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Sophie and her Daddy Pt. 02

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Chapter 4: Surprises

It has been a whole week and Sophie has not seen her dad. Keith went away on a business trip to L.A… In addition, she really was missing him. All she has had to please herself is her dildo and her hands, but it was not the same. As feeling her father’s cock moving inside of her. Making her cum more then she has ever had. They have only been together that one time, but she has dreamed of it every night since. She heard her brother come home and storm off to his room slamming his door. She did not dare try to seduce him in having sex with her. She did not know how he felt about that night. She did not know what her dad thought. He left the next morning for his trip. She heard a knock at her door.

“Come in,” yelled Sophie.

“Hi dear, there is someone downstairs waiting for you,” Said her mom with a smile on her face. Could it be her dad, but then why would Pam be smiling about it. Sophie got up and followed her down the stairs. Sophie walked into the living room and saw Mark. The person she has wanted to go out with for months now. Mark is a year older then her but still in high school. He turned nineteen about three months ago. He is about 6’2, black wavy hair and deep green eyes.

“Hello Sophie,” Mark said smiling showing off his gorgeous dimples.

Sophie did not believe this. She has liked him but she did not think that he liked her.

“Hi Mark,” Sophie said shyly.

“Are you ready?” Asked Mark with a smile.

“Ready for what,” Sophie asked having no idea what he wanted or meant.

“For our date did your brother not tell you, by the look on your face I guess not.”

“Um no he didn’t, hold on I’ll be right back.” Sophie ran upstairs to change and yell at her brother. Sophie stormed into her brother’s room.

“Sam why didn’t you tell me that Mark asked me out,” yelled Sophie while watching her brother stroke his cock.

“Don’t you know how to knock; well I didn’t tell you because well I thought he was asking me,” replied Sam not looking at his sister.

“Well I could have told you he’s not gay, but maybe I’ll find something for you for being a jerk.” Sophie said and left but before she did, she leaned down and kissed her brother’s cock.

“I’m teen porno ready,” Sophie smiled and walked out the door.

Mark took Sophie to dinner then back to his place. His parents where gone so he did not have to worry about his parents coming home and ruining the night. He could not wait to get Sophie in bed he heard that she is still a virgin and he loved popping cherries.

Sophie new what he wanted. She hoped that he was not thinking that he was going to pop any cherries her dad and her brother took care of all them a week ago. Sophie reached the couch and sat down. Mark sat down next her and started kissing her. Sophie reached over and put her hand on his growing cock. She could not believe it he was huge. She decided to make the first move. She started to tug on his shirt until he took it off. She looked into his eyes. He glanced down at her chest until she got the hint. She took off her shirt and then her bra. As soon as her tits where free, he grabbed one and put it in his mouth. He bit her nipple rather hard and Sophie pushed him away.

“You don’t need to be so ruff,” Sophie said while glaring in his eyes.

Mark pushed her down on the couch and yanked off her skirt and panties in one swift move.

“Mark what are you doing?” Yelled Sophie getting a little nervous at his movements, he did not answer her question he just stood up and removed the rest of his clothes. Sophie looked down at his cock it was bigger then her dad’s and Sam’s she could not believe it. If this were under different circumstances, she would love this. She reached for her purse and pulled out her cell phone and it three.

“I’m going to pop that cherry of yours,”

“I’m not a virgin any more Mark please stop,” Sophie looked at her cell phone and saw that she was connected to her brother’s phone. She hoped that he could hear her and Mark.

Mark was pissed off that she was not a virgin any more.

“Who then,” yelled Mark plunging his cock into her in one swift plunge. Sophie screamed in pain. Mark kept thrusting in her until it actually started to feel good. She looked over at the doorway and saw her brother standing there. Rubbing his cock threw his pants. Sophie looked her tricky masseur porno brother in the eye.

“Don’t cum any closer,” Sophie said hoping her brother got the hint. Mark just looked at her.

“Mark I have an idea can we go to your bedroom?” Mark nodded yes and picked Sophie up with his cock still imbedded inside her. Mark walked into his room and threw Sophie on his bed. His cock popped out halfway to his room. Sophie noticed he had handcuffs and ties on his nightstand table.

“Can I tie you up so I can ride you like a horse,”

“Oh yeah do you have any cherries?” Asked Mark.

“I’ll tell you as soon as I tie you up,” Sophie said with a mischievous smile on her face.

Sophie finished tying him up and walked out of the room Mark yelled at her to come back.

“I’ll be right back you just lay there and think about me,”

Sophie walked back downstairs where her brother was. He was sitting on the couch stroking his cock.

“Here let me help,” Sophie squatted between Sam’s legs. She grabbed his cock and started licking him up and down his shaft. She slowly inserted his cock into her mouth. She licked the head and slowly deep throated him. Sam grabbed her head and pulled her away from him.

“Sam what are you doing,”

“No offense sis I don’t want your mouth can I have your ass,”

“Yeah sure but be quick because Mark’s upstairs,”

Sam got up and turned his sister so her ass was in front of his face. He licked and kissed her ass hole. He grabbed some lotion off the table where he put it when Sophie and Mark left. He lubed up his cock. He put his cock at the entrance of her hole he pushed until he got the head in and then he slammed the rest all the way in. Sophie yelped in pain but he did not care. He was paying her back because she took the person he has wanted for months.

“OH Sam yeah harder yeah oh god your going to make me cum, oh yeah that’s the spot right there.” Sam new he was close he started to thrust harder and faster.

“Oh god sis here it comes,” Sophie could feel cum shooting up her ass. She felt him pull out. She reached around, grabbed his softening cock, and pulled him after her.

“Sis what are türkçe alt yazı porno you doing,”

“You wanted Mark well lets see he’s handcuffed to the bed and I’m going to blind fold him. You just have to ride him can you do that?”

“Yeah you really want me to take him,”

“Duh he’s nice but he was a jerk to me all he wanted to do was pop my cherry which I don’t have any anymore.”

Sophie ran upstairs and blindfolded Mark he did not seem to care. She grabbed his semi-hard cock and started jacking him off. Until he was hard, Sophie motioned to her brother to step on the bed. Sam straddled Mark facing him and plunged down he grimaced in pain but he did not care. Mark started to thrust into Sam.

“Damn Sophie you are tight,” yelled mark while thrusting in harder and faster. Sophie just smiled because she could tell that Sam was enjoying the fuck. Mark was really getting in to it. She got back up on the bed and put her pussy over Mark’s mouth. She grabbed her brother’s cock and started to fondle it. It took Mark a couple minutes to realize that he was not fucking Sophie but somebody else and that Sophie has put her pussy over his mouth. He wondered whom he was fucking.

Sophie removed the blindfold but all Mark could see was Sophie’s pussy. He kept thrusting into the tight hole he really wanted to know who he was fucking. He felt Sophie shifting on the bed and then he saw her get up and hold him down. He looked at whom he was fucking. He was shocked it was Sam, Sophie’s twin brother.

“What the fuck,” Mark yelled he could not believe he was fucking a guy, but he did have to admit that it was the tightest hole he has ever fucked even virgin ones. Mark gave up trying to get away he just enjoyed the fuck.

Later that night.

Sophie was lying in bed when she heard her dad come home. It was after midnight. She got up from bed, went to the hallway, and saw her dad just reaching the hallway. She motioned to him to come into her room. He obeyed. He walked into her room and she shut the door and locked it behind her.

“Hi honey how was your day,”

“Lonely I have missed you all week,”

Keith kissed his daughter on the lips not a father, daughter kiss but as a lover. He got up and left.

“Daddy,” Sophie pleaded.

“Later sweets, but I have to go see your mother. She’s going out of town tomorrow Sam, and you and me will play when she leaves.”

Sophie laid back down dreaming of tomorrow with her dad and brother, which seems that all she ever dreams about lately.

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