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Something in the Water

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The creek seduced us with its inviting rock pool, while cicadas deafened us, screeching from the eucalypts. Water levels were low, because, besides a few storms, we hadn’t had proper rain in months. The country to the south was burning, for over a thousand kilometres, all the way down Australia’s south-east coast, the forests of the Great Divide combusting in an apocalyptic hellscape. Scary times.

Fortunately the bush north of home was unburnt, where Gabriela and I frolicked and splashed in the cool waterhole. We’d met at a mutual friend’s New Year’s party several days previously, where she’d held everyone’s attention, telling us about her home country of Brazil, and later she introduced me to sexy Brazilian Zouk dancing. Naturally I offered to show her around my neck of the woods.

“This place is magic,” she said, floating on her back.

“My favourite secret waterhole,” I replied, relaxing in the plunge pool under the not-so raging waterfall, reduced to an unprecedented low trickle over my head. “Just watch out for giant eels.”

She rolled, cocking her head just above the water’s surface and smiled. “You boys always overestimating bahis firmaları the size of your eels.”

“Eels in this this pool are big, fat ones.”


“Yep, and they’re hungry. They especially like beautiful South American girls.”

She swam closer, through the deeper water of the plunge pool. “He’ll find more meat on you than me.”

“They generally nibble your feet first.” I reached out and grasped her toe.

She thrashed swiftly, kicking my hand away, squealing, and when I laughed she frowned, muttering something like, “Seu desgraçado.”

I grinned. “That’ll learn ya for entering the eel’s territory.”

That’s when Gabriela tried to drown me, pushing me underwater. I flailed, grabbing at her, and my feet found the slimy, leafy bottom, and I pushed up towards the light, broaching the surface. She swam away, giggling, but I took hold of her foot, pulling her back.

“Let go!” she wailed, and after a moment’s more writhing I released her.

She took advantage, turning fast in the water, like an eel, and I saw her grin as she came for me again. This time I pulled her against me, my back hitting the rock kaçak iddaa behind, the waterfall trickling over our heads, her dark eyes and hair sparkling. Her olive-brown skin pushed against my paler flesh, her arms about me, and we ended up cheek-to-cheek.

Because our friendship was new and I wasn’t completely certain of her intentions, I attempted to untangle our limbs. “Sorry, Gabriela.”

“Don’t be sorry,” she whispered in my ear, relaxing against me. “Hold me, please.”

I did, embracing her, feeling her arms around me, bikini-clad breasts against my chest, our bodies together, skin touching, the water cooling us.

My cock twinged and grew in my board shorts, unintentionally rubbing against her bikini briefs. Again I whispered, “Sorry.”

Gabriela pulled away slightly, gazing into my eyes. With neither a smile nor frown on her lips, she reached into the water between us and tugged my boardies down. Aroused with certainty now, I helped, and we removed her briefs too, lifting them to the surface and flinging them to the shore.

Below the surface she delicately nuzzled my hard cock along her vulva, and I lightly touched my lips kaçak bahis to hers. No words, only kisses for quite some time, all the while Gabriela massaged me gently against her pussy. She tucked me into her entrance and I pushed, but her vagina resisted, the water having washed away some of her natural sex juices.

Reaching down, I lifted her legs around my waist and she began pushing herself onto my cock, opening herself wider to me. Our highly aroused states reduced resistance and I felt her surround me, joining completely, intimately, her inner-self enveloping me, our embracing bodies melting together with sweet, tender pleasure.

The waterfall splashed over our faces, into our kissing mouths, and when our lips briefly parted, her face glistened and she whispered, “Ajuste perfeito.”

“You’re my perfect fit,” I whispered, my eyes fixed on hers.

We kissed, long, slow and gentle, sucking her neck, my earlobe, her shoulders, my cheeks, our lips. Tongues seeking, caressing, skin united, our bodies fused.

Immersed in the cool water and the cicada’s deafening cacophony, Gabriela slowly massaged herself against my groin, my engorged penis pushing firmly against her insides, and after endlessly long, luscious, sensual, passionate kisses, she moaned, shuddering against me, provoking my own throbbing ecstasy, sharing our pleasure, her, me, us, bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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