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There are people home and friends over, but it’s my last day in town before I head back to school. I have an idea…

We both creep into the dark garage, closing the door behind us. The SUV should have plenty of room. Both of us crawl inside and turn off all of the lights, using our hands to appreciate each other’s bodies. You start with my shoulders and slide down my slender body, then grasp the bottom of my shirt and pull it over my head, tossing it aside. I do the same to your shirt, leaning forward and locking into a kiss as soon as it’s gone, feeling my breasts press up against your warm body. You begin to unbutton my pants and I do the same to yours, both of us slipping them off and letting them join our shirts.

My blood is pulsing through my body as your fingers slide between my hip and my panties. I enthusiastically comply and my panties fall to the floor. I feel your leg against mine and slide my hand up it until I find your boxers and slide them down bahis firmaları to your feet. We are both completely naked, fondling each other’s bodies until we cannot hold back anymore.

With your hands on my shoulders I feel a slight, but strong tug and I gratefully lean forward kissing your chest, then your stomach, then from the base of your cock, all the way to the moistening tip. My mouth waters as I feel your cock touching my lips. I don’t know who enjoys this more; you know I love giving blow jobs. I open my mouth and slide you in, just a bit. Yum, I love the taste of your glistening pre-cum. The taste turns me on all that much more, making it nearly impossible for me not to just instantly deep-throat you. Somehow with one small movement you make me go crazy.

I feel your fingers slide through my hair, pushing down on me just enough to let me know what you want. I excitedly slide my lips down your shaft until I feel your cock touching my throat, but I don’t kaçak iddaa stop there. I push further, loving the sensation of your cock sliding down my throat, and I want to feel it again. My hands are on your thighs, ready to stroke you if my mouth must leave. I slide back, and then go all the way down again, loving every second of it. A few minutes later I look up at you with my pussy pulsing, begging for your dick to be inside it.

I move so my legs are on both sides of you and my wet pussy hovering just above your cock. I lower down and just as I feel your head touch my pussy lips, you pull me up. Desperately I push down again, same thing happens but you allow me just a bit more of you dick inside me. I realize that you’re teasing me, and you know how much I love it. You do this a few more times until I will no longer allow it and grab your arms, pulling them out from under me, then thrusting down onto your cock, both of us gasping in the sudden, intense pleasure. You kaçak bahis place your hands on my sides now, directing me as to what you want to do. Every time your cock goes inside of me it rubs on my special spot, and in just a few minutes my body is weak and tingling with pleasure. This isn’t the end though, I realize as you pull me off and turn me, putting me on my hands and knees.

I can now feel your dick sitting right outside of my ass pushing forward slowly but steadily. I’m overflowing with pleasure so I do not feel the small amount of pain as you enter me. You slide all the way in me, hitting that special spot from a different angle, making it feel so awesome. Your hands are on my hips, speeding up little by little as you pump in and out of me. I love the feeling of you in my butt almost as much as in my pussy, so I become even weaker and my whole body is tingling like never before. After a few minutes you pull out of me, flipping me onto my back, and stroke yourself until you cum all over my boobs and stomach.

I lay there stroking my stomach for a few minutes as you sit back and relax. The family is probably wondering where we are now… we should get dressed and go… 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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