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Sonika Falls For Money Ch. 04

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Lee Neville, an influential Anglo-Indian from Dehradun had come in to the capital today, two days after Sonika’s scorching fuck with Loria.

He was a close friend of the Oil Minister and of late was busy influencing him to oppose the setting up of private ‘petrol stations’ by the government.

Shatir was heavily dependent on that to expand his business.

Shatir and Ripu were engaged with the Minister for quite some time now on this issue and had got him to visit Ripu’s mall sometime back along with Mr. Lee, trying to get some mileage out of the duo.

During that visit, Lee had eyed the girls in the store pretty interestingly, especially Sonika who had just joined the outfit in those days.

After a dangerous interlude though Sonika managed to get away from the clutches of Prakash Loria on Monday, her cunt felt bruised and was sore, she was feeling heavy and really hurt on her breasts, the bastard had pinched them to his glorious satisfaction, leaving her totally drained. It took her quite sometime to return to normal and of course had the countable company of Ramya in those tiring moments.

Ripu and Shatir eyed her well in the Mall and were really happy with her work and for the first time in life gave her an account with an MNC bank allowing her access to an ATM. The opening balance in her account showed up ‘Rs 40,000/-‘, ‘Keep us happy and this account will also keep growing’ growled Shatir while handing over the relevant documents to her, which he of course did after pinching her elaborately, on the pussy this time. She really felt ashamed, her body was badly getting misused for all the gains received.

Mr Lee’s evening had come to an end after a tiring day, he was just about to go to bed when he heard a soft knock at the door of his room. He got the surprise of his life to find one of the attractive girls he had noticed at the Mall earlier in the month standing at the door.

Sonika came in a taxi with one of Shatir’s men, who gave the needed instruction to the hotel staff and coolly escorted her to the lift, ‘Whatever else you may do, make sure of one thing, this night you make Mr. Lee happy’.

She had to make sure Lee was a changed man on the ‘private petrol stations’ issue and before he left Delhi was to make another appearance at the mall to join solidarity with that appeal from Shatir, though there was nothing exclusive about the Mall to make him return there.

If there was a woman he fucked desirously and willingly, then he would was certain to grant these wishes and Sonika had to be that woman, she had to make this elder want to see her again, would only be able to see her if he went to the Mall.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Lee inquired of the shapely woman, “I think we have met before or I have seen you at the Mall some days ago?

Sonika closed the door, “Yes Sir, I too saw you that day looking lonely and lost, if you don’t want me to stay I will leave at once”, teasingly rubbed the forefinger of her left hand across her nostrils, sighed and turned back towards the door.

She knew he was greedy and was ogling at the low-cut neckline of her blouse behind the sari, his eyes had feasted on the bulging curves of her 37″ breasts as they almost burst from the tight confines of the blouse without the bra, of course.

Sonika was wearing a sari and a blouse with neither a petticoat nor a bra.

Her sudden arrival was a surprise to Lee who was 6 hours away from Dehradun, here in Delhi on a political business.

She smiled at him with an expression, which sent messages of lusty expectation to his groin making Sonika bold enough to touch his face with her delicately manicured hand. Lee went beyond control and he put his arms around to pull her closer and was not at all surprised to find that she was far from unwilling to let him bahis firmaları kiss her.

Sonika true to her image began eating Lee as a person. He was in her control and could not escape the slut’s advances and as he watched, she coyly reached for her handbag, switched ‘on’ the audio recorder and simultaneously took out honey gel to fool him, slyly inviting him to let her rub the gel on his dick while she reached for his crotch.

He pulled her away from the pajama clad cock sensing danger, and held her tighter to his body and planted his mouth on her pouting red lips instantly, licked her mouth and inside along the tongue for not less than 5 minutes.

When he left her face, it showed up totally ravished and left an indelible mark on Lee’s character which was truly now reflective of a man possessed with sexual lust and erotic cravings.

In fact as soon as Lee realized that Sonika was here to play along with him, he was encouraged to try out all his dream thoughts and one of them of course getting her to give him a polished blowjob. He knew she was not going to object and as if she was reading his mind, Sonika felt the bulge of his thickening cock as it started to erect and form a thick rod between their bodies, she ground her belly and the sari clad lower half of her body against him.

Sonika had a job to do, she had to make sure that this man desired her again and again, and was told by Shatir to be ready for a long trip to Dehradun where Lee usually enjoyed all his female companions at the guest house along with the local MLAs of the Uttarakhand assembly.

The bait thrown at her of course was she would get well paid by them if she was successful but it was not only the money that made her try and excite this dubious old man, she was after all a woman, a ripe 19 year old, hot and desirous with a tag of ‘man eater’ always trailing her.

After a second run on her lips and mouth which lasted 7 -8 minutes this time, Lee ran out of breath and was forced to drag his mouth away from the clinging wet lips of Sonika. A few minutes later while his hands slid down from her hips to the sari clad fleshy buttocks, Sonika stripped Lee to his basics while removing the sari from her own body.

The sexy parts of her remaining attire were the blouse, nose ring shining on the right part of the nose just above the nostril and a pair of silver anklets around the dainty feet on both the legs. Lee ran his tongue on her nose ring and pinched her ass while biting into the metal. Sonika shrieked since it hurt the flesh near the nose and made her squirm for a while.

Lee was really taking liberties with the 55Kg whore.

Sonika in true sense of the word was now a whore and had to trust herself to begin believing in its sanctity.

Lee tried to ease his eager fingers into the shallow crevice of her blouse and somehow strained his fingers’ tip on her nipples and started to rub them while he leaned over to kiss her again.

‘You are a pretty woman and seem pretty bold to have come all the way right up to my room without any fear, I am not only impressed but also charmed by your behavior, you certainly are an enterprising woman besides being an extremely erotic and a beautiful damsel’ saying, Lee held his cock for her to sink her teeth which she did deftly after laving the whole scrotum and rod with the honey gel.

Without letting his cock out of her mouth, Sonika clasped his hands that covered her tits and made him run his tongue on her boobs, encouraging him fully into the sinful copulation. Lee was forced to perform acrobatics to succeed in licking her boobs, while she dragged his right hand down to her pussy making him thrust his fingers into her oily curled pubic hair.

Lee was finished and gave up all endowments of dignity. He was overwhelmed by this woman and saw no reason kaçak iddaa to fight with a conscience or any moral preaching at this point of time, she was a willing pussy and his dick was bursting to get her around to suck or fuck the same.

She removed her mouth from his cock and lay enjoying his tender stroking of the cunt-hair and then added softly, “You have a lovely touch, … I want you to feel my cunt properly.”

Through the open ‘V’ his thighs rose the thoroughly sucked thick prick, throbbing and pulsating. The sight delighted Sonika about the virile strength of this man even at that age, she reached up to the buttons in the front of her bodice to get the blouse out of the way, with her eyes feasting on his huge aroused and saliva laden, honey-gel prick.

She started to say “Darling, I want that wonderful stuff hanging between your legs to fuck the daylights out of me, won’t you, darling? You are going to give it to me, aren’t you?”

He took the blouse garment from her in his trembling hands as she handed him the intimate material, watching him set his eyes on her naked tits that lolled free and naked in their sheer but fair Punjabi glory.

She cupped her left breast with both hands with the brown nipple thrust upwards sending 11 kV shock down his groin by saying, “Kiss my nipple darling, if you want to.”

He hadn’t heard any slut or a woman speaking thus, but now it seemed that Indian sluts had come of age, men in this part of the world were really missing it if they were still dependent on their spouses.

Most of them were still enjoying in the darkness of their homes, most of the time dreaming of “Sonali or Amisha’, while the prick is oiling and drilling the wife in her disinterested pussy.

Lee sank in to the lust of this slut and started slurping on her raised tits, Sonika started to murmur and cry softly enjoying his greed for her and they way he was gobbling the boob. Meanwhile she reached to clasp his prick and was both amazed and delighted to find the 59 year old prick still growing, it was hard and firm, she had had far less virile cocks from men half of his age or even her age which was one-third his age.

The way he was treating her firm 37″ boob was a marvel turning Sonika into a real whore, it started making her impatient and she jerked at his cock hard, realizing he would not be able to stand much of that.

Lee grabbed her wrist and told her to slow the pace, then he slid both hands to her waist raised her up so that he could really finger her pussy a lot more, her pussy was very wet by now and well oiled to take his thick prick any time. Sonika had become very busy, in just a week now, she had enjoyed 4 men at different times.

Normal housewives get one cock throughout their life and here she was getting one every 1-1/2 day.

She lifted her ass and made it easy for him to slide his feet over her thighs and knees.

She feigned some more of slutty behavior and started teasing him, “Play with me some darling, I love you playing with me, you are so masterful with a woman, darling. Play some more with me … please.” She said without releasing the hold on his dick.

The poor old fool was quite taken in by her put-up behavior that this lovely 19 year young woman was asking him to thrill her with his fingers and his kisses.

His dream was to have these lovely oil-sheathed legs wrapping themselves around his waist while he drilled her pussy with his cock, “Aaaaah….. nothing more to ask instead of heaven, other than to sink his aching rampant prick hard up into her welcoming nest.”

Sonika was lying back on his bed, letting him kiss her breasts while he continued to gently frig her pussy with his fingers, she knew from the way in which he kept easing away from her, that he was afraid of coming-off.

She knew that they kaçak bahis would have fuck very soon otherwise he would get angry and not go along with her too far, she gently held his cock in both hands and carefully felt the tip before guiding his hard throbby prick into her lovey dovey hole.

“OH…..I must have been a lucky man to get your pussy, Sonika darling, I will give you anything, ask for it, Lovely … lovely … uuurrrgggg … what a pussy, so tight and so well oiled, raise your ass my darling, nip the crevice between the head and the rest of the dick, yes that place, yes that space where dirt accumulates, nip that both while my cock goes in and comes out, aaaahhhhhh…. Good good very good”, he seemed to be in his own world while he fucked his pole into her hot wet cunt between the welcoming thighs.

Her fingers clawed at the flesh of his obese back as she managed to ease the top of the pajama suit from his body so that she could raise her head and sink her teeth into the softness of his chest and surroundings. He was smelling good, seems he had taken a bath in the evening and what a true contrast,’ Sonika was all dirt and sweaty bitch who hadn’t even gone home that day, the only time she cleaned herself was in the morning at 6:30 am before leaving for office’.

She bit hard on his chest flesh biting the skin as she urged him on with frantic pleadings “Fuck me darling … fuck me hard … ohaa … harder … fuck me harder, darling.”

Lee was in his paradise, never before had any woman driven him to such insanity filled with lust making him give her this sort of a fuck. While her teeth hurt him, which he loved … her crude and erotic lingo made him to fuck her harder than he had ever fucked in his life.

He really felt younger and wanted to show this young woman that despite his age he was every bit the satisfying lover that she must have had in form of boy friends, lovers or even young clients.

She lifted her mouth from his chest leaving a mark, he would have her teeth marks on his chest for many months, marks that could be used later for successful and persuasive blackmail if it became necessary.

She teased him further “You stud of a man, you are really strong … you are a wild animal, you deserve multiple pussies at the same time,” as she encouraged him, determined to make him have the most glorious screwing of his life.

” Your wonderful cock is making me really ooze cum darling.”

She understood he loved his women to take the dirty-talk routine and she did not lack in using that sort of filthy language, with her lips near to his ear, she ploughed him with all the obscene and slang words she knew and remembered to use, words no wife will use with their husbands.

Before she could think of a way to stop all that and make him go longer in his pistoning the cock in and out, she felt a hot sensation in her vortex… he was filling her with his hot sperm, he was dumping himself into her, she felt cheated since she had not reached her own orgasm.

But she had not come here to seek gratification, she had come to make this man know that Sonika and her eager pussy can be owned and made one’s own especially his own to enjoy.

She nervously faked an orgasm,’ Aaahhhhhhhh, I am cummmmiiiinnnnggg, Aaaaaaahhhhhh, fuck me harder’ and saying so she virtually let out a gasp filled with relief as if she had really peaked. Lee was happy, he really believed that this woman had her first real orgasm and he was responsible for the same.

After dressing her with his own hands and promising to help Shatir (all conversations duly recorded on the Audio recorder in her handbag) Lee bid her adieu, confirming his visit to the Mall in a day or two.

Once Lee stopped his campaign against the ‘Petrol pump privatization’, getting Shatir what he wanted, Sonika would get her payment for this little interlude. But she felt ashamed that she was wantonly indulging in a deceitful use of her extreme sensuality and sexual exploits but Shatir and Ripu would pay her well, in fact warmly well.

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