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Susan Madison’s Unusual Marriage

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When Susan Flannery married Harold Madison one week after her twenty-first birthday, she was convinced that her future happiness was secure. She expected a traditional married life; one nice house, one nice husband that she would dutifully fuck once a week, two nice children who never misbehaved, and never having to work another damn day in her life! Well, as you’ll see, that wasn’t the way things worked out for her.

Chapter 1, Growing Up

Susan grew up in Daly City, California, a very nice and respectable suburb of San Francisco. The town was filled with row houses that had been built after Work War II, and they all looked exactly the same. She lived with her respectable parents, George and Martha, and she grew up with one difficult sister named Mary, who was ten years older.

Mary was engaged to a very nice man who was ten years older than her named William. Susan’s parents were thrilled when they were told about their eldest daughter’s engagement. Mary’s fiancé had a good job in the banking industry, and he was a member of the very exclusive Excelsior Gentlemen’s Club of San Francisco.

Susan was raised in the Catholic religion, but her parents weren’t strict about it. Her mother described herself as a “lapsed Catholic,” which meant she claimed to be religious, but in practice she only insisted that her family attend Mass on Christmas and Easter. Her father was raised in a generic community church, and he readily agreed to convert to Catholicism when he begged Martha to marry him. This was a requirement before Martha agreed to accept his proposal of marriage.

Martha was a stay at home Mom, and that was just fine with her, but she kept herself busy as an active member of the St. Joseph’s parish Altar Society. The Society members were all ladies with spotless reputations. The duties of the Society were to maintain the objects used for church ceremonies, creating and maintaining floral arrangements for the sanctuary, caring for the linens, and holding fund raisers to purchase items for the sanctuary, including vestments and altar vessels.

Though Martha didn’t technically work, she did make a respectable sum of money in the real estate business, by providing sales leads to her large network of girlfriends who worked as agents, for which she earned a generous finder’s fee.

While Susan’s mother was an intelligent and self-confident woman, her father George, was just the opposite. He worked as a tenured professor at the local college teaching Introduction To European History. Susan was close with her mother and considered her a friend, but she adored her father, even though most people thought of him as dull and normal to the point of boring. Still, Susan adored him because he always listened to her when she had a problem, and he truly cared. At a young age Susan made up her mind that she would marry a nice compliant man just like Daddy.

Growing up, Susan’s best friend was Molly Madison, who was the same age as her and lived two houses down the street. The girls attended St. Joseph’s elementary school, and Mercy High School after that.

Molly had a fraternal twin brother named Harold, and from a young age Susan was drawn to him because he was very good looking and had a sweet personality, although he was extremely shy. Susan’s mother described him as “pretty”. What intrigued Susan about Harold was when Molly shared a secret about him during their senior year of high school.

“Susan, I think my brother is turning into a weirdo. Yesterday he asked me a really strange question.”

“What did he want?”

“He asked if he could borrow a pair my panties to play with.”

Susan bit her lip and thought about this for a few seconds, “Well, that does seem odd, but I don’t think that necessarily makes him a weirdo. Maybe he’s just curious. You know… about girls.”

Molly giggled, “I think it’s more than that. He said he only wants my dirty underwear to play with.”

“Ok yeah, that is really weird, Molly. Did he say why?”

“Yeah, he wants to smell them! Can you believe that, Susan? My brother is a dirty panty sniffer!”

“Wow, did you say yes?”

Molly looked back at her and grinned, “I told him he could smell my underwear, but that I wanted to watch him doing it. He tried to weasel out of it, that he didn’t want me to watch cuz he’d be embarrassed, but I told him that was the deal if he wanted my panties.”

“So did you? You know… watch him?”

“Yeah, it was kind of disgusting, but it was exciting too. He held the crotch up to his nose and took a big whiff, and he got a boner while he was doing it!”

“Oh shit, really? Did you say anything to him about his…bulging dick?”

“Nah, I couldn’t be that mean. He’s my brother after all, and I suppose I do love him. I just left him alone in my bedroom so he could have some privacy. The next day I noticed that he’d washed the panties that I gave him, and put them back in my underwear drawer with a five dollar bill taped to it.”

Susan canlı bahis thought Harold’s interest in women’s underwear made him out to be one of those “bad boys” the nuns at school had warned her about, and therefore a much more interesting person. She couldn’t stop thinking about him.


During their high school years, Susan and Molly spent a good amount of their free time talking about boys in their school and giggling. Molly had taken a fancy to a boy in her Algebra class named Danny Sullivan, and around that same time Susan’s interest in Molly’s brother, Harold, intensified.

Susan and Molly had numerous sleepovers at each other’s houses on non-school nights, where the girls would spend hours talking about their plans for the future, and romance. During their senior year in high school, and after they had both had their eighteenth birthdays, the topic of their discussions was of a more adult nature.

“Molly, have you ever ‘really kissed’ a boy?”

Her girlfriend thought for a bit before answering, “I wish, but…no, not really. Honestly, I wouldn’t even know how to start, you know…to do it…properly.”

“Yeah, me neither. But there is someone that I really want to kiss.”

Molly looked her best friend in the eye, “Who do you want to kiss, Susan?”

Susan looked away and her cheeks began to flush, “I don’t want to say.”

Molly laughed out loud, “You don’t have to say. I know it’s my dorky brother. Every time you see him you act silly. Am I right? You want to mack on Harold?”

Susan started to protest, and then thought better of it, “Yeah, I can’t help it. He seems so nice. He’s cute too. Sometimes a feeling comes over me, and I want to touch his butt!”

‘Yuck, that’s disgusting Susan! He’s ok I suppose, even though he’s a weirdo who plays with smelly panties.”

Susan replied, “Well, honestly that doesn’t bother me. He’s just thinking more about girls as he gets older. He’s the nicest boy I’ve ever met. He’s also very good looking. I wish he’d smell my panties!”

Molly stopped her, “Harold? Good looking? I don’t see it. To me he’s just my useless dork of a brother.”

At that moment there was a sharp knock on Susan’s bedroom door, and her older sister Mary opened it without waiting for permission, “I can hear you guys through the wall. Are you talking about kissing boys?”

Susan was miffed at the interruption and hissed, “Mary you bitch, go away!”

Her sister ignored her, “These walls are so thin I can hear you plain as day.”

“Fine Mary. Come in if you must, and close the fucking door!”

Her sister smiled, closed the bedroom door and took a seat at Susan’s writing desk in the corner.

“Do you really want to know how a boy wants to be kissed?”

Susan and Molly looked at each other, and then both of them turned to face Mary and nodded their heads.

“Ok then, you guys can learn by kissing each other to practice.”

Susan looked at Molly, “Is that ok with you…if we kiss each other?”

Molly thought for a second, smiled and replied, “Well, I guess it’s ok. You’re my best friend after all, and I do want to learn how to kiss a boy properly.”

The two girls changed position on the bed so they were facing each other. Susan leaned forward and gently placed her lips on Molly’s mouth. Both girls closed their eyes.

Mary said, “Ok, keep your lips on hers, and breathe through your noses. That’s good. Now kiss a little harder.”

Without actually thinking, Susan placed her hand behind Molly’s head and pulled her towards her. Molly responded by parting her lips and pushing the tip of her tongue forward, lightly teasing Susan’s lips.

“That’s better guys. Now, open your mouth a little more, Susan. Give Molly some tongue.”

As instructed Susan extended her tongue. When the tips of their tongues touched Susan was shocked at how nice it felt, and by Molly’s reaction when she started to moan weekly.

“That’s it guys. Feels nice, doesn’t it? Just relax and do what feels right.”

Mary stood up and headed towards the bedroom door, “I’m gonna get some things from my bedroom. You two keep practicing, and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Mary closed the door behind her as she left. Molly had felt a little uncomfortable with Mary watching, and that she had involuntarily moaned when Susan had slipped her some tongue. With Mary gone Molly felt more relaxed and greedily forced her tongue between Susan’s lips, seeking and probing for her tongue. Susan responded like she was possessed.

The sexual excitement of the moment swept over both girls and soon they were battling each other using their slippery tongues as weapons. Both girls felt wet spots pooling inside the crotches of their panties.

After what seemed to be an hour of passionate kissing but was really only a few minutes, Susan broke their kiss. Saliva was dripping off both of their chins and she wiped Molly’s mouth first with the palm of her hand, and then wiped her chin with the back of her hand.

“Molly, bahis siteleri I can’t believe how nice that feels! I feel so excited, so alive! My panties are soaked! It feels like I’ve peed on myself!”

Her friend giggled, “Oh geez Susan, I’m soaking wet too! That was fucking amazing Susan! Is that how we’re supposed to kiss a boy properly, using our tongues?”

Mary opened the door again, but this time without knocking, “That’s right you twerps. It’s called French kissing, though I don’t think they actually call it that in France. Ok, I think you two have figured out the kissing part, so all you need to do is practice some more and you’ll be experts in no time. And when the boys hear about what good kissers you are they’ll come running.”

Mary had a small shopping bag in her hand, and she dumped the contents of it onto the bed between the two girls. There was a business size envelope and a half dozen objects of various shapes, sizes and colors. The girls didn’t recognize the strangely shaped objects, but they sensed that their purpose revolved around sex. Some were made of hard plastic and some were made of a flexible rubber like material. Susan picked up the biggest rubbery object, which was about nine inches long and two inches thick and colored black, and it was shaped exactly like an erect penis.

Susan held up the phallus, turned to her sister and waved it in her face.

“Mary, is this what I think it is?”

Her sister laughed, “Well, if you think it’s a big dildo, you’re right. Boys like French kissing well enough, but what they like even more is getting sucked off, by a girl usually! Though some of them like getting sucked off by another guy.”

Susan and Molly looked back at her with a confused look. Mary was taken by surprise, “Come on you guys. You’re not twelve anymore, for Christ’s sake. You do know what a blowjob is, right?”

They continued to look back at her, bewildered.

Mary grabbed the dildo from her sister’s hand and brought the head of the toy up to her lips.

“Watch this.”

Susan’s sister gently kissed the head of the dildo a few times, and then stuck out her tongue, sensuously licking it, and slobbering over it, before moving the flat surface of her tongue up and down the shaft of the toy a few times. She parted her lips and took the head of the phallus into her mouth. She began to suck it, while moving her mouth down the shaft, lewdly swallowing the first three inches. Then she started moving her mouth up and down on the toy, and each time she went down on it she took an additional inch into her mouth and the back of her throat. She started to gag when she’d taken seven inches of the dildo passed her lips, and pulled the toy out of her mouth. She coughed once, wiped the slobber off her mouth with her hand, and took a deep breath of air into her lungs.

Susan looked concerned, “Are you ok, Mary?”

Her sister grinned at her, “That’s how you give a guy a blowjob! Your boyfriends will fucking love it. Trust me.”

Susan was intrigued by her sister’s fellatio skills, “But Mary, won’t that make him too excited?”

Mary chuckled, “Of course it will, you silly twat, that’s the fucking point!”

“But what if he gets so excited that he…you know…spurts inside your mouth?”

Mary laughed out loud, “That means you did it correctly. Just go with the flow and enjoy it. You can spit or swallow, but a guy really likes it if you swallow his semen. He’ll think you’re giving him a complement.”

Molly thought for a bit, “Wow ok, I guess I’ll figure it out.”

“Don’t worry about it Molly. As far as men are concerned, there’s no such thing as a bad blowjob! You can’t fuck it up!”

Mary looked Molly in the eye and gave her a mischievous look, “And you know what? He’ll return the favor!”

Molly was stunned by this statement and thought for a bit.

“So Mary, when you say ‘he’ll return the favor,’ do you mean that he’ll lick me…you know… down there?”

Mary laughed again, “You better believe it, Molly! He’ll be so grateful he’ll beg you to let him lick your cunt! He’ll do anything he can think of to give you pleasure, and get you off! He’ll want you to cum too!”

Mary headed for the door, “I’ll let you guys borrow my toys for a while. When you’re done with them, make sure you wash them with soap and water before returning them. Have fun ladies.”

The girls spent the next two hours inspecting the different sex toys, trying to determine their purpose, and laughing. Then Susan opened the envelope and extracted five color Polaroid pictures. The first showed a naked man standing with his hands by his sides. His face was not shown, but Susan recognized the furniture and the pictures on the wall, and realized the man was Mary’s fiancé, William. He was standing in Mary’s bedroom. The next three pictures were close-ups of William’s penis in various stages of becoming erect. The last picture showed him fully hard and there were bright red lipstick streaks around the bahis şirketleri head of his cock and impressions of Mary’s lips on his balls!


The St. Joseph’s High School Senior Prom was scheduled for the first Saturday in May. Harold was informed by his sister that he would be escorting Susan, whether he liked it or not. That was fine with him. He wasn’t very self confident, and would never have had the courage to ask Susan on his own.

He’d secretly had a crush on Susan since they were in elementary school, and had watched/spied on her for years. He thought she was the nicest girl he’d ever met in his life. She had the prettiest blue eyes! She also had broad hips, sturdy thighs and nice big boobs, which made her even more special to him.

Some of the boys in school made jokes about Susan’s tits, or her big ass, but Harold quickly put a stop to this, by threatening to beat the shit out of them, and as a result he earned himself after-school detention three times. Susan’s affection for Harold increased ten fold when she learned about this through Molly.

The dance was a joyous evening for him. He was over the moon with how happy he felt just being with Susan, and holding hands with her. They were inseparable for the whole three hours.

The slow dances were Harold’s favorite part. He loved holding her in his arms and feeling her soft pliant breasts pushing against his chest, making him hard! When Susan noticed this embarrassing circumstance he expected her to be shocked or at least angry with him, but she simply smiled back at him and pulled his body even closer to hers, so his rock hard shaft rubbed flat against her belly.

She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “It’s ok Harold. There’s no need to be embarrassed. Your prick tells me that you like me. I really like you too!”

At that moment Harold almost came in his underwear, but with an immense effort he willed himself not to.

After the dance was over Harold drove Susan back to her parents’ house and parked on the street out front. He deliberately chose not to park under the streetlight. Harold wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and she rested her head on his chest in a comfortable position.

“Susan, you said earlier that you really like me. Does that mean you’ll be my girlfriend?”

She didn’t hesitate in answering, “That’s right Harold. From this moment on, I’m your girlfriend. I’m going to kiss you now.”

She leaned towards him and gently placed her lips on his. Harold responded by closing his eyes and returning her kiss. Moments later Susan parted her lips and tentatively touched the tip of her tongue on Harold’s lips. Again he responded by parting his lips and touching the tip of her tongue with his tongue.

Susan murmured, “That feels very nice Harold. I like how you kiss!”

Harold looked into her eyes, and grinned. He reached out with one hand and gently fondled her left breast.

“This feels nice too, Susan.”

She enjoyed being touched so personally, and started to unbuckle his belt.

“Do you mind if I touch you too, Harold?”

He simply nodded his head while grinning like a little kid eating an ice cream cone.

Susan snaked her finger through the fly of his briefs, searching for the head of his penis. After successfully navigating to it, she used her thumb and index finger to pull it free. The young lovers started to tongue kiss again, while Susan used her hand to stroke Harold’s cock to a fully erect state.

Susan was touching a real penis for the first time in her life, and she liked how nice it felt, the feeling of Harold’s warm flesh in her hand, and the reaction she was getting from her new boyfriend. She was a little surprised by the size of Harold’s erection, as it was a bit smaller than she expected, less than five inches in length. She thought about asking him if that was a big as it gets, but she decided that would be rude.

He closed his eyes and moaned, “Oh Susan, that feels amazing. Thank you for touching me…down there!”

But suddenly Harold had a look of panic on his face. He abruptly reached down with his hand, and pulled Susan’s hand away.

“Oh my god Susan, I’m going to cum! I can’t stop it!”

Harold was right about not being able to stop, spurting his sticky white cum all over his rented black tuxedo pants and Susan’s forearm. Realizing what he’d done, Harold started feeling emotional and was on the verge of crying.

“I’m sorry Susan. I don’t know what came over me!”

She simply smiled back at him, “Don’t worry about it Harold. You must really like me to get that excited so quickly. You paid me a nice complement!”

Luckily, there were a few paper napkins in the glove compartment, which Susan used to clean up his mess. The couple kissed one last time before Harold exited the car. Like a true gentleman he opened Susan’s door for her.

Instead of leaving the car, Susan looked up at Harold and gave him a mischievous look, “I had a wonderful time Harold, so I want to give you a thank-you gift.”

He returned her smile, “That’s ok Susan. You don’t need to give me a gift. Just being with you is all I need or want.”

She looked him directly in the eye and said, “Stop talking Harold.”

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