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She saw him across the crowded dance floor of the packed night club, Cliché she knew, but she just had to talk to him, he literally dripped with sex appeal.

As she danced across the room toward him, his eye caught hers, at that moment a slow sexy song came on and she didn’t know what came over her.

She bumped and grinded her hips in time to the music, the whole time eyes locked on his, the girl who had been vying for his attention looked between her and him huffed and stomped off to bitch with her mates about the hussy shaking her booty at HER conquest.

It didn’t matter neither of the pair had noticed, she had turned her back to him and was swaying raunchily to the music willing him to approach her, as she turned slightly she saw that he was walking over to her, looking a bit drunk, when he reached her, he stood behind her ever so slightly mimicking her movements.

She looked over her shoulder and brazenly grabbed his hands and placed them on her hips, he stepped in towards her and she all of a sudden felt the sexual tension go up a dozen notches, he was rock hard, and rubbing right between her buttocks… she nearly lost her nerve at that point, almost sensing her hesitation he put an arm around her middle pulling her hard against him and slightly brushing the underside of her breast making her catch her breath. He said nothing just swayed against her to the music’s beat, and when that song finished he spun her around and kissed her deeply, pressing his bahis firmaları still raging hard on against her stomach, she fell into the kiss so deeply she hadn’t noticed that the last song had finished.

He broke away, he pulled her hand and led her to the toilets, where they hurried into the disabled cubicle, he undressed her with his eyes, she stepped toward him and silently undid his belt, his chocolate brown eyes made her feel beautiful, his hands came up and hovered in front of her chest as if asking permission, she stopped fumbling with his belt and pulled his hands to her breasts which were tingling with anticipation, what was it with this guy? He all but put her in a spell from the moment she had seen him and now this, in the toilets of all places, so unlike her but it just felt so right, she left his belt and unbuttoned his fly instead, he wasn’t wearing any underwear the heat of his dick was immense and made her want him all the more.

She firmly gripped his thick cock and tried to pull it out of the hole she had made unbuttoning his jeans, he winced and undid his belt as his jeans dropped to the floor she saw it making her gasp, he was huge! Not having much experience as she had only really dated a few guys and slept with only two of them, she was sure he was going to have difficulty fitting that inside her hardly deflowered pussy, almost reading her mind he lifted her chin so she looked into his eyes and said, “we will go slow, and I will make sure you are kaçak iddaa ready”, with that he pulled her to him and kissed her while he lifted the bottom of her short tight dress enough to access her soaked panties, “Mmmmm you are hot for me?!”

She blushed just a little as she kissed him again, this time his fingers neatly pushed her panties to one side and slowly circled her clit making her knees go weak, she was so horny she arched her back trying to make his finger slip inside her, but he kept his fingers doing a maddening dance around her sensitive bud.

She was getting close and she was dripping wet by the time he plonked the lid down on the toilet, sitting down on it himself pulling her close to him, at that level she realised her wet sex was level with his face, just as she got close enough he lapped all the way from her lips to her highly aroused clit, he legs went weak and she dropped into his arms feeling dizzy.

He kissed her then and helped her shuffle a bit higher on his thighs, he broke off the kiss to look at her and whispered “ready?” “God YES!” she could think of nothing but impaling herself on that thick pole, he pulled out a silver wrapped condom from his pocked and rolled it on, pushed his cock towards her with his hand as she scooted forward, when he got his head resting against her hot tight hole he lifted her a little to let her weight slowly slide him inside her, she could then control the pace.

She was however so ready she forced herself kaçak bahis down hard onto him, he had to hold her still so as not to explode in her right at that second, she started to lift herself up again wanting to satisfy the itch that had started the second she had seen him, he let her ride him for a couple of strokes and grabbed her backside pulling her down to meet his intensifying thrusts, both now out of breath the door to the toilet banged open, his eyes flew open to look over her shoulder at the cleaner who was more than used to seeing sights like this, he grunted and apology and said “best you finish up and leave, they will be locking up when I have done in here!” and quickly shuffled out again, both red faced and mid stride they looked at each other and burst out laughing, she ground down on him as he thrust upwards lifting her off her feet, he got up holding her by the legs and roughly slammed her against the side of the toilet, he pounded into her dripping sex as she reached her peak and came hard, she wanted to call his name but didn’t know it so hissed “oh Fuccccckkk” instead.

At that moment he felt her clamp down on him like a vice sending a shock wave through his groin, jerking him into a pulsating climax that left him weak kneed and breathless. He kissed her then for the final time, this one a slow sensual kiss which she knew meant goodbye.

She couldn’t help but feel empowered by the event, she had come out a bit unsure of herself, not really wanting to be there, had only had one glass of alcohol and had thoroughly enjoyed the power she had felt when enticing her gorgeous sex buddy while dancing.

She was glad it happened, but knew she would never see him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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