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Sondra’s Day Off

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Sondra woke early and just lay in bed, thinking about what she was going to do today. She had the day off and she was going to have a good time, that she was sure of. Her job at the grocery was beginning to wear on her nerves and she thought it was time to let loose and begin enjoying herself. She had just broke up with her latest boy friend and she needed some attention. She had been too busy to go out and today was the day. She was going to let herself have fun, even if it killed her. She smiled to herself as she remembered just how easy it was back when she was still in high school. Now her father had made her get a job and pay him rent for her room. She got up and stood before the mirror looking at herself.

Her hair was a mess, but she still looked good, her body was small, and she had small breasts and hips. She cupped her breasts and took her nipples in her fingers and pinched them slightly making them become erect. Her hands ran down her body and over her hips then she turned and watched as she ran her hands over her ass. She giggled, when she thought of the boys in the store and how they were always hitting on her when she worked. She thought of them now and then cast them aside, she knew if she had sex with one of them probably he would probably tell the others then they would be bothering her even more.

She was proud of her ass, she had a plump ass, one that made men turn their heads when she walked by and she liked the attention. She picked up a tee shirt and put it over her head, then headed for the bathroom to piss.

As she sat on the commode, the piss hitting the water, she wondered just what she would decide to do today. Maybe she could meet up with her Joey, an old friend and they would go do something together. When she finished, the wiped herself and looked up to see her father standing at the door she had left open, thinking that everyone had left the house for the day.

“You should close the door before you use the bathroom, baby.”

“Yes, Daddy, I just didn’t think there was anyone home, I’m sorry.” She stood and flushed the toilet, then washed her hands and still her father hadn’t moved. She reached up and kissed him, her tee shirt coming up her hips leaving herself exposed as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.

“You’re crazy, Sondra, you should wear more around the house, and with since your mother passed away, I don’t have any outlet. Be careful, you’d never know what I might do.” Richard laughed as he told her that. They never had any problem around the house but he knew if she offered her body to him, he would definitely fuck his own daughter.

“You’re so bad, Daddy.”

He slapped her on the ass and she went downstairs to get something for breakfast.

After breakfast, Sondra went back upstairs and took off her tee shirt and headed for the shower. She passed her father’s room on the way and wondered what he was doing. She thought about opening the door and letting him get his eyes full of her body, but thought against it and went on into the bathroom and started the shower. She made sure she left the door ajar as she did, so if her daddy came by he could look in. She loved knowing that he was watching her sometimes. She spent a lot of time in the shower cleaning herself very nicely and then stepped out. She looked at the door and saw that it had been opened wider than she left it and she smiled to herself.

She fixed her hair and shaved her legs and picked up the mirror and examined her pubic hair. She spread her legs wide and realized she needed a little grooming of her bikini area. She lathered up and started to shave, when the urge hit her to shave herself. She sat on the commode and shave herself clean as a whistle, making sure she got all of the growth making her pussy as smooth as a baby’s butt.

When she finished she wrapped a towel around herself and went down the hall to her room. She dropped the towel on the bed and then slipped on a black thong and a pair of short cut off jeans. Turning to look in the mirror and noticing that the jeans were just tight enough to allow the seam at the rear to push into the crack of her ass so everyone would notice. She picked up a tube top and pulled it over her head and arranged her breast in it. She slipped on a pair of sandals and then packed her bikini in a small bag along with a beach towel. She picked up here wallet and put it in the bag also, then started down the stairs.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs she set her bag down and went to look for her father.

“Bye, bye, Daddy. I love you.”

“Where are you off to, Sondra?”

“I think I will end up at the beach, I think I’ll call Joey and see if he wants to go with me. What are you going to do today?”

“I’ve got to mow the lawn and I think I’ll putz around here today. Have a good time, baby, and be careful.”

“I will Daddy.” She moved close to him and stood on her tip toes to kiss him.

Richard held his daughter close and let his hand drop down to her ass as he kissed her, pulling her close. He felt Sondra taboo heat porno push against him as they stood there, and they lingered a bit too long with their kiss. “Okay, baby, I’ll see you later. Call if you’re going to be too late.”

She looked at him and licked her lips as she nodded and turned to leave. She enjoyed the feel of his hand on her ass, but it was not anything that was new. He had always copped a feel when she kissed him goodbye. Sometimes she wondered what it would be like to have sex with him, but she always let it be just that, wonder.

Joey answered the phone, noting that it was Sondra that was calling him and said, “Hey, my love, how are you today?”

“Hello, Joey, wanna go to the beach with me?”

“That sounds like a plan, I don’t have anything to do today, I was just wondering what I was going to do, I’m glad you called. When will you be here?”

“In about 15 minutes, so hurry and get ready. I brought my new bikini, you the yellow one I just bought.”

“Wow, can’t wait to see you in that sexy thing, I love the way the thong bottom shows off your ass.” He laughed when he said that, he knew she thought her ass was the best asset she had, and they had been friend for a long time, besides she did have a nice ass.

“You brute, I’m not sure I want you to with me any longer”, she teased.

“Just bring your ass over and I’ll be ready.”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a little bit, bye, bye for now.”

“Bye.” Joey hung up the phone and went to his room to get ready. He thought about Sondra and the close friends they were. They had known each other since they were little kids and they could talk to each other about anything. They had gone together for a while and they had had sex, but they didn’t date any more, preferring to be close friends instead. They still enjoyed having sex once in a while, but it wasn’t the type that a boyfriend, girlfriend did, just a pleasant physical experience.

As Sondra pulled into Joey’s driveway, she saw him coming out of the door, he was very handsome, in fact he was almost beautiful, about 6’2″ very black hair, a sculpted body, and golden eyes. She knew he liked women, but she also knew that he enjoyed men, in fact he preferred them, but she didn’t mind that, he was the best friend anyone could have. She could tell him all of her problems and he listened, that’s right, he LISTENED and didn’t judge her one way or the other. A true friend.

As Joey opened the door, he slid into the seat and leaned over to kiss Sondra and told her, “I’m glad you called, my father has been giving me hell all morning about just about anything he can think of, and it was starting to get to me. How have you been, my love?”

“I’ve been great, Joey, sorry to hear about the problems with your dad. Want to come over to my house tonight, you can stay if you want?”

“I’ll think about it baby, I may just do that.”

They drove to the beach, talking about things in their life, Joey about the hassles his father was giving him and Sondra about her job at the grocery, it seems that neither one of them was overly happy at this point in their lives.

As they pulled into the parking area Sondra announced, “I shaved my pubes this morning, I wanted to see what it would be like. Wanna see?”

Joey laughed at her, “If you want to show me, go ahead.”

“Okay, when we changed, I’ll let you see, I think I like it. I want to know what your opinion is.”

Joey put his arm around Sondra as they walked toward the pavilion and in turn she put her head against his chest, enjoying the closeness of her best friend. When the entered they noticed the lack of people and decided to go in the men’s locker room together. When the got inside, Sondra opened her bag and took out her new bikini and pulled her top over her head. She picked up the bra part of her suit and adjusted her breasts in the cups then pulled the strings around her back and asked Joey to tie them for her. The material just barely covered her nipples and Joey made a small whistle.

“That is just what I thought it would look like” he said after he tied her and she turned around. He looked at her as he slipped his cut off’s down over his hips, revealing his flaccid cock and balls. He pulled his trunks over his legs and adjusted his suit to accommodate his genitals.

Sondra pulled her shorts down, then put her thumbs under her waist band and pushed her thong down. “Well, what do you think?”

“Damn, you really did shave didn’t you? I like it, but you know I liked your pubes the way they were, too.”

“Yea, I know, well, I just wanted to see what it would look like again. It’s been a while since I shaved completely. Ronnie used to like it.”

Ronnie was her boyfriend up until two months ago and he used to ask her to shave all the time, he told her he really liked the smooth feeling.

Joey said, “Can I feel to see how good you shaved?”

“Sure, go ahead, Joey, but be careful I haven’t been fucked in a while, you may have to teach that bitch porno help me” she giggled.

Joey moved next to her and reached down and ran his hand over her pussy, allowing his finger to push her lips apart as he did. His finger found her clit and he massaged it a little. “You are a hot little one aren’t you my love?”

She pushed her pelvis toward his hand and said, “You ought to know, Joey.”

He stopped what he was doing and she stepped back and picked up her thong and pulled it up over her thighs, and arranged it on her hips, making sure the thin strip of material fell into her ass crack completely.

“Okay, let’s hit the beach.”

They picked up their clothes and headed out the door, passing an older man, who stared at them as he entered, looking up to see if it said “MEN” or not. They laughed with each other as they headed out the door and onto the open beach.

They walked north on the beach until they found a quiet place, then spread out their blanket and put down their towels and other stuff. Sondra immediately headed for the water, with Joey following close behind her. They hit the water and started to splash each other, making sure the other got wet. They spent the next 30 minutes playing in the water, then headed back to the shore, to lay in the sun.

They spent the afternoon basking in the sun and about 4:00 they picked up their thing and headed back to the car together. The stopped at a MacDonald’s to get something to eat and then they decided that Joey would spend the night at Sondra’s house tonight. Sondra had just slipped her cut off’s on over her bikini when they left the beach, and Joey had left his trunks on.

They walked into Sondra’s house and she yelled out for her father, not getting a response she told Joey to sit down she would go look. She headed up stairs and heard the shower running and saw the door was ajar. She pushed on the door and saw her father was in the shower and she had a quick thought and took off her cut off’s and bikini and pushed open the curtain and stepped into the shower.

“What are you doing?”

“I need a shower, I hope you don’t mind sharing with me.” Sondra smiled at her father as she stood there and he turned his back toward her. She took some soap and lather his back as they stood under the water.

“You know you shouldn’t be doing this Sondra. I’m your father.”

“I know, but what am I doing wrong?”

He had to admit that she really wasn’t doing anything wrong, except to see him in the nude. He started to enjoy her hands on his back as she washed him, and when she moved closer to him and he could feel her breasts on his back, then she reached around him and soaped his cock and balls and he gasped.

“Stop that Sondra, I’m in no mood to play with you.”

Sondra felt his cock in her hand and his hefty balls as she soaped them, then she let the water rinse off the soapy solution she had covered them with. She felt his cock begin to stiffen in her hand and she started to move her hand.

Richard stood still, enjoying the feeling of his daughter’s hand on his cock, he felt himself begin to churn as his cum built up in side his body. He closed his eyes and remembered his wife as Sondra began to move her hand quicker and knew it wouldn’t take long before he was releasing his sperm.

Sondra was enjoying the feeling she was getting, after all this wasn’t really incest, was it? It didn’t matter, she just picked up the pace and she felt his cock begin to get harder and thought to herself “He’s much bigger than Ronnie was and about the same size that Joey was.” She wanted him to be happy and she picked up her pace even more and she heard him groan and felt his cock pulse in her hand. She looked around his body and saw the stream of cum shoot out and splatter against shower wall. She kept jerking until he moved his hand down and held her hand. She kissed him on the shoulder as she released his cock.

Richard turned around and looked at Sondra. “You shouldn’t have done that, baby, I’m you father.”

“I’m sorry, but you enjoyed it didn’t you?”

Richard had to admit that he did enjoy it, but, “That’s not the point, I’m vulnerable at this time in my life, and I’m worried that I won’t be able to stop if we start something.”

“I’m sorry, if you don’t want me to do anything anymore, I won’t.”

“Okay, baby, we’ll talk about it later.” He leaned down and kissed his daughter, then stepped out of the shower.

“I’m going to finish taking a shower, Daddy, and Joey is downstairs, he is going to spend the night.”

“Okay, I’ll go down and talk with him as soon as I’m dressed, and thank you Sondra for what you did.”

Sondra finished rinsing the days sand and salt from her body and when she dried off, she put on her tee shirt and went downstairs where Joey and her father were sitting and talking.

Joey looked at Sondra and said, “I think I’ll go up and take a quick shower, my love. What do you want to do tonight?”

“Why team skeet porno don’t we sit around and watch some TV, how about you Daddy? Would you like to get a pizza or something and watch something on the tube?”

He looked at Sondra as she sat on the couch opposite him and saw that again she didn’t have any panties on. “Sure, baby, I’d love to do that, but are you two sure that you don’t mind me being here? Sondra, you ought to put some more clothes on.”

“Daddy, it’s only you and Joey, don’t spas on me.”

Joey laughed as he got up and headed up the stairs. “You are a trip, Sondra. Such a bad little girl.”

Sondra looked at her father after Joey went up the stairs and said, “Don’t you like for me to wear this shirt, Daddy?”

“Sondra, don’t get started, I warned you, didn’t I?”

“Yes, Daddy?” she giggled.

“What’s on tonight?”

“I don’t know, why don’t we get a video and watch that.”

Richard looked at his daughter and his cock began to get hard again, and he knew that it was wrong, but he couldn’t help it. He was happy that Joey would be here tonight, because he didn’t want to be alone with her tonight, her knew he would have to have her if they were alone.

Joey came down the stairs dressed in his cut off’s and a tee shirt. He sat on the couch next to Sondra and asked her father, “What are we gonna do tonight, Rich?”

“How about a beer Joey?”

“Sounds like a winner, want me to get it?”

“Naw, I’ll go.”

“Let me go Daddy, I’ll get it for both of you.”

“Okay, baby, go on.”

Sondra started to get up, she spread her legs slightly and her tee shirt rode up her hips exposing her pussy. She smiled at her father and pulled the tee shirt back down and Joey laughed at her and said, “Trying to give your father a show, my love?”

“Joey, shut up.”

Richard laughed as he looked at Joey and said, “She better watch herself, showing off her pussy like that.”

“Truly, she is such a tease.”

Sondra wondered what it would be like to feel her father’s cock as she walked into the kitchen. She was beginning to get horny and was glad that Joey was going to stay tonight. She hoped he would make love to her. They always slept together when he stayed over. Her father knew that they used to date and he probably realized they still had sex now and then. He had also begun to realize that Joey was bi-sexual, and he liked him a lot, always had.

When she came back in with their beers, she gave Joey his and then handed her father his, turned and went back to the couch and sat down with one leg up under her butt, leaving her legs spread open and giving Richard another great shot of her pussy. He tried to look away, but his eyes kept coming back to Sondra and she noticed.

“Daddy, what do you want to watch tonight?”

“I don’t care, baby, you pick it out.”

“Joey, want to go pick out a movie? I’ll stay here with Daddy.”

“Sure, give me the keys.”

“They’re in my cutoff’s up in my room.”

Joey went upstairs, then came back down and said good-byes and went out the door.

Sondra looked at her father and then said, “Do you like what you see, Daddy?”

“What do you mean, baby?”

“My pussy of course, I know you’ve been looking at it every time you get a chance.”

“Damn girl, you can’t keep doing this, I’m only human, and you are a very beautiful little lady, but you’re my daughter.”

“Joey will be gone for a little while, can I make you happy again today?”


Sondra stood and walked over to her father, and sat in his lap. She kissed him on the lips and her tongue darted out and her father opened his mouth allowing her tongue into his own.

Richard pulled back and said, “We can’t do this baby, it’s not right.”

“I won’t tell anybody, that is except Joey.” She began to undo his belt as she said that and she sank to her knees in front of the chair. She unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled his cock free. It was already hard and she moved quickly and wrapped her lips around it, tasting the precum that had already started to seep from the tip.

Richard looked down at his daughter seeing his cock slide into her warm mouth, her eyes locked on his as it did.

“Ummmmm” moaned Sondra as his cock filled her mouth. Her hands undid the button on his pants and she pulled them over his hips, then let his cock go long enough to pull his brief’s down to allow her access to his hairy balls. She took first one then the other of his balls into her mouth, lavishing each with her tongue as she held his cock in her hand.

Richard moaned as his daughter worked his balls over. He remembered how her mother used to do this and decided she was as talented as her mother had been. He reached down and he grabbed a handful of Sondra’s hair and watched as she opened her mouth and took his cock back into it. He pulled hard and his cock buried itself in her face, then he stood and he began to fuck his daughter mouth. “Watch your teeth baby, I love fucking a woman’s mouth hard.”

Sondra looked up at her father and saw he was watching her and smiling, his hips pounding his cock into her mouth, he held her head tight and she felt his cock push against her throat, she relaxed and he pushed it in deep. She gagged and her eyes watered as she felt her nose nestle in his pubic hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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