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Sorority Supplicant Ch. 01

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Kim straightened her long blond hair nervously. She was finally meeting her college roommate. All she knew about her was that the sorority had arranged it all. Kim was again struck by how strange it was that her mother would be so insistent on her joining this particular sorority. She knew that her mother had been a member, in her own college years, and attributed many of her professional accomplishments to the contacts she had formed there. Still as she remembered the advice given to her she could not help feeling worried and very curious. Her mother had told her two things. Firstly she put her on the pill and second she told to do anything and everything asked of her so as to ensure her acceptance.

Kim had to assume there was some sexual expectations on initiates but was confused as to why her mother would be ok with her 18 year old virgin daughter ‘giving it up’ for some dumb girly clique. She was however determined not to disappoint her mother. She had raised Kim almost single handedly while at the same time founding and developing a hugely successful law firm. Kim again straightened her hair and glanced at herself in the mirror. Her tall slim body was covered in a conservative black pantsuit. It gave little away about her 34c breasts, toned flat stomach, neatly trimmed pubes, long athletic legs or perfectly pert bottom.

She looked around her dorm room, dominated by two small single beds. Allowing just enough room for two desks. At least they had their own bathroom and toilet. A luxury Kim had not expected. As she gazed around, the door opened and another woman walked in. She shut the door behind her and looked wordlessly at Kim. Kim looked at her briefly, taking her all in with just a glance. She was short, being barely 5’3. She had very short black hair, revealing a pale skinned and severe face. She was almost flat chested and wore a tight t-shirt, which made the absence of a bra obvious. She was wearing knee high black leather boots and a short plaid skirt. Kim would have refused to hazard a guess as to her age.

The woman stared boldly at Kim. Her eyes travelling slowly up and down Kim’s body. Kim felt herself blush at such a frank and open appraisal.

“My name is Jamie,” she said coldly, before walking to a bed and sitting on it carelessly. She rested her back against the wall and crossed her short legs.

“I assume you are Kim”, Kim nodded yes, still too nervous and surprised to speak.

“When you speak to me Kim, you will address me as Ms. Holly. It is only fitting that a supplicant to our sorority should pay due respect to those who will decide her entry”.

She paused obviously waiting for Kim to reply.

“Well Kim, I asked you a question. Testers are entitled to politeness, promptness and obedience from their supplicants. And we are entitled to seek redress if we are displeased. So answer my questions now” she spoke casually, sometimes looking out of the small window or examining her nails.

Kim wondered if a joke was being played on her or if a crazy woman had just come into her room. “Sorry but what the hell is going on here Jamie?” she asked.

Jamie flashed her a look of anger and exasperation.

“Is your name Kimberly Jefferson, daughter of Joan Jefferson? Have you not officially begged entry into the Berkley Branch of the Heavenly Sisterhood Sorority casino şirketleri through the descendants rule?” She paused waiting for Kim to reply. Kim could just mange a nod of assent.

“Then Kimberly Jefferson your initiation began the moment I walked through that door. I am your assigned Tester and you have a month to prove yourself to me before your application can be approved. And may I add you have not had the most auspicious of beginnings. Now any more questions or are you finally up to speed?”

“Ohm yes Jamie…I mean Ms. Holly. I think I understand”. Kim answered but her mind burned with more questions. She decided however that now was not the time and she would wait till she phoned her mom.

“So what happens now Ms. Holly?” she had to stifle a grin as she used her Testers’ formal title. Speaking thus to someone who looked younger and was so much smaller seemed ridiculous.

“Well Kim I think I need to establish here and now whether continuing to test you has any merit. Do you wish to prove your interest or will I arrange for your application to be withdrawn and we can call an end to his farce?”

Kim felt an immediate fear. Her mother had never asked her for anything before this. She didn’t want to have to explain to her that she had failed on her first day.

“No Ms. Holly, I wish to join this sorority. I think it’s the one thing I owe my mother, considering all that she has done for me. She made it clear how important this was to her. So please whatever I have to do I will do”.

Jamie nodded reluctantly.

“Your mother is regarded highly within the sorority Kim. She is hugely successful and is a generous donor to our entrainment fund, but she left explicit instructions that you were not to be given an easy ride. She is of the opinion that you are woman enough to gain entry on your own strengths and merits. I would so hate to have to tell her that her daughter is a failure”.

Kim swelled with pride hearing her mother spoke of so well and also hearing her mother’s praise of her.

“Please Ms. Holly what do I have to do to prove I am serious about joining this sorority” Kim was genuine in her pleas and expected something silly like eating an insect or running down the dorm naked. She was not going to fail because of a stupid prank.

Jamie stared at her thoughtfully. “Strip”.

Kim hid her smile, so it’s the running around naked route. No girlish modesty was going to stop her now. She quickly took off her suit, being careful to hang it up neatly. She then kicked off her black shoes. She took a deep breath and pushed down her white cotton panties. She refused to be unnerved by Jamie’s attentive stares. She then methodically removed her bra and let it drop to the floor. She stood up casually. She was used to the communality of gym showers so was not fazed by Jamie looking at her nakedness closely.

“Very nice Kim. You have a very desirable body. It must have been something of a chore keeping the boys off of that?” she asked with a grin.

Kim nodded with her own grin, “yes Ms. Holly I’m still a virgin and yes I had my work cut out for me keeping so”.

Jamie looked her in the face. “Do you masturbate often Kim?”

Kim’s newfound determination wavered. “What?”

Jamie just stared at her as if waiting. Annoyance written all over her face. casino firmaları Damn, Kim said in her mind.

“I mean not often Ms. Holly, please forgive my rudeness”.

Jamie nodded her acceptance of the apology.

“So how often then, daily, weekly or monthly?”

Kim’s face burned. “I have only done it two or three times Ms. Holly”.

Jamie’s face dissolved in laughter. “Fuck me girl that can’t be healthy. I think your mother was right to send you here. Sit on the other bed and face me”.

Kim did so, blushing deeply and confused as to why Jamie found her inexperience so amusing.

“Put your back against the wall with your legs spread, your feet flat on the bed. That’s it let your Tester get a good look at that innocent cunt of yours”.

Kim instinctively closed her legs at the coarseness of her roommate. She had begun to worry that her eagerness to prove herself was taking her down a road she couldn’t have even dreamed of in her worst nightmares.

“Don’t back slide now Kim. I have been here three years. I have been a Tester for a year and I have never had a supplicant fail her initiation. You will learn all there is to know about your body Kim. You will learn how to take full control of your sexuality, within a sisterhood of women. You will be safe and who will know pleasure you cant even imagine and when you enter whatever career you choose you will have friends who will ensure that there are never any doors getting in your way. So spread those legs and show me that lovely little cunt” The last sentence was spoken with steel in her voice as her eyes bored into Kim’s.

The words washed unheard over Kim as it finally dawned on her that her mother must have known what was going to happen. “My mother….” She whispered; her voice tinged with desperation.

Jamie smiled at her. “Your mother was a supplicant and a Tester. Now she sits on the Inner Council of Women. Many of the tests we now employ were first devised by her in her time as a Tester. Even now our methods must be approved by her and the Council. It is the ambition of every sister to one day join the Council. Being your Tester cant but help me in that. Does knowing your mother knows and even approves of what is going on here help or make things more difficult for you Kim?”

“I don’t know, what must I do now”, Kim asked as she spread her legs, exposing her neatly trimmed bush to Jamie.

“Your first test Kim is to masturbate for me, here and now, till you cum. If you fail this first test then there will be no second chances. I leave this room and you get a roommate from outside the sorority and you will be cut off from the help and support of the sisterhood for ever”.

Kim could feel tears welling up in her eyes but stifled them quickly as she moved her right hand between her legs. Brushing her long delicate fingers up and down the full length of her exposed lips. Jamie sat back to watch, being careful to disguise her relief that Kim had at least begun this first test. Success with Kim would mean advancement within the sisterhood; failure would mean stagnation at best. Either way she would not give Kim an easy ride. The sisterhood had been too good to her for her to shortchange them. She watched as Kim hesitantly explored the outer lips of her pussy. Damn she thought to herself this could takes hours. Thank güvenilir casino god I love watching pussy.

Kim nervously continued to explore her lips. She recalled to few occasions she had spent given this area of her anatomy serious attention. Both times had been in the shower, the warms jets of water pushing her to the edge before she even knew what was happening. She remembered the breathless release of both occasions but was unsure as to how one achieved this with ones fingers. She opened her eyes and looked at Jamie. “I’m sorry Ms. Holly I don’t really know what I’m doing. I want to pass this test, honestly. But I have never touched myself like this”.

Jamie smiled at her reassuringly. “Asking for help shows maturity Kim. Don’t worry you will be surprised at easy and natural this is. Even now you are doing things right. Let your fingers just explore at your own pace. There is no rush. You are not being tested on speed, only willingness to experience pleasure count. So keep going, touch and feel all there is to feel, your skin, breasts, nipples, tummy, your thighs, your lips, inside your lips and eventually, when you find it, your clit”

Jamie spoke softly, with authority and affection. Her words relaxed Kim as she allowed her left hand to slowly touch her flat stomach. She drew circles, which began to increase in diameter as her right hand discovered a growing moistness between her legs. She opened her eyes again and locked stares with Jamie. She took comfort and a guilty pleasure in being observed in such an intimate position.

The fingers of her left hand were now exploring, holding and squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples as she felt her breath coming to her in gasps. Her right hand cupped her entire groin, now slick with her juices. The heel of her palm moved against her, causing jolts of electric pleasure to course through her body. She involuntarily raised her bottom as her palm continued to drive her towards an unknown plateau of joy.

“That’s my girl Kim”, Jamie whispered, “Just let your body feel what it wants to feel”. Jamie smiled as she smelled Kim’s arousal and watched her body react more violently to being manipulated. Jamie longed to find her own release but would not allow her own desires get in the way her responsibilities to her supplicant.

As her palm continued to drive her body wild she almost accidentally pushed two fingers into her now drenched pussy. The fingers curled and stroked the contours of her pussy walls. Her eyes were now welded shut as she lost her self in pure sensual experience. Her groans became more pronounced, her bottom thrusting up as if she was willing her fingers to plunge deeper into her virgin pussy. She lost herself in a thoughtless realm of pleasure and yet even now she knew that a new height was approaching. Instinctively she did nothing to hurry the approach of this new joy but continued to work her palm and fingers rhythmically. Once again she opened her eyes, wanting to share in some way this new experience. Jamie smiled at her and nodded. Kim took this as permission and quickened the pace of her strokes. Her orgasm, which she had sensed growing for several minutes, still took her by surprise. She screamed and gasped in pleasure. Not wanting to stop but feeling her manipulations beginning to tip towards pain.

She subsided in sob-like gasps. Her hand still clamped firmly between her legs. Sweat glistening on her skin. It was several minutes before she had resumed some semblance of control. She smiled at Jamie. “Well Ms. Holly did I pass?”

Jamie smiled and nodded.

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