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Sometimes It DOES Happen

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“What is all this Aashish?” Read my Skype message for my boy friend. Pasted along with it were few portions of the chat transcript of his with his three month old internet chat pal ‘Megha Ray’. You won’t believe what the chat transcript had. At least I didn’t when I read it at first. They were discussing their sexual fantasies and one of the fantasies of Aashish was to see me doing it with another guy right in front of his eyes. I mean what the fuck!

“I never expected this from you Aashish. This is..this is BULLSHIT!” I logged out of Skype without allowing him a chance to explain.

Little did he know ‘Megha Ray’ was no other than Vaishali Saxena in real life. His girl friend! Which of course is me. Yes, it was all a game by my lover Shoeib and me to satisfy our fantasy of copulating in front of my boy friend. What kind of relationship I share with Shoeib? Is he more important to me than my boy friend? For that, I am afraid, you need to read my first story.

The thought of having sex with my lover in front of my boy friend was thrown at me by Shoeib during one of innumerable weekend fuck sessions.

“Can’t I fuck you in front of Aashish once?” He had said. We were in his pad. Naked and on top of each other.

“Are you out of your mind?” I’d retorted trying to move him aside. I kept thinking about the same for the rest of week and brought up the subject during the following weekend when we were in my pad.

“You were kidding about it right Shoeib? I was nibbling his ear lob.

“About what?” He was licking my soft, delicate neck downwards.

“Us doing it in front of Aashish.”

“You would like me to kid about it or tell you the truth.” Shoeib looked into my eyes. His eyes on mine always gave me a sexual kick.

“The truth.”

“Like I said before, I want to fuck you in front of Aashish.” He looked and sounded serious.

“But how can we do that ever?”

“So you want it as well.” His face boasted of amusement.

“Umm, to be honest I did think about it. And each time I felt a need to change my panty. You know what I mean my lover.” As I embraced him my boobs crushed onto his worked-out chest.

“I have a plan.” He pulled out of the embrace instantly.

“Like what?”

“Why don’t you make a fake ID is in Skype, add him and entice him to be a friend of yours.”

“And that would result in?”

“He might open up. You know after a month or two you can open him up . If a girl is seductive enough the sexual insect inside the man is bound to plunge out.


“Ask him directly what his fantasies are. See if cuckolding is one of them. If no then we have to keep it as our fantasy but if he says yes we can chalk out another plan to realize my fantasy. Sorry, ours.” He devoured me in the next one hour that followed. Typical Shoeib!

Next day in the office I did make an account in Skype by the name of ‘Megha Ray’ and also added Aashish. All through the process my inner was taut and I was breathing faster than normal. I had this constant feeling as if I was doing something wrong. But then I wondered what wrong could there be remaining now that I have fucked someone else behind his back. That night when I talked to Aashish over the phone he sounded preoccupied with work and thus I didn’t call him over on Skype. I didn’t want to take any chance. It was three days later that he logged in and added my fake avatar with a message, ‘Who are you?’

I was so excited that I immediately called Shoeib and told him about it. The only thing he told was, ‘Baby, keep seducing him. He will soon pour his heart out.’ Boys are so easy, I concluded.

So the chats started. He used to chat with ‘Megha’ from office and the thing that surprised me the most was he never chatted with me from office ever. Men will be me!

A month went by and the chats suddenly started taking a sexual turn. He told ‘Megha’ what all he liked in a girl and asked her about the same. The worst he said he was single. I couldn’t believe it! Okay, I’d acted like a slut behind his back but I never told Shoeib even before he took me for the first time that I was single. Whatever I did, I did that along side truth and not subsiding it. Anyway, one day Aashish asked for ‘Megha’s’ phone number. I was in a fix and asked Shoeib about it. He asked me to tell him that the day they would meet will be the day ‘Megha’ would give her phone number to him. Since ‘Megha’ told Aashish that she was in Hyderabad and he was in New Delhi so he couldn’t meet him immediately and by the time a meeting could conjure up the cat was canlı bahis out of the bag! Yes, he had cuckolding fantasies about his girl friend if he had one. ‘If he had one’ how cheap! Oh yes, another thing. He never ever told me about ‘Megha’. Not one single time. At times I felt it was on the tip of my tongue to ask him about her but I somehow managed to hold myself back. Aashish preferred to keep his relationship with ‘Megha’ clandestine. Just like I did with Shoeib.

Coming back to the point, Aashish did admit he fantasized about his girl friend with another man and jerked off but ‘Megha’ was not able to squeeze out exactly with whom he used to think her with. That anyway was not my problem. I wanted to do it with Shoeib and my purpose of befriending Aashish in Skype with an alias was solved. Shoeib asked me to save the chat transcript and not contact Aashish for a fortnight. I did that. Then he asked me to message him in Skype what I mentioned in the starting of this piece. Reading my message and the chat transcript Aashish immediately called me up.

Aashish: Sweetheart, am sorry. It’s not how it is reading.

Vaishali: Really? Then how is it reading like Aashish? I never thought you could think such shit for me. About me!

Aashish: Please understand it was just one of those rush of blood things.

Vaishali: Shut up! I am going to break off with you and when your parents or mine ask me why I ended up the relationship I will be happy to unmask the real you!

Aashish: God, please! What are you talking about. This is all shit!

Vaishali: Did I hear you calling my feelings shit!

Aashish: No, the chat transcript is shit. I don’t know who mailed you all this and why.

Vaishali: Well, even I don’t know. Perhaps someone you knew or may be .. just may be you mailed it yourself to see if I willingly do it.

Aashish: Do what?

Vaishali: Enact your fantasy weirdo!

God, I said it! I couldn’t believe myself! Finally, I told my boy friend about his fantasy of seeing me coupled with another male on bed! He was quiet for some time.

Aashish: I am really sorry Vaishali. Please forgive me. I’ll take any punishment you give me but don’t report it to my parents or yours and please don’t break off. I love you.

Vaishali: I know. I just read about it.

Aashish: Please Vaishali.

I cut the line and didn’t contact him or took his calls or replied to any of his mails or SMSes for a week. Then the following Sunday I did. After I had gulped whiskey. I needed that to tell him what I’d decided to tell him.

I called him and said there’s only one way he can save our relationship and that he will get what he wants. No, wait a minute this came later. First I asked him why he didn’t tell me whatever he told ‘Megha’, an unknown girl, since that’s what hurt me the most. He said he wasn’t sure and that at times its easier to confess about your dark side to a stranger than someone you know and love. I asked him to be frank with me now that we were supposed to get engaged the following year. Well, what next? One thing lead to the other. We talked till five in the morning and in the end I did convince Aashish to witness me with another man making everything look like as if it all started because he chatted with ‘Megha’ and because he did that, I too shall have some liberties. Aashish asked me to get involved only if its a physical thing and that there won’t be any emotional relationship with him. I swore it would be that way only if at all. In turn he asked me if he could date ‘Megha’ if she agreed in the near future. I said sure and laughed my heart out when the call ended since I knew he would never be chatting with her again! But, Jove what a night it was! Of revelation for sure. I had never had dirty talks with Aashish before that and he said I surprised him when it came to such talks. He thought I was this well mannered-well cultured sweet girl who would shy away from such things. Men, when will they know women! Anyway, that night Aashish and I discussed stuffs that ranged from being kinky to sexy to erotic to vulgar. At the end of which Aashish finally said he is okay if we experiment a bit. But the question remained whom to choose for the experiment. Of course since it was me who had to go through the real ordeal so I had my way eventually and Aashish agreed that I will be one who would choose the guy.

Few days went by and I started stitching another story. That Shoeib is a new comer and he flirts with me and most important I too like him because of his personality and all. Though Aashish bahis siteleri had a reservation when he learnt that he was a Muslim guy. I mean which Hindu guy would want to see his girl friend being a Muslim man’s dick-slave. Vice versa of course! I don’t blame him but I explained him that we should keep religion out of all this. He agreed but reluctantly.

I kept pouring in with imaginary flirt sessions that Shoeib and I did in the office. Once when I told him I also went to a pub with him and other friends Aashish asked me all the details of the matter. Even the tiniest ones. I have a feeling he used to masturbate while listening to what all happened between Shoeib and me. Though he never confessed so. Its just a feeling I have.

Anyway, after six weeks finally I told him over the phone that Shoeib will come to my place on Saturday at night for dinner. He knew what I was intending to tell him. He only asked me to keep my laptop ready and Skype on. He would watch us through it. I complied. In the destined day, I arranged my laptop in such a position that it captured almost the entire bedroom of mine and especially the mattress on the floor. Since I live in a rented flat and I never knew when an office transfer would hit me so I never really cared for any bed or furniture ever. So it was only a mattress that was there in the room. The laptop was placed at a corner. When Aashish asked me what if Shoeib saw that the laptop was switched on and realized what was going on I made him believe that I had covered it with a heap of clothes and that he won’t be able to see anything while the tiny camera on the top of machine would make the night for him interesting.

So the night happened! Am having goosebumps as am writing this. The images are still fresh in my mind. Oh damn! Do note here that whatever reaction I would write of Aashish was actually confessed to me the next morning on phone by him.

I was talking on phone with Aashish when the bell rang. I cut the line, switched off my phone and went for the door. No surprise, it was Shoeib. He whispered to me if everything was okay. I showed him a thumbs-up. We spent some fifteen-twenty minutes in the drawing room since we had to make Ashish believe that we started with talking and only then took it further. Sure, he knew that Shoeib knew what he there was for. To fuck me. What Aashish didn’t know that Shoeib knew he would watch us fuck.

Shoeib held me and we started kissing which turned into a animalistic smooch within seconds. I looked at him and asked him to take me to the bedroom. He did so in his lap. The moment we entered the bedroom some kind of energy hit me. Right inside my guts. For a moment I thought Aashish was there physically present in the room. All my muscles tightened. In fact when Shoeib kissed me on my lips before placing me on the mattress I kind of didn’t respond well. I don’t know if it surprised him but it definitely shocked me. As Shoeib placed me in the mattress and stood in front of me stripping himself I tried hard not to look at the secret camera. As if it wasn’t a camera there within the heap of clothes but Aashish hiding and looking at us through a peephole. Hell! By now Shoeib had stripped completely and his side was towards the camera. His penis was straight as an arrow and he being circumcised made it look elegant. He sat on his knees and I knew he wanted me to give him a blowjob. I dragged my suddenly heavy self and went near his raging penis. With my right hand I started caressing his now contracted balls. He closed his eyes with pleasure. I did that for few seconds and then finally holding his fat shaft with my right hand I started massaging it up and down after which my mouth opened and the half of it disappeared inside it to start with. It came out with my saliva. Suddenly I felt relaxed. Now that it has happened my system was taking it easy. Aashish later told me when he saw me taking Shoeib’s penis in my mouth his first thought was he should cancel the Skype video and call me up to call this whole thing off. But his taut dick coaxed him otherwise and he didn’t do anything but started doting his penis instead.

After a good ten minutes of ravaging Shoeib’s penis with my soft mouth he stripped me off my black top, white bra, blue pajama and white panty. Voila, I was naked in front of Shoeib and my boy friend was looking at while me jerking himself off to satisfaction. We smooched as Shoeib next moved down and squeezed my breasts, bit my nipples. I lifted his head clutching his hair when his teeth dug a little too deeply on my skin. I bahis şirketleri caressed my face on his waxed, worked-out chest. I sucked his nipples too. He made me lie down on the mattress and kissed me from forehead to toe. Literally! Turned me and his mouth was there from my neck to my heel. He flipped me and spread my legs and went for my pussy which was moistened like never before. He ate it for a good time as I kept moaning slightly while caressing and pulling his hair. My tummy was getting contorted to his pleasure motions. There was a time when he lifted my hips slightly so that he could lick from my pinkish anus to my pussy. Did he love my anus!

On other days by the time Shoeib’s tongue reached between my legs and butt cheeks he would be very vocal. It gives him a kick and in the months that I have been with him I have also adjusted well to his ‘verbal fuck’ as he calls it but that day he was surprisingly quiet. Apart from the slurping sound nothing was coming out of him and from me it was only the moans. After he finished ravishing me orally, Shoeib inserted his penis inside me. An ‘Aah’ escaped me. He pulled it out and inserted again. Again. And again. Finally he inserted it one final time and lifted me up to pin me against the wall. His ferocious thrusts started. I knew Aashish was looking at all this and suddenly the fact made me wilder than I normally am. I started caressing Shoeib’s back and grabbed his ass and squeezed it. Aashish later said he would like that to be done on him one day. Then suddenly Shoeib took charge of my entire body and turned while I was onto him. He started fucking me standing up and his will to direct my back at the camera seemed to be saying, “Look here cuckold, I can fuck your girl friend standing up like a stud!’ He was particularly hard on me in this pose. Finally I whispered in his ears that I couldn’t take in anymore. He helped place my feet on the floor, turned me towards the window, picked up one of my legs on the side ridge and literally wiped my ass with his tongue. He spread the butt cheeks to bring out the anus in its nakedness and tongue-wiped it once again as if he was wiping food off a plate. He spat right on my anus next and spreading it to my pussy started pounding me from behind.

While he was drilling my pussy from behind I could the see from the window the tea stall man sitting on his little shop by the roadside, just outside my apartment catering to his customers. I bought chewing-gums from his almost daily. I wondered if for a second he looked up he would see my face which was changing design with ever thrust and my naked shoulders. There was light in the room and I couldn’t switch it off for Aashsih wouldn’t have seen anything then. And guess what? The tea stall man did look up once. Gosh! I somehow stretched my arm and reached for the curtain at the end of window and drew it instantly thereby stopping Shoeib for a moment. Don’t know what the tea stall saw or worse interpreted!

After some minutes of relentless fucking Shoeib while mauling my breasts from behind whispered to me that he wanted to cum. Of course I didn’t want to take it inside me. We quickly changed position and were lying on the floor with he taking me in the missionary pose with my legs on his shoulder. This time he bended me a little too much. I could even feel my butt opening up. After a minute of mindless pounding Shoeib looked into my eyes. I knew the cum was just waiting to come out. He helped me to relax my legs as I kept them by his side. He slowed down his speed. But regained it when I started caressing his ass. I have a thing or two about tight male ass and Shoeib was a paragon of it. As his thrusts increased once again so did the squeeze of my grab on his ass. Finally he pulled out and came on my tummy. We were still for a minute. Then he went away to clean himself in the bathroom while I went ahead and closed Skype and switched on my cell. Aashish called immediately. I canceled it and messaged him that I would talk to him the next morning since I was tired. Shoeib cleaned up, I took a shower and then he was gone after having dinner.

The next morning I called up Aashish and he told me how and what exactly turned him on. Though right after he came he had a feeling this could have been avoided but later when he had another erection thinking about the entire episode he said he was glad it happened. I was happy because he was happy. And I was happy that in my own way I divulged to him that I had sex with Shoeib. So even if we end up marrying in the future there’s no guilt on my part except of course I designed the whole ‘operation’. But then Aashish did enjoy it, so I was like smiling. To this day I can’t believe I have actually done it! For myself, for Shoeib and for the future with Aashish to which I have said yes.

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