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Summer Fun Ch. 07

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I mixed a pitcher of margaritas, and we talked about the possibility of a threesome. However, there was the old problem – who would look after the children while their mothers were fucking me? We couldn’t come up with a solution.

We were deep into our second margarita (I think that Kim was actually on her third) when we heard a car pull into the driveway next door. Kim ran to the window and looked out. “Oh, it’s Susie,” she said. “I wonder what she wants?”

“Maybe she forgot something yesterday,” said Kitty.

Kim and Kitty went out the back door. “Please keep and eye on the kids, Tim,” Kim shouted over her shoulder. I watched her ass wriggle its way into her back yard. Man, that’s one cute ass, I thought, not for the first time.

Kim and Kitty greeted Susie, and the conversation went like this…

Kim: “Thanks for helping out yesterday, Susie”

Susie: “No problem. But I was hoping that you’d do something for me in return.”

Kim: “What did you have in mind?”

Susie: “Tim next door – he’s really cute. Is he seeing anyone?”

Kim: (Icily) “Why do you ask?”

Susie: “Why do you think? I’d like to date him.”

Kim: “Fuck him, you mean?”

Susie: “Well, yes … Why are you so concerned?” (Pause) “Wait a minute! You’re fucking him, aren’t you? You slut! Does Roger know?”

Kitty: “No, and don’t you tell him.”

Susie: “And what about you, super-slut Kitty. Are you fucking him too?” (Another pause) “OMG, you are!”

Kitty: “OK, so we’re both fucking him. So what?”

Susie: “So, do you both do him together, or what?”

Kitty: “No, of course not.”

Susie: “Why not? Threesomes are fun.”

Kitty: “Well, there’s the problem with the children. We would illegal bahis need someone to take care of them.”

Susie thought for a few seconds, and then said, “I’ll tell you what. If you tell Tim that it’s OK with you if he fucks me, and he agrees, then in exchange I’ll organise a sleepover for all your kids at my parents’ house.”

Kim and Kitty: “Deal!”

Susie: “Let’s go and see Tim right now!”

Soon, I was greeted by three horny women, two of whom were a bit tipsy. The situation was explained to me. I couldn’t believe it! Not only was I being offered a very fine piece of nineteen year old ass, but also a threesome with Kim and Kitty, at last! Does it get any better than this?

My first date with Susie was arranged for the following Saturday. Susie shared an apartment with another girl, so I assumed that we would have to come back to my place. That could be a problem, I thought, as I didn’t want Jason and Lucy to know that Susie had been visiting me. I’m sure that they would have been able to figure out that I was fucking their cousin!

I showed up at Susie’s apartment. When she opened the door, she immediately flung her arms around my neck “Hi, Timmieeee!” she squealed excitedly.

Susie unwrapped herself from me, and led me inside. There was no sign of her roommate. “Oh, Melissa’s gone out,” she said. “We have the place to ourselves.” That’s very convenient, I thought.

“So where would you like to eat?” I asked.

“Well, we could go out and eat, if you really want to,” she said. “Or we could just get right down to fucking. I’m really horny. I can’t wait to get your big cock inside my pussy.”

“I’m really not that hungry,” I said.

Susie led me into her illegal bahis siteleri room. It was a very girlie room, with lots of cushions and stuffed animals. She picked up a stuffed elephant. “This is Mr Cuddles,” she said, rubbing the elephant over her pussy through her shorts. “We’re VERY good friends.”

It seemed to be a waste, the elephant going where I wanted Mr Cock to go. So I grabbed her, and she giggled as I pulled down her shorts and panties. I gazed in awe at the tightest cameltoe pussy that I had ever seen. It had been quite a while since I had fucked a nineteen year old pussy, and I had forgotten just how tight they can be.

I pulled off Susie’s top, but before I could admire her pointy little tits, she pulled out my cock, and took it into her mouth. I pulled her back onto the bed, and surrendered to the pure ecstasy of her mouth as it worked on my cock. It seemed at though I shot gallons of cum into her mouth, and she swallowed it all down like a good little girl.

She didn’t give me long to recover, working magic with her fingers on my cock until it was hard again. Then she lay on her back, opened her legs, and smiled invitingly at me. I placed my cock at her slit, and pushed. She was so tight! It took me a few minutes to completely penetrate her, but when I was fully inside, she wrapped her long shapely legs around me. “Oh, Timmy, you feel so good inside me. Fuck me slowly, I want to enjoy the feel of your cock stretching me.”

I fucked her slowly, and as I had just cum in her mouth, I was able to last a long time. Then she gasped, “Now, Timmy, now! Make me cum!” A few more strokes and her nails dug into my back as she came.

We fucked twice more that evening. Around midnight canlı bahis siteleri I heard her roommate come into the apartment. I dropped off to sleep soon after that, completely exhausted.

In the morning, Susie wanted to fuck again. She made a lot of noise, and I wondered if her roommate was awake. Then I heard sounds in the other room. Looks like I’m going to meet the roommate, I thought.

Susie and I got up, dressed, and then went out to the lounge room. “Tim, this is Melissa, my roommate,” said Suzie. “Melissa, this is Tim.”

I shook hands with Melissa while I checked her out. She looked to be about the same age as Susie, but she had long honey blonde hair and a very cute face. In fact, she had a look of innocence about her that was very attractive.

Susie wanted to go out for breakfast. She invited Melissa to come, but Melissa said that she had already eaten. So we found a café and ordered breakfast.

“What do you think of Melissa?” asked Susie.

A warning bell went off in my head. Was Susie the jealous type, I wondered? “She seems very nice,” I answered carefully.

“Yes, she’s so sweet,” said Susie. “And she’s a virgin. Can you believe it? A nineteen year old virgin.”

“I’m sure that she could take care of that if she wanted to,” I said.

“She’s very shy around men,” said Susie. “And you know what college boys are like. Sex is all about their ego. No, what Melissa needs is a caring, older man to teach her.” Then she added, “Someone like you.” Immediately the word ‘threesome’ popped into my head.

“Are you serious?” I asked. “You wouldn’t mind?”

“Kim and Kitty want to do a threesome with you,” said Susie. “Sounds like fun. You and I could do a threesome with Melissa.”

“Speaking of Kim and Kitty, if we did this, they could never find out,” I said.

“Of course,” she said. “They were not very happy about us dating. Don’t worry. They don’t know Melissa. There’s no way that they would find out.”

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