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Special Delivery

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This was one of the worse weeks I had ever had at my job. My boss was like a dictator, the way he was barking orders, and my clients were just plain impossible. So when lunch time came around on Friday I told my secretary I was headed home, and taking the rest of the day off. My wife as been at her mother’s all week and wasn’t getting home till Sunday night, so I planned on doing a lot of nothing, except for relaxing and spending some quality time with myself. When I arrived at the house I could almost taste the cold beer waiting for me inside. As I put my key in the front door I noticed a yellow slip hanging there. It was from the post man, he must have tried to deliver a package and since I was not home left it with my neighbor.

I was expecting a delivery so I figured I would go pick it up before I started my relaxing weekend. My neighbors were a younger couple that just moved in a few months ago. While I never actually meet them, except for the wave and hello that was exchanged as our paths crossed, I did know that they were very quiet, and he worked a lot. As I stood in front of the door I could hear faint music coming from inside. I rang the door bell, but there was no answer. After trying the bell again, with no luck I started to knock, I realized if they didn’t hear the bell they wouldn’t hear a light knock so I banged the door with my fist. The door opened slightly with my knock and I could hear the music louder. I put my head through the door and said “Hello, Hello? Anyone home”?

I quickly realized that the music was coming from out back by the pool, and that no one would hear me calling from in the house, so I proceeded though the house to the pool area. When I got to the sliding glass door I looked out. I couldn’t see anyone but by the waves in the water I knew someone was in the pool. I stepped out side and again said “Hello, Hello? Anyone out here?” There was no answer when all of a sudden a beautiful woman started up the ladder. I was shocked to see her naked body emerge from the water. She must not have noticed me since she went around the pool to the diving board. I was mesmerized by her beauty and took a bit of a side step so I would be partly hidden by the bushes, but could still watch her every move.

She was a knock out, her long blonde hair fell upon her full breasts. The way her body shined as the water ran down her flat stomach and over her soaked pubic area. I felt myself getting aroused watching her, as she bounced on the diving board before she entered the water with a perfect dive. My hand slid over my trousers pressing against my hardening penis, with my wife being away for the week I was extremely horny and very expectable to arousal. As my gorgeous neighbor climbed the ladder out of the pool, the water shimmered as it ran down her body. She stood there a moment wringing the water from her hair, and then started to walk toward the house; I was still mesmerized, as I didn’t move, as she was headed toward me.

She let out a loud scream, as she finally noticed me standing partly in the bushes. She tried to cover herself with her hands, which wasn’t very successful. I tried to explain myself to her as she was screaming, but I am sure she didn’t her a word I said. Then she realized who I was. “You’re the guy next door aren’t you?” she questioned me.

I stuttered a bit and replied “Yes.”

“Well what the hell are you doing in my back yard?” She asked with a bit of anger in web tasarım her voice. With that she quickly hurried to the patio table to put her robe on. I tried to explain that the post man put a notice on my door that a package was left there. “So that gives you the right to barge in on me?” I tried to answer but as soon as I opened my mouth she asked “and exactly how long where you watching me anyway?” I lied and said just a few seconds not wanting her to know that it was a few minutes.

After an awkward silence I said “My name is Steven, but you can call me Steve.”

“With what you just seen,” she said with a bit of a wicked smirk, “I think I can call you anything I want.” I let out a bit of a laugh and agreed with her. She then told me her name was Brenda. We chatted a bit, she told me that her husband and she loved the neighborhood but her husband is on the road a lot with work. I told her I understand how hard that is since my wife has been away the past week. After some small talk Brenda said, “Well the package is in the kitchen, come with me and I will get it for you.” So I followed her into the house, where my package was on the table. “Would you like a drink?” she asked. Since I had no where to go I graciously accepted.

I watched her every move as she got the glasses from the cabinet. Her bare feet seemed to glide over the tile in the kitchen. Her smooth legs moved under her robe. I couldn’t help but think about her naked body under that robe, the idea kept me in a state of excitement. When she turned and looked at me I quickly turned my head a bit so she wouldn’t know how intensely I was watching. Brenda walked toward me with a smirk that was to die for; she poured us each a drink. We had some more chit chat with our drinks, when out of the blue Brenda asked “So what exactly did you see out at the pool?” Her tone was very playful.

“Well,” I said with a bit of a pause, “I am not sure what I saw, but I’ll tell you I will never forget it.”

Once again she let out a giggle. “My husband has been gone for two days already, and will not be back till Sunday, and let me tell you that it gets to be a bit boring home alone.” she said out of the blue. I started to agree with her, but was distracted with what I saw. Brenda’s robe was coming open. I could see the side of her nipple against the plush fabric of her robe. When she noticed me staring she slid her finger over her nipple. With a devilish grin she said “Do you like what you see?”

“Oh yes'” I replied “It is very nice” I said.

I wasn’t sure what to do. Brenda was my neighbor and all, but she was also the most beautiful woman I had seen in a very long time. Before I started to think too much, Brenda unbuttoned my shirt, and let her hands rub over my chest. Her fingers slid over my nipples which were getting as hard as my dick. As her hands went down my chest to my stomach she looked at me and said. “This is very nice too.” Then without hesitation she pushed me against a barstool that was around the breakfast bar, and started to undo my pants. It wasn’t long till I was standing there with my shirt open and my shorts down around my ankles, with my manhood standing straight out from my body.

Brenda started kissing my chest; her tongue circled my nipples as her hands explored my body. Her kisses moved from my chest down my stomach till she was on her knees, with her face directly in front of my hard cock. She started to stroke web tasarım ankara my cock with her hand, as she looked up into my eyes and said “Looks like you were outside longer than a few seconds.” With that she slid her tongue up and down the length of my shaft, circling the head as she fondled my balls. Her lips parted and with a quick motion took my entire cock into her mouth. It felt as good as I was deep in her mouth, and her hand massaged my balls. It wasn’t long before I felt my knees getting weak. She was obviously enjoying her self as she was sucking me eagerly. I ran my fingers though her long blond hair, I could hear a soft moan from her with each bob of her head. I felt my balls fill with cum as her hand worked them franticly.

I coaxed Brenda up from her knees, and started kissing her neck with long wet kisses. My arms slid under her robe and wrapped around her naked body, holding her tightly against me. I whispered in her ear “Now it is my turn.” I turned her around so her back would be up against the breakfast bar. As we kissed passionately I lifted her up on the bar, I opened her legs so one was on either side of me. I kissed my way down her neck letting my tongue leave a wet trail down her body. Her nipples were hard with excitement as I took each one between my lips, one after the other. I continued kissing my way down her body, as her hands held my head as to push me farther down. When I was about to get to her hot spot I moved past it and started to kiss her inner thighs. I ran my tongue up and down her thighs till I heard her moans getting louder.

I let my lips rub against Brenda’s pussy, I could tell she was wet, but not from the pool. My tongue slid over her pussy, I could feel the heat of her body on my tongue. As I pressed harder against her pussy her lips opened for my tongue. Once inside her my tongue felt at home, sliding in and out of her pussy. Her hips rose up to meet me as I tasted her sweet juices. I slid my tongue out of her pussy and started to circle her clit. I could feel it swell with my tongue as her moans became louder. Her clit was hot as I slide my lips over it. I looked up at her, as I sucked her clit between my lips, I could see her holding her tits with her thumb working the nipples. With her clit between my lips my tongue darted over it, before I gently pulled on it, I rubbed my finger over her wet pussy. Slowly I started sliding my finger in. Her wet pussy accepted it hungrily. I wasn’t long till I was finger fucking her with long deep strokes as I started nibbling Brenda’s clit.

Brenda started thrashing her head back and forth as I slid a second finger in her wet hole. Her moans getting louder with passion was keeping my cock hard. “More fuck me more.” she moaned. I looked up at her and said “hand me that package I got”. As I fucked her with my two fingers I took the package from her. Knowing what I ordered I open the package. I can only imagine what Brenda was thinking, but I knew she would love what I got. Once the box was open I pulled my fingers out of her and took out a 6 inch dildo out of the box. I looked up at Brenda as she smiled when she saw the plastic toy. I had ordered it for my wife and me, but I thought it would be a shame not to use it now.

I slide the head of the dildo over her wet pussy, letting her own juices lube up the toy. Her fingers quickly went to work on her clit, rubbing it vigorously. It was great to watch her work her clit she knew exactly how she liked it, and was doing it her way. Brenda bit her lower lip as she slid her hand down to the dildo. With her breathing hard she said “Fuck me with that cock baby.” After hearing that there was nothing left to do, so I slide the dildo into her wet snatch. Her pussy lips went around the head of the dildo as she left out a moan. I put it in slowly inch by inch, and she took it all. Her moans became louder and more frequent with each thrust of the plastic cock. With a smooth motion I slide it almost all the way out, and then all the way back in. Fucking her slowly at first but getting quicker with each thrust.

With the plastic cock fucking Brenda with long full thrusts, I lowered my mouth to her clit. My tongue slid over her swollen clit, barely touching it. The moan Brenda let out was enough to tell me she was close to Cumming. I circled her clit before I sucked it between my lips sending her into frenzy. It wasn’t long till she was bucking and thriving as I worked her pussy with that dildo and worked her clit with my mouth. Then with a sudden motion Brenda sat up and said “Fuck me baby fill me with your hard cock.” watching her enjoy that dildo kept me hard and ready, so I didn’t give it a second thought. I slid the dildo out of her and helped her down from the breakfast bar. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply. Then without saying a word Brenda turned around and leaned against the bar, with her ass up in the air.

I stepped up behind her my hard cock fit perfectly between her legs. I could feel her wet cunt slide over me, as she moved back and forth. Brenda reached down and took my cock and guided it into her box. It felt so good being inside her; I wrapped my arms around her as we started moving together. My hands slid around her and cupped her full tits, as my cock filled her. Her nipples, between my fingers, were already hard as I rolled and pinched them. I slid my hand down her stomach and let my finger find her hot clit. When I started to rub it, Brenda thrashed her hair around back and forth. My dick pumped her with long full strokes, her moans where actually screams of delight as I rubbed her clit.

I could feel my balls tighten as I was ready to cum. Brenda must have knew I was ready since she looked over her shoulder and screamed “oh Fuck me; Fill me with you hot cum.” I was fucking her with all my might, when I felt myself start to cum. I exploded inside her hot cunt as she let out a wild scream. Her pussy seemed to milk the cum out of me. I ran my tongue over the back of her neck as I let my cock inside her as much as possible. Once I let myself slide out of her Brenda quickly turned and kissed me deeply. She looked me in the eyes and said ‘Oh thank you baby, you were great.”

“No thank you, you were wonderful and gave me just what I needed.” I replied.

As Brenda put her robe on she said “I hate to run but I am meeting my friends for drinks.”

“No problem Brenda I should head home anyway.” after saying that I put some of my clothes on and headed home.

I was taking a shower when I realized that I had left the dildo over at Brenda’s. At first I thought about going over to get It., but quickly changed my mind when I noticed the car in the driveway. Brenda’s husband must have gotten home early, so there was no way I was getting that dildo back before my wife gets home. I quickly called the company and had I new one sent overnight special delivery. It cost about three times as much as that actual dildo, but it was well worth it. Me, my wife and the second dildo spent many hours together as soon as she got home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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