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String Me Along

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Maggie is a 48-year-old professional musician who lives in Florida. She plays a cello for several different musical organizations. Being on the short side, only 5′-2″ and a woman besides, she has to be a bit better than the average musician in order to keep her standing and travel with them. She has a very pretty face and was quite voluptuous as she sported a pair of 44DDD breasts, following to a 28-inch waist, which then expanded to a 40-inch hip. A classic hour glass figure, amplified a bit. She has creamy white skin complexion common to redheads. She wears her auburn hair short, for ease of maintenance. In order not to cause too much of a distraction, she often dressed down and a little dowdy with outfits that hung loosely often times giving the impression of being a little bit heavier than she actually was. Disguising her chest so that no one would think she gets anything extra because of those assets. She thoroughly enjoys her work and is happy at being a musician. She was very quiet at work and really didn’t associate much with her co-workers after practice or a performance. She is single, and on several occasions thwarted marriage proposals for fear of interfering with her chosen profession.

The tale begins.

Recently, she was dating another musician she met at a music symposium. Kenneth, is a 54 year old, 5′-7″ musician, a first chair French horn player. While being slight in build, sported a jackhammer for a penis and he knew how to use it, and managed to satisfy her needs. They were seeing each other for about six months when his orchestra left for a European tour, which was to last for about six weeks, with the option of another six week extension, if successful. That was five weeks ago. Frequent steamy e-mails, and some phone calls tried to keep the fires burning, but the flame was almost flickering out. Maggie was looking forward to the tour ending after six weeks. However, Kenneth phoned and said that they were staying for the extension, but that he and the managing director were heading back to the states to recruit additional musicians to replace several that were leaving the group after the first tour. They were heading to New York, Pittsburgh and Chicago. Great news her orchestra was traveling to Chicago and playing in a three-day performance, the last of which Kenneth was scheduled to visit next week.

The day finally arrived and Maggie was somewhat nervous. How would she look? How would he look? Was there still going to be a spark. He was due in for the final performance, a Sunday night performance. She told Kenneth where she was staying and was hoping that they could spend the day and night together. She waited, but no Kenneth. The performance went on at 7:30 PM, still no Kenneth. They played through until the scheduled 9:05 intermission. As she proceeded off stage, one of the stage crew gave her a note, “Meet me in room 2A, stage left, Kenneth. ” Her heart skipped a beat. She quietly made her way to stage left and found 2A, a sound proof practice studio. She knocked, and then entered. There he was smiling as they gripped each other in a giant hugs and kisses. He apologized for not coming earlier but some unfinished business delayed them in Pittsburgh. She was happy to see him and felt that familiar warmth start flowing through her body. Kenneth stepped back and took a look saying “Maggie dear we don’t have a lot of time, and I would love for you to do something for me, something special, do you think you could?” Maggie interrupted gasping ” Anything… As long as we can spend the night together. ” “Most assuredly, my dear… now please remove your dress. “

Maggie was dumbfounded. Remove her dress? A quickie now? That’s not what she wanted, but the thought was intriguing and Kenneth had always been an in charge type when it came to sex, and he always delivered. She wore a standard black; almost floor length dress, with modest black underwear and two-inch heels. Before she could object or question him Kenneth continued ” My dearest, it has been so long and I was watching you up there and thought that you were the best looking woman in the building, and the best sounding, I might add. I would appreciate if you presented yourself, say… a little more alluring,… enticing for me? So I devised a plan when I knew that I was going to see you perform. ” And with that she noticed him bend over and grab a stylish small leather bag. She was almost frozen in place and forgot about the time. Kenneth opened the bag, quickly put it on a table went over and locked the door and came toward her, turning her around and starting to unzip the back of the dress in one motion. His touch felt good and warm. She willingly stepped out of it as he swooped it up and placed it on a chair. She was left in a full black slip, black bra, and charcoal pantyhose. He then lifted the slip off, being careful with her hair, and then reached down and unhooked her bra, springing the lovely 44DDDs loose. He spun her around and bent down, to greet the stiffening nips. This felt great she thought, he then pulled güvenilir bahis her pantyhose down over her full rear end and gently pushed her into a chair. With her naked ass touching the coolness of the chair she shuddered. Kenneth began to mutter about her beauty and his hands were all over her. He pulled off the shoes and the lower part of her pantyhose, placing them on the floor. He then bowed down to her pussy, spreading her legs and lapping at the lush hairy red bush.

Maggie was loosing control. She was ready to grab his head and push him deeper when he withdrew and stood and went to the bag. “Maggie dearest, I have a special treat for you so that you will be ready for some lavish loving later tonight. ” Kenneth announced, and with that pulled out a chain of five small shiny balls connected with a string. ” This device will wake up that luscious pussy. After all it has been sleeping for the past five weeks, right my dearest?” All she could do was nod. He approached her with the device and some K-Y jelly, and before she knew what was happening, he stood her up, bent her over, spread her legs and carefully slipped them in, one at a time. He announced that they were ben-wah balls, and often used in the Far East for sexual stimulation. She doubted that he needed the K-Y, because she was juicy enough, but he knew what he was doing. With that he slapped her ass, rather hard and went back to the bag. “Maggie, we don’t have a lot of time left, here put these on. ” He threw her a package of black lacy thigh highs. She listened and did as instructed. Then he pulled another bra out of the bag and tossed it to her. It was black, but was quite different from the normal supportive, conservative device that she usually wore. “Hurry, just put it on, no arguments please, we are running out of time” She pulled it around, snapped it and had to place each of her large tits into each cup. It was a push up bra with a rather firm underside and large openings in front fully exposing her areolas, nipples and some of the skin around them. “Kenneth, surely your joking?” Maggie blurted. “Now, Now my dear, just do as I say, you will love it. ” Kenneth responded as he picked up her pantyhose, bra and slip, placing them in the leather bag. ” My slip, I need it Kenneth, and didn’t you bring any panties?” Maggie inquired. “No panties, that would ruin the effect of the ben-wahs dearest, and the slip would disguise the effect of the bra. You look fantastic, and to think your sexual pot is brewing on stage in front of all of those eyes, quite a turn on, yes?” Kenneth assured her as he picked up the dress to help her on with it. “Hurry, hurry my dear, you have to get going” said Kenneth. He was right, 15 of the 20-minute break was over.

Dammit, she felt like a slut. After she smoothed out her dress and asked how she looked, she accepted the compliments lavished upon her by her lover. She quickly left to re-join the group. She felt naked. She felt exposed. She felt like she had a twitching finger up her pussy with every step she took. She was really worried about her tits. They were riding higher; the sheer dress material was rubbing against the nipples causing them to be excited and particularly sensitive. A thin piece of material separated her erect nipples from poking someone’s eyes out. The dress material was sheer. That’s why she always wore a heavy bra and a slip. Was it too sheer? Shit how could she let him do that to her. Now that damnable string hanging out of her pussy felt like a giant piece of rope. But, her pussy was getting more excited. Seems like every time her torso moved so did the balls. No panties to hold them in. She had to spread her legs to place the cello in between them to play. What if they started coming out. Between the K-Y and her own stirrings she felt sopping wet. If she sat on her dress, surely there would be a giant wet spot. She decided to lift the bottom of her dress and fluff it around her placing her naked rear end and pussy on the actual seat to avoid calling attention to a potential wet spot afterwards.

Shit, shit, shit, she was a modern woman, an independent person. She often considered herself a feminist, until it came to sex. She could usually be talked into doing something at least once. She had had multiple partners, same sex partners, been prodded and probed in every position and port of entry at least once. But all of that was behind closed doors, and some many years ago. Now this could affect her true passion, her music. How could she let this happen? No time to think, almost everyone was seated and tuning. She gingerly situated herself in her seat. And of course she was in the front row, luckily, over to the left. Some of her fellow musicians did a double take at her. She looked different to them. Some thought that she changed dresses during the intermission. But for the most part they were concentrating on the performance.

As Kenneth settled into his seat, he was thrilled with her looks. If you knew what you were looking for it was clearly there. He could see a definite türkçe bahis underlying flesh tone to her chest. The alabaster toned skin shone through the black dress under the stage lights. He had a pair of opera glasses and zoomed in and saw the proud darker nipples clearly. He was overjoyed, knowing that she was horny and being excited as the concert went on. He also noticed that she figured out to place her naked rear on the chair to avoid any wet spot, her dress flowed around her chair. Kenneth’s dick was now solid wood. He leaned over to the seat on the right and whispered into the ear of the next occupant, ” Your plan is in effect… she went along with everything… I hope I did well?” “Certainly, hand me those glasses, I want to see for myself” was the response.

“I hope these damnable balls don’t fall out” was all she could think as the conductor raised his arms. She quickly forgot about her situation. She played with a renewed vigor and passion. As her body shifted while playing, the ben-wah’s pushed her into a new mind set. She played with a gusto that her fellow musicians appreciated. As the last 45 minutes flew by, the applause was thunderous. Before she realized it, the performance was over. The entire orchestra stood for the customary ovation. Maggie did not stand straight up so as not to let her dress shift back to her ass, because then when she sat down she would sit in the puddle that was now there. She gently eased herself back into it before anyone else and got some stares. She kept a small cloth with a rosin bag next to her chair for her cello. She discreetly stood spun and picked up her cloth covering the wet spot and dropping her rosin on the chair. Mission accomplished. Maggie felt hot. She was sweating and her pussy was once again slippery with excitement. Now some of her fellow musicians came over a congratulated her on her performance. Some were noticing her ample breast display, having never noticed much before, she was definitely getting some lustful glances. She kept moving, grabbing her things and placing her cello close to her front. Within 5 minutes she checked her instrument and smiled her way through any lingerers. She wanted to get out quick. No time for delays here. Look for Kenneth. For a change she had to refuse several offers for a nightcap before turning in. No one usually associated with her on the road.

As she got her coat and looked around, there was Kenneth. He had a broad smile the little black bag and a dozen roses for her. He gave her a discreet kiss as they scurried off to stage left. Kenneth steered her to room 2A again, and quickly entered with her. As the door closed, Kenneth grabbed and kissed her heavily. With much passion, he reached around and unzipped the dress and started to caress her back with his hands moving to her rear end. He slid his hand down to feel for the ben-wahs, and was happy to find them still in place. After about a minute of this, they broke. “My dear we have to remove your dress now! I am sure that you are ready for some action, but trust me we will leave quickly and go to my suite. I want to heighten your already potent sexual drive further, no arguments, off with it, trust me. ” Kenneth directed. Maggie complied. As she stepped out of the dress she wondered what was next. Kenneth grabbed the dress and folded it into the bag. There she stood in a demi-bra, thigh highs and modest 2 inch heels. Kenneth wanted to take her now, here. But, keeping with the plan, he held her coat, a long black winter coat, and motioned her into it. “This coat will protect the goods and keep you warm from the cold Chicago winds, my dear, as I take you to my castle, m’lady. ” Joked Kenneth. Again Maggie complied. After all she had to admit that she was turned on by the events. She buttoned it as high as she could. “Let’s Go lover” she announced. Kenneth smiled and opened the door; they quickly proceeded out of the rear stage area through the seating section to the front, so they could get a cab. No one recognized her as a musician. They left without anyone else noticing or talking to her.

As they got into the cab, she sighed in relief. Now she could enjoy this escapade. Kenneth was staying across the loop in another hotel. No one she knew should see them now. She could return early in the morning and leave with the rest of the group. They didn’t have to assemble until noon. There was plenty of time to take care of her sexual frustration.

As the cab pulled away, Kenneth began kissing her again. She returned it now with equal passion. He then unbuttoned three of the buttons in the middle of the coat and started to massage her large, needy tits, concentrating on her nipples. She moaned with pleasure. Her nipples responded with a hardness of concrete. The ben-wah’s were rolling around adding to her pleasure. The cab driver was watching in his mirror. He slowed down. She enjoyed it. She would probably never see him again. She didn’t care. Kenneth was surprised by her reaction. He unbuttoned the rest of the coat and pulled it open. His lips nursed at güvenilir bahis siteleri the firm nipple tips while his fingers played at the outer lips of her pussy. They stopped at a light. People in the car next to them were staring. Maggie didn’t care. It felt good. This continued for another ten minutes during their slow journey. She liked it when a man was busy worshipping at her altar. She let him lead but was quite pleased that she was getting all of the attention. She didn’t want to stroke him, and possibly set him off; there was plenty of time for that later.

There was a lot of traffic around the hotel, when Kenneth realized they were a block away, he paid the driver and they got out to walk the last block. As she got out of the car and stood up, while buttoning her coat, Maggie discovered that she had to pee. She didn’t get a chance during the break and was too hurried when they left to go. She couldn’t stand up straight. She knew that she wasn’t going to make it to his room. She noticed an alley, grabbed him and pulled him towards it. Kenneth was now mildly surprised. “I have to pee NOW. I am going right here, right now. ” Maggie blurted out. She went about 20 feet into the alley, and right in the middle, near the storm drain, she unbuttoned her coat and spread her legs, pulled her pussy lips apart and let go. A thick stream of steamy liquid shot out, about four feet, right into the drain. All Kenneth could do was snicker. He was getting more turned on. Hell, he’d never seen her act this way, and he liked her more take charge attitude. The stream poured out for more than a minute. She brought her legs together, button up and tidied up the front of her coat. The ben-wah’s didn’t obstruct it at all. Now Maggie was feeling good. Real Good. Real Sexy. Real Horny.

She turned around grabbed Kenneth by the arm and proceeded toward the door. Not caring who saw her now. Now she persuaded Kenneth to stop in at the hotel bar for a drink. It was a beehive of activity and crowded. She insisted at sitting at the bar on a stool. She shamelessly made her coat open at the bottom, flashing the white flesh above the thigh highs several times, to both men and women. Then she unbuttoned the top two buttons, which showed the top part of her breasts, being pushed up by the unique bra. Hell she was from Florida and would never see anyone here again. She felt 20 years younger. In the crowded elevator on the way up to the suite, she stood in the corner and started to feel up Kenneth from the rear. He could do nothing about it. She liked being a little more aggressive for a change.

As they entered the suite she noticed that there were three inner doors to the room. Kenneth explained that he was traveling with the managing director and not to worry about making any noise, the director stayed back to discuss offers with the musicians they liked. Kenneth directed her to the door on the left. It was magnificent. A king-size bed, already turned down, large couch, desk and so forth. Plenty of room. There was an adjoining door to the large bathroom, shared with the other bedroom.

Maggie discarded the coat turned and began to undress Kenneth. Now he took charge and pushed her to the bed, pushed her down and straddled her, reaching down and aggressively twisted her nipples. Maggie yelped, but didn’t resist. “My dearest, I know how you like to be a little kinky sometimes, so allow me to play a game with you” he whispered into her ear. He grabbed her left hand and took it towards the headboard, where there was a fur lined handcuff waiting. Before she could protest he did likewise with the right. Then he moved off the bed and stood up. In and instant he hooked her legs into similar waiting restraints. Maggie didn’t panic as she had done this before with him, and at times enjoyed it. But a good part of her needed a total fucking. She wanted a stiff dick in her. NOW.

Kenneth now stood aside her and stripped down to his briefs. “Come on now love, unsheathe that thing and stick it in me. ” Purred Maggie anxiously. “Not quite yet dearest, I have to wait,” Kenneth said flatly. “What do you mean wait, I waited almost six weeks for that prick, do it, do it now or I am going to be mad, mad as hell!” Maggie said in a raised voice. “Dearest, you can’t be pissed, you just did it, outside in front of god knows who… you were a bad girl and so you now will be treated as one. ” Kenneth said with a cheery lilt to his voice. This was unbelievable thought Maggie. What was this idiot doing? How many other guys wouldn’t take her right now? No one, she surmised. She may not be young but what she had was good.

There was some noise in the adjoining room. Must be the director she thought. Kenneth turned as the door opened. He didn’t see the panic in Maggie’s eyes now. In walked a 20ish, nearly six foot, raven-haired beauty of a woman. Dressed in a stylish knee length black cocktail dress, with matching black hose and stiletto heels. “My oh my, what do we have here? Am I interrupting anything Kenny?” She announced. “No ma’am I waited just like you said” Kenneth replied. Maggie was now in an absolute tizzy. Who the fuck was this, she called him Kenny? And dammit I am nearly naked tied up and spread eagle and in no position to do anything, not even cover up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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