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Summer Afternoon

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I’ve always wanted to tell this story. It’s something I have wanted to share for a long time, but it was never safe to do so till now. This happened one hot summer Sunday afternoon in 1983.

My parent’s pastor was a burly, hulking man of 6’3″ with a booming voice and a firm handshake. Each Sunday he thundered out dire warnings of God’s coming wrath for sinners. I tried to ignore him as best as I could, but he still scared me. I was pretty sure that I would wake up one day, see the clouds part for Jesus’ return, watch the ground slowly open up and then I’d tumble right into the Hell the pastor so vividly described.

The pastor’s wife was nearly as intimidating as her husband. She was a tall woman – six feet to be exact – about 40 years old, with red, curly hair, a low husky voice, an assertive manner and in two years she had managed to alienate nearly everyone in the congregation…except my parents.

The interesting portion of this story takes place on a Sunday after my parents had treated the pastor and his wife to lunch in town. After all the plates were cleared from the table and the bill settled, the adults were saying their goodbyes when out of the blue the pastor invited me to come home with him for the afternoon and said that he would show me his library.

Now I have always taken an interest in books and spending another lazy afternoon at my home didn’t sound like nearly as much fun as spending an afternoon browsing books in someone else’s library. What a treat; what an honor! So, I readily agreed, said “see you tonight” to my parents and climbed into the back of the pastor’s car.

When we arrived at the pastor’s home, he, his wife and I went inside to get out of the heat. As promised, the pastor allowed me free roam of his library and I picked a book on the Revelation of St. John. He nodded his approval and I left the library to sit in the living room while he worked on his Sunday night sermon.

His wife had disappeared after we entered the home, but after about fifteen minutes she came into the living room and asked if I would like a drink. When I politely said, no thank you, she let me read my book while she watched TV for about thirty minutes. After her program ended – and I had lost interest in the book – she suggested that we play cards. So, we played gin rummy for a while.

About forty-five minutes into our gin rummy tournament, the pastor came in and said that he was going to take a nap. We both nodded and continued playing cards and talking about whatever we had in common – not too much. When cards and chit-chat got boring, she suggested that we play the piano together. Now I had no great interest bahçelievler escort bayan in playing the piano, but I could read music. More importantly I knew how to play by the rules and how to be polite to an adult. So, I agreed to try and she said she would teach me a song in no time.

So, she led me to a small room at the back of the house where an old piano sat. It was in fairly good condition and had a very sturdy looking piano bench in front of it. After she closed the door – so the piano wouldn’t wake her husband – she sat down on the right side of the bench and motioned for me to join her.

Now, I had always considered the pastor’s wife a bit intimidating. As I said, she was tall, had a husky voice and an assertive manner. Her short,red hair was perfectly suited to her temperament. Besides all this, she had an impressive physical build and presence. She wasn’t what anyone would call fat, but strongly built, tall, big boned, big hips, big breasts…and big time confidence and authority.

So, as I meekly sat down on the piano bench beside her, I was overcome with several emotions – mostly intimidation, fear and resignation to play along, no matter what the tune. But I was also just the slightest bit excited. Sitting so close to a real woman, hip to hip even, gave me a strange tingling feeling.

As she began to show me a few chords, I would repeat them after her. With her instructions and her gentle correction, I learned to play the chords to one of the church’s favorite hymns while she played the melody with her right hand. On about the third try, I got nearly every note right and she patted me on the back and said how well I was learning. Then she showed me another song and I faithfully tried to learn the chords to it as well. As I was learning this second song something happened that surprised me.

While I played the chords to the song, the pastor’s wife had placed her hand on my right knee and was keeping the beat with gentle pats. At first I didn’t even notice this happening, but I slowly became aware of it. Needless to say, I was startled and made a few mistakes on the keyboard, but she urged me to try again and kept on patting the area just above my right knee.

By the second time though the song, I noticed that her hand had crept up to the middle of my thigh – tending more to the inside than the outside. And my nerves were tighter than the piano strings because of it. When I stopped playing, she showered me with praise for being a quick student and playing so well. She also placed her hand just a bit higher on my thigh and gave a nice, soft squeeze, too.

By balgat escort this time, I was nearly speechless. Here I was in someone else’s house, sitting in a closed room with a woman squeezing and massaging my inner thigh – getting closer and closer to what had to be the biggest erection I had ever had – and I am smiling and nodding and gripping the edge of the piano bench hard enough to leave my fingerprints in the wood.

Even though the music had stopped, her hand did not move from my thigh. In fact, her hand slowly travelled to the very top of my thigh and started gently stroking my crotch while she spoke to me. Very suddenly the compliments on my playing turned to whispered comments about how nice I felt in her hand and how hard I was.

I swallowed nervously and just smiled. Her normally husky, assertive tone of voice had turned into a soft, sexy purr in my ear and it was having a considerable effect on me. Without saying “stay still”, her warm hand and soft, whispered voice had ensured that I would stay right where I was. As she continued to rub my penis, she also started to breath into and nibble my ear – circling the outer edge of it with the tip of her tongue. That sent a shiver through me that made the piano bench creak. With that she laughed softly in the back of her throat and kissed my neck.

After thirty seconds of this amazing flirtation, I was quivering with both nervousness and excitement. I was literally awed by her physical presence and how her touch was able to make me feel so nervous and excited with just a few light caresses. But things were about to get worse – or better. Much, much better!

While she continued to massage my cock, the pastor’s wife quietly suggested that I ought to turn and face the other way while still sitting on the piano bench. Although I didn’t know why she would ask me to do this, I acquiesced to her quiet command.

Once I was facing the opposite direction, the pastor’s wife also turned around to face away from the piano keyboard. No sooner had she finished turning around, than her hand resumed its place in my lap, only this time rather than merely giving me caresses, she began to move her hand up and down on my penis. I realized that she was jacking me and wasn’t going to stop till I came.

With that realization running through my mind, I became conscious that she was leaning more and more towards me as she jerked my cock. As a result, her casual blouse was gaping at the neck and giving me a small view of her cleavage. As soon as my eyes lingered on her chest for more than three seconds, she was quick to ask if I liked what I was seeing. batıkent escort bayan With a small nod, but no words, I answered her question.

Not wasting a moment, she started to unbutton her top with her other hand. While she only opened two more buttons, it was more than enough for me to see most of her large, firm breasts. Here was this tall, statuesque, very dominant woman slowly jacking my cock and displaying her very ample breasts and hard, pink nipples to me. I almost came right then. Just the idea that I had turned her on and that she wanted me to see her ripe breasts giggling under her blouse while she jerked my cock was nearly enough to make me lose my mind with pleasure and sexual excitement.

After a few more minutes of jerking my cock, displaying her breasts and gently kissing my face and neck the pastor’s wife did something that I can still recall vividly to this day. She leaned forward to make sure the door to the room was closed, quietly whispered to me to, “sit still, okay?” and slid off the piano bench on to her knees in front of me.

Without a word, she leaned forward from her kneeling position, unzipped my pants, reached her soft, warm hand into my underwear and pulled out my very hard, throbbing cock. I nearly fainted from shock and pleasure. It was obvious what she was going to do to me, but I could scarcely believe it.

After giving the shaft of my penis a few squeezes and gently kissing the clear precum from my head, she took my whole erect cock into her warm, wet mouth and started to lick and suck and swallow as much as I could give her of my hard, young prick! She would run her tongue around the head of my cock, bob her head up and down while sucking me, lick and suck the underside of my head and look into my face with her clear blue eyes and “mmmmm”each time my cock twitched or moved in reaction to her ministrations.

I’m not going to lie and say that I lasted long; it was maybe three minutes, at best! But in that time, this woman gave me more pleasure than I had ever experienced before. She never stopped loving my young cock with her hot, mature mouth till just seconds before I was about to explode. And only then did she stop to whisper to me, “going to give me something good, baby?”

Oh my God! I have trouble imagining how I kept quiet and didn’t break that piano bench as I bucked and thrust into her wet, sucking mouth while cumming. And through the heat and passion, she swallowed every drop, licked me clean and then tucked me away as calmly and as gently as if what we had done was the most natural thing in the world. I’ll never forget how her clear, blue eyes never left mine and her soft, sweet, “Thank you, honey!” still resonates in my ears till today!

On that summer afternoon, the pastor’s wife not only took my oral virginity and swallowed my young cock and cum, but she also took my will and swallowed part of my soul. What is left of me still hungers for her kind of control and passion.

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