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He’d always preferred the darkness, even as a boy he would wander around his house without turning on the lights. Not that he was one of those pallid modern vampires who only came out at night, no, he had bought this farm and it kept him strong and tan but he just preferred the darkness at night, it was a secret and comfortable place for him.

So it was unusual for him to light a candle and even stupid of him to leave it burning in the barn like he did a very real fire hazard. But he needed the light to find some chains that he would need the next day so he sat it down for only a minute and then the light attracted the most unusual moth and it turned out to be the most amazingly fortunate act of stupidity of his life.

It was an old farm house miles from anywhere and he never had visitors, which was the way he wanted it, 3 years since his wife died, 5 years since he had been intimate with her because of her illness, a year and a half since he had been with any woman at all. But those women were someone else’s ex-wives looking for a new ex-husband.

He wanted and liked the solace but now and then, and a lot lately, he yearned for a woman to be with, talk to, and fuck…the pent up desire was coming close to ruling his life. He had a dark feeling inside that he wanted to explore…but there was no one to help him…. so he preferred being with no one.

That is why he was surprised when he thought that he’d heard a woman’s voice calling, he thought it was the wind, but still, the voice became a little stronger when he went into the mud room that led to the old barn.

The house was big and roomy and empty, what had once been a back porch had been turned into a mud room complete with a pantry, washer and dryer, and his favorite was the bathroom with a shower that was outfitted with a chair that his wife used during her weaker years. He loved coming in from a hard days work and sitting in the shower to rest and recuperate from his chores.

He was surprised when the candle came in to the house being carried by someone who looked lie something the cat would drag it. It was a woman, her bare breast and the torn dress made that obvious, hunched over and limping, and shivering from the cold rain that was now pouring down in sheets.

“Hello??” the voice was weak as if not wanting to be heard as she tried to peer through the darkness over the candle.

He stepped out of the darkness taking her hand with the candle in a vice like grip. He wanted to say, “Who are you?” or “What are you doing here?” or even “Can I help you?” but all his words came out at once in a garbled stern sounding mean tones. Her first reactions was to struggle and try to pull away but he was too strong, too careful of her lit candle

“It’s ok…it’s ok…you’re ok…” He was speaking in low soothing tones, like he did when one of his horses needed calming. The words had their affect as the tension drained from her body and she leaned into his chest shivering and he thought that he heard one faint sob.

The closest chair was the one in the shower so he picked her up (she didn’t feel weak in his arms…just someone who was now pushed beyond exhaustion and needed help) and carried her into the bathroom and turned on the heater.

Her dress ripped again as he put her on her feet in order to sit her in the shower chair and in that moment when she wasn’t pressed against him, the tattered wet piece of cloth fell to the floor leaving her completely nude.

He turned the shower on and let the water warm before he sat her in the chair to let the water warm her and clean the cuts on her legs and feet then left the room.

A moment later he returned with an apple and a bottle of water, he knew that she was hungry and that she could eat this in the shower. But he had to stop and stare for a moment. Everything had happened so quickly, the sureality of the moment was sinking in, one moment he was alone for another lonely night and now there was a beautiful naked woman in his shower needing his help…his care.

The hot water flowed over her body, dripping from her breasts across her flat abdomen to her shaved labia. He couldn’t help but stare…it had been a long time since he’d seen any pussy but he had never seen a shaved pussy and it was more beautiful…more exciting than he could have imagined.

But he had work, she had wounds, she was filthy, so he began by cleaning her. First, he took off his blue cotton work shirt and then he shampooed her hair, massaging the suds deep into her scalp lifting the grit away.

And she let him, not as some dumb mannequin in a store window, or as a prisoner enduring subjugation, but as a patient who knew that she could trust the hands that were helping her.

He lathered his hands with soap and washed her body bare handed, he could have used a washcloth but he wanted to touch and feel her skin as he cleaned her.

He noticed that there were tiny hair nubs on her pussy and he paused, he’d always wanted to…he looked at her face and she canlı bahis smiled a little…so he got the shaving cream and razor and very carefully shaved her pussy.

He spread the cream down her legs and so she stood, he had to stand too and adjust the erection in his tightening jeans, and then knelt to continue shaving her then tending to her cuts.

The water began to cool as the hot water tank emptied so he closed the valves and wrapped her in a thick towel.

“If you’re ok, I’m going to go into the kitchen and fix something warm for you” she nodded and continued to dry herself.

She joined him a few minutes later wearing his shirt, which she didn’t bother to button, she felt safe and comfortable as she came in and hugged him.

“I don’t know how to thank you” her first words to him.

“Eat” he said, “here is some soup…I grew the veggies…”

She ate quietly; he sat there thinking of something to say.

“This is a night of a bunch of firsts for me,” he said, “I have never had a beautiful woman come in to my house like this, I have never seen a woman naked before I learned her name…”

“Sara” she said.

“Sara…with or without the ‘h’?”

“Umm without…”

“A beautiful turn of the tongue…Sara.” he said her name with a slight flip of the “r” like the Spanish do.

“Aren’t you going to tell me that “Sara” is your favorite women’s name?” she was smiling now…his cock hardened again.

“Nah…’Isabel’ is my favorite but I’ve never really met anyone with that name.”

“You’ve never shaved a pussy before, have you?”

He was taken aback by her honest directness. “No, I’ve actually never even seen a shaved pussy…none of the women…ever let me…one woman accused me of being a pedophile for even thinking of it…but it wasn’t like that…they are just so beautiful without hair”

“Why did you shave me?” She was being coy now, playing with his embarrassment.

“Um well, I could say it was because of your cuts and that hair harbors germs…but you wouldn’t believe me.” She shook her head no and smiled.

“I did it because I wanted to… and you let me…um hope you didn’t mind”

“Of course not, silly, have you ever shaved yourself?”

“You know, smooth legs feel so good against mine and I think that it would feel even better without my hair in the way…but, no, never have.”

She stood; the pain from her cuts slowed her as she limped over to him…

“I trusted you with a razor on my pussy…do you have the same kind of trust?”

Wearing only her amazing smile, she led him by the front of his pants back into the bathroom.


Sara’s mind was racing as she led him, shocked by this entire day, she was driving to her cottage when the rain started, the deafening crack of thunder, the lightning struck a tree and as it fell across the road she swerved to miss it and slid on the muddy road her car gliding itself into the ditch, she swore as she tried to reverse, but it was useless, Sara knew she was stuck she needed to go and find help, opening the car door the rain pelted down on her, drenching her body, her dress clinging to her skin in seconds

She climbed the embankment and slipped the heel snapping off of her right shoe caught under a tree root as her heel dug into the mud. Sara removed both shoes so she could walk better but after 5 minutes of walking down the road she wished she had left them on, the rocks poked at her feet, sharp and cutting, but off in the distance she saw a light, her destination for help she hoped, and as the wind began to blow harder she knew she should hurry before the storm got any worse.

The light led her off the road and up a small trail, the branches of the trees snagged her dress, it is so isolated up her she thought to herself, maybe I should just go back to the car, but looking around her darkness was approaching with the storm, and she didn’t feel safe going back, truth be told she didn’t know the way back thru the trees, she realized she had lost all sense of direction.

Sara continued to the light a slight flicker; approaching a barn it looked like, she knocked on the door, no answer, she opened it, a single candle flickered brightly on the table beside the door, looking around the barn was deserted.

“Hello” she called, still no answer.

Sara looked through the dirty window on her left, and saw a small house, probably the main house she thought, taking the candle with her she shielded the flame with her hand and made her way to the house, approaching the door Sara became nervous what if the owners were unfriendly. She reached into her dress pocket for her cell phone “damn” it must have fallen out.

The wind had died down, but it was starting to rain harder, knocking on the door, Sara hoped for a friendly face, but no one answered, she knocked again, and then tried the door to her surprise it opened.

“Hello” she called, still not answer, stepping inside the candlelight softly warmed the darkness.

And then a hand grabbed her bahis siteleri Sara was terrified her eyes wide, she tried to scream, but seeing the obvious fear in her, the man’s voice calmed. The rest was a blur, looking down her dress had been torn free from the strap, Sara’s breast exposed, to the man who gripped her wrist. Her feet were sore and bleeding and she was shivering from the rain that was now coming down in sheets.

Sara found herself collapsing in the man’s arms, taking comfort from his strength and the heat of his body, but she felt weak unable to hold her self up.

Sara barely remembered anything after that, the sound of water, what was left of her dress fell to the ground, warmth as he placed her on the bath chair under the warm running water, her exhaustion had left her in a dream like state, but she trusted him as he shampooed her hair and soaped up her body, he left for a second then returned adjusting the water to spray on her back, he lathered up some shaving cream and shaved her pussy, she spread her legs wider as he worked, stimulated by his touches, her hair had not been that long on her pussy, but the sharp razor removed the short growth and the feeling was wonderful, Sara had not had a man shave her before and was shocked at how she had instantly trusted him.

After wrapping her with the towel he left her alone to dry off, her dress lay in a heap on the floor, so she grabbed a shirt that was on the hook on the back of the door, walking into the kitchen was painful, her feet throbbing, they ate in silence for the most part, and now she was leading him into the bathroom ready to shave him.

Sara’s body tingled with pent up sexual energy, she had not been with a man since her husbands death a little more then 5 years now, yet this man somehow seemed to just be apart of her life, she trusted him without question.

The candle had burnt itself out Sara noticed walking past it to the bathroom.

As they entered it and she turned to him Sara looked into his eyes, they were hazel, and Sara could see a sense of sadness within them.

You never told me your name she whispered as she stood close to him and began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Nathan” he replied softly as her fingers lifted the fabric over his shoulders and pulled it down his arms.

He found himself wrapping his arms around her, as she looked into his eyes; he lowered and kissed her lips,

Ignited the passion was far more powerful the either of them could have expected, Sara found herself moaning out feeling his hardness pressing into her thigh, a burning beginning to grow in her loins, she was wet instantly, and could feel it dripping down her thighs.

Sara forced herself to pull away pulling the shirt forcing him to straighten his arms, his chest was strong and muscled, he was in good shape, the abdominal muscles flexing as he stepped back from her. Sara let the shirt drop on the floor then reached to undo his pants, the bulge from his hard cock obvious, Sara leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “take them off” she stepped back watching him in silence as he removed his jeans.

Nathan’s cock was hard and erect, it was throbbing so badly it hurt, he was not ashamed, but shocked at how Sara affected him, he wanted to touch her and hold her, lost in his thoughts he did not hear her words.

“Nathan” she said again sternly snapping him back into reality,”Sit” she demanded, pointing to the bath chair and he complied.

Sara watched his stunning body as Nathan stepped into the tub and sat down, his cock erect and sticking straight up begging for attention.

Sara removed his dress shirt from her body and leaned in to turn on the water, her breast rubbing up against his shoulder, she angled the shower head to spray on his back and then pulled the pin to turn it on, it was cool at first and he flinched from the cold but her breast on his shoulder distracted him immensely.

Sara stepped into the tub in front of Nathan, grabbing the shaving cream she sprayed some into her hand, her feet throbbed from the cuts, but the warm water swirling around her feet made it tolerable, as she lowered herself in front of Nathan sitting directly in front of his hard cock, she lathered the cream in her hands, then applied it to his pubic hair, running her hands up his hard cock coating it in cream as well.

Nathan moaned out the sensation was overwhelming, Sara rinsed her hands in the water flowing under the chair and reached for the razor she started with his balls gently lifting them with the razor as she dragged it under and over him, Nathan held his breath for fear of being cut but soon relaxed realizing that she knew what she was doing, within in seconds his balls were shaved, and Sara ran her finger up his hard shaft teasing him, it throbbed at her touch, Sara cupped her hand under his balls feeling for any missed hair, “turn around’ she commanded and get on your knees, he stood and did as she asked, Sara spread more cream on her fingers, sliding them thru the crack of bahis şirketleri his ass, and then he felt the razor gently removing the hair, his cock dripping pre cum as he looked down.

Sara’s pussy was so wet, she had never shaved a man’s ass before but it was the sight of his hard cock from the angle that she sat, she was so turned on; Nathan obviously liked what she was doing to him.

Running her fingers thru his crack and satisfied that no hair remained Sara said” turn now and sit” Nathan did, and as he sat Sara grabbed his cock, slowly stroking it with the cream in her hand, she lathered his hair and continued to shave him slowly stroking him the whole time, Nathan felt like he was going to explode, shooting his cum all over her breasts and face, but every time he neared release she stopped and rinsed the razor, as though she were teasing him..

Sara work quickly removing the rest of the hair then she stood wincing as the pain shot through her feet, “now remove the chair” she said. Nathan stood, turned and lifted the chair over the edge, turning back to Sara she stepped closer to him, her breasts pushing hard against his chest, she placed his cock between her legs, the slipperiness of her juices giving them lubrication to enjoy the feeling of his hardness between them. Sara reached over his head and turned the shower so the water flowed over them.

Nathan seemed in haze, his hand lifted her chin and his mouth covered Sara’s no longer able to contain the heated desire.


He was overwhelmed, he had settled into this life, this lonely life, his wife gone, not interested in the local women, he’d put his mind to his farm, his horses, and his cattle but tonight, in the matter of a few minutes, an accident of coincidences, he found his life upside down and his deepest sexual fantasies, things he would have told anyone, unfolding in front of him.

All because of this small beautiful injured woman who stumbled into his house, into his life, and she had him before he knew her name and now she was leading him, giving him orders and he dutifully obeyed.

“Come with me” he followed her.

“Take off your pants.” No hesitation, he pushed them to the floor, his erection catapulting for attention, no shame, she was naked and now he was too.

“Get in the shower”…everything she said, he did immediately.

His cock throbbed to the point of pain just from looking at her, seeing the look in her blazing emerald eyes, a look that he had never seen, of pure desire, of sexual avarice, of exquisite lust.

His desire to have someone else shave him was something Nathan had never shared with anyone before but having told Sara, she immediately made it real, every inch of his body wanted her, ached for her, he wanted nothing else but this beautiful woman.

The shaving was more than Nathan could have dreamed, Sara was deft and methodical, taking care to shave every hair at the same time stroke his cock but every time it throbbed almost to orgasm, Sara would release him, letting the tension ease, only to begin again.

The shower head poured water and steam on them, water dripped from Sara’s breasts, through her hair, and through it all Nathan felt, tasted, he wanted her raw sexual energy.

When Sara finished her task, Nathan pulled her into her arms, feeling her smooth wet skin with his own, the sensation of skin on skin was mind boggling he enveloped her in his arms pressing his body closer into hers just as he wanted to push his rigid cock deep inside her.

Sara placed his erection between her legs, holding it in a scissors lock between her thighs and pussy Nathan had to bend at the knees to get down under her. The sensation of her hairless labia pressed against the hairless base of his cock.

Sara’s wet pussy kissed his shaft. Even though they were wet from the shower, he could tell the difference between the shower flow and the amazing juices that she made for him.

Nathan’s hands fled and roamed her body, Sara’s fingers explored his hair and ass pulling him closer to her.

Naked in the shower, no hair between them Nathan needed more, he was greedy for her; he wanted to give himself completely to her.

They kissed, her mouth tasted delicious, everything was delicious, Nathan wanted so much more.

He gently pulled her closer, her cheeks opened and his cock snuggled tighter along her bottom folds so that he bowed it, like a cellist from her clit to her sensitive ass hole.

One of her legs glided up his bare thigh, higher and higher, her muscular calve riding the contours of his thighs.

Nathan straightened his back and stood up with her straddling him holding his

stiff erection tightly.

Both of Sara’s legs locked around his waist, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. They kissed deeply again as he raised her taking the weight off of her sore feet, Nathan’s hardness moving up sliding along her ass and pussy lips until his head was in the right wet place and then he lowered her down upon himself penetrating her pink wet folds

Sara’s moan was primal, like the purr of a tiger, unearthly, heavenly, intoxicating as gravity pulled her down, filling her with his cock as though he had waited all of his life for this moment.

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