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Smart Move

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Suzan thought she had made it clear without getting caught. She snuck into the house knowing full well it was past her curfew. But since she had just turned 18 she didn’t think she needed a curfew. And besides she just had to see Bobby, her boyfriend for the past 4 months.

She really put him through the ringer, not giving in until she was ready. She shut the front door and softly tiptoed up to her room. Thinking she had made it without getting caught she quietly closed her door.

“So was it good?” she heard. “OH GOD” she squealed. Turning towards her 20 year old brother lying on her bed. “What are you doing in nmy room Scott?” she questioned.

Scott sits up on the bed and smirks at her, “maybe the question should be why aren’t you in your room.” “So let me ask you again, was it that good that you missed your curfew” Scott asked.

“Why, do you wanna try it and find out?” she countered. He slid off the bed and heads toward her stopping so that when she exhales he breathes in her air. If he leaned brazzers porno just an inch closer he would be kissing her. With a voice soft he ask “what if i said yes, would you let me?” he smiled then thought about it. “No don’t answer that, besides you really need to take a shower. You reek of Bobbies sweat and cum.” he told her.

As he is leaving he turns and asks her one more question. “by the way did you also get pleasure from it or did he just bust a nut and roll off.” With that said he walks out the door and lightly shuts it.

Suzan sits down on her bed in a daze. ‘what the hell was that all about’ thinking to herself. ‘Did my brother just come on to me?, nah I’m just imagining things’ she told herself.

She gets up and strips out of her clothes and head to her bathroom. As she lets the water rush over her wht Scott said keeps playing in her head. “What if I said yes, would you let me?” That one sentence had her radar up and she just had to find out what he clip4sale porno meant by it.

She showered and dried herself off. After she was dressed she tiptoed to Scotts room down the hall. She gently knocks on the door but there was no answer. She turns the knob and gently opens the door. As she peeks in she sees her brother lying on top of his covers with nothing on. She walks over to his bed and just stares at his body.

He had hair on his chest, not too much just enough to twirl around your finger. He has a six pack that most men would kill for. As she gazed down lower she noticed that his dick was totally hard and saluting his navel. Just then she wondered what it would feel like in her hand.

Very carefully and slowly she reaches out and wraps her fingers around his cock. Being carful not to wake Scott, she gently stroks it up and down.

Scott moans and starts moving in the same rhythm as her hand. She looks to make sure he is still asleep. Satisfied that colette porno he is, her eyes travel back down to his dick, where she sees that he is leaking precum. Absentmindedly she licks her lips and wonders what he would taste like.

“What the hell” she whispered and before she chickens out she leans down and licks his piss slit clean. Tasting him brings a new sensation, she decides to go one step further and without thing she takes him into her mouth and starts sucking very slowly.

“OH GOOODDD” Scott moaned. “Ashley don’t stop; please don’t stop. Suzan knew he was dreaming about is girlfriend of 9 months but she didn’t care right now.

His breathing became fast and he shuddered everytime she pulled up on his cock. Feeling his balls tighting she knew what was comming. As is hips pump into her mouth faster and harder, “I’M CUUUMMMING” he grunted.

His sperm shoots right to the back of her throat and slides down. It didn’t taste to bad, warm, salty and sweet at the same time. She swallowed all of it and kept sucking until he was soft.

Letting it slide out of her mouth she gets up kisses him on his forhead and walks out and closes the door gently.

Back at her room she knows what she did was wrong but she doesn’t care. But how will she face Scott in the morning……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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