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Sun Lovers

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Fingering Pussy

A couple times a month a try to take my dogs, (a cattle dog and a pitt bull), on a long hike. This is not always possible, but I try nonetheless.

I also recently purchase a book that highlighted hiking trails within a 60 miles radius of where I live. This was going to make the hiking goal a lot less cumbersome. One Friday night I flipped through the book, found a good spot that was pet friendly and made a plan for the morning.

After staying up too late, (playing Skyrim, let’s be honest), I got a late start to the day. It was going to be a very warm Spring day with highs in the upper 80’s. I had wanted to get out the door by 7:30, but that time had long since passed.

I bustled around, packing the dogs’ gear, grabbing some water, downing some breakfast, and hit the road around 11. The moment I stepped outside my house I knew it was going to be a little warm for too long of a hike. I though to myself, “Well, let’s see how long we last, and worse case scenario, we get to see some beautiful scenery and get a bit of exercise and head home.”

The drive to the park was only about twenty minutes or so. Once we got there I put my dogs on their tandem, tightened my trail running shoes, hooked their treat back to a belt loop on my cargo shorts, and through the small backpack filled with water and snacks on my back. And off we went!

I thought there would be more people along the trails, but I noticed just a few hikers, most heading back towards the parking lot. “Those are the smart ones.” Both my dogs seemed to nod in agreement.

About a quarter of a mile in I stopped at a outcropping of rocks to have a seat and let the dogs sniff around and get some water. I hadn’t seen anyone since the top of the trail, so I decided to take off my shirt and get some sun. I’m not build by any means. I’ve got pretty built shoulders, arms and chest (mainly left over from working out during college), but other than that, just a regular guy’s body. I usually don’t hot shirtless, especially in public, but it was getting warm and I figured I could get away with it without running into anyone along the trail.

I stuffed my shirt into my backpack, hooked on the water canteen, and rounded up the dogs to head deeper in the park.

We did a good .75 miles before we found a tiny, pebble creek with about two inches of clear water running through it. I thought it a great opportunity to take another break, have some water, and eat a snack (I had brought some fresh apricots and cherries for myself, and some biscuits for the dogs). I slid off my trail running shoes and socks and let the still cool water run over them. Both dogs were enjoying the doing the same. At this point I think the forecaster was off a few degrees, it felt much closer to 95 than upper 80’s to me.

After a few minutes of wadding through the angle deep water, I decide to fill my canteen and pour some water over my head and face. Now that got me awake! Still a little chilly, but it did feel good!

As I was reaching down for another splash of water I heard some movement over to my right. I instinctively look for and locate both my dogs relaxing up the shade of a small tree to my left (since the trail was empty, or at least I thought it was, I let them off leash for a bit).

I look over and see a shadow following the trail and coming around the bend. Honestly I panic a little – I look for my backpack, trying to calculate how long it would take me to run over to it, unzip it, and pull on my shirt. I decide that there is not enough time as the shadow slowly become a form.

“Hello there!” A sweet voice calls. “How’s the water?”

“Uh…still a bit chilly, but refreshing!” I call back, a little more forceful than intended.

“Looks like you’re enjoying güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it though! My name is Amanda, what is yours?”

“I’m Jeremy, nice to meet you. You’re not afraid of dogs are you? I’ve got a couple under the shade tree over there, they are harmless, worn out, and napping.” I reply.

Amanda glanced over at the dogs snoozing under the tree, then back at me, looking me up and down. “No, not at all. Care for some company during your break? I could use one myself!”

“No not at all, please join us. I’ve some some fruit in my backpack if you want a snack.”

Amanda walked over to where I had dropped my gear. “Looks like a little walk in the creek is refreshing.” She dropped her backpack, kicked off her trainers and socks, and began to walk my way.

As she stepped into the water I could see a small chill run from her toes to her head.

“I should have warned you, the water feels good, but still fairly cold.”

“Don’t mind me,” she said, continuing to walk my way, “I’m just a little more sensitive to the cold than others.” And gave me a crooked smile.

As she walked towards me I finally got a good view of her. She was maybe 5’7ish, dark blond hair, fairly athletic build, wearing a pink workout tank top and some running shorts. And I could swear I saw her nipples poking through her tank top.

I had to quickly distract myself. “So, have you enjoyed your hike thus far?” I asked.

“A little warmer than I anticipated, I wanted to get out earlier, but just didn’t get up in time.” She replied.

“Same here. Just overslept. It is definitely warmer than I thought it was going to be.”

“But you guys have it easy.” She said. “You can just take your shirt off and no one cares!”

“You got me on that one!” I say with a chuckle. “But you can always do what you feel. I took mine off about a mile back, thinking I wouldn’t run into anyone since it’s the middle of the day.”

“Hmmm, you got me thinking.” She said with a sly smile…

And before I knew it, she had reached down, grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it over her head!

“Now that’s MUCH better.” She exclaimed!

We both looked at each other…and then burst into laughter.

Honestly, I was glad for the laughter, it kept me from staring at her breasts. They were not big, nor small, maybe a full B cup, with a subtle swoop upwards. Her skin a very light golden-brown, indicating some time in the sun. I could definitely feel a bulge building.

“Doesn’t the sun will good?” I comment/ask. Not really knowing where to go from that spectacle.

“Wonderful! And a little water to cool off would be great as well.” She said, as she turned around, bent over and filled her canteen full of water. Her running shorts were very, well, short. And I could swear she did not have anything on underneath them. But that could also be my imagination.

After she filled her canteen, she turned back around, gave me a sly grin, titled her head, and began to slowly pour the water from her collar bone and letting it run down her breast and across her stomach.

I was in pain. My crotch was burning and I had to change focus. I slightly turned my body so I would be staring at her face on, and began to look for colorful pebbles in the creek bed.

As I was trying to calm myself self downstairs I could hear some water sloshing behind me and knew she was coming closer. I took a deep breath and tried to act calm and collected.

“I think something scratched me on the trail a little ways back, would you mind taking a look?”

I could feel a set up coming on. This seemed so surreal, like a dream. But I went with it.

“Uh, sure. I’ve got a mini first aid kit in my pack. Where güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri do you think you got scratched?”

“Well,” she said, “On my lower back, can you see anything?” As she spoke she turned around, put her thumbs in the side of her shorts, and lowered them slightly, just enough to see a fee inches of skin that had not been touch by the sun.

“I don’t see any scratches.” I say, as I nervously run my hand across the small of her back and look for any marks or scratches. “Nope, nothing here. Perhaps it just didn’t break the skin.”

At that, she did something unexpected. She slowly bent over and pulled her runner shorts to the ground and discarded them with a quick kick of her foot.

“Perhaps it was a little lower, let me bend over so you can get a better look.”

“I’m not sure about this…” I stutter out. “I..um…I don’t see anything…”

From her bent over stance she turns her head to look at me and gives me that sly grin again.

“Well now I’m seeing something that I might be able to take care of…”

She stood up and turn around. She put a hand on one hip and made the “come here” movement with her other.

I was going insane. I could feel my cock pressing hard against my shorts. I could also see her neatly trimmed pubic hair, martini style. Ouch…my weakness.

I slowly begin to walk towards her beckoning. While wild thoughts kept running through my mind. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I kept looking around thinking someone would come around the bend at any moment…but no one.

As I came into arms reach, she put out her hand and undid the button on my shorts. She quickly did the same for the zipper, and gave them a quick yank. As she did, my cock, already hard for several minutes, sprang out.

“Nice touch.” She said. She place a hand on my cock and pulled me closer. “I want you…”

I about lost it right then and there, feeling her warm hand on my cock and hearing those words resonate in my mind. I bent over and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. I could feel her other hand on the back on my head, pushing me lower.

I began to kiss on her neck, her collar bone, and on done to her beautiful swopping breasts. Her nipples were pointed and I took one in my mouth. I began to lick and suck on it.

As I did, her other hand slowly began to grasp and release my cock. Not stroking it, but griping it hard and then releasing the pressure. I was in heaven.

I began to rise up, but felt the pressure from her hand again on the back of my head, pushing me down further. I began to kiss my way from her breasts to her navel, gently kissing all around her stomach. I could hear her slightly moan.

At that point I had to make a decision. I got down on my knees, feeling the tiny pebbles making minuscule indentions. As I did she gave my cock one hard squeeze and then released it. I began to make my way from her navel to her pubic mound. One there I traced it with kissing and my tongue.

By now she had both hands on the back of my head, pressing me closer. I began to lick her damp pussy. She pressed harder and harder, with tender moans. I stayed in that position for several minutes, running my hands up and down the back of her thighs and buttocks.

It wasn’t long until she she placed her hands on the side of my shoulders and motioned for me to get up. I slowly rose, my cock bouncing on the way up. She reached down, grabbed my penis again and slowly led me to a sun warmed rock.

She looked into my eyes and gave me a wink. “Sit, and spread’em.” Lost in the moment I didn’t have any objections and did exactly as she said. Honestly, I was hoping for a blow job.

But then it came. She moved in between my legs, but güvenilir bahis şirketleri instead of kneeling down, she moved closer, grabbed my cock and began to work it into her pussy.

‘What…” I though to myself. This had NEVER happened before, what was going on?

Once she got my cock worked into her tight pussy, she began to thrust back and forth. As she did she grabbed my legs and held them up and looked deep into my eyes.

“What do you think?” She asked.

I didn’t know what to say. I was fucking, or being fucked perhaps, by a beautiful blond, in a semi-public place, and I was enjoying it.

“I don’t know how long I will last…” Was all I could sputter on, being on mental and physical overload at that point.

“Good.” She replied, and ran her hand, nails bared, down my chest to my stomach. “Let’s see how long you can go…”

With that I lost it. Completely lost it. I could feel the sperm shooting from my cock, pulsating over and over again. As it was obvious what was happening, Amanda slowed down the thrust to make them harder and deeper.

After my last spurts had come out, we both looked at each other…and laughed!

“Well, that was certainly unexpected…” I said, between breaths.

“It sure was, but worth it.” She responded, with her signature crooked smile. “Best work out I’ve had in several weeks!”

We both chuckled again. She began to back off of me and I could feel my cock slowly deflating and sliding out.

“Looks like you gave me a bit of a present.” She said, looking down and pulling up on her pussy. “Not to be unappreciative, but I don’t think I’ll keep this one.” She smiled, turned around and walked back to the creek. She then squatted in the creek and let loose a mixture of my cum and her pee.

I could instantly feel my cock hardening again. I am not usually into “pee” stuff, but seeing a very sexy, semi-stranger, peeing out my cum in a creek – well, that was a new one to me.

She motioned me to come over with her fingers once again.

“Perhaps you want me to clean you up too?

“I would love it!” I said, trying to mask my excitement, thinking I would finally get my blowjob.

Instead she rose up, stood on tip toe, balanced herself by putting on hand on my shoulder and raised her leg.

As she did it slowly registered what she was going to do…she was going to pee on my cock! Just as that thought hit home, I felt a warmth running down my cock. By now, I was ready to go again. I glanced down and saw a yes in her eyes.

I reached down, feeling the warmth on my hand as well, and guided my cock back into her pussy. She then pulled herself up, with both hands on my shoulders, and wrapped her legs around my waist.

Grinding and thrusting we went at it for several minutes more, until I heard her moan and indicated that she had an orgasm (or two or three). I was almost there when she quickly dismounted.

She looked up and could see the disappointment in my face. She then reached down with one hand, raised one foot up and stroked my cock until I was shooting my cum across the toes and arch or her foot.

“This is wild…” I though to myself. “She is wild…”

After a little grunt from myself, she gently wiped my cock clean with her hands, waded back into the ankle high creek and rinsed her foot and hand off, quite unceremoniously.

She walked backed, thanked me for my time, said she hopes to run into me again sometime, put her clothes and shoes back on and continue down the trail.

I stood there, cock hanging, memorized for what seemed like hours. And then a warm breeze picked up and made me come to my senses.

“What am I doing, I standing here right in the open and butt naked. And where are the dogs?” I quickly located my clothes, put them on, and glanced over and saw my dogs, still snoozing away in the shade.

“I guess we’ve all enjoyed our late start to the day.” I said to myself, as I rousted the dogs, grabbed my backpack and began the hike back to the car. Perhaps sleeping in isn’t as bad as everyone says.

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