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Stephanie Pays a Visit to My Office

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Credit is due to Kitten515 who was the inspiration for this story. Together, she and I collaborated to bring this to you. Enjoy.


Work had been hectic over the course of a couple of weeks leaving me little time to think on things I would rather think on. Projects and paperwork consumed me. In all of this, I had not been able to pay much attention to Kitten a/k/a Stephanie.

Thankfully, she is very understanding and has always respected my work. For that I was grateful. Nevertheless, I was missing “quality” time with her, but, there was little I could do about it at the moment. The demands of my profession were eating me alive!

As often as I could during this busy time, I would send short messages to her about my workload being heavy, filled with meeting and business trips, but offering hope that someday soon, we would be together to catch up on what we had missed. Always graceful, understanding, and accommodating and being the lady she is, I know she could sense how tired, frazzled, and frustrated I was in my messages to her.

On this day however, things were going to change.

I did not know, but, Stephanie had taken it upon herself to pay a visit to my office. She came to the office building where I work making her way through the building until she found my office.

Piles of papers were stacked high on my desk and I was turned to my computer hammering out a proposal in Excel. My eyes were weary and tired, my hair disheveled and getting whiter than it should be, and my nerves were frazzled by C-level IDIOTS demanding reports while low level END-USERS were complaining about their FUCKING applications not WORKING because they CLICKED on something they shouldn’t HAVE! I heard a tap on my door expecting to see yet ANOTHER co-worker with yet ANOTHER petty problem and blurted out, “WHAT NOW!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” a familiar voice responded.

“Stephanie, what are you doing here?” I started to stand up but she motioned with her hands for me to sit back down.

“I am so sorry I blurted out at you. I was expecting it would be a co-worker needing something, not you! Candidly darling, I’m very happy to see you but I have a ton of work to get through.”

Stephanie closed my office door, locked it, then turned to me and said, “Ten minutes is all I want from you.”

My mind shifted from grueling work demands to wonderment as to what she had in mind. “Okay darlin, let me close this spreadsheet out and then you have my full attention.” I turned to my computer, made a couple of clicks then turned back to her.

To my surprise, Stephanie had slipped her long winter coat over her shoulders and opened the front of it with her hands planted on her hips holding the open coat in place. With calculated movements, she slowly let the coat slide over her arms reveling that she was only clothed in a white teddy and white thigh highs and letting the coat fall to the floor.

“I think you need this.” she said.

My face lit up and a big smile came across my lips, not to mention the wonderful feeling of the stirring in my Dockers!

Smiling at me Stephanie said, “My goodness Doug, your tired eyes don’t look as tired now, and you seem to be much more at ease!”

“Indeed I am at ease gorgeous!” I replied.

Licking my lips, my eyes travel from her face, down her chest and towards her legs. Suddenly, the thought of working vanished. I smiled and gave her a come hither movement with my index finger, swiveling the desk chair away from the desk and towards Stephanie.

As only she can do, Stephanie saunters over to my desk and stands before me. Sliding her fingers under the straps of the teddy, she pushed them down over her shoulders. The nightie slips off and onto the floor. My eyes soaking up her offerings of only a white thong and stockings.

Taking my hands into hers, she moves them on her breasts, pushing them together. Our fingers merge and massage the alabaster flesh then pinch and pull the light pink rose buds until they are hardened protuberances.

Needing this so badly, my mouth replaced my hands on her skin while her hands continue cupping her breasts together as she fed my mouth. With abandon, bahis firmaları my tongue licks around the areola, switching from one breast to the other. My tongue flicking her nipples then my mouth forms a suction on one.

She moans out, “Oh Doug, you naughty man, you are going to leave a mark.”

Releasing the lock I had on her nipple, I smile devilishly, “Yes, baby, I know.”

I alternated using my tongue and teeth on her tit causing low sighs to escape from her mouth. Her fingers were running through my hair, stroking the scalp, watching me enjoying her sweet offerings.

I lowered my right hand and headed straight for her hot pussy when she said, “Okay baby. That is enough of that for the time being. Now, lean back in your chair. I have plans for you.”

Stephanie pulls back and lowers herself down on her knees between my legs. She slowly unbuckles my belt, unbutton and unzip my pants. The look in her eyes was filled with enjoyment and passion.

“Mmmmm, there is that bulge I love to worship. Does it feel good Doug to get hard for Kitten?” she asked.

“Oh darling. Oh sweet baby girl. You have no idea how good it feels to get hard from admiring your body and the anticipation you bring.” I replied.

She runs her hand along my boxer briefs, touching the hardened mass underneath them. I raise my hips as she pulls my pants down then my underwear. My erection springs out and a big smile came across Stephanie’s pretty face as she licked her lips and said, “Mmmm baby, what a gorgeous sight of solid, pulsating, man flesh!”

By now, clear pre-cum was flowing steadily out of the slit in the head. ” I can’t let this deliciousness go to waste baby.” Her tongue lapped up the clear liquid, swirling around the head, over and over again. Her eyes were focused on my face, and my eyes were fixated on her talented mouth and tongue.

“Sweet Stephanie, you have a luscious mouth and wicked tongue. Work your naughty magic on me darling.” My hand pats her face then moved to her hair, running my fingers through it.

Many times Kitten has done this to me, but this time, the risk of being caught or seen created an even more excited moment in time. I leaned back to enjoy what was to come!

She slowly lowered her mouth and her lips slid over the swollen head of my cock then further down the shaft. With saliva dribbling from her lips and down my cock as she toke more and more of it inside. Her small hand cradled my balls, softly squeezing them, causing me to moan loud.

With her other hand at the base of my shaft, she started rubbing the cock, up, down, up, down. Feeling the head touching far in the back of her mouth.

Sliding my cock out of her mouth, Stephanie looks at me with lust in her eyes and says in a guttural tone, “I want to deep throat your throbbing cock baby and feel your cum spurt down my throat.”

Wow. What man wouldn’t want to hear that and to accommodate a woman wanting to do that to him!

Relaxing her throat muscles she slid more of my cock deeper. I then felt her humming against my cock, causing vibrations against my skin. I groan out as she moves her mouth back up my cock then sliding back down, deep throating and gagging on it.

The gagging caused her saliva to become thick and sticky wet. Again, she dropped down on my cock and gobbled it deep. Holding it for a moment then pulling off of it gagging and breathing hard.

This made my primal desire to come forefront. “Come on Stephanie, suck this cock. Shove it in the back of your mouth and swallow the hard fucker!” She responded by cramming my cock meat in her mouth and deep to the back of her throat over and over.

I felt her hand wrap around the base of my cock and she starts moving it along with her mouth, rubbing the spit up and down its length while her other hand caressed my balls feeling them tightening, knowing a salty treat will be filling her mouth sooner than later.

My fingers, full of red hair are now pulling, controlling the movements of her mouth. My groans become louder as my thrusts into her mouth and deep in her throat.

“FUCK…STEPHANIE…OHHHHH!!” I cry out! Three quick jerks, and my hands clamp down on her head and salty cum showered the kaçak iddaa back of her throat just like she asked for.

My hot discharge was dripping from the corners of her mouth, running down my cock and onto my balls. Looking down watching my cum ooze from her mouth down onto my cock was exhilarating and erotic.

Slowly she withdrew her moth off my pulsing cock and her tongue gingerly licked the sensitive head, cleaning it as her hands massaged the cum over my shaft and balls.

Her eyes looked up into my face as I looked down at her smiling. I run my fingers along her jawline up to her wonderful mouth. With my thumb, I trace along her bottom lip, wiping the last traces of my orgasm into her open mouth which she eagerly accepted and swallowed.

Patting my legs, I say, “Come here baby.”

Rising up off her knees she settles into my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and shoulders. Resting her head on my shoulder as I run my fingertips up and down her stockings.

Turning my head towards her I kiss her softly on the lips. I look past Stephanie at the clock on the wall and say to her, “We still have five minutes left.”

A wicked smile came across Stephanie’s lips. “Just five minutes?” she asked.

“Yes sweet lover, five minutes will be all I need to make you feel good.”

I push papers off the desk and into the floor. Sitting in my chair, I command, “On the desk Stephanie.”

“With pleasure baby” she replied and crawled on the desk, leaned back on two hands and spread her legs wide open for me.

Looking at Stephanie on my desk, with her white thigh highs on, and legs spread I say, “Sweet Stephanie, you knew exactly what I needed and I know what you need baby.”

Stephanie reached down with her right hand, and spread her pink pussy lips wide for me giving me a visual thrill that she knows how to do. “Do you mean Doug is hungry for a juicy, wet, pussy?”

I looked at her sweet pussy, then with my eyes, I looked up her silky skin, past her stiff nipples to her pretty face and could only shake my head in agreement.

“The clock is ticking baby, and time is money.” she commented.

That is all it took to kick me into high gear. I pushed my chair back, knelt on the floor and buried my face in her awesome pussy. Immediately, moans and groans escaped Stephanie’s lips as my mouth assaulted her wetness.

Stephanie released her wet pussy lips and leaned back on the desk watching me eat her pussy. I did not look up, but knowing Stephanie, I am confident she had one hand on one of her nipples rolling and squeezing it.

I reached up and squeezed her pussy lips together and licked up and down her wetness. I slid my tongue between her pink lips and tongue fucked her slit. My tongue darting in and out of her juicy pussy making Stephanie moan and purr. Licking up and down, then darting my tongue in and out.

“Oh god baby, that is divine” Stephanie muttered. “I am close baby, do it more”

Hearing her words, I inserted two fingers into her hot pussy and started finger fucking it. My mouth found her nub and with my tongue I gave it a good lashing flicking it up and down.

“Oh baby, I am so close” she mumbled. “Eat my pussy Doug, eat it good baby, like you did in Pittsburgh…Oh fuck baby…almost!”

I locked my mouth on her clit and licked her stiff nub hard while my fingers furiously fucked in and out of her pussy.

“Baby…baby…I am cumming…ughhhhhh…yes…YES DOUG, I am CUMMMINGGGG!”

Stephanie’s body stiffened and she grabbed my head and held it tight between her wide open legs as her orgasm took her.

I lifted my head from between her legs. My face wet with her juices. Stephanie’s body was shaking as her orgasm subsided.

“Kiss me Doug.”

I stood up, and we kissed deeply. Like a sweet Kitten, she licked my face clean of her nectar. Her tongue tenderly licking the wetness from my face, lips and mouth.

I sat back in my chair, and Stephanie sat on the edge of my desk with her legs crossed. I said, ‘Sweet Stephanie, you were correct. I truly NEEDED this visit from you!”

My phone buzzed and someone asked if I could assist them with a computer issue. I replied and told them I was in the middle of kaçak bahis a project and could get to it in 15 or so minutes.

I smiled at Stephanie and said, “So darlin, any ideas for the next 15 minutes?”

Stephanie smiled, stood up, turned toward the desk, leaned over, putting her hands onto the desktop and presented me with her sweet ass. “I could think of something to help make the time more pleasurable.”

Looking over her shoulder at me, she shook her soft ass at me and said, “The clock is ticking.”

Taking in the sight of her naked body and china skin ass cheeks, I rise up from my chair, “Kitten do you know I often I sit in my office thinking about you?” My hand brushes her hair off her shoulder then I place a kiss on it.

Jokingly she said, “Is that why you are so behind in your work today?”

Playfully I swat her bottom causing her to shriek. I raise my index finger to my lips, signaling her to be quiet. My cock, now rigid and ready for action after that deep throat fucking, brushed against the back of her thighs while my mouth continues placing kisses across her back.

Reaching around her, my hands work at kneading her soft lobes causing her nipples to stiffen. Moaning Stephanie says, “Oh god baby! The way you touch my tits makes me weak but wanting more. Your touch makes my pussy drip with anticipation to take your hard shaft.”

She leaned her head back onto my shoulder and moaned as I peppered kisses under her ear, and down her neck. Raising her hands, she reached behind, touching the back of my head as I feel my cock slip between her legs, rubbing against her wetness.

The smell of our mixed scents lingering in the air. My passion grew and I replaced kisses with bites on her neck causing her to moan and push her ass back onto my pelvis indicating to me that Stephanie was ready to be taken.

Whispering into her ear. ” But one idea never came into my mind…” I pause my thought as my hands grips her shoulders, plunging my cock inside of her…”Fucking you on my desk.” Stephanie took in a sharp breath then slowly exhaled, savoring the fullness of my cock sliding deep into her pussy.

Sliding my hands from her shoulders to her waist, I pull her back onto my cock. In low tones I moan out, “Now Kitten, let’s fuck and cum together.”

Stephanie leans forward onto my desk her hands grasping the edge and says, “Yes baby. I am yours to take and to screw all you want. Now fuck me baby.”

Looking at the clock, we were down to five minutes before I had to return to work. With the clock ticking down, I began pumping her pussy furiously. Each thrust was met with her pushing back against me.

Looking down, I watch as my cock sawed in and out of her wet pussy coating it with her nectar and making smacking noises with each thrust. Deep guttural sounds escaped Stephanie’s mouth as I pounded her.

“Fuck it more baby, I am close.” She said.

Grabbing her hips, I was lifting her off the desk and with force driving my cock in and out of her. “I am going to cum Stephanie” I moaned.

With her hands now on the desk and pushing hard back against me, “Oh god baby, I AM ALREADY CUMMING!”

I shoved my cock meat in one last time and moaned, ‘Fuck baby! I am cumming.” And shot wads of cum deep in her pussy.

I reached under Stephanie and stood her up as my pulsing cock slipped from her dripping slit. She was breathing hard and I turned her around and kissed her deep. I looked at the clock and we had three minutes left.

“Thank you Kitten, you are exactly what I needed baby. And we have three minutes to spare!”

“My pleasure Doug. I enjoyed “coming” in your office.” She said with a big smile.

We pulled ourselves together.

“Before you go Kitten, I have something to show you.”

Turning to my computer, I made a couple of clicks and on my monitor was a video replaying everything we had done!

Kitten squealed and said, “You bad, bad, naughty man!”

Smiling at her, I said, “Perhaps I am baby, but you are a bad, bad, naughty woman. How about I bring a DVD of this over tonight and we can watch it together when time will not be against us?”

“I will leave the light on and the door unlocked Doug.” Then she turned and walked out of my office just as a male co-worker was coming in to my office.

“Doug, wow, who was that?” he asked.

“Oh, just someone I enjoy spending ‘time’ with.” I said. Now, what the FUCK do you want?”

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