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Going 2 Bali for a few days (weeks?). Can u pls check for mail n leave the rent at the bungz? Thx miss you Xx.

Leona re-read the text from Sailor again after rolling out of bed. Xx? Miss you? This sounded nothing like the Sailor that Leona thought she knew, but then again, it was hard to know who she had just spent the last 10 months with.

Their breakup wasn’t super fresh anymore—it had been almost 6 weeks—but Leona was still trying to process and make sense of the situation. They had met the typical millennial/Gen-Zer way: Sailor slid into Leona’s Instagram DMs. Sailor’s message had stood out to Leona amidst a sea of horny men (and women) sprinkled with the occasional (sometimes more than occasional) hate messages telling her to stop promoting unhealthy lifestyles or just the plain kill yourself fat bitch.

Leona ran a body positive YouTube channel and Instagram and had amassed a wealth of followers and branding deals to promote over the years. She ran in the same circle with a lot of relatively well-known YouTubers and influencers and was starting to get used to the attention. Her content usually consisted of trying out new and emerging beauty projects and showcasing plus sized brands, but she dabbled into more serious educational and political content once in a while and sometimes invited local activists to come onto her channel to give them a platform. That was how Leona met Sailor, a non-binary LGBTQ+ advocate who had DMed her about the possibility of discussing the shutdown of a city shelter for homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

When they first started dating, Sailor had a small following of their own, mostly on Instagram. It was Leona that had encouraged them to set up a YouTube channel to discuss non-binary issues and Leona that had forced Sailor to come to hangouts with other influencers and YouTubers. Once Sailor’s social media started to blow up, they became less and less of the hopeful activist Leona had fallen for and more of the prototypical influencer type. Their conversations had shifted from where the next rally would be to how much Sailor could squeeze out of brands looking for their promotion on their site. Sailor had convinced Leona to go halfsies on a long-term AirBnB rental, a professionally decorated one-bedroom apartment, in a secluded little development that one of their new acquaintances izmit escort had told them about. Neither of them lived in the bungalow, but both took advantage of the property for their social media profiles.

Leona hadn’t been back to the bungalow since the breakup in fear of running into Sailor there. The breakup had been public—Sailor and Leona did a joint video letting their followers know that they were parting ways, amicably, Sailor’s idea of course.

Truthfully, it hadn’t been super amicable, nor had it been mutual. Leona had actually broken up with Sailor and Sailor hadn’t taken it well. After she had told Sailor she wanted to take some time apart, Leona drove around the city for an hour to let Sailor cool off a little bit. When she walked back into the bungalow to talk it out, there was Sailor half undressed on the living room rug, crouched between the open naked legs of an influencer friend Leona had introduced them too, tongue deep in her pussy. Neither had even stopped what they were doing when Leona walked in and she was sure that they hadn’t skipped a beat when she promptly walked out slamming the door behind her.

When Leona got to the bungalow, the kitchen table was crowded with unopened packages addressed to her. It had been weeks since she had posted any new content, relying on old videos and photos she had shot and decided not to post at the time. It was a beautiful day outside and the bungalow was filled with natural light, so Leona set up her tripod and camera equipment and started unboxing to see what she had in stock to work with.

The return label for the first box said it was from some company called Pazzion, a name Leona didn’t recognize. On top of the boxes contents was a hand-written letter.

Leona—girl, break-ups are hard. I curated a special box of some of our newest products just for you to help you feel better about the split. Literally, feel better. Would love your feedback and if you like the products, maybe talk about a promotion deal. -Hayley Pazz

Girl? Presumptuously friendly, ew, thought Leona as she lifted up the shimmery tissue to unveil what was inside the box. She gasped as she lifted up a 7 inch see through dildo, complete with a strap attachment. This was not the type of brand that typically reached out to her. The box also contained a small(ish) pink izmit anal yapan escort butt plug, a miniature bullet vibrator, and a handheld contraption that looked like kind of like the device she used to pull blackheads out of her face. She turned the box over to figure out what this particular device was supposed to do and realized it was meant to imitate oral sex and carry out a sucking motion on her clit.

Leona blinked hard at the contents of the box and then pushed it aside. This was NOT what she had come here for. Also, the clit machine sounded intimidating, not fun.

The rest of the boxes contained miscellaneous beauty products and clothes from most of her regular brand partners. While she pondered what to shoot, Leona sat down and absent-mindedly opened Instagram. The very first post was a series of photos of Sailor’s Bali trip. Leona studied them, noticing Sailor’s arm around the same girl’s waist in two of the photos. In the last photo, Sailor’s hand lingered with their fingers just slightly brushing the inside of the waistband of the girl’s jean shorts.

The girl was petite, athletically built, with bleach streaked hair and freckles (probably fake). Leona hated to admit it, but her and Sailor looked more like they belonged together than she and Sailor probably ever did.

Leona closed her eyes and imagined Sailor fucking the girl on the balcony of their Bali resort. She imagined the girl looking over the railing, admiring the view of the beach at dusk, while Sailor fingered her tight perfectly wet cunt from behind underneath of her cutoffs. She imagined Sailor turning her around and unbuttoning the girl’s shirt to suck on her perky pink nipples running her hand down her flat stomach. She imagined Sailor unbuttoning her shorts to reveal lacy white panties, soaked through and barely covering a perfectly bare swollen pussy.

Leona shuddered and snapped out of it. She was starting to lose precious daylight and realized she needed to put together some content ASAP. She needed something to boost her confidence, and something that would make Sailor look twice when they opened their Instagram and saw her post.

Thankfully, Leona had unboxed a generous sampling of lingerie from Hydrangria, one of her favorite brands. With golden hour fast approaching as izmit yabancı escort the sun began to set, Leona knew she could get some gorgeous photos.

First, Leona tried on a black lacy bra and panty set. The bra almost pushed her 38DD’s up too much, but the panties worked perfectly to frame her thick thighs and round ass.

Next, she put on a white three piece set. Leona counted herself as blessed to have large tits that didn’t sag as the bra had very little support. Both the bra and panties were sheer with flowers embroidered in select areas to provide a bit of coverage. Leona frowned at the small tuft of brown pubic hair that was visible through the thong and made sure to pose for photos at flattering side angles, with the coordinating robe draped over just the right areas.

Finally, she tried on a lavender silk cami with matching silk boxers, the most modest of the outfits in the box. The set fit her beautifully, but Leona took photo after photo, disappointed in the frumpiness of each one. The outfit was gorgeous, but there was something just not sexy enough to make an ex take a second look at her post. The sun had mostly gone down and while the soft lighting of the room was giving the sultry affect she was looking for, she needed to go above and beyond.

Leona sat down at the kitchen table to think of how to spice it up while still staying Instagram guidelines friendly. Frustrated, she flicked at her nipples, trying to get them to harden up through the thin satiny material to add some more sex appeal. Just then, she looked at one of the other boxes on the table and had an idea. If the clit sucking device worked as described, surely it had to work on nipples too.

She pressed the on button and flipped through the settings (THERE WERE SO MANY SETTINGS) and settled on a nice steady on and off “suck.” As she pressed the toy to her right nipple, Leona let out a small gasp. This toy was definitely doing what she had opened it for. She gingerly moved it to her left breast, closing her eyes and letting out a small moan. She went back and forth for a couple minutes, losing track of what the actual task at hand was. When she finally pulled the toy away, her deep pink nipples were rock hard, protruding out further than she had possibly ever seen them. What she also realized was that a small wet spot was slowly making its way through the crotch of her boxers.

“Well, I guess that concludes our photoshoot,” she said to herself, amused. She examined the toy further, realizing that what once seemed intimidating actually might be worth a spin.

…To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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