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Sophie first noticed him when she saw him at the balcony adjacent to hers one night, a man with deep intense eyes, broad manly chest with a tattooed muscular arm in a tight tee, relaxing with a glass of red wine on one hand and a cigarette on the other. He had a magazine in front of him on the table where he sat and was focused intently on his reading with his earphones on. She gazed at him from where she was standing, leaning her body against the wall of her balcony, also with a lit cigarette in her hand. She then quickly turned her gaze away and continued to look at the night sky, while she felt a sudden warm and tingling sensation spreading through her body. Her heart started beating hard and fast. It has been a long time since she has experienced this, a feeling of total captivation towards the man she saw, and he seemed oblivious to her presence. She then quickly finished her cigarette and stole a last look at him, mesmerized by his charismatic presence and masculine looks before exiting the balcony and closing the door behind her.

It was a month to Christmas, her 10-foot Xmas tree was up early and her hard work at decorating it paid off. It was lit up with a double set of Christmas soft lights, with red and gold ornaments covering almost every inch of the tree. It emitted a warm glow and romantic yellow lights that created an ambience so different from the dull white fluroscent lighting that lit her entire rented apartment.

As the days and a fortnight passed, she was familiar with the timing when and where her new neighbour would be chilling out at his balcony, always with a glass of red wine, occasionally a cigar to go with it. He seems to be staying alone, as she has never noticed anyone else but him at his favourite spot. Occasionally she would hear sounds of laughter and banter from next door when he had guests over, but by late night, it was always silent.

The warm and tingling feeling sensation she initially felt for this stranger has become by then a deep longing and gnawing inside of her. She has been stealing glances at him for sometime now, whenever she has her nightly cigarette and hoping that he would be there, but never had the courage to face him directly and to introduce herself. He was just a stone throw away, she could easily have just waved and said hello, but perhaps having been living alone and never been out on dates with men for too long, it was a big step for her. She always had her back turned away from him to avoid eye contact. Moreover, she was afraid she might mutter something stupid or he might not find her interesting enough to carry a conversation beyond a hello and goodnight.

Christmas week finally arrived, and Sophie felt the quietness and emptiness even more so than before. As everyone else seem to be hustling and bustling preparing for parties and celebration, she did not have as many friends that she could go out with. Blaming herself for being such an introvert, she decided to do something she has not done before, to bring some excitement to this seemingly mundane existence of hers. She mustered her courage to try to get some attention from the man that has been in her thoughts constantly for the past weeks. At first she thought of dorning a sexy lingerie and making an apprearance during one of the nights at the balcony when he is there, getting a bottle of red wine and do a toast and an official hello.

Nah, that was a bit too cliché and it’s not something she thinks she could pull off smoothly. An idea came into her mind, crazy as it may seem, Sophie felt it would grab his attention, finally.

Sophie has been thinking hard and deep on how to break the ice with this handsome stranger next door. It was a cooling Friday night just after rain, she came back to her apartment after work, and as usual only silence greeted her. She turned on the lights of her Christmas tree, admiring again how grand it looked fully lit with the extra set of lights she put on, and the apartment immediately felt warm and cosy. She turned off the rest of the lights in her home, opened her balcony door wide and pulling aside the curtains to let some air in.

As she stood there looking out, she could hear a steady thump, strong bass beats coming from next door. Seemed that her neighbour was already home earlier and a very familiar song can be heard distinctively from where she was. He was not at his usual seat at the balcony, but she knew he had his balcony door wide open that she could hear so clearly her favourite trance song being played. Valhalla, an old trance song that only those that really dig this music genre would know.

Surprised and pleased to know he has a liking for trance music, for Sophie has been to many trance concerts and immersed herself in a euphoric state, moving her body sensuously to the melodic themes along with the thousands beside her. It was a transcedental experience, like sex, but this, Sophie could indulge on her own.

She knew what she had to do next. If only she hadn’t been so shy in getting to know him, perhaps she could be right there with him at that moment, having wine and enjoying the music together. Her heart raced again thinking of him, as she pulled off a bright golden star ornament ataşehir escort from her Christmas tree. With a marker pen, she wrote “Sophie” on one side of the star. She went to the balcony and tossed the star over to his side as it landed nicely on his table with a thud.

Sophie was shaking after doing that, as she hoped he would take notice of the star ornament. Whilst she waited, she lit her cigarette and sat at the balcony floor, not within sight but enough for her to listen to the music being played. She had multiple thoughts in her head, she was excited at the same time as she was afraid. Too shy to be seen, and yet the warm tingling sensation she felt when she first saw him was at a heightened state. She desperately wanted to know him but her fear of being rejected was greater.

After her second cigarette, Sophie was about to stand up when she heard a thud, and there it was, her golden star landed just at her feet. She picked it up, and behind her name, she saw the word “Dylan”. Feeling elated, Sophie knew the ice was broken. It was up to her to move the next chess piece.

She went quickly to get another golden star, and this time she decided to write more within the limited space: “I love Valhalla”. She tossed the second star over and it wasn’t long before she got her response from Dylan: “Trance fan?”. On the third star, she wrote: “Big fan!” and sent it whizzing over. She smiled as she knew she got his attention, totally unconventional, but it worked. Thoughts of whether he has a girlfriend or wife somewhere crept into her head.

As Sophie lit her third cigarette, she almost dropped her cigarette as she read Dylan’s reply:

“Come over”.

Part 3

Sophie was exhilarated by the sudden invitation from Dylan, she immediately got up and looked at her watch. Time was almost 8pm, on a Friday night. Usually she would be tucking in her dinner alone by this hour, but feeling almost esctatic, she has no room for hunger pangs then. It was just the images of Dylan in her mind, his almost perfect facial features, especially his eyes, and his overall manliness oozing out, from her many nights of quietly admiring him from afar.

She stared into her wardrobe and frantically flipped through her dresses back and forth. She has to decide what to wear that is neither too formal nor too casual. This was going to be the first meet for them and she wanted to be as feminine as possible, perhaps something that was figure hugging and hopefully able to draw his attention to her slim body. He is after all attractive, and probably wouldn’t settle for anything less than presentable, if not sexy in a woman, regardless whether he is attached or not.

After a quick shower, Sophie slid into a black tube dress, put on some simple make up and brushed her long silky hair, before finishing off with a few sprays of her rose scented perfume. She knew she was on the overdressed side, but heck, it made her felt good. With her strappy black heels, she was ready to meet the man that she has been obsessing about. It was not a date, but Sophie imagined it as one. Perhaps it might be more than a date, or worse, Dylan might not even be interested in anything more than a casual introduction and small talk on trance music and work. She had to shake off the thought of having any intimacy with him out of her head. Reality check, he just invited Sophie over to his home, as “neighbours”, he was not introducing her to his parents or looking for a wife. She just realised perhaps she should have just worn a pair of jeans and a tank top. Crap, it’s too late for that.

With a huge sigh and expectations all flying out of the window, Sophie stepped out of her apartment, and walked nervously over just a few steps to Dylan’s entrance, and pressed the doorbell.

Dylan was even better looking than what Sophie has been seeing from afar and the imagery she had of him. He was tall in person and looked atheletic and muscular. He greeted Sophie with a warm handshake, his broad smile was comforting and his deep set eyes gazed into her eyes gently as he led her in. To her surprise, he was smartly dressed in a mandarin collared dark blue shirt, sleeves rolled up midway and in jeans with his socks on. He looked as if he was on his way out to a function or an event.

“I’m so glad to finally meet you Sophie. I have to apologise for not having introduced myself to you earlier.”

Dylan showed her with a sweep of his hands at the multiple boxes piled up and stacked against the walls. It looked as if he has just moved in.

“I have been very busy settling in at work, and have tonnes of stuff to unpack still. I was from Singapore before this.”

Sophie was amazed at how simple his apartment appeared, just the bare minimum furniture and fixtures. She noticed some crates of what looked like wine bottles at one corner and nothing on the walls yet.

“Is this a bad timing for me to drop by? You seem to be headed out somewhere.”

Sophie politely asked, despite this sinking feeling inside her that this was only going to be a hello and nothing more.

“In fact, I was about to ask if you would like to join me and my friends for drinks at a new bar club nearby. kadıköy escort There has been some hype going on about the first ice bar in KL. “

Dylan smiled as he looked at Sophie in her elegant tube dress and heels.

“You’re totally dressed for the occasion. I love what you are wearing by the way.”

He gave her a raised eyebrow and another melting smile that made Sophie’s heart pound so hard she was worried she might lose her balance.

“Plus, we could get acquainted on the way there. So much I want to know about you Sophie, the mysterious neighbour that lit my Friday night with stars.”

Dylan teased Sophie as he grabbed his keys and turned off the hall lights.

“What say you?”

Dylan was a very chatty guy, and that made it a lot easier for Sophie to open up to him as she doesn’t easily connect quickly with anyone new. In the short drive over to the Curve, where the newly opened bar club and ice bar is located, they both exchanged their life stories briefly. Dylan was a sales engineer, he worked in Singapore for five years, and his family was based in Kelantan. Sophie commented that his features doesn’t look entirely Chinese, especially his deep set eyes and tan. He laughed and said that somewhere along the line, his ancestors might have had Thai blood and had some fun.

“You don’t look entirely Chinese to me either, Sophie.”

Dylan chuckled and gave her a soft pat on her thighs.

“I have noticed you since I moved in, you are very pretty do you know that?”

He looked at Sophie and gave her a fond gaze.

“I have been hoping that during one of your cigarette sessions at the balcony you would actually look over and said hi. I thought perhaps you must be really deep in thoughts and I did not want to disturb you.”

Sophie was flustered and flattered that he did take notice of her and she blushed at his compliment.

“You are not bad yourself. And, I like your tattoo very much. What does it mean?”

It was very obvious on his left forearm with his sleeves folded up. It spelled “Carpe Diem” with a Celtic cross over it.

“I did that in Thailand, and it means ‘Seize the day’. That’s my motto in life, less worry about tomorrow, live fully in the present.”

Sophie was about to ask him if he was attached or married or seeing someone, but Dylan interrupted her as they have reached the carpark. Before they got down, he gave her a playful look and said,

“Let’s both celebrate our new friendship tonight. Carpe Diem., I’m sure it would be memorable.”

He gave her a soft kiss on her cheek and exited the car.

The new bar club at the 1st floor of the Curve was very packed. Even from a distance, Sophie could see a long queue of youngsters and smartly dressed people waiting in line to get in. It was called “The Sanctuary”. It wasn’t just the name of the club. It was an all-in-one concept with restaurants, bars and what Dylan spoke of earlier, the highlight of the new club was The Ice Bar, first ever in Malaysia actually. According to him, drinks were served in an enclosed bar, with a room temperature maintained at between minus 10 to minus 15 degree Celcius. That sounded very interesting, Sophie thought to herself, as she loved the cold, and never missed an opportunity to catch winter in any country that she has travelled to. She can’t wait to check out this ice bar.

“Don’t worry, we don’t have to queue up as I have a friend in there under the VIP section.”

Dylan saw the apprehensive look on Sophie’s face as she stared at the beeline in front of them. Next thing she knew, Dylan took her hand and guided her through the crowded foyer, muttered something to the bouncer at the entrance and he waved them in.

The Sanctuary, had a state-of-the-art sound and light system, with high ceilings and the DJs hitting the deck with a mix of house and R&B music. Sophie and Dylan entered the VIP section which occupied the upper floor, and she was given a round of introduction to his friends. Good mix of guys and girls, about ten of them all seated around the cushions and sofa at one corner. They looked friendly, and Sophie found out later that most of them were Dylan’s high schoolmates. Dylan served Sophie a glass of whisky Coke as she really did not want to take beer that night. He took the effort to include Sophie in the group conversation, and stayed close to her throughout.

Sophie was leaning her body against his left shoulder and chest as there wasn’t much room for eleven seated people. She could feel his body warmth emanating through her as she was wearing a tube dress, fully baring her neck and slender shoulders. She could also smell his perfume, a familiar sweet and sporty scent. He occasionally brushed against her shoulder and his arm did graze her breasts several times, unintentionally of course in their tight position, and that sent Sophie to a new high. There, next to her was the man she has been crazily infatuated with and she could imagine herself kissing his neck softly and moving upwards to his lips. If only it was just the two of them. She felt slightly aroused, and she started to feel the wetness on her thongs, as she shook the thoughts of them kissing bostancı escort bayan passionately out of her head.

As Sophie took her second glass of whisky, Dylan said apologetically to her,

“Sorry, I know there’s no trance music here.”

Dylan made Sophie laughed as they both agreed the house music was not entirely their cup of tea.

“Come. Let’s go downstairs and check out the ice bar and see what the fuss is all about.”

Part 5

As Dylan and Sophie both made their way to the ice bar, the main dance hall of The Sanctuary was filled to the brim with party people. There was hardly any room to move, let alone manouvre to the other end of the hall where the ice bar was located. Dylan slipped his hands around Sophie’s waist and guided her through the sea of sweaty bodies dancing away, the loud cheers of toasts from the groups at the standing tables in all directions, passed the DJ console and finally to a corridor leading to the ice bar.

Sophie was overwhelmed by the crowd and was glad there was some space to breathe, though she wished Dylan could have held on to her longer. His hands were placed firmly at her waist earlier, she felt goosebumps running down her back and she could feel the wetness more so now on her thongs. She knew he was being a gentleman ensuring her well-being and safety, but that turned her on even more. It was the little moments where she could feel the firm grip of his hands on her body that built the mounting pleasure at her groin.

The Ice Bar was neon-lit blue from the outside and it was dim at the entrance. There stood a bouncer and an attendant explaining to everyone queued up that they needed to wear the jackets prepared, as it was going to be sub-zero temperature inside. Sophie was elated at the thought of spending some alone time with Dylan at the ice bar, and drinking in such cold conditions will be a definitely a new experience for her. Fortunately, there were still smaller sized jackets for her petite body and she put one on and watched as Dylan was selecting a jacket for himself. He did not zip up and Sophie caught a glimpse of his masculine chest, she could see vaguely his pectorals protruding through his shirt and she imagined how he would look if he had his shirt off. Sophie has always liked well built men. With Dylan’s height and his bulky frame, he really stood out amongst the crowd.

The moment they stepped into the ice bar, it was like a different world altogether. The décor was almost completely white. There was ice on the walls, frosted glass everywhere, a huge polar bear replica at the corner and soft blue lighting illuminated the entire bar. It wasn’t very big the size of the whole area. At the most, about eight people was able to fit comfortably inside, excluding the bartender and the standing stools. It was as expected, freezing cold, and Sophie started to shiver as she didn’t have any dinner, and not much alchohol to drink either prior to entering the place. Dylan immediately noticed that Sophie was shaking, he wrapped his arms around her and said,

“I think this is a good time to get you something that will surely warm you up.”

Rubbing her arms and back for awhile, he went straight to the bartender and asked if they served tequila shots. The bartender nodded.

“You okay with tequila, Sophie?”

By then, Sophie was willing to down any shots as long as they helped with the cold. She hugged Dylan tight burying her face against his back as he ordered the shots, requesting for extra lemon slices and salt.

He then handed Sophie the first shot of tequila and asked her to down it as quickly as she can. They both did, and immediately Sophie could feel the warmth spreading across her neck and chest.

“I think I’m going to need a lot more than that, and definitely some lemon and salt.” She laughed and reached out for her next tequila shot, seating herself on top of a barstool.

“Hang on!”

Dylan stopped Sophie, and suggested they try something a little more adventurous. He took some salt and spread some on Sophie’s neck, and then on his own. He looked intensely into her eyes, and said to her cheekily,

“You can have the lemon slice, after the salt.”

Sophie was taken aback, but her heart raced as she knew what Dylan wanted her to do. She raised her shot of tequila, did a bottoms-up and gave a flirty smile at him before pulling him close and licked the salt slowly off his neck. Dylan did the same and Sophie felt his tongue flicked gently just below her chin. Very quickly, he took a slice of lemon and put it into his mouth, but only partially. He lifted Sophie’s chin and pushed the lemon slice into her parted lips. She took the lemon from him and sucked on it. The both of them locked gazes with each other for a moment. Sophie removed the lemon slice from her mouth, and next thing she knew, Dylan’s lips was on hers. He held her face in his hands and kissed her on her quivering lips. There was this feeling like a flame burning down her throat from the tequila, but even greater was the sudden heat all over her body as she kissed him back. Her mind was spinning, she could see his smouldering eyes, with his almost perfect features looking back at her. She felt this immense urge to just continue kissing him but she was conscious of the people around looking at them nonchalently. All she could think of was this burning desire for him, but right there she just gave him a hug and rested her head on his chest.

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