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Straight to the Point

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I followed him into the room, his steps quick and heavy while mine were hesitant. When he asked me to talk alone, he didn’t sound happy.

As soon as I walked through the threshold, he said, “Shut the door.”

I shut the door quietly and turned around, but before I could get one word out, he had shoved me against the door resulting in a loud thump and his lips were on mine. One of his large hands held my face, angling it up to meet his, where the other supported the back of my neck. My eyes were first wide with surprise before shutting slowly.

A soft moan came from his throat and he deepened the kiss as soon as he felt my lips respond. His mouth eased mine open and his tongue dipped in.

Before I was ready, he pulled away. My eyes opened to see his face flushed and his chest moving quickly with heavy breaths. I swallowed. My hands were clutching at his black button-up shirt, but I didn’t remove them.

I finally found my voice. “What was that about?” I asked softly.

He didn’t respond, but only watched me with a desperate look on his face. Then, he just shook his head and kissed me again.

This time it was harder, more desperate. He wrapped both arms around my torso and pulled me hard against him. My hands raised up to caress his face as he nipped at my bottom lip.

Before I knew it, he had lifted me up in his arms, and I wrapped both of my legs around him. His hands supported my butt as he walked backwards, finding the couch, turning around, and dropping me onto it. His mouth left me for only a second so he could climb on top of me, his arms supported by his elbows on either side of my head to keep above me.

His mouth met mine again, rough and without rhythm. He kissed me slowly then quickly. We barely left time to come up for air.

I pushed my hands under his shirt and felt his sturdy chest. I could feel each movement of his muscles and his heart beating fast. My mouth ached but I didn’t care.

He then slowly removed his mouth from mine, causing me to whimper in a protest. I tried to follow his lips, but he didn’t allow it. He trailed kissed from my neck to my collarbone to my chest, stopping to nip at the cloth of my tank top above one of my breasts. It felt almost as if he caught the tip of my nipple. I didn’t realize how sore they were until he did, making me moan.

“I’m going to keep going unless you tell me not to,” he said softly. “Do you want me to stop?” His green eyes met mine, looking up from under his lashes.

I couldn’t speak so I just shook my head no. I was breathless and my body was anticipating every one of his actions.

He grinned and went back to his business, grapping the bottom edges of my tank top and pulling it up. I hadn’t been wearing a bra under it since it had a built-in one, so now my chest was exposed. I could see him swallow at the sight; I don’t think he was expecting such a quick exposure.

But he got over it quickly and he took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking and nipping at it. My back arched and I yelled bahis firmaları out.

He sat up and quickly took off his shirt, not even bothering to undo the buttons. His chest was out in the open and I could see the cherry tree tattoo that was across the side of his chest. Then, coming back down, he kissed my hips as he undid the button of my jeans and pulled them down off my legs. Good thing I wore cute panties.

“I can’t stand you,” he said, making my heart flutter in a panic. “You’re too fucking beautiful.”

I looked at him with uncertainty in my expression. “But-“

“No,” he said, stopping me with a kiss on my mouth. “You are, don’t deny it. I’ve wanted this for so damn long.” His hand trailed down my torso to the hem on my panties, playing with it. “I need this now.”

I nodded eagerly in response, making him grin again. “I never realized how much I… Yes,” I said.

As soon as I said that, his hands slipped my panties off and then found my clit. I gasped loudly and my hips jerked. His fingers played with it softly as I moaned. The last thing I saw before closing my eyes was him biting his lip.

Before I knew it, he has slipped a finger inside me, then two, pumping in and out. I screamed out in pleasure when he slipped in a third one.

“I like to hear you scream,” he said, just before he went down on me. He left his fingers in as he took my clit into his mouth, sucking on it.

I couldn’t stand it. I was breathing heavy and moaning. He made me scream again when he roughly bit my clit. It hurt, but it was oddly pleasant. He removed his fingers and replaced it with his tongue.

At this point, I was writhing under him. I had never been this aroused with someone during sex.

He lifted his head and slapped my pussy extremely hard, making me scream even louder. “Yes,” he moaned. “Again!” he demanded, doing it again. I cried out and my hips jerked violently.

Then his pants and boxer shorts were off, exposing his long and thick cock. I don’t think I had ever taken someone that thick before. My pussy throbbed and I could feel how wet I was. He was already hard as a rock, and his cock bounced when he moved.

I spread my legs as wide as I could, inviting him in.

“You sure?” he asked.

I nodded eagerly and pushed my hips up, opening my pussy for him. He didn’t wait a second after my answer. I felt the tip of his cock tease my entrance. I moaned. “Please,” I begged. “I need you inside me.”

He chuckled and removed himself. I moaned louder. “Oh god, I’m begging. Please. God-fucking-dammit, please.”

“That’s better,” he said. He then roughly shoved his cock inside me and I screamed, throwing my head back.

At first he was slow, teasing me. He pushed my hips down so couldn’t move with him. He definitely was teasing me. “I want you to beg.”

I cried out as he removed himself from inside of me, putting his hand on his cock and rubbing it.

“Please, please,” I moaned. He wasn’t satisfied. “I want your fucking cock deep inside my fucking pussy kaçak iddaa and I want you-” He pushed inside me again, rubbing my clit as well. “I-inside me. I want you to-” He thrusted hard, making me hurt. “yo-you to- to fu-UCK me as hard as you can. I want to hurt.”

That got him. He started thrusting in and out of me, quickly and roughly, making the couch rock back and forth. I could hear his own moans over mine. “Scream, really scream,” he grunted over his movements.

And I did. I was so loud that I was sure anyone outside could hear me, along with the sounds of the rocking couch. I cried out, moaned, scratched at his back. I wrapped my legs around his hips to get him in me deeper.

“Oh god,” he groaned. “God- fuck, I’m gonna come.”

His thrusts got slower and sloppier. He started to pull out but I pushed him back in me with my legs. “Baby-“

“I want to feel you come inside me,” I said breathlessly.

He wasn’t able to protest, because a second later I felt something warm inside my pussy. I screamed and jerked in orgasm along with him, throwing my head back and pulling at his hair.

Breathing heavily, he pulled out and collapsed beside me, pulling me against him and kissing the top of my head.

Neither of us spoke for several minutes. Just letting out breaths steady out, holding one another.

“I wanted that so badly for so long,” he murmured.

I turned my head to face him and smiled, nodding. I kissed his lips and he followed suit.

Then there was a banging on the door. The knob jiggled; I hadn’t even realized he had locked it.

“What the hell are you doing in there?” a deep voice yelled, followed by more loud knocking on the door. “I can hear you fucking; you are louder than a goddamn jetplane!”

I could feel my face flush an even deeper red than it already was. It was his best friend; apparently I was even louder than I had first thought. It was hard to tell with a huge cock inside of you.

“Just ignore him,” he whispered. “He’ll go away.”

But apparently not, because a second later, a sound of an unlocking door came and the door opened, showing the tall figure of Jack’s best friend.

What really made things worse was there wasn’t even a blanket to cover me.

Jack jumped up to get in front of my naked figure. “What the fuck, man?” he yelled.

His best friend, Cole, walked further into the room. “We could hear you two fucking from the kitchen across the house!”

“That doesn’t make it okay to unlock the damn door and walk in on us,” Jack responded. And I could tell he would have swung at him if I wasn’t completely exposed behind him.

Cole’s gaze fell back onto me. I looked down and could see his own cock harden from underneath his pants.

He looked back to Jack. “Sounded like she liked you, man.”

“And that’s your business why?” Jack was still completely naked in front of me.

Cole just stared at me, and for some reason I liked it. I moved silently over so that my tits were in his line of sight, making him swallow.

Jack kaçak bahis looked back to me, then to Cole again. His torso was turned just enough now that I could see his cock getting hard again. They were both thinking the same thing. And I made sure they knew I was too.

Quickly, Cole shed his shirt and pants. No underwear, so I quickly saw his large cock, already hard. He wasn’t as big as Jack, but he was just as thick.

They pulled me to the floor and both kneeled above me. “I want you to make me feel punished,” I said.

“I’ll get the door,” Jack said, getting up.

I grabbed his arm and he looked back at me. “Leave it,” I said. “I want people to see.”

Both men seemed happy at that. Cole sat on top of me, his hard cock resting on my belly. I grabbed it and squeezed softly, making him moan. I looked over at Jack, his own cock in his hand and he was rubbing it up and down.

Cole wasn’t like Jack, he got right to the point. He shoved four fingers in my already-wet pussy. I threw my head back and moaned. He was rougher, moving his fingers in and out. I screamed when his mouth nipped my clit like Jack’s had.

“Want it?” Cole demanded. “DO YOU?”

I nodded. He slapped one of my tits hard enough to leave a red welt, making me cry out. “Fucking answer me!” he yelled. I could feel his nails on the inside of my pussy, scratching me, along with the sound of Jack on the side, moaning.

“Yes!” I cried. “I want your juicy fucking cock.”

He roughly shoved his fingers again into my pussy. “In my pussy.” I looked at Jack, his face red and staring at me. “Both of them.”

I could see Jack’s cock twitch at that. “Yes,” he moaned, getting to my legs and pulling them up.

“Me first,” Cole said. “You got her first before.” He then guided his cock into my throbbing pussy roughly. Before I knew it, Jack’s cock followed inside me, stretching me even farther. It hurt, but I liked the pain.

Their paces were different, which made me scream out with every trust inside me. Cole was quick and rough, almost angry, whereas Jack’s trusts we slower and more teasing. Both cocks felt amazing in me.

I could hear a gasp from the door but didn’t bother to look. I was sure Cole made eye contact though, because his thrusts got even faster, claiming me. Jack chuckled breathlessly.

I could feel their cocks rubbing against the inside of my pussy, Coles hands on both my tits, squeezing. His hips slapped against mine.

“FUCK!” I screamed out, as Jack came inside me, his cock staying for a second before leaving me alone with Cole’s still-going thrusts. I was so close to orgasm, crying every time Cole thrusted extremely hard, shoving his cock all the way inside me.

I orgasmed loudly, screaming out, knowing probably everyone in the frat house could hear me. Cole kept going, but finished closely after me, emptying himself inside of me before pulling out.

“Oh god,” I groaned, lying on the floor with both men beside me. Jack leaned over and kissed me passionately.

I heard Cole chuckle beside me. “That was fucking great,” he said, running his hand over my hip.

I was still breathless, so I only nodded.

“We need to do that again sometime,” he told me.

I nodded.

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