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Surreptitious Love Ch. 77

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Big Tits

Chapter 77 — Lunch at Thanh’s

About a week ago, Thanh and I had gone for coffee with one of her former classmates. Surprisingly, she had taken me to her parents’ house afterwards, where I eventually had taken her virginity. Her first time had been very enjoyable but relatively brief, so that we were both longing to see each other again. We hadn’t taken the time to explore our bodies and, in particular, I hadn’t seen or licked her pussy yet. Perhaps she didn’t know that was an option, or maybe she had just been too horny when she had pulled me on top of her.

Thanh had had her period in the meantime, but now she was apparently ready for a new adventure. She suggested we meet the following Thursday; her mother worked at the hospital all day, while her father was an accountant, who worked from home in the mornings but then always left home after lunch to go to a coffee house and, eventually, his office. Thanh would cook lunch for the three of us and then, with her dad gone, we would have the whole house to ourselves.

We still decided to meet at a café first, though. I arrived at the same coffee shop where we had meet the previous week before her and sat down at the same table. Thanh showed up five minutes later, and I was immediately smitten: She looked awesome in her slim, dark-red, tailored blouse and black stockings, which she complemented with a pair of ankle boots of the same color. Yes, it was cold enough in January to wear those, unlike in Saigon, where she was attending college. She was also wearing a black cardigan, and now I saw that under her long blouse, which went down to her thighs, she was sporting a really short black miniskirt, which only peeped out about one inch. Her whole black-and-red outfit looked absolutely stunning.

The little waitress instantly attended to us, and we ordered our drinks. Thanh crossed her legs and seemed pretty relaxed. Her dense long hair looked awesome again, the way it came down her arms and chest. I was just about to make a comment about the relatively nippy weather, when she said, with a little lump in her throat:

“I can’t wait.”

I could have played dumb, of course, but we both knew what this lunchtime meeting was all about; dad or no dad at her home.

“And it’s truly no problem that your father is there?” I double-checked.

“Well, he’s leaving after lunch …”


“He does it every day …” she assured me. “If not, we’ll go upstairs to my room. I left the sofa bed extracted this morning …” she giggled, setting the stage for the next two hours.

“And how are you doing now, freshly deflowered?” I asked her on a whim, even though that might have been a bit too brisk.

And Thanh, indeed, hesitated before she answered:

“Ben, I’ve thought about that evening every day. Every hour. It was awesome … I’m really glad it happened the way it did …” she told me with an endearing smile.

“What do you want to try today?” I asked, as it would have felt strange to deliberately steer the conversation away from sex, now that we were already talking about it.

“Well, if we have the whole house to ourselves …”

She paused, perhaps because she wasn’t used to sex or talking about it yet. So, I just lit a cigarette, waiting for her to continue. Or maybe she just didn’t want to divulge what she had already fantasized about?

“Well, I’m not sure about all the details,” she lied. “But I could undress slowly and drop one item of clothing every few feet on the way upstairs …”

I nodded appreciatively with pursed lips: “Sure, you’re wearing quite a set of clothes … yeah, that would be hot,” I encouraged her.

She mentioned in passing that she had tailored that red blouse herself during the last few days and sat up, proudly presenting me her bosom. I saw her bra-line through the fabric. She folded one leg over the other, so that I could see her whole thigh, which I had caressed and kissed profusely during our first session. The way her tights were stretching over her flesh was mesmerizing. Oh, yeah, sure, a striptease on the way up the stairs would be hot.

“We haven’t really seen each other naked,” I reminded her. “We could just undress and explore each other’s bodies … like a new city …” I suggested in turn.

Thanh didn’t comment, and so I just kept smoking. But then she spread her fingers and combed her hair with them. She didn’t seem to want to wait with the foreplay until her dad would be gone and was probably thinking what she could do to escalade our lust level right here at the café. The tension that was building up between us was tantalizing, perhaps even because we weren’t talking at the moment. I was sure, though, that she must have thought about the things we could do several times during the last few days but, no, we didn’t have to divulge what we were fantasizing about. But maybe she thought different.

“What else do you want to do later,” she actually asked now. “Apart from just getting naked …”

She sounded a little like she wanted to prepare bahis firmaları herself mentally. Or get inspired.

“I like idea of a striptease on the stairs. So, yes, let’s do that. Or I peel your clothes off downstairs near the front door …”

“And then?”

“Unlike last time, when you just pulled me onto you, you could sit on a chair or the edge of the bed and let me lick and suck your pussy … you relax, while I’ll bring you to the brink …”

“And then?”

Now, she sounded like an impatient, curious child. But I still liked it.

“And then you show me how you diddle yourself when you are alone … you do that, don’t you?”

“Occasionally,” she nodded and blushed.

“See. Today, I’ll do what you normally do. I’m sure your pussy is beautiful and smells titillating.”

She laughed slightly embarrassed: “I don’t know about that. I don’t really like the smell sometimes …”

“Every healthy young woman has a fragrant aroma between her legs … I already know I’ll love it. Just let me spoil you …”

“Well, ok …” she agreed somewhat hesitant to the plan.

Perhaps she was uncomfortable with the idea of opening her legs for me to sink my head in and see everything. But, still, I was sure she would eventually relent and almost certainly enjoy it. As the setup was accomplished, we ordered another round of coffee. I noticed that my dick was pumping itself up inside my pants, but decided to keep that detail for myself.

“I haven’t seen your butt at all either,” I began again, slowly escalating the spiral of arousal further.

She snorted kinda inwardly and laughed. Perhaps she found the thought to present me her ass funny.

“Neither have I,” she joked.

“Really?” I asked with mock-naiveté but then I had to laugh, too. “Well, honestly, I’ve never looked at my own butt in the mirror, either. But yours is more beautiful anyway …” I added.

“There are two large mirrors in my parents’ bedroom,” Thanh continued.

“We would also need a second mirror, like a small hand-held one …” I mused. “Or I’ll just take a picture of your butt with your phone. Then, you can look at it and delete it again …”

She seemed to like the idea but contended that we perhaps shouldn’t fuck in her parents’ bedroom.

“Sure, right. But you could still look at your butt in there … and, again, that all doesn’t have to happen today …” I backpedaled a little.

Since the waitress was back now with the second round of coffee, there was another natural pause in our conversation. I lit another cigarette, and Nguyet appeared in my mind’s eye, which may have been triggered by the black miniskirt and stockings. Would I find it hot if Thanh was sitting here without panties, like Nguyet sometimes did? Strictly speaking, it was too cold for that kind of shenanigans today, but I wouldn’t object either. As I was mulling the issue over, she asked suddenly:

“Do you sometimes do crazy stuff when you have sex?”

I quickly thought what to reply and bought time by saying: “It depends what you mean by ‘crazy’ …”

Should I tell her how I pissed with Tina, Nguyet, Tuyet, and Mrs. Yen? The threesomes, which sometimes included mother and daughter? The massages? Or the foursomes? The tantalizing hooker-role-plays with Nguyet and Tina? How I liked to dip sashimi in Nguyet’s pussy? Well, I decided to open with the obvious:

“Well, I don’t think it’s crazy but I love licking pussy. Ideally, the woman is sitting on my face and either giving me a handjob or is blowing me … or both.”

I still needed to check how far Thanh was comfortable to go. She nodded and blushed again, but didn’t seem satisfied yet.

“One of my former coworkers sometimes, in a café, sits across from me in a skirt or dress without underwear … sometimes she wears tights but, yeah, no panties … I think that’s the hottest thing ever …”

Thanh seemed to be interested, more so than in the pussy-licking, and perhaps she was thinking if she had the balls to do that. The way she was looking down on herself, she was maybe even entertaining doing it right now. But that wouldn’t have been the same. Anyway, to distract her, I played another of my trump cards:

“Two girls is hot, too.”

Thanh’s beautiful, dense eyebrows, which looked like feathers and arched beautifully towards the hair above her temples, went upward for a moment. As I didn’t just want to fire more and more suggestions at her, I asked what she thought of what I had said thus far.

“I wouldn’t know who to invite for a threesome,” she skirted the question.

“Oh, we don’t have to do that. I’m not saying we need to try everything. But, since you asked …”

“Well, if you want, I’ll sit on your face today,” she conceded.

She didn’t mention, though, if she would also blow me while there.

“And I can imagine sitting here without panties …” she then divulged. “I like it. I mean it’s almost too cold for that today but the idea … turns … turns me on. It’s just a little dangerous … I mean kaçak iddaa if someone sees us … or me … but, yeah, being naked under the skirt is hot,” she reiterated.

I nodded vehemently and imagined her. Oh, yes, I got a huge kick out of that.

But now, Thanh asked a rather bold question: “Would YOU find it hot—since you asked me to show my pussy under my skirt—if you got your penis out here in the café?”

Looking past her, through the fence, I saw a school yard, where there were no children, since it was past 11 o’clock, but the coffee shop here also had an upstairs section, from which someone could see us. Whipping my dick out now really didn’t seem an option, even though the possibility of getting caught added to the thrill.

“Well, Thanh, your pussy would still be covered by your skirt, but anyone could see my dick … it’s kinda hard to tell of someone’s watching us … and then there’s the school behind you …”

“What about under the table?”

Oops. Apparently, she was really keen on it and started to envision the details.

“That turns you on, doesn’t it?” I asked her quietly.

“Sure …” she admitted. “When we’re back at the house … when we’re alone?”

“Yeah, of course. Since you like the idea …”

“Well, I just want to do as many crazy things with you as we can … the guys at my dorm don’t have as much imagination …” she laughed.

I nodded, thanking her for the compliment, and mentioned that I also liked showering together or getting or giving massages during sex, even though these weren’t ‘crazy’ things, obviously. Thanh nodded and sucked on her straw, even though her glass was already empty. Just when I was about to ask her if she wanted to take off, though, she opened one button on her blouse and reached in, like she wanted to adjust her bra. I pretended not to notice but mentioned that I wanted to fuck her during her period, so that she not only got the full array of options but also some salacious details that she had been fishing for.

She swallowed with her mouth closed, and I felt myself blushing, too.

“Well, I don’t know …” came her quiet reply, while she was still fiddling with her bra.

“Yeah, I know, it’s a mess … but your pussy would be nicely greased. I also know that some women are incredibly horny while they’re menstruating …” I added. “Have you ever felt horny during your period?”

Suddenly, she looked left and right and then got one of her boobs out. The way she held it reminded me of a fruit vendor at the market. Her red nipple was erect and looking at me. Good Lord, what a tantalizing moment! I couldn’t help staring at her and eventually leaned forward to touch her nipple with the tip of my tongue. I listened to my dick pumping and wondered if anyone was watching us. Finally, after what felt like 20 minutes, she answered my question if she sometimes got horny during her period:

“Well, if you had come to my house last weekend, we would definitely have fucked.”

I liked her choice of words and only replied: “See …”

Of course, we knew that period sex was not going to happen today anyway, and so we put the issue to rest for now. She had about three weeks to make up her mind. I moved a little closer and took her nipple between my lips again, after I had checked if anyone was nearby on this relatively nippy January morning. But, no, the coast seemed clear. Her nipple seemed to be vibrating, and when I let it snap out of my mouth, something that felt like an electrostatic shock hit me. She let her tit slip back inside, adjusted her bra, and announced that she needed to pee.

Even though I could have mentioned peeing together as another of my favorites, I didn’t, probably because we couldn’t have done that here at the café anyway. I still envisioned her naked twat discharging copious amount of warm Champagne, while I was relieving myself, and when I met her again in the lobby, I brought up the issue. However, like she hadn’t even heard me, she only said:

“Ben, I’m already wet.”

I only sighed and took her hand. What was there to say?! This time I paid, and as the path got smaller closer to the parking lot, I let her walk in front of me to be able to admire her butt. I envisioned her taking off her clothes on the way upstairs at her house. Yes, she looked beautiful and hot in her red-and-black outfit. And her bush was already wet and sticky … oh, I thought to myself, her aroma must have been absolutely beguiling …

It was quarter past 11 when we reached her house. Thanh’s father was indeed sitting at his desk close to the front door, where I had seen stacks of papers the first time I had been here. He looked at us over the rim of his glasses, which rested down on his nose, and he greeted us. Did he know that his daughter and I were eager to fuck? The way he was looking at his daughter was definitely appreciative, but not lecherous: it was just the joy of knowing that he and his wife had brought her up well. And Thanh did look great: she had underscored her allure subtly, without kaçak bahis putting out too much or looking slutty.

I understood about half of what Thanh and her dad were talking about now, but she seemed to be asking if he was okay if ‘we waited with the cooking for another 15 minutes.’ Apparently, she was telling him that she needed my help for a term-paper. Then, she nodded at me to follow her upstairs. Rushing up, I felt we were going a little too hastily, but she whispered that she ‘just couldn’t wait until after lunch’.

“I told him that you need to look over a few passages in a short paper that I need to email to my professor this afternoon,” she said, panting.

I only nodded, as I couldn’t wait to wallow in her lap. In her room, we kissed even before she had closed and locked the door. Hectically, she took off her cardigan and her glasses, before she threw herself at me again. Once more, we made out profusely, and I massaged her tits through her blouse and bra. I couldn’t find her nipples, though, but then she started to unbutton her shirt after she had pressed my hands under her skirt.

Once I was down there, I caressed and squeezed her thighs and ass, before I pressed my hand on her bulging pussy area. When she pulled up her bra, her tits snapped right in my face and I grabbed them with both hands and caressed her nipples with the bends of my thumbs. We smooched some more, maybe for a minute, before she sat down on the sofa and almost yelled

“C’mon, let’s do it!”

She lifted her ass for a split-second and pulled her skirt from under her butt. She propped herself on her stretched arms next and behind her and looked at me challengingly. Hastily, I took off my shorts and underpants. When I was standing in front of her, I resisted the urge to dive between her legs, though, and instead put my pulsating purple glans in her mouth, as that was the most obvious thing to do.

As far as I knew, it was the first time for Thanh to take a dick in her mouth. She wasn’t taken aback, though, and just pressed her lips around my shaft. I began to thrust tenderly, while she instinctively sucked and rolled her tongue around my sensitive tip. As warm and moist as her mouth was, it didn’t take long until my dick reached its capacity. Frantically, she pulled up her skirt and presented me her pantyhose-clad lap, in the middle of which was a coaster-size dark spot. I marveled briefly at her white panties under her black stockings and took a pillow from the sofa to kneel on it.

However, Thanh shook her head and mesmerizing hair and said, panting:

“No, not now. Just come on top of me. Fuck me! You can lick me later …”

With these words, she reached inside her pantyhose with both thumbs and pulled it down to the middle of her thighs. She let herself fall backwards, lifted her legs, and presented me her glorious greasy pussy and bush, which were nicely framed by her strapping thighs and her slightly hairy perineum. Her thickish inner lips had already somewhat parted and were ready to receive my cock. What an elevating sight and moment that was!

As horny as we both were—and as limited as our time-budget was—I pushed my greasy glans in the lower part of her snatch immediately, without having dived in her aromatic middle. We would do that after lunch. She was right. I pulled her stockings further down, to about her knees, and then propped my upper body on my stretched arms next to her. Her knees were in my armpits, while her stockings went across between us, like a banner. When I started to thrust, said stocking banner suspended my upper body nicely in midair.

Our saucy conversation an hour ago and her sheer looks made my blood boil. And the way she was bundled up her on the sofa did its fair share, too. I loved, though, that we weren’t doing anything that we had talked about earlier at the café. I took one hand to squeeze her tits some more, while I was banging her pretty hard. Her nipples were more than half-an-inch long, like little antennas. She had her eyes wide open and watched me fuck her. With every thrust my balls hit her perineum, the smacking of which resonated and reverberated in her shrill shrieks. Apparently, she had forgotten that her dad was still doing his accounting downstairs.

When I looked down between us, I realized how much her pubic mound protruded. Oh, how fragrant her pussy must have smelled that moment. Her pubic hair, which seemed at least two-and-a-half inches long around her clit, was sticky and greased with some whitish, glistening foam. Everything was begging for more exploring and fucking after lunch. Right now, all we could do was to grind off the peaks of our arousal. So, I thrusted more quickly and more vehemently, while twiddling her nipples some more, before I splashed a rather lavish load towards her cervix.

She uttered a fairly long sigh when I finally pulled out and then looked down on herself to watch the cum ooze out of her. She didn’t seem concerned about the puddle on the sofa, in which she now dipped two fingers to examine the curious liquid. While I was standing in front of her, heaving and panting, she caught herself, pulled up her panties, and took off her stockings. Then she pulled her bra down over her breasts and said rather prosaically:

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