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Sweet Sin Ch. 4

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Terry loved this girl. No woman had ever made him feel like Synthia did. She was beautiful inside and out. She was a real woman who knew how to handle her business. And this was not his intention for coming over to her house tonight. He knew that they would have ended up making love, but he had hoped to make it through with what he came to say. But Sweet Sin wasn’t having it. When she wanted him, she wanted him, and right now she needed him to love her.

He slid the smooth head of his penis through the fat swollen wet lips of her steamy pussy. He nudged it into her clitoris, and watched as her pussy lips squeezed shut, groping for him. Terry stroked the hard long length of himself, working those first few clear drops of cum out of his throbbing dick. When they appeared and glistened out the head of his dick, Synthia licked her lips, wanting to taste him. He gathered the diamond on his fingers and slid them salty and slimy to her waiting tongue.

“Mmmmmm.” Synthia moaned sucking his fingers deep into her hot mouth. Terry knew she liked that. Knew she loved tasting him and drinking him. Synthia was the hottest woman he had ever met, and she didn’t mind showing it. But she had sworn to him, during an orgasm, that he was the best she had ever had, and he believed her, and thanked God. He still found it hard to believe that he had found her. Sweet Synthia, a flower among the weeds.

And as much as he wanted to crawl up her body and push his dick deep into her throat, she was begging him to fuck her pussy.

“Fuck my hot pussy Terry.” She kept saying while teasing him. “Feel me Terry?” she would ask as she rocked her hips upward, sliding her clit the length of his throbbing hardness. “Please fuck me?” she whispered against his mouth, before running her tongue between his lips, searching for his. “Fuck me!” She demanded as she bit down on his lip. “Do me now!” she demanded loudly as she gripped his ass and ground her pelvis hard against his.

Terry reached up and grabbed her by the hair, snatching her head back to the bed, exposing her throat to him. He hungrily bites at her throat, letting her know, now she had asked for it. He mounted her roughly, penetrated her forcefully and sank the entire length of his penis in her with one swift stroke. Synthia screamed and clawed at his ass, bahis firmaları pulling him forward, but pushing him quickly away. She trembled in his arms. Grinding deep in her, Terry felt Synthia’s muscles flex and squeeze down around his dick. She was moaning and withering beneath him.

Reaching back, Terry pushed her legs back and over his arms and positioned himself for his next attack. He kept himself buried deep within her, loving the way she whimpered when he jabbed at her short and quick. This was his pussy, he thought to himself. My sweet pussy, and I am about to fuck it until it is good and sore. Terry riding her deep, never letting up from her but for seconds before he pressed make down in her stomach. He had her ass and she couldn’t resist him.

“This my pussy Syn?” Terry would ask as he continued to jab her deep, grinding into her, trapping her swollen clit between their bodies. “Tell me Syn. Say it bitch. Who does this pussy belong to?”

“Terry baby. It is your pussy! Ohhh Terry, please baby?” Synthia responded. Rocking her hips up to meet his loving the feel of the pain. “This is your pussy baby. Please fuck me baby. Agghhhh.” Terry would ride her like this until she trembled with every push of his hips. He dug his toes in and rolled her backwards on her shoulders. He started by stroking into her slow and long and hard. She moaned and trembled every time he pressed down into her. Her hands gripped his arms, giving her some leverage to work with. Their bodies moved together in a rhythm that was theirs alone.

Synthia loved the long hard stroke of Terry’s dick inside her, and relaxed and held her clit at bay from begging to be pounded down on. Terry could make her forget everything except for the small spaces in time that they shared together, times just like this. Terry knew how to ride her pussy just right. His dick had a downward curve to it that pressed him tight against her g-spot, and his pelvic bone trapping her clit between their bodies. He knew how to make her cum. Terry knew he had to stroke her down good first, make her pussy relax around his dick and then he would have to work it back up to orgasm. To make Synthia cum, he only had to tease her until she begged for him to pleasure her. But Sweet Sin was so sensual it wasn’t a hard job to turn her on. Terry kaçak iddaa had remembered one day in the beginning have sat and just caressed her body and let her rock her pelvis against him and she had cum with an explosive orgasm, and they had been fully clothed. But Synthia swore, no one had ever made her pussy cum like Terry. She would do it however and whenever he wanted to. And making love to Synthia was something that Terry always wanted to be able to do. Synthia was so sweet.

He reached back and held her ass in his hands. She had the perfect ass to palm. Each cheek he could palm like a basketball and he did, pulling her closer to his body. He increased his tempo, stroking her long and hard, and grinding deep into her, and it was like this that her pussy started raising hell.

Synthia had a greedy pussy that pulled and squeezed at his dick. Her pussy begged to be fucked. Terry felt like it was teasing his dick. Especially when he pulled out of her, and could feel her pussy bite at the head of his dick, sometime catching the rim. He moaned aloud just as her pussy caught the head of his dick.

“See little girl. Why you being bad like that?” he asked as he continued to stroke down into her hard and deep. “You keep begging to get fucked. Don’t you?” He said accenting each word with a snap of his hips. He could feel her pussy going crazy around his hard driving length. Sliding to his knees he cradled her body betweens his thighs and shoulders and began driving into her fiercely. “There you go.” He would ask her. “That’s what you want aint it? Yeah girl, tease me with this pus-sy! I just take what I want little girl. I – just – take – my – pussy.” Terry pounded into her body.

Synthia was breathless. He was riding her hard, working her up to a banging. She knew what he wanted. He wanted to possess her; he wanted to reach the core of her, the place where her fire came from. He pounded down into her, breathless and whimpering, he banged his pelvis into hers stimulating her clit. Synthia hated the feel of him leaving her, wanted to keep him buried deep in her. So when he pulled away from her she pressed down with her muscles trying to keep him in. It worked, he always immediately delivered a real good nailing if she caught the head of his dick right. And having him inside of her was kaçak bahis where she always wanted to keep him. Synthia liked to tell Terry how he made her pussy feel.

“Oh Terry. You make my pussy feel good baby. Ohhhh, see, you was touching the bottom. Oh baby, you fuck my pussy good. Mmmph, mmmph, mmmmph,” she would moan when he pounded into her body. “Fuck me baby. Get all my pussy. Fuck me the way it feels good to you.” She would encourage him.

Terry knew she wanted him to cum, but she wasn’t getting that lucky this time. He rode her hard until he had her right on the edge of an orgasm and then he pulled out of her and rolled over onto his back. Synthia screamed and rolled over to straddle him. She tried to push his dick back in her pussy when Terry stopped her, and pushed her hands away. Reaching up he pulled her face down to meet his and kissed her deeply and passionately. While running his tongue between her lips he ran his fingers through her hair tightening and holding her head in his grip. Looking into her eyes he pushed down on her head, guiding her to where he wanted her to be. Her mouth trailed kisses across his body as he guided her head. Over his nipples he guided her, to his navel and down over his thighs.

With smooth liquid movements, Synthia maneuvered her body until she was between his legs, biting playfully at his thighs, making him open up for her. She worked her shoulders comfortably between his legs and nuzzled her face beneath his nuts. Enjoying the hot sweaty scent of him. She tickled at the underside of his nuts with her tongue, while her hands gripped and massaged his tight round ass.

Synthia took each of his nuts into her mouth one at a time and rolled her tongue around them. She pressed down hard on that sensitive spot under his nuts with her tongue, stroking it slow and firm. She tickled at his asshole with her fingers, loving how he squirmed. Pushing back on his legs, he lifted himself and allowed her to tickle his asshole with her tongue. His dick was rock hard jutting straight up from him and glistening wet with her juices still. She started on the underside of his dick and ran her tongue upward, through the thickest of her own juices. She stroked his hardness with her hands, working on him, teasing him with her fingers and tongue, loving the taste of her own juices.

That’s enough for now. Knowing how you guys like to keep it short. I can only make it so short without losing some of the beautiful erotic details. Let me know if you want to see this on through.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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