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Son Moves Back Home with Mom

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Turning twenty-five and moving back home certainly wasn’t in my future plans. After losing my girlfriend and my job, I was in a bind and my mother seemed happy to welcome me back. My mother had been living alone since my father passed away two years ago in an auto accident.

I moved back to my old room and I kept a low profile for the most part, feeling shameful for having to move back home. My mother did seem to have a little dance in her step with someone else hanging around in the house. We talked more than we ever used to and after some time, I became comfortable with our living accommodations.

Mom would come home from work, kick off her shoes and rest her tired feet on the coffee table while she sat on the couch. As she talked to me about her day or just read the paper, she would rub her feet together or wiggle her toes. I stole glances as we talked, but I stared for minutes at a time when she would read the newspaper. I developed an urge to crawl on over and suck on her cute wiggling toes. As I daily checked out her feet, I wondered if she still wore her old standby pantyhose.

One day upon inspection, I checked out her drawer and saw that she was still a Leggs fan. The only change from when I went to college was that she had a wider color selection. I did also spy several pairs of sheer nylons. They felt fantastic to the touch and I’m sure her legs and feet looked exquisite in them.

I finally landed a job and started to feel better about myself. I spent most of my nights joining my mother in the family room watching tv. Several nights a week, she would lie down and fall asleep watching the tube. This gave me the time to stare at her feet while she slept.

Six months soon went by and I was conflicted with getting my own place again or staying home with mom where I could watch her sexy pantyhose covered feet. Staying home was winning in my mind since it was just us two. I thought that there might be the small possibility of my feet dreams coming true since we were the only ones home. I did test the water with her one night as we sat together.

“Since this job is going so well, I’ve thought about getting my own place again. Would you be upset if I decided to go?” I questioned.

She pondered the question before replying, “I would enjoy the company, but the choice is up to you honey.”

I watched for her reaction over the next couple weeks to see how she really felt about me possibly moving out. She wasn’t mopey at all, but I did notice one thing that stuck out to me. When she came home from work, most days she would change all her work clothes. Since I threw out the question to her, I noticed that she would change her work clothes but she would leave her pantyhose on everyday. It was approaching winter, but I also wondered if she knew about my foot fetish.

One day I came home from work and found my mom sleeping on the couch. She was wrapped up in a big blanket but her feet were sticking out. I sat down next to her and I checked out her hose covered toes.

I asked, “Are you feeling all right?”

“I think I’m coming down with a cold, I feel really chilled,” she replied.

I decided to joke with her like I always do. I lightly touched the bottom of her feet and said, “This is why you’re chilled, your feet are sticking out from under the blanket.”

Mom caught me off guard when she replied, “Since you think my toes are cold, would you be a sweetheart and warm them for me?”

I jumped at the opportunity to handle her feet. I slid over and placed her feet on my thigh without responding to her question. I suppose I could’ve just covered her feet with the blanket and walked away, but my foot fetish got the best of me.

I held one foot between both hands and started to gently move my hands back and forth. I relished the feel of the soft pantyhose on her small feet. Blood was soon coursing through my body and my hard on was full and only inches away from her resting foot. Mom was lying on her stomach so she couldn’t see me at full mast.

I added a bit more pressure and increased my movements to add friction. This caused her to speak, “mmmmmm……my foot is getting warm.” I didn’t want to push my luck, so I released her warmed foot and reached for the other.

While I moved my hands on her other foot, I decided to try something new and see what happens. After running my hands up and down her foot, I moved them over to the toes only. I started slowly and then increased my pace as I savored the feel of her little toes against my hands. This caused her to purr, “mmmmmmmmmm.”

I decided to push my luck further. I held her foot in my left hand while I rubbed each toe between my forefinger and thumb. This caused my mom to speak again, “mmmmmmm….That feels really nice, baby. When you finish with that one, please go ahead and do the same with the other.”

I was filled with joy that my mom loved my manipulations. I then took my sweet time with each little toe. To increase my toe handling, I took each toe and stretched it. This caused mom to start mofos porno moving her free foot up and down my thigh. I was holding her left foot and her right one was just missing my erection. I knew that if she did the same with the left foot, she’d make contact for sure. I wondered what I could do to move it, but before I could make a decision she made it for me.

“That was really nice, baby. Please do the other one before I fall asleep.”

I took her right foot in my hand for the second time and this time I rubbed and stretched her toes. Her left foot now started moving up and down my thigh. Each time she moved it, she increased the area it covered. I watched as her foot reached three inches, two inches, one inch away. The next time by she glanced the tip with her pinky toe.

I jumped a bit at the touch but she didn’t miss a beat. Back and forth she moved, each time stopping at the tip and going back. As I moved to the last toe, mom increased the range of her traveling foot. Now all her toes were brushing the tip of my hard-on. I was shocked. She was enjoying the touch of her toes against my hard-on, teasing me.

I finished her foot and released it saying, “I’m all done. I hope you’re feeling better now.”

As I spoke, she stopped her traveling foot right on top of my hard-on. She then placed her other one on top of that one. Mom then started to gently wiggle her toes against the head of my erection as she spoke softly.

“That was wonderful, baby. I didn’t know that you knew anything about foot massage. I could’ve actually taken advantage of this talent since you moved back in. Would you be open to giving me a massage every now and then?”

I was taken back by her words and also happy that now I could handle her pretty feet. I paused a moment enjoying the feeling of her toes against my hard-on. I soon answered, “I’m so grateful that you let me move back in. I’m more than happy to give your tired feet a massage anytime you ask.”

She replied, “That’s so sweet baby. I’ll be sure to take you up on your offer.”

I lifted her feet off my thigh and kissed a big toe saying, “Good night Mom, I hope you’re feeling a lot better tomorrow.”

I made my way to my room to release my pressure and wonder when I may get to handle her pretty feet again. I replayed the sight and feel of her feet over and over that night hardly sleeping.

A week went by before she finally asked me for a foot massage. I came home late from work and she was sitting on the couch in her bathrobe.

She smiled at me and asked, “I just took a shower. Would you have the time to give me a foot massage while dinner is cooking? Look, I’ve got oil here and a pillow to rest my feet on.”

I replied, “No problem, just let me change into something else.”

As I started to change into a tee-shirt and sweat pants, my erection was starting to grow. I shifted it over to the right side as I made my way into the family room. I quickly grabbed the pillow and sat down on the couch. Mom scooted up to me and rested her bare feet on the pillow.

She hands me the bottle and says, “This stuff smells nice. It even says on the bottle that it’s edible.”

I took the bottle and was taken back by her words. I really wanted to kiss her pretty toes. Was she encouraging me to suck her toes or was she just teasing me?

I held her foot and poured some oil on it. I slowly rubbed the oil over her whole foot then began gently massaging her foot. Mom grabbed another pillow and laid down. When she did this, her bathrobe opened slightly. Her open robe and her words of encouragement made me rock hard.

“Mmmmmmmm….Your hands are very skilled, baby. I haven’t had a massage like this since your father passed.”

I paused a moment before saying, “Dad used to give you massages?”

She answered, “Yes, he did all the time. He said he loved to treat me like a princess.”

I continued kneading her arch and moved to her toes as she occasionally moaned softly. As I started her toes, she spread her legs further apart and pressed her free foot into the pillow. I felt her heel press on my hard-on and I held back a moan of my own. Mom then teased me further as she pressed her heel along the length of my shaft while purring softly, “mmmmmmmmmmm…..It feels sooooo nice.”

I glance up her legs as much as I could while massaging her feet. I couldn’t tell what she was wearing until I was almost finished. Her robe was finally open enough that I could catch a glimpse of a black nightie. I had seen her in this several times over the years, but just quick glances. It was sheer looking, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. I finished the massage and Mom got up and kissed me on the forehead before tending to dinner.

Over the next couple weeks I massaged her feet a bunch of times. Sometimes with barefeet and others with pantyhose on. She continued to tease my hard-ons with her feet, but nothing else came of it until one Saturday evening.

I was watching television while waiting for the naughty america porno shower to open up. I needed to wash up before going out for some beers with the fellas. Mom came out of the bathroom wearing her robe and carrying the bottle of massage oil.

“Would you be a sweetheart and give me a massage before you go out tonight?” she asked so innocently.

I knew I had time, so I said, “I’ve got some time yet, sit on down.”

Mom laid down next to me and propped her feet in my lap. I asked, “Could you hand me the pillow?”

She answered, “You can go ahead without the pillow this time.”

I was a little nervous since I always used the pillow so she couldn’t see my swelling. Anyways, she’s felt it enough times she just hasn’t seen it. I started the massage and like clockwork it started to rise. I could see her staring at it as it grew. This caused her to openly talk about it for the first time.

“I see that you become aroused rather quickly when you massage my feet. Do you find them attractive?”

She already knew the response; she just wanted me to openly admit it.

I paused a bit before replying, “Yes, I do find them attractive. Your feet are so soft and your painted toes are sexy to look at and touch.”

She replied, “Thank you my dear. I’m glad to know that your father passed along his love for my feet to you. I’ve noticed how you’ve looked at my feet since you came back home, I wanted to see if you had the same fever as your father”

I brought her foot up to my mouth and kissed her big toe. She smiled at me and proceeded to take her free foot and trace it along my full-grown shaft. I used my thumbs to massage her arch as she spoke to me.

“Your father loved to see me in pantyhose and nylons. He loved the feel, as he would massage my feet. He rarely massaged my feet while they were bare. Which way do you like them?”

I answered quickly, “Your feet are sexy with or without. I would have to say that I prefer the look of your feet in pantyhose though. Nude or black being my favorites.”

I moved to the next foot when she asked, “Since you’re being so honest, have you thought about doing anything else to my feet besides massaging them?”

I answered without saying a word as I took her foot and moved it toward my mouth. I took her big toe in my mouth and proceeded to swirl my tongue around it several times. I then descended down the line sucking on the remaining four. This caused her to press her foot harder along my erection.

She thanked me with her words, “Oh honey that feels soooo good, so good. I love to have my toes sucked. Thank you, thank you, thank you, mmmmmmmmm.”

I then inched my way down her sole, not missing an inch. I was in foot heaven as I lathered her foot with my tongue and my kisses. I also knew that I was soon going to lose my load from her constant foot movements. As I was licking her heel, my cell phone rang. I stopped licking her foot and answered the phone. My friend said that he’d be there in thirty minutes and I’d better be ready.

I put the phone down and before I could speak, she did, saying, ” Please don’t say that you have to go. My other foot is here waiting for your tongue to show how much you like it.”

I put her foot down and said, “I’ll give you a rain check on the other foot, besides they’ll be here in thirty minutes.”

She gave me a pouty look as I grabbed my clothes and dashed for the shower. In seconds I was undressed and in the shower. As I started to soap my erection, my mother knocked on the door.

“I have to go to the bathroom, can I come in?” she asked.

I answered, “Sure, come on in.”

Mom came in and sat down on the toilet. She’s done this many times before, so to me it was nothing new except that this time I just got done licking her foot and I had a massive hard-on. She did her business and flushed but she didn’t leave afterwards. I was standing with a hard cock which she couldn’t see behind the shower curtain. I slowly massaged my cock wondering what she was doing. She moved next to the shower curtain and spoke to me.

“Thank you so much for the foot rub and the tongue massage. This is the most wanted I’ve felt since your father passed. Please come over here, I want to personally thank you.”

I froze in wonder at her response. I didn’t answer and soon her head appeared, causing me to turn away.

She scolded me this time, “I told you to come over here. Now turn around and make your way over here.”

I did as told and now I was standing in front of my mom with a raging hard-on. She pulled the curtain over a bit and I could see that she was only wearing the birthday suit she was born with.

My mom took hold of my shaft and said, “Now how hard was that? I’ve felt this fella with my feet a bunch of times, now I finally get to hold it.”

“You do have a pretty cock, almost as pretty as your father’s. In fact, I bet it’s almost as tasty too.”

With that said, she moved forward and took my cock public agent porno into her mouth.

I moaned my approval, “Oh mom, your mouth feels sooo fantastic on my cock.”

Mom dropped her head and took my balls into her mouth. She sucked one and then the other. Then she licked from my sack all the way up to the head of my cock.

“Would you like to cum?” she asked.

I replied, “Oh mom do I.”

She slowly pumped my cock as she said, “Answer this last question and I’ll let you cum. Earlier I asked you what you wanted to do to my feet and you didn’t answer. What did you think about when you looked at my feet?”

I closed my eyes and said, “I thought about you asking me to massaging and kiss your legs and feet long and slow while you were wearing nude pantyhose. I also would dream about you taking your hose covered feet and playing with my cock until I shoot all over your toes.”

“mmmmmmmm….sounds yummy,” was all she said as she went back to work on my cock.

I could hold out no longer as I shot my load into her waiting mouth.

“Oh mom, ohh mom, you are sooo good. I can’t believe this really happened.”

She stood up and joined me in the shower. This was the first time I’d seen her completely nude. She was prettier than I had imagined. Her B cup breasts were still fantastic and her blonde pubic hair was tightly trimmed. Mom put her arms around me and kissed me deeply.

We broke the kiss and she asked, “Would you like to stay and finish the other foot?”

“I’d love to, but the guys will be here any minute.” I answered.

I just finished getting ready when the doorbell rang. I made it to the door before my mom answered it wearing only a bathroom towel. I waived back to her and told her I’ll be back late.

I went out with the guys but my thoughts were back at home with what happened before I left. I finally got to lick my mom’s sexy feet and to top it off I got a blowjob. I pondered this throughout the night and I finally let it go and have some fun. When the guy’s dropped me off, I was feeling no pain but I still noticed that the family room light was still on.

I was taken back as I entered the house. My mom was lying on the couch wearing a red teddy and nude colored nylons. She motioned for me to come over and I moved as if I was in a trance. I knelt beside her and ran my hands up and down her nylon covered legs. I then held a foot in my hands and began kissing it over and over. I sucked each of her toes and then moved my way up her leg, planting kisses along the way. I made it up to her blonde curls when she stopped me.

“Not so fast tiger. You can get there soon enough.”

She tugged at my pants saying, “Lets get you out of these smoke covered clothes first.”

In a minute I was naked and she asked, “Would you like to go to my room?”

I said nothing as she got off the couch and led me by the hand to her room. She dimmed the lights and joined me on the bed. Despite all the alcohol I consumed earlier, I was hard as a rock anticipating upcoming sex with my mom.

She held my cock in her hand and asked, “Were you thinking of me all night while you were out? I was here thinking of you and the things I would do to you when you returned.”

I only nodded yes as she went down on me for the second time today. The whole time she was blowing me she was looking back at me. Up and down she sucked. Then she would lick the length of my shaft and gently bite the head. I motioned to her to turn around and she took my cue. She continued to suck my cock as she presented her blonde pussy to me. I began licking her in my drunken stupor.

Her musky scent was intoxicating. I licked her walls and stuck my tongue inside. I then moved to the covered hood and alternated licking and sucking. It must have been working because minutes later she was moving her pussy against my face as she came, “That’s it baby, that’s it. I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ohhhhhhhh baayyyyybeeeeee.”

I savored as much nectar as I could before she sat up and positioned herself with her feet ending up around my cock. I opened my mouth in wonder as her fantasic feet started moving on my hard-on. I watched as her sexy painted toes covered in nude colored nylons traveled up and down my shaft. I wished I had my video camera to record this moment. I’ve seen videos of this many times on the internet but reality just blows that away.

I finally moaned my approval, “Oh mom, your sexy toes feel incredible on my cock.”

“Will you let me cum on them?” I asked.

She licked her lips in response and said, “Not just yet.”

Mom sensed I was near eruption and she pulled her feet away. She moved one foot up to my mouth and offered it to me. I accepted the offering and sucked her toes. After sucking each toe, I licked her foot from the heel back to the toes. I then took all her toes into my mouth at once. I bobbed on her foot like it was a lollipop.

Mom took her free foot and started massaging my nut sack. She then moved it up to my cock and rubbed it along its length. She pulled her foot from my mouth and the two went back to their work. Her toes played with the pre-cum that started oozing from my cock. I knew the time was coming near. I recorded as much as I could in my head watching her awesome feet do their magic on my cock. I could hold out no longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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