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T and Me

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I came around the corner from the bathroom, following the flickering blue light and low sounds of the T.V. Peering over the back of the sofa I could see her stone faced stare at the show she was watching, remote in hand, getting ready to flip passed it. Damn she was as bad as Al Bundy when it came to channel surfing.

“What the hell do you expect to find on at this hour, Babe?”

I asked, “It’s 1am on a Tuesday.”

“Well, I figured anything would be better than waiting for you to wake up!” Oh yea, she was a bit miffed. I had downed a few beers while I was preparing the Filet Mignon supper I had promised her and didn’t realize that with her running late, I had downed a couple too many. Consequently, I sort of zonked out while we watched the tube, right after eating. The reason for her discontent was that I had not yet fulfilled the sexually suggestive text messages I had been sending her all day and she figured that I was out for the night. She was wrong.

I leaned over the back of the sofa, sliding my hand along her ribs, under her crossed arm and over her full left breast.

God she has such wonderful breasts. At 45 Teresa has a wonderland of a body. She’s full and curvy like a mature woman should be. Her skin is as smooth as silk, especially the soft globes of her magnificent behind.

Giving her over sized C cup breast a gentle squeeze, I nuzzled my face into her neck, just below her ear and kissed her perfumed flesh. She stopped channel surfing and sighed.

“Oh so now, Mr. Shit Talker wants to play, now that he’s had his nap?” Her tone a bit less sarcastic than she would have, liked them to have been. The words flowed off her tongue in that sweet southern drawl with her voice too girlish for her age. Her craned neck and arching back gave her away. She wasn’t miffed enough not to want to play.

” Baby, you smell so good.” I panted into her ear. “Mmmmmm.” I deeply inhaled her scent. Bath oils, shampoo and whatever the hell it is she puts on after she’s bathed. The smell she knows drives me nuts.

“Oh, really? I don’t know why you say that. I always smell the same after a bath.” She said flatly. Trying to be coy and detached, she began channel surfing again as though my lips and tongue weren’t on her neck and shoulder. Again, she her clenching butt cheeks moved her hips just enough for me to know I was causing a stir between her legs.

I resisted the urge to climb over the back of the couch and just jump her bones. With my raging hard cock pressing into the unappreciative back of the couch, I decided to keep up my assault on the erroneous zones around her neck and ear, gradually increasing the urgency of the squeezes on her breast and breathing on her flesh until I broke her thinly veiled resolve. As my hand slightly changed position to try and capture all of her boob in one handful, which would be impossible, another physical sign gave away her arousal. Her nipple was at full erection and pushed into my palm like a little fingertip. I released my hold on her left breast and grazed my fingernails lightly across it, down through her ample cleavage and over to the next, un-naturally firm globe. Yep! She was turned on. Her right nipple was standing out, waiting for attention without my even having touched it, yet.

I gripped the firm little bud of flesh between my thumb and forefinger slightly twisting as I tugged it out, suspending the weight of her breast with just her nipple. My minds eye could see her girlish nipples. Small, pink and hairless, they were unlike any I had ever encountered. Both of my ex-wives had light brown ones with small hairs around the edges of the areolas but not Teresa’s. Hers are like unopened tea rose buds, perched atop her disproportionably big breasts. Like I said, a wonderland…….

I let it go and as her boob fell back into it’s naturally hanging position it bounced a bit, causing her to let out a barely perceptible groan.

Inhaling deeply through her nose, she turned her head toward me and slipped her soft little tongue around the lobe and then into my outer ear canal as she exhaled. She knows what this does to me and is always a clear signal as to what she wants. She wanted what she had been thinking about while snoozed behind her on the sofa a couple of hours earlier. I decided to make it up to her for falling to sleep. I was going to go above and beyond to give her the attention she richly deserved. After all, this woman could have any guy in this jerkwater town and she wanted me. It’s only right that I show my gratitude, right?

Putting my inner animal in a box of self-control, I engaged my tender seductive side and released bahis firmaları her breast, to gently caress her flank and outer thigh. Still lying on her left side, Teresa twisted her upper torso around to put her right arm around my neck and her left hand on the side of my face as we gently crushed our lips together, in a tender full-mouthed kiss. As I dragged my nails from her armpit to the back of her left knee, her breathing became a bit more labored.

As I changed directions with my hand, moving it back up her thigh, she rolled onto her back, bent her right knee and rested it on the back cushion of the sofa. This pulled the thin flannel of her pajama bottoms tight over her vulva and as I kissed my way, away from her searching lips, toward the exposed skin of her chest I took a peek down her body with my right eye.

Looking down her prostrate form, I marveled at the view. Just above where my hand came to rest was her navel. Her bellybutton ring glistened under the light of the television. Beyond my hand her hips were raised slightly and the outline of her vulva was clear under her pajama bottoms. The blue light and shadows making the definitions, even clearer. Her hips undulated, seeking an object for her to push into.

Resisting the urge to slide my hand south and press the flannel into her hot folds, I ran my hand over the front of her upturned right hip bone, caressing her inner thigh, back up beyond the waist band of her thin sleep pants and back down over the top of her left thigh. She groaned louder this time and twisted as she pushed her hips upward, again looking to rub her swollen vulva into a non-existent source of pressure.

O.K. it was time for some full on body contact. I wanted it, she wanted it and I knew I was in for some sensual dry humping if I gave it to her.

I slid my body forward over the back of the couch, trying to snake my way down over her in one slow fluid motion, without too much shifting and repositioning. Too bad that plan was out of the question. As I shifted my weight forward, the back of the sofa was right under my hip and acted as a fulcrum, leverage took over( gotta love physics). My socks lost their grip on the carpet I was standing on, her grip around my neck took over and I rolled over the back of the sofa like a tumbling stone. Ass over teakettle, I went, taking her with me, too the floor we went. Her head barely missed the corner of the coffee table but my “funny bone” was not so lucky.

Just as she wrapped her hand around my erection, expecting me to fall atop her, the velour upholstery acted like a lubricant with the flannel of her pajamas and Teresa slid sideways over the edge of the cushion she was laying on. Our bodies were in a half full press as we slammed to the rug. In an effort to break my fall, my elbows instinctively extended outward, partly to protect her and partly to get my bearings in a blind fall. OUCH!! My elbow impacted squarely with the sharp corner of the brass-trimmed coffee table on my way down. Teresa’s forehead slammed into my chin. It felt like 20,000 volts @ 20 amps shot up my right arm.

” Mother Fucker! God damn it!! Son of a bitch! Aw, shit!!” the first part of a cussing blue streak fell from my mouth like I was at work with the guys. My right hand turned into a ball of fire. Pins and needles began screaming their way up and down my arm and my eyes began to tear up. I rolled to my right to clutch my right elbow with my left hand as my hard-on wilted.

As I convulsed to my right, my head collided with the leg of the offending piece of furniture, sending more piercing pain down my jaw.

After a momentary giggle at the comedy of the fall, Teresa began dressing me down for my obscene language.

I’m only allowed a certain amount of cussing when she’s with me and I had exceeded all of it for the next month, in about 20 seconds. I didn’t care, I was engulfed in blazing pain.

” I told you not to say GD in front of me, Greg. I don’t like that at all.” This coming from a woman that drops the “F” bomb when someone steals her parking space.

“Why are you cussing like that? The floor isn’t that hard.”

“I tagged my fucking funny bone.”

She started to giggle again, “Oh, Sweetie. I didn’t know. Are you O.K.?”

Seizing the moment of my agony, coupled with her concern, I made my sympathy play.

” It feels like someone hit me with a baseball bat right here.” I whined pointing at the soft inner part of my elbow.

“Aw, let Momma kiss it and make it better.” She drawled, her Georgia accent purposely getting thicker, to suck me in.

Kissing my elbow and rubbing my arm, Teresa began her own kaçak iddaa gentle oral assault on my body.

Raising herself up onto her knees, she held my arm up and traced her manicured fingertips up and down the inside of my arm. ” Does it really hurt that bad, Baby?”

Only halfway faking major pain, ” Oh God it hurts like hell Babe. Just give me a minute and I’ll be alright.” My left hand was already caressing her butt.

“Well, if you are grabbing my ass already, it can’t be that bad, Greg.”

” Well, if your ass wasn’t so fine, my arm would be the center of my concentration, Lover.” I groaned through a half smile.

She leaned forward. Her tender lips barely grazing mine. One kiss at a time, her passion was getting deeper. Parting her lips, she tenderly licked my moustache and upper lip with a feathery light touch.

Moving from my mouth to my neck and sucking my flesh just softly enough that, I wouldn’t sport a hickey, she began to speak. ” Let Momma make it better.” Her tender hand rubbed my elbow. ” I’ll make you forget about this elbow, Sweetie.”

As I lay, on my back, submitting myself to her tender mercy, my muscles began to relax. Teresa rubbed my inner arm with her left hand. Holding it to her upper body, with my wounded elbow cradled between her lovely breasts, she began grazing her nails across my skin, the way I did to her. She is so intuitive.

Tenderly, her right hand went from my pectoral, down my chest and across my (once upon a time six pack) belly. Reaching lower, she paid the same attention to the tops of my thighs as I had paid to hers, as I leaned over the sofa…. before the “terrible tumble”.

“How’s your arm, Baby?” She asked, as she glazed my skin with her tender touch.

“It’s much better, now that I have something more than my own self pity to concentrate on.” I groaned out the words, praying that I wasn’t just another piece of meat in this woman’s life story.

“Concentrate on this, Lover” she whispered.

Kneeling over me, her left hand on my chest, she raised my semi hard cock, upward. Her thumb and forefinger gripped the base of my upturned dick. Her pinkie finger, tickled my clenching rectum as she toyed with my package. She knew what she was doing.

Pre-cum was spilling out the tip of my hard-on, a glistening trail of salty slick-sauce, left a trail across the back of Teresa’s hand as she slowly jacked my aching cock, in her soft, little hand. She reached up, with the hand that had been stroking my belly and picked up as much of a dollop as she could, the slimy ooze ran from her fingers and collected at the juncture of my straining erection and my shaven nut sack. Looking me straight in the eyes, Teresa licked and slurped my juice from her own hand. Uncontrollable drizzles of the clear lubricant streamed their way out of my winking piss hole as she teasingly jacked my raging fuck stick in her diminutive, professional, church-going fist.

“So, how’s that funny bone treating you, sissy-boy?”

“What funny bone?” was all I could say.

Teresa dipped her head down, released her gentle grip on my blood-engorged hard-on and let the torrent of pre-cum spill across her tongue and lips. Sticking two fingers into her mouth, she gathered half of the sweet lube and smeared it over her hard nipples. What was left was I brought to my mouth and rubbed across my lips until the look in her eyes took over and I could not help but savor my own fuck-sauce as I licked it off her fingers. The same way she wanted to taste her own pussy juice on my lips and help me suck it off my fingers in a wild, sex nectar swapping French kiss.

Moving up my body, she stopped when her wonder titts were in my face. Then like a mother would do for a nursing baby, Teresa cupped her breast and leaned forward to offer her pre-cum slicked nipple to my waiting mouth.

“Yea Baby, that’s it suck it.” She hissed.

“Mmf, mmf, mmm.” Was the best I could do in response, with a mouth full of salty sweet nipple.

Teresa had always said that she was sure she had a wire connecting her nipples to her pussy and this time the connection was in full effect. As I cleaned my lube from her right nipple, she shifted and offered her other breast to me, her hand cupping and raising it to my lips, just like the other one. Swirling my tongue around the edge if her bud, I savored the taste of myself before trying to suck her entire breast into my mouth. When I had as much in my mouth that would fit, I began to gently bite down and suck her nipple in and out of my mouth. When I let most of it escape my suction, I closed my teeth over the tip and applied just enough pressure to kaçak bahis make her yelp a bit. Instead of pulling away, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face in tighter.

“Oh God yes baby, that feels so good. I get so hot, when you do that.” She panted the words into the air. Her back was arched and her head thrown back.

The more I worked on her titts, the more they seemed to swell. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or if it’s real but, Teresa’s breasts seem to get a little bigger after some intense foreplay.

By now, her mind and body were not communicating too well and her hips were grinding down onto my belly. The only problem with being with such a petite woman is, that our torsos aren’t the same size so when her titts are in my mouth, her hips will only reach my navel. My dick gets left humping the air and the air doesn’t care.

As she lowered her head to look at me, the tension on her pajama top was released and the material fell across my eyes. She quickly sat up and pulled the top off over her head. With her arms over her head, her titts look even more amazing.

Now naked from the waist up, Teresa leaned forward and ground her boobs into my face. I slid my hands down her back, hooked my thumbs in the waist band of her bottoms and began sliding then down over her magnificent ass. With her straddling me, I could only lower then so far but it was far enough for now. I let my hands roam all over her big round bottom. I slightly bent my torso so I could reach a bit further and let my fingers delve into the crack of her ass.

” Oh God, Greg” she moaned, as I drew a little circle around her tiny pink asshole with my middle finger. Her entire crotch was wet from her grinding on my belly and there was no shortage of pussy juice around her puckered back door.

With my right hand between her cheeks, I reached between us with my left and snaked my way down her belly. As my hand passed over her clean-shaven mound, I could feel the intense heat of her waiting snatch, radiating up her body. I traced my fingers down one side of her vulva, never touching her lips or clit, and back up again to go down the other side.

She shuddered and rolled her hips forward trapping my hand between us. I strummed my fingers across her sweet pussy. It was already open, waiting and very, very wet. Circling her clit between the pads of my two middle fingers caused her to rotate her hips on the opposite direction, maximizing the sensation. All the while still grinding one mound then the other of tit-flesh into my face.

As I slid around on her clit, I moved my fingers closer to her hole with each. Then without warning, I sunk them into her. Gasping, Teresa pulled her breasts from my face, pushed her self up with her hands on my chest and looked down into my eyes. With her blonde hair framing her face, and a wanton look of lust in her eyes, she ground her pussy down on my hand. Rocking to and fro, she used my hand like one of her sex toys. Using it to get herself off. I only had to hold my hand still, she like doing the work, taking her pleasure.

I had been slowly increasing the pressure on her asshole as I massaged her wetness into it, building the anticipation.

Her eyes rolled back and then closed as I slid my middle finger into her rectum all the way up to the knuckle. I slid it in and out a few times before positioning my ring finger next to it and sliding then both up into her clutching ass. Three more strokes in and out and she started to cum.

” Yes, Baby…fucking do it…harder…stick ’em all the way in. Can you feel my pussy cumming? It feels so fucking good…I can’t believe it!” Yes, she’s a screamer.

It felt like her asshole was going to pinch my fingers off at the knuckle and her pussy flooded my other hand with copious amount of juice. Squirting with each spasm, she soaked my shirtfront, part of her pajama bottoms and the carpet below me. She kept on cumming as she fell forward and raised her hips off of me to let me do the work to finish off her orgasm. Moving my fingers into her ass as I pulled the others out of her pussy I continued my dual assault while she buried her face in my neck and humped my hands. She must have been cumming for a full minuet before she started to slow her bucking.

She reached back, grabbed my wrist, pulled my fingers from her ass and stuck them in her mouth while pulling my other fingers from her snatch and guided the to my mouth by the wrist. I savored her sweet cunt juice for a moment then she switched and pushed my ass-coated fingers to my lips and sucked the remaining pussy from my other hand. When both of my hands were clean, she settled down to rest on my belly, lightly holding my wrists in her lap, occasionally squeezing them.

” I love you so much ” her eyes twinkling through half open lids.

We were just getting started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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