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Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 21

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The Wedding Reception that Fatima had planned and Reece and I had crashed as the Bride’s cousin Sarah and plus-one, Liam, was a smashing success. Fatima and Sylvia, who had been helping out by keeping an eye on the Bride’s Great-Aunt Thelma who was stricken by Alzheimer’s, were both stressed, trying to get the After-Party for the members of the Swinging Club going and it was like herding cats.

Even though, technically, Reece and I were considered family members, who had all left by now, the Bride and Groom had asked Fatima to ask us to stay. We milled around in the ballroom and danced some as we waited, along with everyone else. Most of the left-over crowd was getting blasted while they waited.

Reece and I had just about decided to leave when Fatima came back over and pushed her lips to my ear and said, “Valerie and John have asked if you guys would come up to room 914. They have reserved the entire floor.” It wasn’t hard to figure out what this was all about. I asked Reece what she thought and she was all in. We went to the elevator and rode in silence up to the ninth floor. Reece was flushed and breathing hard by the time the elevator door shushed open. We found the room and knocked on the door. I wondered if John or Valerie or both would be there.

John answered the door. He was naked and his average sized cock was as hard as a granite post with two distinct rings of different colored lipstick half-way down his shaft. One was the Bride’s color. Valerie’s voice came from the room beyond the foyer, “Is it them?”

John yelled back, “yes love; it’s them.” Reece was trying to be nonchalant about John’s state of undress and his erection but she was still breathing erratically. John led us into the living room of the suite. Valerie was sitting on the sofa completely naked and her ass didn’t look anything like the backside of a Berkshire hog at all. Her boobs sagged a little but nowhere near what one would expect for the obvious weight of those fun-bags. They looked real but had to be enhanced. Whoever did the work was good. The size of her aureoles was a give-away too. They were coffee colored and the size of a quarter. Natural tits that size would probably have aureoles the size of a tennis ball based on my extensive experience watching porn on the internet. Her original nipples were most likely repositioned on these new udders. My cock was making its presence known for the first time since the dance floor. Well, it was a little hard watching Grampa and Thelma, but I’d never admit it. Reece looked at Valerie’s tits and muttered, “Holy shit.”

Sitting beside Valerie was her naked Maid of Honor. She may have had a horsey face but her body was smokin’. She smiled at us but didn’t speak to us. She was wearing the other colored lipstick. She stood up and kissed Valerie on the lips and then moved over to the Groom and kissed him while she jerked on his softening erection. She pulled back and released his cock and said to Valerie. I’ll leave you to your guests. She blocked her mouth with a hand like she wanted to say something to Valerie in private and then said loud enough for all to hear, “They’re gorgeous. Save some for me.” She dropped her hand and looked both Reece and me up and down and went to the bathroom and came out carrying her Maid of Honor dress and jammed her tongue into her cheek several times as she walked past me toward the front door.

Valerie lifted her tits up to her face and sucked in each nipple and she looked at me with lust in her eyes. She said, “We can use separate bedrooms or just one. It’s your choice. I looked to Reece to make the choice. It could have been neither and we would just leave.

Without hesitation, Reece said, “One bedroom is fine with me.” I looked at Valerie and took off my sport coat. Valerie grinned her approval.

Valerie looked at Reece and said, “Cousin Sarah? How do you feel about girl on girl sex?” She seemed to be careful not to call it lesbian sex.

Reece smiled and said, “Fine with me.”

Valerie asked if sex within the family was a problem in reference to them being cousins. Again, Reece said, “Fine with me.” She knew they weren’t cousins so I couldn’t tell if she really didn’t have a problem with familial sex.

John asked me how I felt about gay sex and I didn’t hesitate to nix that thought. I was glad when John said, “I’m not a fan either,” which indicated to me that he’d tried it but didn’t like it. John and Valerie looked at each other like they were communicating by ESP and then Valerie stood up and waggled her huge tits at us and took my hand while John took Reece’s and they led us into the Master Bedroom. John unzipped Reece’s dress from behind and let it drop to the floor. He was delighted to see she was wearing only a garter belt and thigh-high nylons. So was Valerie. Fuck, so was I. John ran his hands around Reece’s body and cradled her big firm tits as he pushed his erection to the junction of Reece’s thighs. Reece’s body shuddered from his touch. John ran his hands down over the garter belt vivid porno and pushed his open hand to her sex. He pushed an index finger inside and Reece pitched slightly forward and groaned. He pulled out and pushed his finger to his lips. He moaned as he savored her taste.

Valerie unbuttoned my shirt and was thrilled with my ripped torso. She ran her fingers through the peaks and valleys of my abs and pecks. She squatted and unbuckled my pants and then unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper. My pants didn’t just fall to the floor. They were hung up on my rigid cock. She grinned as she maneuvered my pants past the obstruction. When my cock cleared the pants, it sprang up and slapped Valerie on the chin. She instinctively pulled back and started giggling.

She looked up at her new husband, who was watching his bride undress me. He had one arm around Reece’s back with his hand on her opposite hip. Reece stood a couple inches taller than him in her stilettos, which he insisted that she leave on. John said, “Fuck Valerie, you struck the jackpot.” Valerie couldn’t stop grinning as she stood up and led me by my cock to the bed. John put his hands on Reece’s hips from behind her and guided her to follow me. John said, “Damn Sarah, you are so fucking hot. Your ass is incredible. Valerie gave no hint that she was pissed at John’s gushing over Reece’s body.

John crawled up on the bed and laid on his back. I followed the Bride’s instructions and did the same. John held out his hands to assist Reece onto the bed and with both hands in his she spread her legs and crawled along his thighs. He released her hands and grabbed her tits. Valerie watched as Reece took a position over her husband’s cock. Reece reached behind and fine-tuned the position before she settled down on his cock. He groaned hard and she did too. Valerie smiled at them and then climbed up on the bed and stood above me with her feet on either side of my waist. I offered my hands to steady her and she took them as she lowered herself. She fumbled with my cock behind her back. She couldn’t see past her hanging tits to get the perfect position and she swiveled her hip around until she was satisfied and then she eased herself onto my cock. She groaned hard and stopped and muttered, “Oh fuck. This cock is huge. Jesus Christ.” She waited to adjust and then pushed down again, only to stop again as air burst from her lungs. “Fuck. John. I can’t get him in. Jesus.” She was determined though and she waited to adjust again and then she was able to ease her way down unhindered from there.

Reece was having no trouble with John’s cock and she was already fucking him hard. He palmed Reece’s tits and she grabbed his wrists and guided his hands where she wanted them. Reece didn’t have any idea of John’s stamina, but she figured that he would be pretty good with all this swinger sex, so she just figured that she’d fuck him at her normal pace and see what happened. Reece ground her sex on his cock by holding her torso and head rock steady as she arched her back to drive her hips forward and back. He thrust upward as she slid forward.

Valerie started fucking me and she squealed with delight. She leaned forward and put her hands on my shoulders. Her huge tits rested on my chest and jiggled like Jello as she ground herself on my cock. I watched her tits gyrate everywhere and then I pulled my head up and sucked one of her nipples to my lips. She shrieked and slammed her pussy forward and I groaned hard. She was aggressive as she fucked me hard.

Reece was clearly not propelled by lust to fuck the hell out of John, but she was enjoying herself. I could tell. She liked fucking. John must have been thoroughly enjoying himself because suddenly, he let out a loud groan and yelled, “Oh fuck, Sarah. I’m cumming.”

He began lifting Reece right off her knees as he thrust upward. Reece lowered her torso to his chest to keep from falling off his cock as he raised himself upward. It was kind of odd; orgasms tend to make one do odd things.

I didn’t have to ramp up my pace to satisfy Valerie. She was a mad-woman. Screaming and screeching and groaning. She was flailing herself up and down on my cock. She yelled out, “Oh my God, John. Best cock ever. Wait till my girlfriends fuck this.” She was grinning over at John as he settled down from his orgasm. Reece settled down too but she didn’t seem happy about it. She hadn’t exhibited any indication that she’d had an orgasm but it could have been during his. I was busy with this wild-woman riding my cock. So, I probably missed it.

Valerie pushed herself to a seated position, pulling her monster tits off my chest. They were going everywhere and apparently were hurting her in the process. She wrapped her arms around them to contained their movement. I grabbed her hips to steady her. Her eyes went glassy as her mouth opened in a guttural groan that sounded like it started in a well and lifted in pitch and volume until she screamed out, “Oh my fucking gawwddd, Liam. I’m cumming. Oh Jesus.” woodman casting porno She turned her head to focus her lust filled eyes on her new husband and wailed, “Oh fuck, John. I’m cumming.” Her torso lost its rigidity that had taken hold of her as her orgasm built higher. Her pussy was furiously clamping on my cock. She lost control of the fuck so I took over and began driving my cock into her at the same pace she had established. Her body was writhing like a snake in spasms.

I was concentrating on Valerie but I glanced at Reece to see how she was doing. She was just sitting there on John’s unmoving body, still straddling his waist but completely static, watching Valerie and me.

With me taking up the action until Valerie’s orgasm diminished, she finally settled down and opened her wild eyes and looked down at me. Her lips opened and closed like a fish out of water. That analogy was more than appropriate because of her plump, Botox enhance lips. She leaned forward and kissed me as her pussy came half-way up my cock.

John watched us. In fact, he propped a pillow under his head so he didn’t have to hold his head up. I took the opportunity of a half-embedded cock and began piston-fucking Valerie as I lifted my knees to her ass to prevent her from sitting back down on the full length again.

When she broke our embrace, she was gasping and groaning and she had that glassy eyed look again. She went rigid and collapsed her tits back on my chest and let out a scream, “I’m… I’mmmm. Oh Jesus, John. I’m cumming again. I never… Oh shit, what’s happening. OOOOHHHHHH.”

I was hammering my cock into her as she wailed. I had a suspicion about what was happening and that was confirmed when I felt the pressure on my cock increase and a warm fluid forced itself from our union. I dropped my knees and let her drop back down on the full length of my cock and she screamed loudly as she struggled back up to get off.

When she did get off. She was already in squirt mode. She had a terrified look on her face and John was rolling out from under Reece with his completely flaccid cock swinging. Reece just rolled off away from us. She was grinning like the Cheshire cat. She knew what was happening but neither John nor Valerie seemed to have a clue. I braced for the shower of Valerie’s squirt and it was a big one.

Valerie seemed terrified and later confessed that she was sure she was pissing herself. There was a wild look in her eyes as she grabbed on to John as he grabbed her. She shoved her hands to her sex as she came off me and sat back on her ass between my legs, and her squirt launched at high pressure through her fingers and soaked everyone and everything in a nearly half-circle for five feet. Reece knew what was coming and she pushed back to the far corner of the bed and grinned at me.

Valerie kept wailing and yelling, “What the fuck is happening, John.” He looked just as terrified and the fact that I wasn’t terrified too seemed to piss him off. I guess he figured that I had broken his wife.

Valerie’s first hard long stream diminished to a dribble and she released her hands as she tried to look down there to see what the fuck was going on. She couldn’t see past her tits and she screamed out in frustration, “Fuck John. I hate these fucking things, as she tried to cast her tits aside. They came right back and blocked her view.

I hadn’t seen a ton of squirts but I’d never seen one that ended with one stream so I braced myself for the next shot. My hard cock had slapped down hard on my stomach when Valerie came off it. It and my torso were soaked and before I could make any further assessment, the next squirt came in a stream that splattered along my body, past my head and up the wall behind the headboard. The look on Valerie’s face was priceless. Her wedding dress, that she had so carefully removed and folded into a big white satin covered box on a chair beside the bed, was also soaked.

Reece pulled a hand to her mouth to hide her smile at Valerie’s misfortune but it was kind of funny. It was obvious that neither Valerie nor John had ever even heard of a squirt, which seemed so wrong, considering that their lives were embroiled in group sex, as indicated by the number of their swinging friends at the reception. I grinned over at Reece. Valerie saw me grin and she screamed at me, “What’s so funny. I could be dying here.” John glared down at me as he cradled poor Valerie in his arms.

Valerie fell back against John’s chest and her tits flailed before settling along her arms from her armpits to her elbows, just as a third, less powerful squirt erupted. Valerie wailed even louder and screamed, “John. Make it stop.” That got Reece laughing and she got off the bed for fear that John would turn around and smack her for her insensitivity. She went running to the bathroom, wailing in laughter.

Valerie shoved three fingers into the stream like she was going to dam the dike. All that did was to change from a stream to a türkçe alt yazı porno spray again. A thought came to my warped mind and I pushed my hands behind my head and started humming, “I’m singing in the rain.” That really pissed off the both of them. They were in the crisis of their lives on their wedding night and I was making light of it.

Reece came back to the bedroom with every plush bath towel from both bathrooms and threw them on the bed. She caught the end of my ‘singing in the rain’ rendition and she laughed and said, “Dex… umm, Liam? You’re an asshole.” I pulled my legs out from under Valerie’s sprawled legs and sat up with my legs crossed in front of me and looked into their frantic faces and said, “Calm down. It’s just a ‘squirt’. It’s perfectly natural. Jesus Christ, no one’s dying. Valerie was staring at the ceiling like she was waiting for an angel to come down and take her to heaven. She was gasping for air. Her tits quivered on her arms.

John asked the question, “What is a ‘squirt’?” I explained it all to him and after a while Valerie came up on her elbows looking at me. She dragged her fingers through her sopping wet pussy and brought her fingers to her mouth and tentatively tasted them. She smacked her tongue and said, “It’s a little sweet but doesn’t taste like anything. She rubbed her index finger and thumb together and said, “It’s not oily. It’s like just water.” She dragged her fingers through her pussy again and offered them to John. He, just as tentatively tasted them and was quickly satisfied that it wasn’t offensive in any way and he sucked her fingers into his mouth. Valerie giggled and sat up. John moved in closer behind her and reached around her to cradle her breasts in his hands.

Reece asked Valerie how she felt sexually when the squirt was starting and she said that her first thought was that it felt like maybe how a guy feels when he ejaculates. Reece moved over close to me avoiding the wet bed clothes and said, “That’s about the best way I can describe it too. I have them infrequently but if I didn’t have to deal with the mess after, I wish I could have one every time.

John smiled and said, “You didn’t have one with me?” Reece chuckled and said, “No John. I didn’t even have an orgasm.”

John recognized her words for the smack-down that they were. He looked down sheepishly and said, “Sorry, Sarah. You are just so beautiful. I couldn’t hold back and once I cum, I’m done. I go soft immediately and want nothing more than to go to sleep. I know women like to cuddle after and I’m trying to be better.”

Valerie piped in to defend him and said, “Yes. He’s a one and done kind of guy, but I love him dearly.” They kissed passionately. Then I realized that in all the excitement, I hadn’t cum either.

There was a knock on the door and then the lock clicked and we could hear a female voice say, “Is everyone decent?”

Valerie yelled, “Yes,” and snickered into her fingers.

Fatima appeared in the bedroom door and averted her eyes and said, “I thought you said, you were decent.”

Valerie laughed and held out her arms and looked around at the four of us and said, “I’d say that we’re pretty decent.” We laughed at Valerie’s rendition of that old movie line by Richard Dreyfuss to Marsha Mason in “Goodbye Girl.” I have no idea why I know those details of an obscure movie from the seventies.

Fatima glanced around the room and said, “I’ll get someone up here to change the bedding. It looks like the remnants of Noah’s flood in here. Who had the squirt?” We all started laughing and Valerie raised her hand.

Valerie said, “First one ever. Didn’t even know what was happening. I was sure I was dying.”

Fatima just nodded with a grin and said, “I know the feeling.” She paused a moment as she looked around and stopped on my cock laying semi-hard on my stomach. She brought her gaze up to my eyes and winked as she smiled. She said, “The others are getting antsy waiting for you to open the doors for party time. All of the doors on this floor have been unlocked so everyone can come and go as they wish, including yours. Is that okay?”

John said, “Let them up but lock this suite.” Fatima nodded and disappeared. John’s cock was starting to bloom and he said, “My wife is still a little shook up thanks to Liam’s monster cock. I think we should swap partners. I’d like to make love to my wife. Valerie smiled sweetly at her husband and they kissed. Reece and I left the room to give them some privacy.

Suddenly there was a noise at the front door as the doorknob rattled frantically. I headed for the door but Reece stopped me and said, “You can’t answer the door with your cock sticking out like that. She wrapped her fingers around it and started jerking me off at a frantic pace. There was banging on the front door and the knob rattled again. Reece dropped to her knees and inhaled my mostly erect cock and it was instantly at its full size. Reece pulled back and looked up at me and said, “If there wasn’t that annoying noise at the front door, I’d finish this off right here, but I need it in here.” She stood and pushed her pointing index finger to her sex. “If I don’t get off soon, I’m gonna explode. Go. You’re ready to answer the door now.” She grinned as she headed for the second bedroom.

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