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Summer: Your Sweetest Sin

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Looking into the mirror Summer smiled. What was about to happen would change her life. For her sex had been something she enjoyed, and from that first day she knelt down and sucked a cock she loved the feeling of being a naughty little slut.

Cock sucking may have been her specialty but that’s not all she wanted. She tried to be sweet and innocent at home but she hid a secret from her parents. She had a liking for older men. It all started on that fateful day at a football match, where one of the dads had kindly given her his coat just to stop her from shivering as she watched her boyfriend play. The next day she took the coat back, finding the dad on his own, in his house.

Summer knocked on the door, coat in hand. The door opened and there was Connor’s dad. “Thank you for the jacket yesterday” Summer said. Just then fate took control of Summer’s life and pushed her into this mans house. The heavens opened even with her coat on Summer would be wet through before she got home. “Come in” said the dad, “I’ll run you home in a minute I cant have you getting soaked.”

Back then Summer wasn’t so busty, wasn’t so comfortable showing off her curves but still wore clothes that would provoke the lads to look at her body. As she walked in Tony introduced himself. He ushered her into the living room, as she went by he couldn’t resist looking at her arse. He knew he shouldn’t. Summer was his sons age but god that ass was amazing in those tight leggings. Thoughts filled his head which he shouldn’t act upon.

He asked Summer if she wanted a drink while they waited for the rain to stop. “Do you have a hot chocolate?” she asked. When Tony said yes she asked him if she could have it milky. When he returned with the drinks Summer was sat on the sofa with her feet curled up. Tony looked at her. Temptation filling him, lustfully looking at this 18 year old. “Feet down off the sofa or ill have to spank you” he said sternly.

Oh my god Summer thought she suddenly had shivers at the thought of being spanked by this man. She tried to put it to the back of her mind but it just leapt back to the front. Why was she looking at his hands. There was something so arousing at the thought of being bent over and spanked. “So would you like to spank asyabahis yeni giriş me Tony” Summer instinctively said.

He looked up at her, his mouth fell open at the brazen sluttiness of this young girl. “Be careful what you say I’d put you over my knee” he retorted. Something just made Summer get up and walk over to Tony and put herself over his knees. “Like this” she said, as she giggled.

That was it that arse bent over his knees in those tight leggings, Tony didn’t take a second to think as one hand pinned Summer down, the other just started spanking Summer on her arse cheeks. Summer could feel each stroke through her leggings, which gave her little protection. 2 became 3 spanks, become 4 and they continued up to 10. Five on each cheek. Summer was stinging, but god it felt good to be used like this.

Tony suddenly realised what he was doing and eased her off his lap. Summer was on the floor in front of him on all fours, her arse stinging as she looked at him. ” Did you enjoy that” she asked. He just nodded not wanting to tell her how turned on it had made him to be spanking an 18 year old girl. But Summer knew as she crawled between his legs and touched an ever-growing bulge in his trousers.

Her hand reached out to touch the bulge, Tony was powerless to resist. he looked down at the college girl he had just spanked. She was in the same class as his son, but here she was rubbing his cock through his trousers. No she wasn’t, she was undoing his zip and reaching in. Oh my god was this really happening.

Something inside Summer just wanted that cock, and she was going to have it. Sat on her knees she reached in, not a thought of who this was but just the fact she wanted his cock after being spanked. Her hand delved in and found an ever-growing cock and pulled it out. She took one glance at it and then pounced.

Not once did Summer think this is wrong, this is Connor’s dad’s cock that she had in her hands. Slowly she started stroking it, working it as it grew in her hands. Summer lent forward her hair draping down, as her lips met Tony’s cock head. Her lips engulfed it.

Tony took Summer’s hair and pulled it up into a ponytail, holding it in his hand. As he sat on his sofa, the eighteen asyabahis giriş year old took control of his cock. Kneeling before him worshiping it like it was the most precious cock in the world. Summers hands reached in and pulled out his sweaty balls. Her tongue slide up and down the cock before her. She couldn’t resist licking his balls and sucking on them. As she did she looked up at Tony watching his face showing delight as this beautiful young girl pleasured him.

Her hair out of the way he could see everything Summer was doing. As she looked up, she winked at him, her hand wanking his cock. He couldn’t remember the last time his wife had done this, but now he was desperate to fill this young sluts mouth with his cock. Not only fill it, this slut needed to taste his cum.

Tony stood up before her. Her hair still in a pony tail. He was gripping it tighter so he could control her head. His cock fell forward and slapped this ‘innocent’ looking face. Summer was far from innocent, she knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. Her mouth opened…

Tony looked down and told Summer exactly what he wanted. Slut, that’s it open wide and suck my cock. He slid his cock into her warm welcoming mouth. Not just the tip but pushing deeper into her mouth, his whole cock started to fill it.

Summer was prepared for the invasion of this cock. She opened her mouth wide so this big fat daddy cock would fit. Her hair being gripped her head being forced onto Tony’s cock she started gagging. This wasn’t her first face fucking, something she actually enjoyed.

Tony pulled his cock back out, Summer gasped for air slightly but then she desperately lunged down the shaft in front of her wanting it to fill her mouth. Touching the back of her throat she looked up gagging. The innocent face had gone now it was replaced with the dirty slut face.

Tony could tell she wanted it, she wanted it badly, she wanted it all. Slowly at first he started fucking her mouth. As he thrust in and out Summer gagged. At the same time his cock was glistening with the drool she couldn’t control, flowing all over his cock.

Summer had lads face fuck her before but this was a man. He really wanted to use her mouth you could see it asyabahis güvenilirmi in her eyes. Right at this moment in time she was a little fucktoy waiting for Tony’s cum, there was no way he wasn’t going to cum in her mouth, and that’s what she wanted more than anything.

Tony relentlessly fucked Summers mouth his balls slapping on her chin, oh god he was close, he couldn’t stop himself he had to cum. He couldn’t even warn her, all of a sudden there it was.

Globs of cum filled Summers mouth as Tony gripped her head. Summers mouth was greedy, she loved swallowing cum. It would be rude not to swallow it all. When she asked for hot chocolate with milk she didn’t think she would be getting this much milk.

Greedily she gulped down all the cum, her stomach full Summer let Tony’s cock come out. She kissed the head of it with her soft lips. Giving this cock the love it deserved for filling her mouth. Cleaning the last drops of cum smearing them on her lips. The taste making her brain fill with ecstasy.

Knelt in her classmates house, his dad’s cock in front of her, the grin on her face was like a Cheshire cat. Summer tucked the cock back in and licked her cummy lips. “I better be getting home Tony”. As he let go of her hair, zipped up his flies he helped Summer up off her knees.

Summer deliberately bent over in front of him. Those tight leggings showing her rounded arse, Tony couldn’t resist feeling it, groping it, then spanking it. “Fuck Summer” he said as she looked back. “Maybe one day I’ll let you fuck me with that big cock I think I’d like that,” she replied.

Mum made her a hot chocolate that night. As she sipped it the taste of cum had slipped away from her mouth, but it would be back there soon. Sitting gingerly on her arse, surprisingly she had loved the pain of being spanked. She sat thinking I’ll have more of that.

More of a lot of things. Dad’s cock, mmmm god it was so thrilling Summer wanted more and she would get more…. a lot more.


That day had lead to a daddy fascination. Yes Summer loved boys, but men…. Men could fuck much better. Looking in the mirror licking her lips, feeling those leggings now tight between her pussy lips. No knickers these days just camel toe… Her phone buzzed.

It was him…. Daddy, oh god this was going to be the start of something special. Something that really would change Summers life again. Taking her to another level of slutdom.

Good morning Daddy she text back….

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