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Sparks at Work Ch. 03

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Please read the first two parts of this little set before you read this… it’s not vital but it introduces the characters a bit. At this point I was only thinking of instant gratification, and it’s very short. I don’t have any more planned, but let me know if you’d like them. Hope you enjoy it! ~A


It took me a while to calm down after giving Bryce a blowjob in the back office. I returned to the front desk, and luckily Jen didn’t seem to have noticed the time it took me to ‘get a snack’ and return. The rest of the day took forever, even with my hysterical stream of IMs telling friends how bad I had just been… (or good depending on how you look at it.) When five o’clock came around I was about ready to scream. Bryce came around from his desk, looking defeated when he saw Jen seated at the desk next to me. She’d come down to finish up some paperwork she’d left here.

I smiled at him, trying to keep it polite rather than let my thoughts show in my eyes. “Hey Bryce,” I greeted him, nodding amiably. “Lucky, you get to go home half an hour earlier than me.” I saw him wince. Half an hour probably was going to feel like a lifetime for us both.

He sighed, then smiled in return. “You want a ride home?” he offered with a wink, carefully winking at me from an angle where Jen couldn’t see, since she was probably listening.

“I’d love it. Where’d you park your car?” Here was the important part.

“Out back. I’ll wait at the side door for you. Beware of the music,” he added with a grin, then turned and headed for the elevators. We traded flirty glances while Jen (I hoped) went back to her paperwork. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. I hope to God Jen wasn’t watching us, since we weren’t particularly discreet.

I ran to the bathroom when 5:30 came around, and then ran to the elevator and out the lobby door to find Bryce, waiting as promised. I hopped into the car, and heved a sigh. “Drive!” I told him. “We have to find somewhere else…” He knew what I meant, and apparently had somewhere in mind as he sped off. bahis firmaları His hand found its way to my thigh, squeezing gently as it slid higher, towards my hips. When his fingers brushed the crotch of my pants, I gasped, not expecting the sudden rush of wetness between my legs. He glanced at me, looking worried for a moment, I just blushed. “Keep going, I just want you…”

Instead of finding somewhere for us to park so we could hop into the back seat (which he’d set flat and covered with a blanket as he’d suggested earlier), Bryce drove to his apartment (or so I assumed). He ran over the curb in his haste, but neither of us cared at that point. We both desperately needed to be naked and in a bed. He couldn’t keep his hands from shaking, so I had to take his keys and open the door for him. Once it was open he took his keys back, shoving them in his pocket as he took my hand with his free one and led me up the stairs.

We didn’t quite make it all the way into his bedroom, ending up in the doorway as our lips met hungrily. His hands were all over me, driving me crazy as he groped at every inch of me, trying to hold every curve at once. I undid his belt for the second time today, his pants falling to the ground without its support. My fingers started on the buttons of his shirt as he undid my slacks, shoving them off and placing his hand on top of my underwear… and sliding it between my legs.

I moaned, lurching into him as I lost my balance. Instead of letting me recover he rubbed faster, and I had to catch hold of his shoulders to keep myself from falling over. “Bryce… please!” I groaned, wanting him so desperately my body was unable to move. He reluctantly stopped, taking off my shirt instead. His hands fumbled with my bra so I did it for him, sliding it off as his hands went to my chest, using this to guide me backwards into his bed.

When I felt the mattress at the back of my knees I let myself collapse, grabbing his shoulders to pull him with me. He gladly fell atop me, lips leaving mine to kiss a line down kaçak iddaa my neck, down my collarbone to my breast, making me shudder and start moaning again as his lips found my nipple. He eagerly massaged both my breasts while he suckled at one, glancing up to grin lustily at me before switching to suckle at the other. I had to push his hands away to keep from losing it completely. I had a feeling he’d be stuck if I didn’t stop him, and then I’d never get him between my legs!

Pushing his hands down to the elastic of my underwear he got the point, hooking fingers into my underwear and pulling as I raised my hips off the bed slightly. As his hands finished sliding my panties off hips lips started kissing my bellybutton, trailing lower until he reached the shaved folds that had so surprised him last Friday. I shrieked when he extended his tongue, pushing it between my folds and gently separating the lips as he drew his head downwards. I had to grab handfulls of his sheets to keep myself under some control I wanted him so badly. “Bryyyyyyce…” I moaned with what strength I had left.

His buttons went flying as he ripped his shirt the rest o the way open, tossing it off and reaching for his boxers. I slid backwards on the bed until my head hit the pillows, beckoning him with a bent finger and spread legs. It wasn’t an invitation he could have ignored if he wanted to. He scrambled along the bed after me, crawling to hands-and-knees above me and leaning down to kiss me as his shaft (already hard as rock), rubbed between my folds.

I broke the kiss with a moan, hands wrapping around his back to pull him down atop me, not wanting him to waste energy holding his own weight, I wanted his energy focused on one thing: fucking me. It had been too long and he made me too hot for me to survive much longer without him inside me. He grunted as he fell on top of me, his cock poking aimlessly between my legs without any direction, but enough to make me shudder convulsively. “I want you,” I whispered hysterically.

He nodded several times kaçak bahis fast, just agreeing as he put his hands beside my shoulders to lever himself up enough to see between us… guiding himself to my opening. He barely touched me and I moaned, body melting entirely. He slid into me… I nearly passed out. “Ohhhhh…” My moan mirrored his movement, slow and steady as he slid into me, not wanting to push too hard.

But I wanted him to push hard. “You’re not going to hurt me,” I whispered. “I’m not a virgin.”

He looked down at me with a tiny smile. “I know, I could tell the first day I saw you.” I was going to ask what that was supposed to mean, but he pulled out of me and rammed back in so fast it made me cry out. He stopped, looking for my eyes to make sure he hadn’t hurt me, though I’d already said he wouldn’t.

My eyelids felt like lead as I yanked them up. “Fuck me, Bryce, please…” I groaned, body unmoving save for my head, which lolled to on side as he eagerly took my request to heart. He must have wanted to do this for some time… it was three strokes before his body took over and he was pounding me as hard as he could manage, as fast as he could.

I moaned with each stroke, shortly his grunts began to match my own. “Nnnn Mariiiiiie sooo tight,” he groaned, making my eyes roll back in my head as I thought about how soon he’d probably explode within me. It was barely a second before his hips started jumping more erratically, his breath coming in huge gasps as he slammed his way into my very wet and VERY willing hole. He suddenly groaned, ramming into me and staying there.

I could feel his member twitch within me right as he exploded, and it sent me over the edge, waves of pleasure roaring through my body as I tried to gasp for breath. His hips humped several times against mine, wanting to get himself deeper into me. I grasped his tight ass and pulled, wishing the exact same thing. We both gasped for breath as our bodies collapsed together, and I didn’t relax my grip much, hugging him to me.

“I’m calling my parents to say I’m working late,” I whispered in his ear. His only response was to shudder atop me and bury his head in my shoulder. Wanting to pass out from pleasure instead, I reached for my cellphone and dialed home.

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