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Stuck in the Airport Ch. 03

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You collect yourself. She must be teasing, you think. I guess that was it for my fun, you continue to say to yourself.

When you get back to the bar, nothing has really changed from when you left except the bar is now locked and Chris is dancing with the girls now. Where is Sarah?

“Hey! PSSST!” You look around to see where that came from. Sarah is standing behind the bar looking at you and giving you the come here finger. No one else seems to notice.

She takes you by the hand and pulls you behind the bar. Since the bar blocks all view from the waist up, you feel a little better, but what if Chris comes back there. There is a barstool sitting back behind the bar.

“So, what’s your name?” Sarah asks. She walks you over to the stool and pushes you down in it.

“John” you tell her. You still aren’t quite sure what you are doing back there but sitting can’t get you into too much trouble.

“John?” She wrinkles her nose, an action that looks really sexy on her. “That’s pretty normal. Blah! I’m gonna call you Johnny… it seems a little more fun that plain ol’ John.” She deepens her voice when she says, ‘John’ and then giggles.

The music swirls around you and you look up at your new friend. If she pulls this off, wow! This all started out by missing a flight. How were you to know that you would now be debating on how you can fuck this girl without everyone knowing?
You don’t have to think too hard because she has it all figured out. She is still leaning canlı bahis over you. She undoes your pants and pulls out your huge cock. You look over at the others and they don’t even realize you are there, let alone what you are doing.
She straddles you quickly, but you didn’t know if you want her to do that.
“I’m not going to do anything weird, so just let it happen.” she orders.
As she said that, she began kissing your neck again and nibbling on your skin. Within a few seconds, the only movement you could feel was her pushing up against your chest. Her pussy just rubs against your cock, and she is getting wet.
She continues her tongue and lip work on your neck and shoulders as you grind together. She leans down and whispers in your ear,
“Wanna fuck me now, Johnny?”

You nod yes. She reaches down between her legs and grabs your dick with her hands. You slip your hand under her dress and slide your fingers into her wet pussy. She throws her head back and moans. You look around, but no one but you is noticing her loud approval of you. Okay.
You spread the lips of her pussy so your dick will slip in. She is wet enough you don’t really have do to much work. She sits down on your cock and her fingers tighten around your shoulders. She is so warm and soft inside her pussy. You want to fuck her, but you can’t really move since you are sitting down in a chair.
She sees what you want to do and bahis siteleri so she pulls your ear to her mouth and whispers,” sit back, I am going to fuck you.”
On each side of the bar are two shelves. They are normally used to store bottles of booze, but today the booze is moved to the floor. Sarah puts her feet up on the shelves to use them as leverage. Up and down she slams on your hard cock. She is so soft and wet; your dick fits nicely inside of her. Each time she forces herself down on you, you get pushed a little farther in her pussy.
She is riding you hard. You look at her not knowing what to do. She is biting her lip hard. She is clutching you; her fingers dig into your back. She is no longer being quiet.
In a low voice she demands, “Cum inside me. Cum hard, fill me up with your hot cum!”
You throw your head back. Her thighs tighten each time she lifts herself up from you and her pussy tightens each time she comes down. She is fucking you so hard you have no idea how this chair is holding up. If it were you, it would have collapsed a long, long time ago. It doesn’t seem like it has been very long since you first left to go to the bathroom, but you glance up at the clock and realize that was almost two hours ago. Damn! Time flies when you are having fun.
Suddenly you sense that her fucking you is getting more intense and you cannot hold out much longer. You want to release and cum. You look at her. She is focusing so hard on you that she hasn’t even realized that bahis şirketleri her lip is bleeding a bit from where she has bitten it. You grab onto her waste to see if you can pull her down on you. But you are already all the way in her. She slams you one last time and quickly demands, “Cum now!” You don’t disappoint her. You bury a load deep inside her pussy. As you cum hard, she screams. “God! It’s so warm! Fill me up! I wanna taste your cum in my pussy for days!” You do your best to fulfill her request.


You’re finished and you guess she is too. She stands up off of you. You stick your dick back in your pants and watch her walk away. You can see your cum wetting her legs as she walks. She stops, spreads her legs, sticks her fingers up her dress, and then licks her hand… all fingers are covered in your fluids. She looks back at you and says, “you are a good taste on me.” She then turns and says to her friends, “Let’s go girls!”
Angela throws a wad of money on the bar and they all saunter out leaving you in their wake. Just before she walks out the door, she takes the star off her cheek and slaps it on the door frame. There are dozens of stars just like hers. “One more star for the tally!” She laughs, turns, and throws you a kiss goodbye. Then she is gone.
Chris looks over at you and shakes his head as he collects the money from the bar.
“You should have left when you had a chance.” he smiles” go get some rest and try to wipe her out of your memory, you got a girlfriend you are going home too.” He laughs as he pushes you, still stunned at what just happened, out the door of the bar and locks it behind you.

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