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Surprise surprise

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The room is barely light with candles, I am wearing a black lace bustier with a garter and stockings and 6 inch black stilettos. My breasts are about to burst over the top of the bustier and you cannot wait to get a glimpse of my dark pink nipples. I am lying face down over your knee with my ass in the air and you are spanking me hard with the palm of your hand. You are hitting my ass just at the spot that my pussy gets a bit of the impact and every time you make contact with my skin. Your handprint is visible on my ass cheeks and you rub the soft flesh after each spank to try and take the sting out of them.

“You are a dirty whore” you say to me.

I squirm a bit in your lap waiting for the next slap to hit my ass. I have had known you for a couple of months now and the first few times we hooked up you seemed very straight laced. The sex has always been great but was the same old routine…kissing, oral and then intercourse. We both came and it was great but I had no idea this wild man was waiting inside you.

We were lying in bed one night after we had fucked and we got to talking about fantasies. I told you that I had always wanted to try light bondage and some S&M. Not the degrading stuff but a little tying up and spanking and whips sounded like fun.

We were staying at your place and when I walked in you came up behind me and whispered in my ear that you had been shopping and had bought a few treats for us to use later…you would not let me go into the bedroom, we had to eat and clean up the kitchen before we went to bed. My whole body was tingling with anticipation and I didn’t even know what was in store for me.

We turned out the lights in the living room and you took my hand and lead me into the bedroom, you sat me on the bed and open the cupboard door. There were hooks all over the back canlı bahis of each of your closet doors and hanging on each was a different new toy for us to try out. There was a hanger on one of the hooks with an outfit for me to try on. It was the black lace bustier, garter belt and stockings that I am wearing tonight and they fit me perfectly. The shoes were an added surprise but I love them!! You tell me to undress and you help me put them on. You wrap the bustier around my chest and you pull the laces as tight as you can. You turn me around to face you and you bring my breasts up so that the tops of my nipples are visible. You kneel before me and place the garter belt around my hips and slide the stocking up each of my legs and hook them to the garter.

I am pleasantly surprised at what you have in store for me and judging by what else is hanging on the hooks in your closet you have had a secret desire to explore this type of sex as much as I have. I see nipple clamps and hand cuffs, leather whips and various sizes of vibrators and dildos…we are gonna have a fun time tonight!!

You undress and are wearing a very skimpy pair of black underwear. You sit on the bed and tell me to stand before you. I comply and you use your legs and spread my legs even further and you reach out and start to rub my pussy. I am already so wet from you dressing me up and seeing all the toys you have picked up for us and you are happy to see how excited I am. You rub my clit with one hand and stick three fingers inside me with the other. I have wrapped my hands in your hair and have thrust my hips forward so that you have better access to my hot pussy. I am lost in the pleasure your hands are giving and suddenly you stop touching my pussy and reach around and smack my ass. I was so lost in my thoughts that I am startled back to bahis siteleri reality. I look down at you and I see you waiting to see how far you can go…I smile at you and give you the green light.

You grab me and bend me over your lap and start to rub my ass where you just slapped me and then you slap me again. My legs are closed but part of my pussy is visible and you hand makes contact with it each time you slap my ass. I am so glad we had that chat about where we wanted our sex life to go because the way you are smacking me right now is driving me fucking crazy!!

“You are a fucking whore” “you like that don’t you?” ” you like getting spanked like the filthy slut that you are!”

“oh baby I do, I love it…fucking spank my ass…harder, HARDER!!”

You keep smacking me until my entire body is covering in a thin layer of sweat…I am so hot that if you stuck your cock in me I’d cum in two strokes.

You pull my up by my hair and I am now standing before you, hot and wet, you reach over to a hook and pull off the nipple clamps. You grab me by the waist and pull my tits closer to your face, you nuzzle your face in between them and then reach up and pull them both out of the fabric so the nipples pop out. You run your tongue around them and bite them gently until they are both rock hard. When they are both hard you pick up the clamp and place them on each nipple. I moan loudly and you tug gently on the chain that runs between them. The sensation is like nothing I have ever felt before, it hurts but at the same time it is sending electric shocks directly to my clit.

You place your knees between my legs and again spread them so you have access to my pussy. You rub your fingers all around and stick your fingers inside me and finger fuck me until I can’t take it anymore. I reach down and grab bahis şirketleri your cock that is now busting out of the tiny underwear you have on. I push you down on the bed and rip the fabric off your ass. You are lying down and your cock is standing straight up in the air…I am dying to taste you I bend over and begin to lick the swollen head of your cock, my nails are digging into your thighs and you are moaning as I take the full length of your cock into my mouth. I start to suck faster and harder and I start to massage your balls in my warms hands

I reach into your treasure chest and remove one of the smaller leather whips. I climb onto the bed and straddle you, you guide your cock into my warm soaked pussy and I begin to bounce up and down, each time I do my tits bounce too and the clamps tighten on my nipples. I rub my hands through your chest hair and flick your nipples with my fingernails, they get erect immediately and I start to whip them with the leather whip as I ride your cock. You grab my hips and start to fuck me, you are bucking so wildly that you almost throw me off of you. You grab me and roll me onto my back, never leaving my pussy. You spread my legs wide and ram your cock into me over and over, I reach down and rub my clit. I am so close to cumming…

“You want me to fill your pussy with my hot cum you little slut?” “Is that what you are waiting for?”

“Ya baby…fill my pussy up with your hot load…I wanna feel it ooze out of my hot pussy!!”

“Are you gonna cum all over my cock first?” “I wanna hear you cum you fucking bitch!”

“Oh baby, you keeping pounding me with that cock and I am gonna cum all over you!”

You keep slamming into me while I rub my clit and I finally cum, my body is wracked with convulsions as the orgasm spreads over my entire body.

You cum minutes after me and fill my pussy up with your hot cum.

I fall off your lap and lie down on the bed beside you and we both look into the closet, we laugh and discuss what we plan to do with the toys we did not use yet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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