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Snowed Inn

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I’d seen snow before. I grew up in Utah, for hell’s sake. Snow was nothing new to me. But the scene outside my window was astounding. Almost eighteen inches had fallen since mid day. Trees and shrubs were hunched and straining with the burden, sidewalks were a laughable memory. Even the cars parked street side were nearly unidentifiable lumps. I was in a little resort town tucked into a corner of Montana. The remote destination had seemed quaint and charming and a fabulous idea for a weekend away. You know, a girls’ trip to a picturesque little town for some R and R. I didn’t ski, but my friends did and I really just welcomed the excuse to get out of Dodge for a bit.

Now, however, the idea didn’t seem so brilliant. The last report from the front desk said the storm had stalled over us and warned that we might be snowed in for a couple days. Snowed in?? Did that really happen? I had a life to get back to; a job, a cat, a boyfriend.

I let my forehead drop against the cold glass and watched the marshmallow flakes dance past my window. A knock at my door made me jolt. Laughing, I pressed a hand to my chest and crossed the room to the door. My friend, Becca, flounced in without waiting for an invitation. She plopped down on the foot of the bed, somehow managed to make the move graceful. Becca tossed her curling blonde locks over her shoulder and sent her most appealing smile at me. Never a good sign.

I backed up, hands held up in front of me like a shield. “No. Whatever it is you have cooked up for me to do; no.”

Becca moved her glossed up lips into a practiced pout. “But we—”

“No!” I interrupted. “Forget it.”

Becca merely sat there, pouting, looking perfect and wounded. I knew I’d cave in. But I wanted to at least put on a good show of resistance. It was, after all, Becca’s idea to travel to the middle of nowhere for the perfect powder. I studied my friend. Becca was one of those women that were innately and utterly perfect. You wanted to hate her because she was so obviously flawless. But she was funny and sweet and caring and brilliant. Damn her. If I had any lesbian tendencies whatsoever, I’d definitely go for Becca.

Sighing, I dropped her shoulders in surrender. “Fine. What do you need me to do now?”

“Yay!” Becca bounced a little. “Okay, so you know those guys that I met skiing today? They want us to go to a bar with them. It’s just a little place that we can walk to. But there’re four of them. And it would be awkward for only three of us to show. Please come with us! Please? I told them you’re spoken for. It would just be nice for even numbers.” At the end of her hurried speech, she clasped her hands under her chin and bit her lower lip in a hopeful gesture.

I laughed. “I can do that. I was afraid you wanted me to play strip poker with the wait staff again. Let’s go.” I moved to grab her coat from the closet. Becca didn’t move.

“Um. Are you going like that?” She eyed my outfit with utter distaste. I looked down at what I was wearing. It was a pretty typical outfit for me. Jeans that were faded and soft from wear — not the force faded ones that cost a gazillion dollars. A black v-neck sweater. Chunky black belt and, my only really vanity, knee high black leather boots with a slim heel and sexy little silver buckles. I loved my boots. I saw nothing wrong with my attire. I peeked into the mirror over the dresser. My hair was straight, tucked behind my ears and falling to my shoulders. Nothing fancy, but definitely not embarrassing. My make up, never heavy, still looked pretty good too.

“Yep,” I finally proclaimed. “Take it or leave it.” Becca huffed a little but ultimately stood and gestured for me to continue out of the room.

We met the rest of the group in the lobby. My other two friends were already there, chatting up the four men. I had to admit, I had some canlı bahis really cute friends. Joslyn was teensy, maybe five feet tall and one hundred pounds. She had masses of chestnut hair and sweet little pixie features. Men often fell over themselves to get her attention. Olivia was exotic with dark skin and the most beautiful black curls you’ve ever seen. Becca bounced ahead of me to join the group. I took advantage of the moment to study our escorts for the evening.

They were cute. Becca wouldn’t have fibbed about that. There was a tall blonde that seemed pretty damn nice. But he was wearing the sort of “casual wear” that came with an elite label and a hefty price tag. Not my type. Next to him was a slightly shorter, slightly darker guy with light brown wavy hair. He had the classic movie star good looks going for him. The third had a fabulous smile and very blue eyes. I couldn’t tell what color hair he had under his beanie, but he was completely cute. The last guy was standing just the slightest bit away from his buddies. And he was yummy. Make that Yummy. Capital Y. Black hair in that carelessly curly cut that just begged to be touched. Striking eyes that were so dark they nearly looked black. He hadn’t shaven and the five o’clock shadow was definitely working for him. And his mouth, oh, his mouth. Very sexy. Full bottom lip, soft upper lip. Good lord. I mentally smacked myself and tried to think of my boyfriend. Well. We were kind of on a break.

I joined the group, determined to be friendly and well behaved. I smiled as Becca introduced me to the group. Blondie was named Sean. He was an accountant. The way she said it made me think I was supposed to be impressed. Next was Marcus, a manager of some sort. Blue eyes was Vance and was in the process of going after his doctorate in something to do with physics. And The Mouth was introduced as Mike. I wasn’t told what he did.

We moved out through the lobby, sort of pairing up as we moved out into the snow. I ended up with Mike. We were the stragglers and he seemed rather reluctant to be out with the group. I figured it was my assignment to keep him entertained. I was just formulating something witty and charming to say when we stepped outside. The cold was fierce and biting. It slapped at me and forced me to step back.

“Good lord!” I muttered to myself. Mike laughed next to me. It was a low, rich sound that kinda curled into my belly. Damn. I was in trouble.

“It’s a little cold, huh?” He hunched into his coat and shoved his hands into his pockets. He shot me a little sideways grin. I grunted in response and trudged after my friends. I could see the sign for the bar. It was roughly fifty feet away. That was about forty eight feet further than I wanted to go in this sub-zero climate. He surprised me by speaking again. “I was just wondering what was wrong with the bar at the inn.”

I laughed and shrugged. “Got me! Wanna go back?”

He stopped walking. He looked behind us at the welcoming warmth of the lobby. Then he looked at the group ahead of us, stomping through snow banks towards the bar. He turned those dark eyes on me. His gaze took me in top to bottom. He blew out a breath, which fogged and steamed into the air. “Your boots will never back it all the way over there. We’ve gotta go back.”

I looked at my boots too. “Definitely not worth the sacrifice,” I agreed. We turned back in tacit agreement and tromped back into the inn. Stomping and shaking the snow off, we made our way across the little lobby to the area designated as a bar. It was charming enough; one wall was almost entirely made up of windows, a fire crackled and smoked in a rustic mantle in the corner. There were maybe ten small tables and the small bar itself. It was warm and dry and infinitely more appealing than the smoky, loud bar across the street.

Mike gestured bahis siteleri for my to chose a table. I liked the chivalry. Since all but one of the tables were open, I had my pick. I led him to one in the corner by the fireplace. He continued the chivalrous behavior by helping me off with my coat and holding my chair. It made me feel all girly and pampered and I could certainly get used to it!

The bartender was apparently on double duty and came to take our orders. I ordered a hot buttered rum. I didn’t even know if I liked hot buttered rum, but it sounded like the perfect drink to order whilst snowed bound. He ordered a beer.

The next hour or so passed quickly. We covered all the usual small talk and delved into our personal resumes. You know; age, career, siblings, music, allergies. Then we hit the topic of relationships. I went first. I tried to explain succinctly and without a bunch of emotional footnotes. My boyfriend wanted a ring on my finger. I wasn’t so certain that is was time. We’d only been together for six months. A major fight had ensued. He then declared me insensitive and selfish and announced we were “on a break.” Like on that Friends episode. I related ended the story with a shrug.

He was staring at his bottle of beer, idling spinning it in the puddle of condensation it had left on the table. He met my eyes. I was surprised to at the wealth of hurt that shown in the coffee colored depths. He offered a half smile. “My girl and I are kind of on a break too. Different reasons though.”

I waited. He merely continued to spin his bottle. I did the subtle throat clearing thing. He cringed before meeting my eyes.

“She cheated. She hooked up with an old boyfriend. She says it was a one time thing, but I don’t know. Things weren’t so hot before she fucked someone else. So I don’t know if it’s worth the fight. She asked me to take this weekend to think about it before I decide.”

“So what do you think you’re going to do?” I didn’t want to be nosy, but I loved dirt like this.

He shrugged, much like I did. “I don’t want to think about her.” When he met my eyes this time, the hurt had been replaced by something else. Something with a lot more heat. I felt my body respond. And my body apparently had very slutty tendencies, because I was feeling heat in all sorts of interesting places.

“What do you want to think about?” I was feeling very bold tonight.

“I’ve been thinking about the hot tub outside. No one uses it at this time of night.” The heat in his gaze went up a couple degrees. I squirmed a little. His lips split in the sexiest grin I had ever had the pleasure of seeing. “Wanna try it?”

I thought about it. For about a quarter of a minute. “I don’t have a bathing suit.” I feigned distress. I knew what he’d say. Well, I knew what I hoped he’d say.

“I don’t either. We can go without.” I did a mental fist pump. This gorgeous, brooding, smoldering man wanted to go get nekked in steamy water. Woohoo!

We left the bar after agreeing to meet at the hot tub in twenty minutes. I dashed to my room. I didn’t have a bathing suit, but that didn’t mean I had to look horrid otherwise. I split my hair into artfully messy pigtails, slicked on some lip gloss, and stripped down to my skin. Luckily I had spent some time shaving that morning, so all my parts were nice and smooth. I pulled on the thick terry cloth robe that came with the room and padded out to meet Mike.

The hot tub was at the back of the inn. I had to skirt the empty pool and edge past a snowbank to the gazebo that housed the tub. I silently prayed to whatever god might be listening that I was the first to arrive. I peeked into the gazebo. He was there… naked chest glistening with water, arms spread casually across the back. He had muscles. And tattoos. I got a little wet. I now had to get the courage bahis şirketleri to disrobe, literally, in front of him before I could slip into the water.

The way I saw it, there were two options. I could boldly toss aside the cover and step in like it was nothing. I could also play coy and try to shield my naughty parts until the last moment. Hmmmm. I stepped into the gazebo. He grinned at me. It made my tummy flutter. I decided to go with option two. This man made me too nervous to pull off Bold, Brave Stella. I managed to slip one arm out of a sleeve, hold one lapel discretely in front of me, and remove the other sleeve without showing any embarrassing flesh. I stood with the frigid arm freezing my booty, but my front parts neatly covered. Mission accomplished.

“How’s the water?” I asked in my most flirtatious voice.

“Hot.” The way he said it melted my insides. The way he was looking at me wasn’t hurting either. He was making me feel like a particularly tasty morsel. He patted the bubbling water next to him. “Join me.”

I hesitated. Granted, I could see his torso… but naked man chest wasn’t like naked woman chest. Not to mention the rest of the parts a full frontal would expose! And I had missed his pre-dip nudity. He looked at me expectantly.

“Close your eyes,” I demanded. He laughed. It made his eyes crinkle at the corners. And the deep brown went all sparkly. Sexy, sexy, sexy man. He obliged, closing his eyes and waiting patiently. I dropped the robe and slipped into the water across from him. I slipped down until my breasts were fully emerged. The sudden change in temperature made my nipples tighten. I got a little more turned on.

He opened his eyes and focused on me. He gave me that same yummy morsel sensation. And he was starting to look hungrier. Yet he didn’t move. I was too big of a wuss to make any moves myself. I blew out a breath. “So…. Um…. How about this weather?”

The corner of his mouth hitched. Instead of responding he reached across the tub and snagged my wrist. He tugged. I kind of floated across to him. I fit neatly between his thighs. Okay, so now I was officially aroused.

He toyed with one of my pig tails. His eyes were on my mouth. That made me focus on his lips. I love those lips. I wanted to feel those lips. His fingers moved from my hair to my cheek. They tracked down my jaw to my mouth. He rubbed his thumb over my bottom lip. I moaned. I couldn’t help it. I wanted more. So I sucked the tip of his thumb into my mouth. He muttered something that sounded illicit and salacious and not quite legal.

He pulled me onto his lap, spreading my thighs so I was straddling him. I was pressed right up against his cock. And it was really, really hard. I moaned again. His mouth took mine. It wasn’t a hard kiss. It wasn’t sloppy or invasive. But it was intense. And it was asking for permission. I kissed him back with every thing I had. Just in case he didn’t clearly get the message that I was all in, I wiggled a bit, aligning the tip of his cock with my pussy. He swore against my mouth. I found it incredibly damn hot. He thrust up into me. One hard, deep, filling stroke. I nearly came just from that.

His hands moved to my ass. His big hands gripped me and pulled me hard into his next thrust. Never breaking the kiss, I linked my arms around him. We moved together like we had been practicing all of our lives. It was perfect. And dirty. And raw. And, fuck, it felt good.

I think I told him I was going to cum. I certainly thought it. That hot, sweet coil was building tight in my gut. I clenched him tight inside me and tried to get him even deeper. He plunged faster, murmuring incoherently in my ear. I surrendered to the sensation, to him, to the moment. And I came hard. Somewhere in the midst of my orgasm, I knew he came too. We stayed where we were for a long time, until the shuddering stopped.

When I finally slid off his lap, I wasn’t quite sure what to say. He simply leaned over to kiss me one more time. He smiled and tugged my pigtail. “Thank you,” he said. I smiled.

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