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Sleepy Surprise

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This would have happened sooner if he’d just taken a chance, but honestly, I prefer it happened like this.

I was wildly attracted to Andrew, I had been for months. His mother was French and he spent a lot of time in Europe, so he had that kind of worldly charm about him. A calm kind of confidence that I can hardly explain. European men aren’t afraid to dress stylishly, in a way that flatters them. Andrew had a great body and he wore his pants just right. Not too loose, not too tight. They showed off his ass perfectly. I’m not usually one for a guy’s ass but his was just nice and perfectly tight. It took all of my willpower not to grab it whenever I saw him.

I’d flirt with him, cautiously, but Andrew would seem totally unaware. My advances became more overt over time, but after awhile, I felt like I was making a fool of myself. He wasn’t interested. I knew I was attractive to most men – really all it takes is confidence – but maybe he just had a certain type and I wasn’t it. I’m a little on the skinny side, but I’ve still got some junk in the trunk and breasts that you can grab onto. I have long, straight hair the cascades around my shoulders.

My friends and I love movies. Unfortunately we don’t all have the same taste. I like movies that make you think, that are truly funny, or are particularly moving. Some of our friends agree with me, others like every generic romantic comedy that the studios churn out. Or they like action movies with no real plot. They just liked big explosions… or cheerleaders.

We decided to have a movie fest with all of these genres represented. Kind of like a slumber party from our youths, we all showed up in our pajamas with snacks. We’d rented a big pile of movies, and would vote on which one to watch next. An affectionate bunch, we all cozied up with each other under blankets. After several hours of frying our brains and gorging ourselves on snacks, most of the friends had gone to sleep. Some had driven home, others took the guest bedrooms or their own, if they were the host. Around 4 AM everyone had left the room except Andrew and me. We’d stayed up to watch one of the better movies. Even though it was one of my favorites, I had seen it a million times, and eventually I passed out in front of the TV, next to him.

I have never been a deep sleeper. In the middle of the night I woke up to Andrew’s heavy breathing. My body went rigid. I couldn’t tell if I was nervous or excited… was he turned on? It sure sounded like it. Of course, maybe that was just how he sounded when he was asleep. I had my back turned to him but I could feel his hot breath on my neck. It gave me goosebumps.

My sleepiness made me do something a little crazy. I shifted pendik escort closer to Andrew, as if I was just adjusting myself, trying to get comfortable. Really I was just pushing my ass closer to him, exploring – with my butt of all things – to see if he was aroused or not. As I shifted, I let out a sexy little sigh…

He was indeed aroused. I felt what was unmistakably an erection on my ass. I could hear him draw his breath inward, sharply. If he was asleep before, he was awake now. Does he know I am? I didn’t move for a minute, and neither did he. Through our pajamas I could feel his erection harden even more. My brain went into some kind of reflex mode. Slowly I shifted again, against him, my own breath become a little ragged now. I wondered what he must be thinking. He’d never shown any interest before, I wondered if he would take advantage of the situation, would he think I was weird for doing this? I decided I didn’t care. He wasn’t pulling away, so neither did I. I started moving my ass more, gently pushing against his dick. His breathing became quicker, as did mine. I don’t know how long I did this, grinding slowly against him, not turning to look, but it seemed like forever. More and more I pushed closer to him, pushing harder, my soft ass against his hard cock, finally trapping it between the small of my back and his own body.

He let out a low groan. Finally he put his hands on me, finally! First he started rubbing my arm. Maybe to make sure I was really awake. I sighed longingly. His hand moved to my breast. I gasped, somewhat loudly, somewhat happily, letting him know this was ok, please please please continue. He pulled me as close to him as possible, and then slipped his hand under my shirt, really grabbing my breast, playing with my nipples with his fingertips. He began to suck on my neck. I couldn’t do much else but grind my ass against him harder. My hand fumbled around behind me, but I wasn’t really sure what to hold onto. I stroked his thigh, half-heartedly, I was too lost in the ecstasy as he went to town on my neck. Biting it gently, then licking, sucking on my ear. His hot, heavy breaths were driving me wild.

Still grinding against me, I pulled his hand down to my clit. He started rubbing it, softly. Then his hand reached further down as he dipped into my wetness. Using my natural lubrication he started rubbing my clit again with more ease, more pressure. I couldn’t contain my moans.

I was expecting this foreplay to go on for a little while longer. I was about to turn over, to make sure I could give him just as much attention, but I was stopped by his quick movements. First, he took a firm grip on my pajama bottoms and pulled them down. Then, without maltepe escort any warning he rammed his cock right into my wet pussy. I shouted out, mostly from surprise, but also from delight. I was impressed he was able to get it right in there: one shot, in the dark, with no guidance. I don’t even know when he took the opportunity to take off his own pajamas. God, it felt so good. He held it there a moment, both of us savoring the beautiful feeling. Me: having a nice, thick, hard cock inside me, and him: my warm, tight, soft pussy. He grunted, and putting his hand on my hip, slowly started to thrust.

I tried to move with him but his grip on me became firmer. Without speaking or even turning to look at him, I knew he had lost all rational thought and was operating on a purely primitive level. Knowing I could drive him to this turned me on even more. I slipped my own hand down to my clitoris. Andrew fucked me harder, I could feel his dick pulsing inside me, almost ready to come.

“Babydoll… you feel really… really… good,” he whispered between thrusts.

“Mmmmmm,” I purred. “You feel pretty damn good yourself.” He growled, and shifted, pushing me over onto my stomach. He stroked my back a moment and then continued pounding me roughly. He growled like some kind of jungle cat. The position was a little awkward, my pajama bottoms still at my knees, but it still felt pleasurable, and his dick was so long he wasn’t slipping out. “You feel so good inside me,” I cried out. Not too loudly. Would we wake our friends? I realized I didn’t really care.

He started to cum. He pulled my hair, just to have something to grip. I could feel his cock spasming inside me, waves of jizz spilling into me. He moaned with pleasure, then let out a very satisfied sigh. “Oh, babydoll, I’m so sorry,” he said.

“Why?” I asked, turning around as he pulled away.

“I didn’t take care of you… yet,” he said with a devilish grin. “That was so rude of me, but I just couldn’t help myself. And I wasn’t even thinking about a condom…”

“It’s ok,” I said. I was on birth control and I’d known Andrew long enough to trust him. And sometimes, it’s just nice to have a man inside you. Don’t get me wrong, I love an orgasm as much as the next girl, but a good fuck is like that old saying… it’s the journey, not the destination. Still, they are nice. More than nice… “You can make up for it.” I smiled as he dipped his head between my legs. It didn’t take too long to make me cum; our hot, animalistic fucking had brought me to the edge. His tongue barely flicked over my clit when my own waves of orgasm started rolling through me. His hand firmly over my swollen vaginal lips, giving them just the kartal escort right amount of pressure. I had to bite my lip from screaming.

When the waves subsided, I laid back, relaxed, my head swimming with ecstasy. I opened my eyes and Andrew was looking at me, gently rubbing my body with his strong hands, my stomach, my sides, my legs. I let out a satisfied sigh and he pulled himself over me again. I was delighted to feel he’d already gotten hard again. Feeling his thick, solid cock against my thigh made it seem as though it had gone up in flames.

“Let’s do this right,” he said, kissing me for the first time. Softly. Then passionately. I lifted up my hand and ran it through his hair. Our foreplay was slower, more gentle this time. He lightly traced his fingertips over my body. I responded similarly, running my hands over his broad shoulders. He ran his tongue around my nipples, then slowly traced a line down the center to my bellybutton. I giggled a little as he stayed there, making lazy circles around it, ended with a quick little kiss. He slipped two fingers into my vagina, making me arch my back, eager to receive them. My juices and his dripped out, lubricating his fingers. He rubbed my clit with his thumb, massaging the head gently until I was ready to cum again. “Andrew,” I pleaded, “I want you inside me again. Now.”

In an instant his dick was perched at my opening. With his head he stroked the sides of my lips, teasing me gently, teasing himself. He slowly slid in, this time careful to keep rubbing my clitoris with his deft fingers. “Mmmm,” I groaned happily.

“This is a wonderful dream,” he said, as he slid in fully. I couldn’t speak any words at that point, I just made some kind of agreeing noise. He started pumping again, grabbing my hand with his that wasn’t still working my clit, yet keeping his balance. I was impressed by this maneuver. It made me realize he had amazing abs. I took this moment to run my free hand over them, appreciating the texture, feeling the thin band of sweat that had begun to form all over his body. He pressed my other hand up next to my head, intertwining our fingers. He looked deeply into my eyes. With my own free hand I stroked his face, then played with his hair. I could feel my orgasm begin, “don’t stop,” I breathed, his fingers relentlessly working my clit. His pumping grew faster as my second orgasm melted into a third. Maybe a fourth. Honestly, my head felt so light I couldn’t tell where one orgasm ended and the next began… maybe it was all just the same long one. I felt like I was in a trance, and I didn’t snap out of it until Andrew collapsed on top of me, spent in every way. I don’t know who fell asleep first.

The next morning we were careful to get dressed and clean up “the spot” before anyone else woke up. But if you knew where to look, there is still the tiniest little stain left over, a reminder of our night that keeps me smiling every time we sit down to watch a movie.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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