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Summer Job

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I was home from college and needed a summer job. The local Auto dealer had put an ad out in the paper saying they needed a parts driver. “Must be 18 and be able to drive a stick”. I applied and was hired immediately. I’m guessing it was because nobody else could drive a stick shift.

The job entailed picking up Auto parts from our shelves or warehouses around town and dropping them off at different garages or body shops. I had to go to this one Body Shop on Erie Blvd often, and got to know the guys quick.

One day while out on a delivery, I had to pee so bad I stopped at the body shop and asked if I could use their bathroom. They didn’t mind at all, so I went out back to where the bathroom was. It was like a home bathroom, one room with a toilet and sink. Except that it had a stack of porn magazines on the floor that reached my knees.

I decided to have a sit and pee while browsing the magazines. There were titles that I never heard of, some were incest related, some were straight, but with a twist like leather or motorcycles. Others were trans and gay oriented. It was an odd mix.

This was back in the 80’s. I didn’t know such magazines existed. I grabbed one a few down from the top of the pile and saw that it was a gay or Bi magazine as there were both men and women in it. I started flipping through the pages and saw two men in a 69 position with their cocks right in front of each other’s mouth. I had never seen an erect man in a magazine, or anywhere for that matter. I was instantly hard. I flipped a few more pages and saw one picture where this guy had just the head of his dick resting on this other guy’s tongue. I reached down and gave myself a stroke. I remember thinking that my cock was so hard. I couldn’t believe how much this turned me on. I turned the page and there was a picture of the same two guys, but now the cock was all the way in, completely deep throated. My cock kept getting harder, and I kept stroking, the pre cum was just flowing down my shaft lubricating it nicely. On the next page, the picture showed the guy’s semi limp cock drained of cum slipping from the other guys cum covered mouth. That was it, without hardly any warning my cock throbbed and I came.

I came everywhere.

Some went on my jeans, some on my shirt, there was cum on the floor, my hand was sticky with it. But most went right on the magazine I was just looking at. The cum covered the magazine. I didn’t know what to do. Do I wipe it off and pretend nothing happened, or do I try and hide it in the stack? çıtır escort I decided to tuck it in my pants and dispose of it elsewhere. I cleaned up the cum from everything the best I could. There were some spots on my pants and shirt that I couldn’t do anything about though. I flushed the toilet a couple of times and headed out mostly unnoticed. Ran into the owner “Ron” in the parking lot and just said thanks for letting me use the bathroom.

I was nervous going back to the body shop with deliveries at first, but Ron was always super friendly and made you felt like you belonged there, so I got over it quick. But I always wondered if he noticed the cum spots on my jeans and shirt that day or that one of his magazines went missing.

I visited the bathroom much more often now, even if I didn’t “need” to, just to look at the magazines. I must have jerked off fifteen to twenty times there that summer.

One day the body shop called late and asked if I could bring something over even though it would be after hours when I got back. My manager said it was fine, and that all I had to do when I got back was to lock the truck up and drop the keys off in the key drop when finished, so I headed out.

I got to the shop quick and unloaded. It was a different vibe after hours; it was only Ron and one guy hanging out drinking a beer in the office. They offered me one saying it was cool because it was after work. I grabbed a beer and sat next to Ron in the office. The other guy said he had to go pick up his kids or something and left, so it was just Ron and I enjoying a beer.

Ron got up to grab another beer and I couldn’t help but to notice through his jeans, that he had a huge erection. Once again, this was all new to me and I didn’t know what to do or how to feel, but what I did know was I was curious and getting an erection as well. Ron turned facing me with a fresh beer and looked right at my crotch. I could tell he noticed my erection. I made some lame excuse about having to pee and got up to go.

That’s when Ron said that there was stuff more interesting here than in the bathroom. I was stunned and scared. I stopped where I was and turned to face him. I asked him what he meant by that, and that’s when he told me that he knew I was jerking off to his magazines in the bathroom and that one of his favorites had gone missing. He said he noticed the cum spots on my jeans once and said I missed some drops on the floor more than a few times.

I was young and worried he demetevler escort was going to call my boss. I said I was sorry and told him what happened. I just said I didn’t have a lot of sexual experience with girls, and never even knew that magazines like this existed. When I saw the guys with their hard cocks I couldn’t help myself. He laughed and asked if I had ever been with a man before. Up to that point the closest to sex I ever got was when a girl let me feel her boobs up in the skating rink, so I told him no. He said it was ok and that I should relax. I was relieved. He said he liked to jerk off to the magazines as well but that he had something better.

He opened up a cabinet where there was a TV and put a tape in the VCR. I saw it was titled Dan does them all or something like that. We sat down next to each other on his old couch and started watching it. It started off with this guy going down on this girl and then the girl blowing the guy till he came on her face. I was hard as fuck and my dick hurt being stuck in my tight jeans. I looked at Ron, who was looking at me and he said it was ok, and that I should take it out. I wasn’t sure, but then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge cut cock. It was the first hard dick other than my own I had ever seen. I was mesmerized by the length and thickness. I thought to myself that this is the difference between a man’s cock and my cock. I followed suit and unbuttoned my jeans, lowered my zipper and pulled my pants down. My hard cock stood at full attention. I went back to watching the movie while gently stroking my cock. Figuring that this is what men do.

Now there is a different girl in the movie blowing the same guy in a bedroom setting. She was doing a great job, his cock was big and hard and she was working it like a pro. She looked up and smiled, then moved to the side, and out of nowhere this other nude guy with another big hard cock comes in, drops to his knees and takes over blowing the same guy that the girl was. I was amazed! It was the first “live action” gay blowjob I had ever seen. I was so into it I didn’t notice how close Ron was to me. He was looking at my cock while stroking his slowly. I turned and looked at his cock while he was stroking it. Ron stopped stroking his magnificent cock for a moment and just smiled. He reached over and replaced my hand with his. It was too much, I came instantly, and I came harder than I ever had up to that point. There was cum on the floor, on his hand, on my chest, dikmen escort on my pants and one little drop on his mustache.

He licked the cum off of his mustache and moved around in front of me between my legs and said that I tasted good and that he wanted more.

Up to this point I had only ever cum once in a day, so I wasn’t sure what he intended. I found out soon. My dick was just going soft when he started. At first it was just a few strokes followed by some licks around the head and shaft Then he ducked down lower and licked under my balls. This was all a first for me and I was hard as a rock again instantly. Next he gently took the head of my cock in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. Not only was this my first blowjob by a guy, it was my first ever blowjob period!!

He gently sucked my cock in and out of his mouth for a while, and then he focused on the spot just underneath and behind the head with his tongue. It felt so good I told him I was going to cum again. He stopped, stood up and put his cock right in front of my face; I didn’t know what to do so I took it in my mouth and tried my best. I couldn’t fit it all in my mouth and I kept gagging, I got my first ever taste of pre-cum and I loved it, I wanted more…

I stroked his shaft with one hand while using my mouth, licking and sucking on it. I kept trying to get more of it in my mouth. Before I knew it he started to shake a little and blew his load right in my mouth, I wasn’t ready and just swallowed it, all of it, and it was a lot!

He immediately dropped to his knees again and resumed sucking on my cock like crazy. He would take it all the way in and then pull it out until just the tip of the head was in his mouth and repeat. I was going crazy and my cock was so hard I thought it would burst with all the pressure. He lifted my thighs up and licked under my balls, gently caressing my asshole. He gently rubbed it with his finger like he was going to put it in. I think he saw how nervous I was and went back to licking my balls and sucking my cock.

Then it happened. Ron grabbed my balls and gave them a gentle tug and twist while deep throating me, and I couldn’t believe it. For the first time in my life I was getting a blowjob and it wasn’t from a girl and it felt better than anything I had ever experienced up to that point. I blew my second load right down his throat and he didn’t miss a beat. He kept going until I started to soften and get sensitive. He pulled me from his mouth and just said “Wow… That was great”.

We both cleaned up and talking awkwardly and I drove the truck back to the shop and went home.

I visited the shop two more times before having to return to school, but never had a chance to use the bathroom or talk to Ron privately again. I still wonder what it would have been like.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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