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Strangers in Love

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Nikhil, 27, a bachelor, a handsome renowned photo artist and creative designer in Delhi was looking for someone to share his apartment. One day he was supposed to attend a business conference as he was assigned a project to design the brand campaigns. The conference went pretty well and everybody loved Nikhil’s ideas and presentation. There he met Riya, Marketing Executive of the company, a newcomer and new to Delhi. Riya was tall, pretty and hot. The Marketing Manager introduced Nikhil to Riya as they were supposed to work together for the project.

Nikhil and Riya met the next week to discuss the business. They went for lunch together and had a good time as they got along really well. Nikhil invited Riya to his place for the dinner and Riya accepted it at one go as if she was just waiting for it.

Riya wore the sexiest dress she had in her wardrobe and as she was really pretty, it was difficult for anyone to get eyes off her. She was looking fabulous. As she entered the Nikhil’s apartment, Nikhil was startled and complimented her, “You look stunning and gorgeous.” Riya smiled at Nikhil and replied “I know it”: P

Nikhil had ordered Italian and as soon as they finished their dinner, they sat in the balcony with their drinks and smoke. They talked about their past and future goals. They were on the same page of not getting committed and didn’t hold any positive views regarding marriage. They were career-oriented, independent and wanted to live as illegal bahis they want without any intrusion. Their conversation was never-ending. But, Riya had to go. Nikhil dropped Riya at her place around 3am.

The next day Riya got a “Good Morning” text from Nikhil. The process of texting and calling began. They used to meet often and most of the time Riya used to be at Nikhil’s place. She used to go to her place late at night.

It was Sunday night and was raining heavily, Nikhil asked Riya to stay at his place. She asked him to drop at her place but Nikhil refused as it might be risky. So, Riya decided to stay. They both sat at their favorite place and started smoking and talking about themselves. Riya lied down on Nikhil’s shoulder and Nikhil felt good about it and he just kissed her forehead, Riya got up smilingly and looked at him and kissed his lips. Nikhil held her tightly and kissed her really hard. Riya pushed him and ran towards the bedroom.

“You like me like this?” Riya asked. All Nikhil could do was gasp and nod. “Do you think I’m pretty?” Riya fluttered her eyelashes at Nikhil.

He made a strangled sound at the sight, and his cock twitched, trying to get hard again.

“Let’s shower,” Nikhil gasped.

The steam from the shower was fogging up the mirror. Water vapor glistened around Riya’s body as Nikhil leaned in the doorway and watched her through the glass of the shower. Riya moved the soapy sponge over her body, tilting illegal bahis siteleri her head back to wet her hair.

Nikhil opened the shower door and stepped in. Riya leaned against the side of the shower wall, the tiles were really chilled. Slowly Nikhil moved his hands up and down Riya’s slick side, his fingers grazing from Riya’s breast down to her waist and over her hip.

Nikhil’s tongue ran over Riya’s lips, parting them, and pushing its way inside her mouth. Nikhil’s tongue swirled around Riya’s and she tilted her head to the side and grabbed Nikhil’s ass.

Riya moaned slightly around Nikhil’s tongue as his hand rubbed over her pussy. Nikhil parted her pussy lips with his fingers, moving it up and down her wet slit.

Nikhil moved his head down, briefly flicking Riya’s hard nipples with his tongue, passing over her stomach. Nikhil slowly pushed his tongue in and out of her. Riya’s hips pushing into Nikhil’s face as his warm tongue filled her.

Nikhil pushed his tongue in and out, a little faster, sliding over Riya’s clit each time. She ran her fingers through Nikhil’s damp, wet hair, pushing Nikhil’s head into her with her hands. Nikhil wrapped his arms around her waist, squeezing her slippery ass from behind.

Nikhil circled Riya’s clit with the tip of his tongue. Lightly, he flicked over Riya’s clit with his tongue. Softly, Nikhil blew on Riya, his hot breath sending shivers up her body as it hit the wetness.

Nikhil canlı bahis siteleri pushed two fingers inside her, starting slowly, then getting faster, moving them in and out as he sucked Riya’s hard clit. Her hips bucked on Nikhil’s face as he thrashed her clit with his tongue and jammed his fingers inside her. Riya’s wetness drenched his fingers.

Nikhil stood again, his hard cock pressing against Riya’s pussy. He moved his cock up and down on her slit, getting it wet with her juice. Nikhil teased Riya’s clit with the head of his cock before pushing it in.

Slowly Nikhil moved in and out of Riya. Her lips parted and let out a small gasp. She rested her head on Nikhil’s shoulder as he began to speed up. Nikhil’s body slapped against Riya’s wet, hot skin. Nikhil held Riya’s hips, pulling them into his. With one hand Nikhil lifted Riya’s leg, holding it at his side as he continued. Riya moaned and grunted loud.

“Ohh, yes, Nikhil,” she cried as Nikhil pushed in and pulled out faster and with more force.

Nikhil rubbed her clit fast with his fingers. Riya’s moaning was getting more intense as she was reaching her climax. Nikhil was going to cum soon, too. Riya was fully into Nikhil and let out a cry of pure pleasure.

“Ohhh, mmmm, uhhhh, Nikhil. Yes, baby, yes,” Riya groaned. At the same time Nikhil shot a stream of hot cum inside Riya as they came together.

Nikhil pulled out of Riya as the shower water washed the sweat off his face from the shower sex. Nikhil laid Riya down on the bed, drying her with a bath towel. Delicately Nikhil patted Riya’s body dry and kissed her, then he rested beside her and she fell asleep in his arms…

Nikhil also got his flat mate! : P

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