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Slip to Pleasure

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That damn white van had been parked on my patch of road for about 10 days now and my curiosity had had enough. Today was the day I as going to find out what the graybeard who watched me with his dark eyes thought he was up to.

Let me explain. At 18 I’m a high school senior, about 5ft 6in, dark hair that flashes auburn in the sun, a figure far too rounded to be fashionable, but I kept myself fit playing 3rd team basketball, but with little other interest in sport and an intense dislike for gym which was compulsory at the school — you know the drill: strong body, strong mind and all that. As it turned out, the gym period came at the same time as the junior school kids broke up for the day, so I instantly volunteered to do the scholar patrol, ensuring that the smaller kids got across the road to their lifts safely and in reasonable order. I quite liked the job actually. The kids respected me mostly and I became a sort of aunt to them, listening to their troubles as they waited to cross the road along the zebra crossing.

As I said, I became aware of this large Mercedes van about 10 days ago. It was always there by the time I got to the zebra crossing. An elderly man with a shock of silver hair and a neatly trimmed white beard sat behind the wheel and it seemed his eyes never left me. Now, I am quite street-wise and fully aware of the perverts that a school such as ours could attract. He never picked up any of the kids and the van was always gone by the time I left classes later in the day.

He seemed harmless enough and I was reluctant to report him to the school authorities because that would create a god-awful fuss so I thought I would march up to him and ask him straight out what he thought he was doing.

With my green reflective vest as a sort of armour, I crossed the road on the zebra before the young kids came, went to the window of the van and said: “Hey mister, I’ve seen you every day for a while now and you don’t pick up anyone, can you tell me what you are doing outside our school?”

His eyes widened in surprise, I think. Then a smile slowly spread itself across his mostly unlined face and then a laugh rumbled from his belly upwards, so that I couldn’t help smiling myself.

“Why kiddo, do I offend you?” and his dark eyes seemed to lance into my brain.

“No,” I said. “But you seem to stare at me all the time and that makes me a bit uncomfortable. You must either have a good reason to be here or else I am going to have to report you to the principal’s office,” I warned, pretty sure that would shake him.

“Ah yes! It’s a long time since I have been reported to the principal’s office,” and he grinned again. “Do they still bend you over and beat you?”

I couldn’t help a giggle. “Hey man, that went out with the Ark! Where’ve you been?”

“Around,” he said and his dark eyes held mine, “yes around. Well I had better come clean, I suppose. I live half a mile down the road and I drive past the school almost every day. Then I noticed you. I noticed the swing of your hips, the tilt of your head, the way you organize the kids who seem to adore you, your laugh that tinkles across the road and since I nearly shunted the car in front of me just watching you, I thought I had better stop and watch and that’s what I’ve been doing.”

I watched him in amazement. He had to be having me on. I’m not the prettiest kid in the school by a long shot. The way the boys treated me confirmed that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay and I like myself and most things about me, but wasting time on being attractive and sexy like some of my classmates, was just not me and that’s the way I liked it.

“You gotta be joking,” I gasped.

“Well, not really,” he smiled. “I’m not so young anymore and just watching you and the energy you put out makes me feel younger and alive. I always leave here with renewed vigour and somehow full of life.”

This guy is unreal, I thought. But hell, it’s good to know that someone appreciates you. By this time there was chirping from across the road as the kids began to gather.

“Listen, I gotta go. The flocks gather.”

“Okay,” he nodded. “Am I going to be reported to the dreaded principal’s office?”

I laughed. “Nah! You seem to be harmless. Bye”

I skipped across the road with an extra bounce in my step and gave the old guy and extra swing of the hips, just to give him a lift.

He was there most days after that. And on those days he didn’t pitch, I felt as if someone had cheated me from something. We’d wave at each other and if he felt he wasn’t being watched, he’d sometimes blow me a kiss in an exaggerated way so that it was funny rather than a come on. I found I enjoyed being watched by him and would often give him a glimpse of my knickers under the short school uniform by twirling around faster than I needed to as a sort of reward and that usually got a grin on his face.

Then one day it rained. There was a heavy shower followed by a drizzle that seemed stuck in place, not cold, but wet and miserable. I got to the zebra crossing in a bad temper, casino şirketleri wondering if gym wasn’t a better option. I had a puke-green plastic coat on which the school provided that went to my hips, leaving my legs to get wet. I had herded a group of kids across the road and was stomping back in a hurry when my foot slipped in a puddle and I went down, bouncing along the tar on my backside. I lay there in shock, my school dress way above my waist. Suddenly this concerned face loomed over me with its thick silver hair and the deep voice soothed me instantly.

“It’s okay kiddo. I’ve got you, I’ll fix you. It will be okay.”

He pulled the hem of my dress down, grasped me under the knees and under my neck and swung me up against his body. He strode to the van and put me gently on my feet.

“Can you stand?”

I nodded, tears beginning to spring to my eyes as the pain hit. He swung around, slid back the door on the side of the van and picked me up again. He carried into the back of the van and even through the pain I gasped in wonder. Most of the van was taken up by a bed, but the rest was beautifully decorated with thick carpets covering the floor and walls.

He laid me face down on the bed and lifted the back of my dress and clucked his tongue. Then I remembered although they are forbidden at the school, I was wearing thongs and must be showing just about everything I had, but there was nothing much I could do about it now.

“Lie still kiddo,” he said with only concern in his voice. “I’ll need to wash the grit and dirt out of those scrapes or they could become infected. Then I’m going to put some gentian violet on the scraped areas which means you are going to walk around like a baboon with a blue arse for a while, but it will dry up the scrapes in no time.”

Even I managed a snivelling giggle at that thought.

He bent down over my bum, bare but for the thin scrap on cloth buried in my crack. His hands on my leg were firm, but amazingly gentle and he hummed softly as he attended to my wounds. I tried to close my legs tightly, but that only caused me more pain.

“Relax sweetheart,” he rumbled. “I’ve already seen your front remember and I need you to open your legs so I can be sure we get the scrapes thoroughly clean.”

His hands pressed between my thighs gently making sure I opened my legs as he dabbed warm water along the injured areas. As the pain and the shock wore away I suddenly started to get turned on by the feel of this man’s hands on my body so close to my sex. I had never allowed anyone to touch me down there, but now I felt this electric knot in my stomach and I had this urge to press down with my hips into the mattress, while I could feel I was beginning to pant.

He dabbed on the gentian violet and then leaned down and blew across the scrapes to dry it. The air went up my crack and then down between my legs and it gave me such a tingle, I thrust down with my hips and couldn’t make up my mind if the pleasure of the pressure against my pussy on the mattress or the pain of my bum as the muscles tensed was more urgent.

“You like that kiddo?” he asked softly. “You’re lucky the scrapes are not too bad. You’ll be fine in a day or two.”

The pain was almost gone now, but his fingertips that were lightly brushing my skin along my thighs and around the scrapes on my bum were giving me such electric tingles, I didn’t know what to do.

“Okay baby,” he stood up in the van. “I’m going to drive you home now. Do you need to call anyone?”

I shook my head missing his hands on my skin desperately. He took my address, opened the door into the driver’s cab, started the van and moved off. By now I had noticed a pleasant musky smell. I pushed my hand down under my hips to find my thong was soaked and a bolt of electricity shot through me as I pushed down on my hand with my hips. My fingers were moving by themselves and I kept pushing down on them, gasping at the jolts of pleasure that shot through me. Suddenly the excitement seemed to gather in the pit of my stomach and then it broke over me crashing wave after wave …and somewhere someone shouted “Oh my god…”

I was still trembling and puffing when the van stopped and the man came back into the body of the van.

“You okay baby?” he asked and I could see he noticed my hand still under me between my legs. He sat down, his fingers tracing a pattern on my skin ever so gently.

“You did good, baby. It’s just fine.” He reached across and gently tugged my hand from under me and put my fingers in his mouth, sucking gently. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with embarrassment. He obviously knew what I had been doing, but since he seemed okay with it, I decided to bluff it out.

“We home?” He nodded. “Okay, thanks. What’s your name by the way? Mine’s Cindy.”

As he helped me up from the bed he told me his name was Jim.

“Thanks Jim. You really were a star to help me. I feel such a fool falling like that, but ..”and I blushed .. “it had a happy ending, very happy. Thanks.”

“Hey kiddo, I hope casino firmaları that it’s a beginning, not an ending. You won’t be able to sit for a few days, and you really shouldn’t get the scrapes wet, so I don’t think you should go to school tomorrow. I would also keep wearing thongs … or nothing! Ordinary panties will rub on the scrapes. Would you mind if I came around about 10 tomorrow and put more stuff on your scratches?”

“Okay Jimbo,” I said, giving him a grin. “I’ll see you tomorrow and we’ll see what happens.” He helped me out the van and I limped into the house, giving him a small wave as I closed the door.

I went to have a pee, carefully slipping my thong over the scrapes, but found I could not sit on the toilet seat without hurting the scrapes so I went outside and squatted on the lawn thinking that taking a dump was going to be a challenge. I then went and lay face down on my bed, still thinking about what happened in the van. I mean, I knew about sex and heard the girls at school talk about orgasms, but somehow I didn’t connect any of that stuff with what happened.

I had a bad night, all hot and sweaty and excited so that by the time my mom and younger sister left for work and school I felt all breathless waiting for Jim to arrive. He was dead on time but by then I could have flung myself against him and never let go, but I managed to control myself.

“Hey Cindy, how’s it going?”

I told him the scrapes were much better, that my mom and sister had laughed their heads off at my blue bum, that I had had a face-cloth wash and missed not having a shower.

He grinned, held up a bag and said: “I can fix that! Come on, let’s go inside and look at the wounded soldier.”

As I led him through the house and to my bedroom, I could feel the wet between my thighs as I walked and worried what he would think about that.

I flopped down onto the bed, face first and legs squeezed together. I heard him opening the bag. He grasped my ankles gently and pulled my legs apart.

“Relax baby. At my age I know quite a lot about women and I’m not going to do anything to harm you in any way. Besides, I’ve seen you all before remember?”

I relaxed my legs and he moved his legs between them and picked up the back of my skirt.

“Ah, I see you took my advice and left off the panties — good!”

I nodded dumbly as he inspected my naked rear, the room filling with the smell of my wetness.

“Hmmm! Much better. I thought you might be missing a shower, so I brought along some waterproof bandages. I’m going to stick them on and then put you into the shower, okay?”

“Oh Yes,” I said. “That would be just great. I feel all sticky.”

He laughed, “Yes, I can see that.” And his strong fingers gently caressed my thighs and bum as he stuck the patches down.

“Hmm, you smell so good I could eat you,”he said as his fingers brushed my cunt.

I gasped as a bolt of excitement shot through me.

“Come on kiddo, let’s get you showered.”

He eased me off the bed and simply snatched off my T-shirt before I knew what was happening.

“Hey!” I yelped crossing my arms over my chest. My breasts are small and firm and I hadn’t bothered with a bra.

“Cindy,” he said, taking my face in his hands and looking deeply into my eyes. “I’ve seen you naked from the waist down and now you’re getting coy about your breasts? Come, let’s find the shower.”

He had a point. I led him to the bathroom and once there, he stepped up close behind me, unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor, leaving me naked in front of a man for the first time. I felt both nervous and excited. My nipples jutted out, aching like I’d never felt before.

Jim turned me around and held me at arm’s length. “My, ” he whistled, “you are so beautiful.”

He sunk down on the toilet seat, pulling me to him and began to nibble at my nipples.

“Ah, ah, ah,” I moaned and as he tried to pull away I pulled his head back, reveling in the sparks that seemed to race from my nipples to my cunt. Then I felt his fingers slowly comb through my bush and I opened my legs to let his fingers in. As his fingers sunk between my sopping lips, his thumb rubbed gently around the hood above my peehole. My hips took on a life of their own as I pushed against his hand.

“Aaaahhh!” I squealed as wave upon wave of pleasure cruised from my pussy to each end of my body. I would have fallen if I had not been hanging desperately onto his neck as he sucked at my nipples. Slowly the ripples eased off and I dropped my head onto his neck.

“Wow! What was that?” I gasped.

I could hear his grin. “Kiddo, you just had an orgasm. And if you are really good, I’ll make you come again. I promise you it gets better.”

I shook my head against his neck. “Nothing could be better than that,” I sighed..

“Well, we’ll see about that,” he said. “Come on kiddo. It’s time for that shower.”

He got up and walked to the shower door, put a hand through and opened the taps, testing the water until he was satisfied with güvenilir casino the temperature. He then turned around and started pulling off his shirt.

“What are you doing?” I gasped.

“Cindy, dear child, we are going to take a shower together.”

He whipped off his shirt, kicked off his shoes, unbuckled his pants and stepped out of them along with his under-rods. My stomach lurched and my pussy started tingling again as my eyes took in the rod that jutted out of the hair below his belly. The foreskin was partially pulled back and the purple head peeked out and the whole thing twitched up towards his belly every now and then. I was fascinated.

“Can I touch that?” I asked, nodding towards his cock.

He laughed. “Hey, let’s get into the shower first and then you can touch smell and taste to your hearts content.”

God! I thought to myself. How did I ever get into this? But my body was trembling with excitement and I could feel the juices sliding down my thighs. I stepped into the shower, my back to the jet and the water drummed on the bandages covering my scraped thighs.

He stepped in after me, took me in his arms and dropped his mouth down to my lips. I had kissed boys before, but this was seriously different. His tongue danced all around my mouth while his fingers caressed my back and neck, firm yet gentle. I broke away panting, only to feel his cock pressing against my stomach like a warm steel rod. My nipples brushing against his chest sent ripples down to my pussy which now seemed to have a mind of their own and demanded attention.

“Oh god Jim,” I begged, “do something, please do something!”

Jim slid down the wall until he was sitting on the floor. He pulled me gently towards him until my pussy was level with his face. I opened my legs as wide as was comfortable and I felt the tongue that had been in my mouth, now dancing up and down my pussy. I couldn’t believe the feelings that jolted me as he gently nibbled at my clit, then dug his tongue deeply into me and then back to my clit. The old tingle had become a flood of electric shocks to the ends of my body and then turned back as waves of pleasure.

I sort of heard a voice pleading “Oh Jim don’t stop! Oh please! Oh please!” as I grabbed his head and pulled it into me, my hips fucking his face as if this was the last day of earth.

Slowly I came down and just collapsed onto his lap, actually enjoying the slight pain as the scabs on my scrapes protested along with the twitches that still ran through my body. As I settled down, there was that damn rod sticking into my belly.

With the water drumming onto my back, I slid down Jim’s legs until I could get a proper look at this thing that kept prodding me as if to remind me of its presence. I put my hand around it and looked up into Jim’s face. He smiled faintly and nodded, a far-away look in his eyes. I then turned my attention to his cock. It seemed about seven or eight inches long, as fat as a frankfurter with the same curve. Beneath hung a sac with his balls tugging it down, one lower than the other and sparsely covered with hair. I was fascinated. I pulled it gently away from his belly to find that while it felt satin soft, it was rigid and sprang back when it slipped from my fingers. I giggled with delight and slowly stroked it with my fingertips, glancing at Jim. His eyes were closed and I could hear his breathing and felt his hips start to move his cock in my hand. I grasped the silky rod more firmly and started moving my hand up and down in time with his hips. He groaned and licked his lips. I bent to watch the purple head of his cock peek out of the covering skin as I pulled back, when suddenly he jerked and a thick glob of stuff shot out onto my nose. I jerked back and he groaned “don’t stop! Don’t stop!” So I continued to pump, watching from a safer distance as the white globs spilled from the top of his rod down onto my hands.

Jim stopped moving, then sat up, held my face gently with one hand, licked off the goo on my nose and kissed me deeply. I could taste his cum, salty and sweet at the same time.

He pulled back: “Wow baby! I haven’t cum like that in years! Thank you sweetheart.”

I nuzzled at his neck, felling quite pleased with myself. “No, I should thank you,” I told him. “I’ve learnt more today than all my years at school. I’ve been missing this for years. Why don’t they teach us these things?” I demanded.

He laughed. “Never mind Cindy, there’s lots more to learn and we’ll make up for lost time.”

We got out of the shower and rubbed each other dry. His cock was now dangling, but I loved it and couldn’t help giving it a serious kiss.

“Whoa! Young lady,” he smiled. “give me a chance to recover. It’s still a bit sensitive after such a great cumming.”

We went back to my bedroom and I was proud to feel his eyes on my naked butt. I flopped down on my back on the bed, the bandages protecting the scrapes from rubbing on the duvet. His eyes flicked over my body and I could feel that tingle start at the pit of my stomach. God, could I ever get enough? I thought. I opened my legs a bit so that he could see my need. His cock, I noticed, had started to grow, so I trailed my fingers up my thighs and started to tickle my pussy, watching his cock twitch and grow. It was amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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