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Submission through Adoration

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… you know when you adore someone, that really special person … who makes your heart jump when you know that they are due to arrive, who by just thinking about something they did the last time you were together can make you sexually excited, whose texts you keep to read over and over again, whose voicemails you save so you can listen to them the next time you are alone and missing them … that’s how she felt about him even though she knew that it wasn’t reciprocated.

He did care about her. He called her pet names that were cute, told her how pretty she was all the time, how sexy, he complimented her on her magnificent chest and her great kissing ability, but they both knew he wasn’t in love with her and had no intention of getting there.

She was gutted but waited in the hope that time would make him unable to resist her, just like it had been so with others before this one, others who had said that they wouldn’t want a “relationship”. Four months down the line though now, how could he not yet have fallen for her — she was slightly insulted by this but he was so sexual and she fancied him so much that when it came down to it, she just took the time that was offered and suffered in silence so to speak.

She hadn’t seen him for a week or so, she had noticed that he was withdrawing his time more and more, which made her more desperate for each visit just in case it was the last.

He’d arrived that evening at 8.00pm as he said he would, they’d chatted and eaten but all she could think about was the knot in her stomach that would be there until he suggested that they went to bed.

He knew how ready she was for him as soon as he arrived because as usual, the first thing he did was check to see if she had any underwear on. He was always turned on by the fact that he didn’t even have to have touched her before she was wet and ready, but even knowing what he did about her state, all he did was kiss her, put his hand inside here top to pinch her nipple and say “ignore it Babe”.

Finally, it was time. She lay naked in bed, aching as if she hadn’t been touched for a year! Waiting for him to confidently stride into her room, lie down next to her and kiss her passionately on the mouth.

Everything happened as she knew it would, she wasn’t sure what was more excruciating; getting to the places he was about to take her to, or the anticipation of knowing that it was coming!

As he kissed her, his right hand traced over her left breast running down her stomach canlı bahis and finding it’s way between her legs, she hadn’t parted her thighs quickly enough so he tapped her left leg away and slapped the mound of her fanny as a reprimand, sometimes she just wished he’d do it a bit harder but she wasn’t sure if that would make her seem like a pervert so she never said anything.

She was proud of the fact that she was well presented ‘down there’ and virtually hairless. She had no hair underneath at all and just a neat patch in the middle at the front, this fact was why she liked being slapped, as the feel of his hand on her flesh was always sharp and exciting even if it sometimes wasn’t hard enough!

She loved his cock, it was also really neat, longer than average, but not too thick for her. She reached to touch it and he held her wrist saying “not yet Babe, now turn over and kneel up against the wall”.

This is where it really starts…

As she knelt up spread eagled and leaning against the wall that the bed was against, he was behind her. He ran the fingers of his right hand up through her blonde, shoulder length hair and tightened his grip, pulling it firmly back so her head rested on his shoulder, and he kissed her mouth.

Then, he whispered in her ear to “relax” in a slow hypnotic fashion as he let his left hand start to play all over the front of her body, running down her throat between her breasts, back up to play with her nipples, down her side and round to rest on her fanny.

He let go of her hair and traced his fingers down her spine, all the way down to the crack of her arse and then underneath to play in the moisture that now soaked her. As he did that, he dipped inside her for a second before coming back out and slapping her hard on the backside.

“You horny fucker,” he whispered as she was moving her hips with the motion of his hands on her body. He tapped his hand between her thighs and told her to spread them further.

She knew that the further apart her legs were, the more stretched and sensitive her fanny would become and he hadn’t even really started anything yet — she did as she was told and opened her hips by letting her knees slide out to each side.

He told her to move her left arm so he could suck her nipple. She made room and rested her hand on the back of her head as he moved in with his mouth to suck her breast and simultaneously found her clitoris with his left hand, which he started to gently rub in a circular motion.

She bahis siteleri dropped her head back and moaned as he sucked harder on her nipple and inserted his right hand from behind between her legs, it was deep and the motion was probing, she had no idea what he was exactly doing when he did that but it was an unbelievable sensation.

As he started to build things up, he knew she wouldn’t be able to kneel up for too long so he moved his head so she could lean back against the wall and worked harder on her clit.

She was moving hard and fast against his hand making it go deeper inside her with every stroke, she cried out and he took his hand off her clit and started slapping her arse saying “come on Babe, you know you want to!”

“I can’t” she said back “it’s too much, oh FUCK, don’t stop, don’t stop please!”

He slapped her again and told her to get on all fours, this she did gladly and sank her shoulders towards the bed so she could push her arse even further up for him to access.

The view that he had of her body now from behind was very erotic, he had his right hand inside her and could see her moving backwards and forwards onto him.

From time to time, she would get up on all fours again and he could look underneath to her left to see her ample tits swinging as they hung from her as perfect pendulums with nipples hard as rock.

Once she sank back down again, he could see the expression of ecstasy on her pretty face as it was lying in the bed turned to the left.

All this time working inside her and outside on her clit with both of his hands, he was waiting for her to ejaculate like she so often did. He knew she didn’t like the thought of it but it was so sexy for him so he pushed and pushed until she did it most times.

As he knew they were nearly there, he positioned himself to be kneeling behind her, slightly to her left, so he could lay his head on her arse as he worked feverishly to bring her to climax.

She had been in a state of orgasm for what seemed like ages and all she was saying was that she couldn’t do it any more but he knew she could, so still with his head lying across her, he said “come on Babe, just ignore it and let it go!”

As he rubbed on her clit even harder and she screamed out “Oh Fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop Baby please don’t stop”. Her breathing got heavier and her screams got louder, he knew the window was open and loved the thought that everyone would be able to hear, especially because he bahis şirketleri knew that she would be mortified once she realised — he was bringing out her sexual side he thought!

As she buried her head in the pillow saying over and over again “I can’t, I can’t” he felt the liquid spurt over his hand and he was satisfied that she had done enough. He pulled his soaking hand from inside her and slapped and rubbed her backside saying “you’re so sexy, you have no idea, look at how wet everything is.”

He knew that made her embarrassed but he genuinely loved it and thought she should too, after all, not all women could cum like that let alone ejaculate – he called it her “special gift!”

Once she had her breath back, he told her to turn over onto her back so he could lick her. “I can’t do it again,” she said, but he was determined to taste the result of his efforts. He loved going down on her, he said it was an explosion of all his senses; the taste, the smell, the vision of her most intimate parts wet and splayed open for him, and best of all the sounds that she made when he hit the right places.

“Please Sweetie, let’s do something for you” she begged. “This is for me” he replied and started licking slowly and firmly. “Spread your legs wider Babe, I need to see ever thing”, he said as he tapped her exposed fanny, she flinched and then felt him dip his fingers back inside her as he flicked his tongue back and forth.

It felt great, just on the edge between pleasure and pain but she knew she couldn’t.

“Sweetie I can’t, I really can’t” she said and pulled away, quickly sitting up and taking hold of his cock. She rubbed it hard and fast saying that she wanted him to cum.

She was the only one of his girl friends to have ever pulled him off manually as he needed it to be done quite vigorously, but he stopped her and lay her down saying that if he was going to cum he would be doing it inside her.

She had very tight pelvic floor muscles and he loved the sensation when she gripped his shaft internally. He could pull out virtually to complete with drawl and slide back in because she was always so wet. When he climaxed and she tensed up, he could feel her squeezing every thing out of him, one thing was for sure for him … sex here was undoubtedly great!

Once he had cum, he made her lye back again so he could go down on her. He drank in the pleasure of their sex and she was lost in the sensation again, this time of his hands and mouth working together on her. There was no point fighting him for it, she knew he’d do it if he wanted to and she’d cum again whether she was ready to or not. It wasn’t always this way, sometimes it was all about the fucking but that’s another story…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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