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Staying with the Mother in Law

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It had not been my idea, in fact it was my girlfriend’s suggestion to stay with her mum for over 3 weeks.

Let me explain.

It was a time of change at work for me. There had been a management ‘restructuring’ take place, which meant a lot of the work had been moved round. My job was included in this however being the optimist I saw it as an opportunity to move my career in a different direction. My current role had become stale and so I was fortunate enough to find a new role in a new area. It was a big move with more responsibility and new skills were required, so as part of the hiring process I was asked to attend a 3 and a half month training course in the midlands.

My company had booked me into a cheap hotel an hour drive from the location of the course, not the most convenient location, however there was nowhere closer available at such short notice.

The day I received the good news about the new job I had gone home after work and told my girlfriend of 5 years, Tracey. She was obviously happy for me, for us, but when I told her about having to be away for so long she was understandably upset. However she accepted it as she knew I couldn’t pass on the opportunity. I told Tracey about the hotel they had booked for me and she laughed.

“That company of yours, they can’t make it easy can they. That’s gonna be a 2 hour round trip every day to attend a course they want you to attend? Is there not anything closer?” she asked.

“They said not. It’s gonna be a pain but i’ll manage,” I replied.

Tracey had a quick think and then her face lit up as if a light bulb had been switched on in her head.

“My mum! She literally lives 5 minutes away from the place you need to go. Why don’t you stay with her?” she said.

“Oh, I don’t know Trace, stay with your Mum for nearly 4 months? I’m not sure I can handle that,” I replied.

“It won’t be that bad,” she said, punching my arm lightly. “Besides you’ll be at your course all day and she’ll likely be working till late evening so you’ll probably hardly see her. If you keep your hotel booking in place you can always go back there if she does your head in too much.”

I wasn’t too keen on the idea but I had to admit it kind of made a lot of sense. Tracey’s mum, Emma, literally lived a 5 minute walk away from the course location so I would save a ton of time and money if I stayed with her. I had never been to Emma’s place as she always came to visit us, but Tracey told me she had quite a large 1 bedroom apartment with separate lounge, kitchen/diner and a large bathroom. I thought it might be a little cozy but if the lounge was big enough then it might not be so bad.

The weeks passed and it had all been arranged. I was to drive up to Emma’s after work on the Friday and settle in ready for an early start on Monday. The drive was long and I was glad to finally arrive just after 11 pm.

I pulled into the drive and got out the car. Emma greeted me at the front door in her dressing gown and slippers. I decided to leave my suitcase in the car for tomorrow so headed straight in with an overnight bag I had put together for convenience. Emma gave me a hug, which seemed to last a while longer than I expected, and a kiss on the cheek. Her perfume filled my nostrils and I took a deep breath. Damn she smelt good!

She led me into the lounge and told me to sit.

“You must be tired after your long drive. Can i bring you a drink? Tea, coffee, or I have a few cold beers in the fridge,” she offered.

“Beer would be lovely, thanks.” I replied.

She headed out to the kitchen to fetch the drink. I took a good look around while I waited. Emma had a good eye for design. It was minimalist without being sparse, and everything was well proportioned and laid out in a very organised way. I could see where her daughter got it from!

Emma returned a few moments later with a beer for me and a glass of white wine for herself and we sat on the L-shaped sofa, which turned out was a sofa-bed and where I would be sleeping during my stay. We chatted for a while about this and that and finished our drinks before I looked at the clock. It was nearly 11:30 and I instinctively yawned.

“Gosh is that the time?” she said. “I’d better be going to bed. Can I leave you to figure out the sofa-bed? I’ve not actually used it myself.”

“Sure, no problem Emma, and thanks again for letting me stay while I do this training.” I said, standing.

“Anytime Simon, you’re more than welcome to stay as long as you need. Besides it will be good having someone around for a while,” she said smiling.

She gave me another hug and I inhaled her scent as the smell of her perfume washed over me. Again she hugged me longer than I would consider to be normal and my hands rested on her back. I could tell from the lack of bra strap she didn’t have much on underneath the robe and with her breasts pressing against my chest my cock involuntarily grew slightly in my trousers. Emma pulled away from me and smiled, illegal bahis wishing me a good night and disappeared out of the lounge and headed to bed.

My mind was going 100 mph. I had never thought of my girlfriend’s mother in any way other than just that, my girlfriend’s mother, but suddenly out of nowhere other feelings were beginning to stir from within me. More precisely, from within my pants! I brushed the thoughts aside for now. I was tired and needed to figure out the sofa-bed. It didn’t turn out to be very hard and I soon had it laid out. I took the sheets Emma had left on the side and made up the bed and after stripping off down to my boxers I got into bed and was soon drifting off.

In what felt like only an hour or so I woke with a stabbing pain in my back. I hadn’t noticed at first but the mattress the sofa company had provided was ridiculously thin. I tried to get comfortable but no matter what I tried I couldn’t ease the discomfort. I resorted to returning the sofa to its original state and finally managed to drift off again.

It was light when I woke, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled my nostrils. I stretched after what was a terrible nights sleep and got up, putting on my robe which I had thoughtfully packed into my overnight bag. I headed into the kitchen and Emma was stood by the coffee machine. She was wearing only her nightgown; a knee-length silky garment which hugged her body and complimented her curves. I had to admit she really did look good for a lady her age. She had shoulder-length blonde hair tied up in a knot. Her skin was lightly tanned; perks of early retirement with time to enjoy the sun. She had a happy disposition, a sparkle in her eyes and an infectious smile. I could imagine it would be hard to stay in a bad mood with her around.

“Good morning love, how did you sleep?” she asked, handing me a cup of coffee which I gratefully took from her.

I didn’t want to offend her, but I thought it better to be truthful about the mattress so she would know for next time someone came to stay.

“Good morning Emma. Not too well I’m afraid,” I said. “The mattress on the sofa bed is a bit thin so it was a little uncomfortable. I ended up putting the sofa back together and lay on that.”

“Oh Simon, I’m so sorry about that, I had no idea.” She touched my arm sympathetically. “I’ll get on the phone to the sofa company this morning and ask them if they sent the correct one. In the meantime if you want to go for a nap in my room you’re more than welcome.” she offered.

“Thanks Emma, I may take you up on that and go for a nap this afternoon if that’s OK?” I asked.

“Of course, it’s there whenever you need it. My bed is extremely comfortable so you’ll have no trouble getting some sleep. What about tonight though? Do you think you’ll be OK on the sofa or is it too uncomfortable?” she asked.

“I’ll give it a try tonight and see how I get on,” I replied. “What are your plans for today anyway?” I asked, trying to lighten the mood.

“Well, after I get off the phone I think i’ll go down to the shops and see if anything takes my fancy. How about you?” she asked.

“I just need to grab my suitcase and get unpacked. Other than that I have no plans.” I said.

“You’re welcome to join me if you like? We could maybe go grab some lunch somewhere?” she asked.

“Sure, that sounds nice, you can show me around the area while we’re out,” I replied.

“It’s a date!” she said, and we both laughed.

We drank our coffees and Emma busied herself in the kitchen making us both some toast and a fresh brew. I watched her as she floated around the kitchen, moving with grace and elegance, dressed in only her nightgown. Every now and then when she bent over to reach for something out of the lower cupboards she would either face away from me, presenting her shapely behind to me, or face towards me offering a view of her cleavage. I was pretty certain she wasn’t wearing any underwear and my mind began to wander as I started to think about her in a sexual way.

She would often reach up to the higher cupboards causing the gown to stretch, the outline of her breasts becoming more pronounced and her thighs being revealed as the gown rode up her legs. I noticed my cock was starting to react to the show as I couldn’t help but stare. I didn’t want to make it too obvious but I couldn’t draw my eyes away from her. What was I thinking? This was my girlfriend’s mum. Totally out of bounds but my self control was beginning to fade as lust gradually started to take over my mind.

Emma finished her breakfast and said she was going to take a shower and get dressed. I watched her as she headed out of the kitchen into the hallway, her behind swaying with every step, and my hand instinctively moved to my cock, feeling the hardness growing under my robe. I slowly rubbed myself, which didn’t help matters, and it grew to full strength inside my boxers. I resisted the urge to take it out for fear of Emma coming back into the kitchen. illegal bahis siteleri Instead I finished my coffee and headed back into the lounge and tidied up the sofa, folding the sheets and putting them to one side.

I really needed a pee so I wandered around, realizing I hadn’t actually asked where the bathroom was and was pained to find out the only one was in her en-suite. Obviously I had to wait for her to finish in the shower so I sat on the sofa, listening out for any sign she had got out. After only a few minutes I heard the water turn off and her bathroom door open up. I quickly went to her bedroom door and knocked.

“Emma, really sorry to disturb you, may I use your bathroom quickly? I really need to use the toilet!” I asked hurriedly.

“Of course love, come in,” she replied.

I slowly opened the door and stepped into her bedroom. Emma was sat on the edge of her bed with just a towel wrapped around her. She was drying her hair with another towel, smiling at me as I entered her bedroom. I gawped as I stood there, half staring at her wet skin, her breasts only just being covered by the towel which offered a fantastic view of her cleavage.

“It’s just through there,” she said, pointing towards another door. “I’m finished in there so go ahead and use the shower if you like. There are fresh towels in the cupboard next to the bath.”

“Thanks,” I said, and nearly ran towards the bathroom.

I closed the door and realized there was no lock, although I figured why would one person living alone need one? I went to the toilet and took off my robe and relieved myself. I decided I may as well take a shower seeing as I was in there but I didn’t have any shower gel with me as it was packed in my suitcase. I looked around and found something of Emma’s that would do for now, some kind of shower cream that smelt pretty good, and so I jumped into the shower and turned on the water. Suddenly I heard a voice.

“Sorry Simon, I forgot something, don’t mind me.” Emma had come in to the bathroom and wandered over to the sink.

She was wearing only a bra and had the towel wrapped around her waist. My cock instantly got hard and I struggled to hide it from view, failing miserably and knocking over the bottle of shower cream in the process.

“Shit,” I stammered nervously, while I simultaneously tried to pick up the bottle of shower cream and hide my dignity at the same time.

“Oh don’t worry Simon, I’ve seen it all before, although I must say you’ve grown since the photos of you as a young boy that Tracey showed me last time I was down to visit.” She chuckled while she grabbed her can of deodorant from the cupboard and left. “Very nice by the way,” she said, winking and turned to leave the bathroom leaving the door slightly ajar.

I could tell I was beetroot red from embarrassment but massively turned on at the same time. I tried to process what just happened. My mother in law just saw me with a raging boner and I pictured her in my head with her ample breasts filling her bra. I needed to jerk off badly. I glanced towards the door wondering if I could get away with it and couldn’t help but notice Emma was still in view the other side of the door. She stood with her back to me and let the towel drop to the floor. Her naked ass in full view as she reached for the panties that were on the bed. Was she giving me a show on purpose? I couldn’t help but think that she was as she bent over holding the underwear so she could step into them. It wasn’t light enough to see between her legs but I slowly rubbed my cock as she pulled the panties up her legs teasingly before finally stepping to the side out of sight to finish getting dressed.

I thought I couldn’t risk getting caught rubbing one off so I quickly finished in the shower and stepped out grabbing a towel and wrapping it around my waist. My cock had softened just enough to not cause too much of a bulge through the towel and I slowly opened the bathroom door stepping out into Emma’s bedroom.

Emma saw me leaving and I glanced over, just in time to see her looking directly at the front of my towel. Was she hoping to see me with an erection again? She started talking to me whilst she applied her makeup, not that she needed it I thought.

“Nice shower love?” she asked.

“Err yes, thank you,” I replied and started to head out of her room.

“Before you leave would you mind giving me a hand with this necklace?” she asked.

“Of course Emma,” I replied and walked over to where she handed me a thin silver chain.

“Please, call me mum, if that’s not too weird for you?” she said, smiling.

“Of course…Mum.” I replied.

I took the necklace from her and fumbled with the clasp as I stood behind her. That perfume again! I breathed in and the scent filled my nostrils. My senses were on overdrive. I looked over her shoulder into the mirror and could see in the reflection that she was looking directly into my eyes. This made me fumble even more and I dropped canlı bahis siteleri the necklace by her feet.

“Oops,” she said, and bent down to pick it up, her face now inches from my cock.

I couldn’t bare it and the blood flowed heavily filling my penis causing the towel to tent outwards. Emma stood, handing me the necklace, smiling, her eyes sparkling. I took it from her and she turned and this time I was able to perform basic hand functions successfully, securing the clasp at the first attempt.

“Thanks love,” she said. “I’ll see you in the kitchen when you’re ready.”

Without saying anything I left her bedroom and headed for the lounge, my temporary bedroom. I couldn’t believe what an affect this woman was having on me right now. I quickly got dressed, managing to pack my erection away, and put my dirty clothes into my overnight bag. Picking up my keys I went to the car and swapped the bag for my suitcase, hauling it into the hallway, and walked through to the kitchen. Emma had made another coffee for me and was on the phone to the sofa company. I managed to catch the end of the conversation:

“So the mattress is the correct one for that bed? It seems a little thin, is there not something you can do? Perhaps send a replacement? And how much would that cost? Really? Oh dear no I don’t think I want to pay that much. OK, well thanks anyway. Bye.” She turned to me after putting down the phone.

“I’m sorry love, they said that is the correct mattress, and it’s supposed to be that thin because a thicker one wouldn’t fold properly when you change it back into a sofa,” she said.

My heart sank. I didn’t think I’d be able to cope with that bed for nearly 4 months.

“Ok no problem Emma, maybe I should look into moving into the hotel that my company originally booked for me,” I replied.

“Well, there is one other option,” Emma said, taking a sip of her coffee. “I’m not sure whether you would want to but it’s an option nonetheless.”

“Go on,” I asked.

“Well my bed is rather large, a king size I think, and so two people could easily fit comfortably without being in each other’s pockets,” she said. “You’re more than welcome to share it with me if the sofa is too uncomfortable for you. I’d feel terrible if you had to resort to going back to that cold and lonely hotel on your own for that length of time.”

I gave it some thought. After my growing desires for this woman I feared that sharing a bed may put me into a situation like getting a hard on while laying next to her with next to no clothes on. On the other hand I certainly couldn’t sleep on the sofa for much longer, and I really didn’t want to have to stay in the hotel and travel 2 hours a day to and from the training center.

“Thanks for the offer Emma,” I finally said. “I’ll see how I get on tonight on the sofa and make up my mind in the morning if that’s OK?”

“Of course love,” she said, smiling.

We sat and chatted while we finished our coffees. Neither of us mentioned the bathroom ‘incident’ from earlier, which put my mind at rest but at the same time left me wondering if I had just built it up in my head. Especially now that Emma had asked me to share her bed, she surely couldn’t be wanting anything more than just sleep! I decided to try and put it out my mind and not think about it anymore.

I asked Emma where she wanted to go this morning and where she would like to go for lunch. I insisted it would be my treat as a thank you for letting me stay and finally she relented.

“Oh well if you really insist, thank you love,” she smiled. “I need to go and pick up a couple of online orders but I also wanted to go and get a few things. There’s a new dress I want but there isn’t any stock online anywhere. Would you mind? Sorry it may be a bit of a boring morning for you. I don’t mind going on my own and meeting you for lunch if you’d rather?”

“Of course I don’t mind, it’s not every day I get to spend the morning with my favorite mother-in-law,” I replied.

Emma smiled and was that a faint blush I could see in her cheeks? We finished our drinks and I picked up my keys as we left and got into the car.

We drove around a few places so Emma could pick up her orders and we chatted non-stop. We seemed to get on easily. Of course I knew we could hold a conversation from the many times she had visited, but Tracey had always been there and the conversations mostly evolved around things they enjoyed as mother and daughter. I was usually just a prop who joined in with the odd dutiful comment or two when required. But with just the two of us here and now I found it surprisingly comfortable being around her. We eventually parked at a clothes store and we both got out and headed inside. Emma looked like she was ready to shop.

“Feel free to have a wander around, see if there is anything you like. I might even buy you something as a treat for being my favorite son-in-law,” she grinned, and floated off to the women’s wear department.

I had a look around but there wasn’t much that I liked. After half an hour or so I decided to go and see how she was getting on so I casually strolled over roughly to where I thought she would be. Just then I received a text message from Emma.

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