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A soft murmur sounds in the room as the figure on the bed shifts slightly, the sheet she had draped over her body earlier slipping to expose a delicate shoulder, gleaming softly in the moonlight. Arms lift above her head as she stretches slowly, a smile spreading over her lips as memories from earlier in the night flood her mind.

Turning onto her side, her eyes roam over the large form spread out beside her, a look of lust darkening her features as her eyes skim lower, breath catching slightly as she spies the outline of his groin against the sheet.

Tentatively lifting a hand towards his body, she slides a finger along one silk covered thigh, gliding higher to slip along his cock, gasping softly and snapping her hand back to her own body as she feels him twitch beneath her hand. Quickly lifting her gaze to his face, her eyes seek his, breathing a sigh of relief as she notes they are still closed, lashes resting softly against his hard cheeks.

Growing bolder as he slumbers on in ignorance, her hand lifts once more, nail trailing lightly down his chest, circling a nipple, stopping to flick gently against it. A wicked grin spreads across her lips as his nipple hardens against her nail, his body responding to her touch even as he sleeps, a plan swiftly forming in her mind.

Sitting up to move closer, the sheet drops to pool against her thighs, her bare breasts exposed to the night air, she leans over his body, her other hand lifting to roam freely over his chest. Teeth lowering to nibble lightly against her lower lip she slips her hand lower on his body, fingers dipping beneath the sheet, fingertips brushing against his cock, sliding against the velvety flesh.

Grinning to herself, her hand slides over him, fingers curling around his cock, stroking against his soft flesh, slowly but surely, thumb lifting to press gently against the head. Her eyes lifting to his face, watching for movement, as her hand continues to stroke up and down his length cautiously.

Shifting against him slightly, she bravely drops her head, tongue darting out to flick against his nipples, teeth lightly grazing across the hard nubs. Hand still wrapped around his soft cock, she slides it along his length, sighing softly against his chest as she feels it move within her grip, her tongue dipping to circle across his flesh, tracing moist patterns along his golden skin.

Lifting her free hand to his nipple, nail slipping into the small ring to tug gently against his piercing she lowers her head, sucking the remaining nipple deep into her mouth, lips wrapping around the sensitive bud, tongue swirling against the tight flesh.

A low moan sounds deep in his throat, the vibrations rumbling through his chest to tickle bahis firmaları against her lips. Lifting her head quickly she glances back up at his face, grinning as she sees his lips parted from the moan, yet still he sleeps on in ignorance.

Sitting up completely, her hands lift to grip the sheet, lifting it and tossing it towards the end of the bed, nodding her head in satisfaction as it floats in the air, held motionless for a moment before slowly sinking onto the floor. Moving slowly on the bed careful not to disturb him, she shifts lower, her hands gently gripping his knees, slowly prying them apart as she slips between them, settling in, ass pressed down against her feet.

Sitting motionless, breath locked within her chest, her eyes drift over his face, watching, waiting to see if her movements had disturbed his slumber. Releasing her breath silently as he remains unmoving, her hands drop to his thighs, fingertips brushing feather light against the bare skin.

Once more her eyes lower, trailing slowly over his body, her lips lifting in a small self satisfied grin as her gaze fastens on his hardened nipples, revelling in his body’s reaction to her touch. As her eyes feast on his body, her hands begin to slowly move against his thighs, palms tingling as the rough hairs rub against her soft skin.

Moving her hand along his thigh, her fingers stretch out against his body, slipping up over his hip, thumb dipping into the hollow formed by the slope, brushing lightly against the skin. Her head lowers, tongue flicking out to dart into his navel, pressing firmly into the tiny hollow, a soft moan sounding in her throat as her tongue swirls against his flesh.

Her tongue slides lower, leaving moist trails in it’s wake as her hand lifts to gently grip his cock, fingers wrapping firmly around it’s width, thumb slipping up to run across the tip. One hand gripping his hip lightly, thumb brushing against the skin as she moves her other hand up and down his now semi hard cock.

Head lifting slightly, her eyes lower to watch her hand as it moves against the velvet skin, slipping back and forth easily, quickly bringing his cock to full hardness. Her hand against his hip tightening slightly as a groan sounds high above her head, movements stilling as she snaps her head up, eyes fastened on his face as she waits.

Silence fills the room once more, a wicked grin flitting across her face as she quickly dips her head, tongue darting out to flick against his cock, pressing flat against the underside as she slowly trails it back to the tip. More moans sound as her tongue continues to lick at his cock, swirling against the length, tracing up to circle the head, the tip of her tongue pressing deep into the kaçak iddaa slit.

Dropping her hand from against his hip, she slips it between his thighs, fingers quickly finding his balls, rolling them against her palm, gently squeezing, more moans sounding above her head, his thighs shifting against the bed as her name passes his lips on a sigh.

Her head glides lower on his body, lips pressing over his balls, tongue darting out against the tight sac, lifting and drawing it deep into her mouth, rolling them within the moist trap. One hand slipping up against his thigh, gripping it tightly as she sucks harder against his balls, nails digging into his flesh as she eagerly sets her tongue to it’s task.

His body reacts even as he sleeps, hands drop to grip the sheets tight, thighs parting, easing her access to his groin area, his moans growing deeper as her tongue continues it’s pleasurable torture, mouth releasing his balls as her tongue slides higher once more.

Tongue flat against his cock, sliding higher against the hard member, her hand slips up to grip his hip, it’s twin wrapping around the base of his cock, holding it firmly as her lips lift to rest tenderly against it’s head.

Movements on the bed, his eyes flickering open slightly, a soft low rumble, his voice roughened from sleep …. ‘ what? …….. Baby? …….. Ohhhh god ‘ his mind slowly registering that which his body has known all along.

His hands rise, fingers sinking deep into her hair, wrapping the long strands tightly within his fists as he holds her head immobile above his cock, his mind racing to take everything in at once, his breaths deep and shallow, body relaxing slightly as he finally takes in what has occurred.

A soft giggle passes her lips, her tongue flicking out against the tip teasingly, ‘ want me to stop Baby? ‘ A low groan sounding deep in his throat, hands tightening harder in her hair as he pushes her head back down against his cock, his voice a deep groan as he mumbles … ‘ God no….don’t ever stop ‘

Releasing his cock, she slides both hands onto his hips, gripping tight as she slowly lowers her mouth over his waiting cock, her lips parting, warm breath wafting over the throbbing tip. Feeling his hands ease their grip against her hair, she quickly slides her mouth to the base of his cock, the tip of her nose brushing against his taut stomach.

Her hands grip tighter as his body jerks up off the bed, back arched, his hands dropping to clutch the sheets beneath him again, knuckles turning white from strain. Her lips press firmly around his cock as she starts to ease back to the head, tongue circling around the edges teasingly, tip pressing firmly against the underside.

Gripping the head kaçak bahis of his cock between her lips she starts to slowly suck on it, her body craving his taste, her need for him consuming her thoroughly. Hands still gripping his hips for support, her head begins to bob faster along his length, lips pressing firmly against the flesh as she drags her mouth back to the tip.

His groans begin to fill the room, his body tense beneath her hands as her teeth lightly graze against his cock, her fingers slipping down to press against his balls, feeling the sac tighten and lift, knowing his body is close to release.

Hand moving against his balls, her mouth devours his cock, hungrily licking against his skin, her tongue travelling over every inch of available flesh. Her mouth sliding easily against his slick cock, a low groan rumbling deep in her chest as the first drops of precum coat her tongue, her body craving so much more than this tantalising sample.

A strong hand lifts from the bed to rest against her head, his voice straining with tension, he whispers low ‘ now baby ….. I’m gonna cum… ‘ A small smile passes her lips as she hears these words, her mouth lifting to the tip of his cock once more, lips parting as her mouth engulfs him, hands pressing tight against his balls, feeling them tighten more as his release begins.

Her lips slide up to grip the head of his cock as she feels the beginnings of his orgasm spread through his body, his hand clenching tighter against her head, his body tense beneath her hands, head thrown back as his hips jerk up against her face, his cum shooting deep within her waiting mouth.

Mouth working swiftly against his cock, she quickly drains him, his hips still moving against her face, slowly pumping his cock in and out of her mouth as he rides out his orgasm. Her mouth moves rapidly along his cock, small traces of cum escaping her lips, trailing down his still hard cock to pool against his stomach.

Sighing softly her head lifts, tongue flicking out against her lips, darting into the corners, wiping the last traces of his cum from her mouth. One finger drops against his body, sliding through the puddle of cum laying on top of his stomach, hand lifting to her mouth, finger sliding deep within as she licks it clean of all traces of him.

Her eyes lift to flick up over his body, his hands now resting gently against the sheet, chest rising and falling as he breaths deeply, his body slowly coming down, tongue flicking out over lips lifted in a faint smile. Smiling softly to herself she crawls up the bed towards him, breasts brushing lightly against his skin as she moves, hand lifting to rest against his chest as she settles in against his side.

Purring softly she wraps her body against his, her lips lightly brushing over his skin. A soft chuckle passes his lips as he presses a soft kiss against her hair ….’ Mmmmmmm baby ……. You can wake me up like that anytime ….. ‘

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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