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Something New and Wonderful

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Joey and I grew up very close, as close as two twins could be. We shared everything, our joy, or heartache, and our pain. When we were younger, before we understood the differences between our genders, we used to try to switch places. Once we hit our teens, things began to change.

Joey hit puberty hard. One day he was the same old Joey and the next his voice was lower and he started spending a lot of time in the bathroom. I on the other hand hit puberty about a year after him and it happened gradually. I noticed that I was starting to get bumps on my chest so I went to mother and told her. The next day we went to the store and bought a training bra. About a month later is when the weirdest thing of all happened. I woke up one day with blood on my legs and I was frightened so I went running down the hall to my parents room. My father laughed at me saying that it was about time. I didn’t understand him so I turned to mom and she took me to the bathroom to show me what pads and tampons were. She then explained everything to me, from puberty to the birds and the bees.

Time female agent porno passed and we got used to the changes in our bodies but there was still this new chasm between us that I couldn’t figure out. We had always been close so what had happened?

As we got into high school, we drifted apart even more. Joey was a jock and hung out with the popular crowd. I was more artistic so I hung out with them. If one of us was going out we never invited the other anymore. It would be considered weird for us to invite our sibling along.

Four years we graduated at the top of our class, in a tie for third in the class. Our parents were proud of us so they told us we could choose something expensive for a graduation gift and share it. We decided that we wanted to go to Italy for a month.

So two weeks later we said goodbye to our parents and boarded the plane. Once we got to the hotel we checked in and found that there had been a mistake with the reservations so we only had one double in our room. We figured it was no female fake taxi porno big deal since we were brother and sister so we took the room and went up. At this point it was already night time so we decided to grab a quick bite to eat and then go to sleep.

When we were getting ready for bed I realized I had forgotten something important.

“Joey I forgot to pack a night gown and I only have enough clothes to last me the week. Would you mind if I slept, well, without any clothes?”

“Only if you let me sleep nude too. I don’t think I could sleep with clothes on now that I’ve been sleeping nude for so long.”

“Well, ok… I guess that’s alright.”

We went to bed on separate sides, facing away from each other. Some where during the night we rolled to the middle and wound up sleeping cuddled together, facing each other. When I woke up in the morning he was still asleep so I just lay there not wanting to wake him. Then I noticed that I was getting poked with something and I got uncomfortable realizing glory hole secrets porno that my brother had an erection and it was touching me.

Curiosity got the better of me so I moved back a little so I could see it. It was huge, about 2 inches in diameter and about 10 inches long. I couldn’t resist so I reached down and touched it. I slid my hand around it and then began to caress up and down his shaft. He started to moan and wake up but I was too caught up in what I was doing to notice.

He started to move his hips, fucking my hand. This made me look up and realize that he was awake. Neither of us said anything, so I kept giving him a hand job. A few minutes later he shot his load all over me nearly yelling when he did,

“God Julie, that was amazing!”

“I’m glad you liked it!”

“Now it’s my turn to help you out.”

The next thing I knew he was moving down my body until his head was level with my pussy. He started licking, throwing me into immediate meltdown. He kept going, teasing me to the brink and then pulling back just for I went over the edge. Finally heading my cries he flicked his tongue hard over my clit, making me scream my pleasure.

“Wow that was awesome!”

“Good, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Let’s get up and go sight seeing.”


The rest of the trip was still ahead of us and we had just opened the doors to something new and wonderful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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