it again,’ he promised.

‘Oh don’t be silly, I know boys have needs. Just make sure that you don’t leave it lying around where one of my friends might see and be sure to share!’

Grant looked at me in shock.

‘Share?’ he asked.

‘Yeah, you’re not the only one with needs,’ I said, turning to watch as the girls on the screen moved to scissor together, the camera going in close on their shaved pussies as they were mashed together.

I glanced sideways at Grant, pleased to see his cock rapidly hardening.

‘You mean you like watching that?’ he asked, nodding to the two girls.

‘Uh huh,’ I said, ‘but right now I think I should be going back to bed.’ I stood up and gave him a quick hug, pressing my bare breasts against his chest.

‘Thanks for waking me, sleep well.’

I left him alone and headed to bed, my pussy aching desperately

after having teased him. He wasn’t far behind me and as I lay there trying to go back to sleep I heard movement from the next room. I smiled to myself as I imagined him laying in bed, stroking his firm cock as he remembered that I had just hugged him and mashed my bare breasts against him. I fingered my pussy as I listened. At some point I came and drifted off to sleep, hoping for crazy dirty dreams.

I woke up horny. I needed a cock so bad. I was determined that within the next couple of days I’d fuck my brother again.

The two day wait was a killer. I kept teasing myself with my vibrator whenever I had some time alone, bringing myself close to the point of orgasm but not giving myself the relief that I needed. Why I didn’t I don’t think I’ll ever quite work out, but there was something about building the tension that drove me on. It fed my desire and my dirty fantasies. I imagined going up to him as he sat watching porn and just kneeling in front of him, taking his hard cock in my mouth and sucking it while he enjoyed the onscreen action. I wanted to sit on it, grind down on it. I wanted him to take me from behind and fuck me like an animal. I found myself listening to Nine Inch Nails, singing along, day dreaming.

I gave it two nights and then on the third I ‘sleepwalked’ into his bedroom. I walked in and stripped naked, taking as much time as I could given I wanted to just rip the clothes from my body. My nipples ached with desire and I felt as though my pussy juice was likely to start flowing freely down my legs I was so wet. He was awake. He’d türk porno heard me open the door to my bedroom and by the time that I started to climb into his bed he was naked. His cock was rock hard. He wanted it as badly as I did. I knew it, but neither of us could say it.

His hands immediately sought out my breasts. They kneaded and fondled, caressed and pinched. I lay there, loving the attention, glad that my brother’s apparent fascination with my tits matched the extent to which I enjoyed them being played with. I’ve always enjoyed my tits being played with. It’s a very sexual thing for me. It wasn’t enough that night. The burning desire between my legs demanded attention. I wanted a tongue, a cock, fingers, God I would have happily had anything stuffed in there at that time.

I decided that I was going to have to be the one to make the move. Maybe it had been too long, maybe Grant had lost the spark that drove him to do more. I rolled toward him, arm flopping onto him. My hand caressed him and then I took his cock in my hand, groping it firmly. I heard my brother groan as my hand squeezed and released his shaft. I started sidling my way down his body. I made sure that my naked body rubbed against his each time I moved, stoking his desire until my lips found the head of his cock and engulfed it. I wanted to moan around it, to let him know just how much I loved having my brother’s cock in my mouth. I took my time, swirling my tongue, sliding my lips up and down. I could feel him thrusting at my mouth, enjoying the attention I was bestowing upon him.

I wanted to suck his balls, to grope them with my hand. I felt so restrained by the pretence of sleepwalking! As much as I was enjoying myself, I was also building my frustration. As I sucked, I moved between his legs and then, when I had positioned myself, I started working my way up his body. I slithered up along him, my hard nipples trailing across his skin, my breasts rubbing him. When my pussy was clear of his cock, I pushed back down, feeling it poking at my wet, slick pussy lips. I needed him inside me so bad. I wanted to grab it so that I could ram myself down hard. I didn’t. I ground and moved, waiting, desiring.

Finally! Grant reached between us and grabbed his cock, holding it still against my motions until I was at last able to feel it slip between my lips. A little moan escaped my lips. Grant held completely still, obviously concerned I was waking. I cursed myself and resumed my performance, working back and forth and around and around as I slowly took his entire cock inside. I loved that delicious stretched feeling as my lips parted around him. He thrust at me as I held myself with my palms on his chest, head tipped forward, hair hiding my face from his view.

I stayed like that for a while, seeing how active he would be. His desire would get him building his pace and the force of his thrusts until he would remember where he was and what he was doing and he’d stop, clearly worried he would wake me. I leaned forward slowly, my hair falling in his face. When my breasts were squished between us against his chest I held myself as he rocked his hips, moving his cock in long slow strokes. It was divine. The intimacy surprised me. I wanted a good hard fucking, but laying there with him, so close, his masculine smell filling my nostrils, it satisfied me in a way I hadn’t expected.

I felt Grant’s hands on my butt, squeezing and pulling at my cheeks. Then he was rolling me off of him. He slipped from beneath me and I was left face down on the bed, wondering what was to happen next. My hair had covered my face and I couldn’t see.

Grant had knelt beside me, He ran his fingers down my spine. I almost shivered. They traced circles on my tight buttocks and he ran one down the cleft until he almost touched my puckered little anus. He didn’t though. I’m not averse to a little anal action here and there and I was so horny that had he simply shoved a finger in there, or his cock, I’d have screamed in pleasure.

Neither of those things happened though. Instead I felt his cum. Warm sticky cum gushed from his cock and landed between my butt cheeks. It dribbled down between them and over my pussy lips. It was the closest he’d come to filling me with sperm and I loved it. I clenched my cheeks together to feel it squish between them, then had to lay there as if sleeping.

I felt his weight shift from the bed. I waited and sure enough he returned to clean me up.

He left me and I drifted off to sleep. When I woke, it was morning and I was alone. Naked, but alone. I found my pyjamas beside the bed. I ignored them. I walked darlingly naked from Grant’s room to my own. My heart beat rapidly as I made my way, half hopeful, half fearful of encountering my brother. I didn’t. With a sigh I pulled a black lace thong from my underwear draw and pulled it on. I grabbed a plain white singlet and put it on as well and then went out to the small kitchen.

Grant’s eyes nearly bugged out of his türkçe alt yazı porno head when I strode in, hips swaying deliberately.

‘Sleep well?’ I asked him nonchalantly.

‘Most of the night. Of course there was that bit where I had to get up and change rooms, but I can survive.’

‘Given where my pyjamas were when I woke up, I’m sure it wasn’t too much of a trial for you.’

He blushed.

‘It’s ok Grant, you can’t help it. I understand that if a naked woman is in your room you’re going to look, even if it is your sister.’

He still struggled for an answer, but I waved him off, helping myself to some cornflakes.

After a few minutes of awkward silence we settled into more casual banter about the day and week ahead, discussing our schedules, what we would have for dinner (how bad it could be when he cooked that night). I made sure I moved about the kitchen a few times, showing off my butt, bending so that it would be aimed directly at him. By the time that I left him to it in the kitchen he was beyond half mast. I went happily to the shower where I took more time than I needed to wash myself, paying particular attention to my pussy and nipples. I even slipped my little finger in my bum a little as I remembered how close Grant’s touch had come to it the night before.

I didn’t cum. I restarted the tease, building until I was close, but never quite tipping over the edge. I even did it at work that day, sitting in the toilets, biting my lip as my finger twiddled my clit. When I returned to my desk my panties quickly dampened as my body tried desperately to calm down the from the pleasure that had been built but not relieved.

In the end it just meant that I wanted him more. That was the whole point.

Four days and nights I teased myself. I half hoped that I would wake up in his bed with no knowledge of what he’d done to me but with a wet pussy to reassure me that something had happened. The other half of me hoped it wouldn’t so that I could plan it.

That night we were both home, sitting in front of the TV, flicking channels, neither of us able to find anything that would hold our attention. I was so horny I was all but squirming in my seat.

‘Where’s your porn Grant?’ I asked him. I caught him just as he was about to take a drink from his coke.

He coughed and it sprayed out of his nose. I couldn’t help but laugh at him.

‘What did you say?’ he gasped as he recovered from the shock.

‘I asked where your porn is. I want to watch it.’

‘Porn? Now? With me?’

‘You can leave if it makes you uncomfortable, but yeah, I want to watch some.’

‘God what’s got into you?’ Grant asked me.

‘Hey, girls get horny too you know,’ I said as if that would explain everything.

Grant shook his head.

‘Yeah but I don’t think that they normally sit and watch porn with their brother.’

‘Just go get it for me,’ I laughed at him. ‘Like I said, you don’t have to stay.’

I wasn’t sure that he would actually do it and half expected that he wouldn’t, but he put his coke down and wet off to his bedroom. He returned with a disk in his hand and put it into the DVD player.

He sat in his chair and I arranged myself comfortably in mine. I sat so that I was half turned toward him. I wanted to be able to watch him as well as the TV.

Watching him was entertaining. I could tell that he wasn’t able to get into it the way that he no doubt would have if I wasn’t there. For a start he didn’t touch himself at all. He hid his erection from me so I couldn’t even really tell how hard he got. I took advantage of his discomfort and stuck my hand in my pants, gently teasing my clit as my gaze drifted between the on screen action and my brother.

‘You do realise that real sex isn’t like porn, don’t you?’ I asked, some bizarre older sister thing kicking in.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well for a start, not every dick in the world is that big. I mean if you believed porn you’d think the average size was like 8 inches or something. They’re certainly not all that big and the average is probably more like 5. Then there’s the fact that guys simply don’t last as long as they do in porn. They’re all on viagra and they cut the movie so that it seems like they last forever.’

‘Wow, who would have thought my sister would sit and watch porn and give me sex ed?’ he laughed at me.

‘Hey, just so you don’t set unrealistic expectations.’

‘Oh don’t worry, I haven’t had much sex, but I’m not a virgin. I haven’t had any complaints either.’

I turned and grinned at him before sitting back and watching the DVD some more.

When it ended, we descended into awkward silence again. I put Grant out of his misery and bid him good night.

At 2am my alarm went off quietly, my phone buzzing under my pillow. It was enough to wake me without having the sound screaming out through the whole apartment. I climbed out of bed and went to the door. I fumbled with it. It made enough noise that I hoped that Grant would have woken. I liked it when hew as hard and naked when I climbed into his bed. I wasn’t disappointed. I lay with him as he began to explore my body with his hands. My nipples rose with the pleasure and my pussy melted.

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