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Like many fairy tales start, it wasent a stormy night. Ther wasent even a single rain drop. Still it turned out to be a fairy tale alright.

It was one of the nights when you have so much on your minds and want a way out, you dont know what exactly to do. Something relieves your tensions and then you know that was the thing you wanted all along.

It was almost 11 pm when i walked out of my room. I was walking and walking aimlessly on the streets, and to me it seemed like ages.

Nothing was right that day, I had lost a nice clean assignment. I had a fight with my girlfriend. And my room, the place where i stayed was a mess. My girlfriend’s curses and my boss’s angry yellings still rocked in my ears.

I kept walking thinking about the day. Where i was walking there were many shops lined up along the street. All were already closed. I passed the shops like a breeze,then suddenly i stopped. For some time i couldent quite figure out why i had stopped. Then suddenly i realised, i realised something had caught my eyes, something that made me stop. SLowly canlı bahis i turned around. There crouched on a shop’s stairs was a girl. Instinctively i glanced at the watch, it was almost half past 1. What was a girl doing alone on the streets in midnight. I walked slowly towards her, half curios, half excited. To my surprise i found my heart bit was speeding. Sweat drops had started forming on my forehead and i was shaking.

I was trying to form a picture of that girl in my mind. As i got closer and closer she got more visible. She was wearing a simple white dress covering most of the body. her legs were long hidden my the dres. Her long flowing hair was faling loose. And she wasent looking at me. She was staring at the floor.

As i moved closer i made loud noise by my feet. I wanted to grab her attention but she dident move. I called out but still no sign. I glanced around. The street was empty. Ther was just me, that girl and the street lights. I was wondering what to do and then after some hesitation, decided to shake her. I reached out and was about bahis siteleri touch her shoulders when she turned her head. Her eyes stared through me. It was a moment frozen in time. I was completely locked in her stare.

We were staring at each other, our eyes locked, for atleast 10 minutes. And then next thing i knew our lips met. We started kissing tenderly at first. Our tenderness melted into rage of hungry wolves attacking at their pray. She was a tigress cut loose from her cage. She grabbed me and attcked me with her lips. We were kissing like that for almost half an hour.

Suddenly we broke from each other. And i started walking, walking back towards my room. The only thing i could hear was her footsteps falling with me.I cant remember when we reached my room, how i got into my bed.

The only thing i remember is her naked body glowing in the shadows cast by the night lamp. Her full breasts inviting me to conquer their peaks.

Her sighs when my toungue licked her lovely nipples erect in all their glory. The slender moment of her hips bahis şirketleri when my fingures explored her juicy cunt. Our bodies rocking in ecstacy when my toungue plunged into the innerlips of her womenhood. her toungue taking me to new heights when it circled my dick. My mind exploding when she sucked my penis with hunger. The bonding of life when i thrust my dick into the depths of her cunt. The flow of energy when our bodies started a rhythmic dance of desire. Then the volcanic climax.

When it was finally over, the morning sun beams had started creeping through the windows. I was still in a state ofdizzyness. She just stood up from bed, dressed herself, grabbed my manhood, kissed it, said “Thank You” and left. The next day was the most relaxed day in my life.

I dont know who she was. I dont know what was her name. I dont know where she went. I only know now the moment our eyes met, she woke up and aroused the lust inside me like neevr before. For the time she was with me, i was her slave.

Its 5 in the morning right now. I am sitting on the shop stairs where i had seen that angel. In a while the people will start showing on the street. Like evryday, they will glance at me with various expressions in their eyes. WHat do they know? I am still searching for my sunshine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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