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Taking Advantage of the Situation

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After a long night studying for his Calculus final Jason decided to take quick shower to refresh himself. At eighteen years old, Jason had been pushing himself as far as he could to ensure a good grade on his exam. His goal was to ace his classes in his freshman year at college. Jason stripped down to his boxers and went to the hall closet to grab a clean towel. While reaching for a towel he noticed that his parents’ bedroom light was still on despite it being well past midnight. Worried that something might be wrong he decided to check in on his mom.

Jason’s father was away on a business trip and he knew that his mother didn’t like being alone. Jason regularly overheard them arguing about his extensive travel schedule and knew that it was taking a toll on her.

“Hey, Mom.” Jason called out as he knocked on the door. His voice naturally took on a muted tone due to the late hour.

After waiting a moment and trying again with the same results Jason decided that she must have simply fallen asleep with her light on. He slowly inched the door open not wanting to wake her up.

Jason crept into his parent’s room and immediately stopped in his tracks. Stunned at the sight before him Jason paused to let his brain digest the scene. His mother was indeed sleeping. She was lying on her back and from his vantage point Jason could see that her nightgown was pushed up over her chest leaving her naked body completely exposed. Her face was turned away from him and her right breast sagged away from her chest and towards him.

Jason’s heart nearly jumped through his chest as his weight shifted and the floorboard beneath him creaked. The sound reverberated through the room causing Jason to consider running away before she woke to find her son ogling her naked body. Despite his impulse to run Jason remained frozen in the doorway.

He watched closely to see if there was any indication of her waking up. After satisfying himself that she was still asleep Jason decided that he should at least cover her up and turn off the light before leaving.

Jason had never had anything close to a sexual thought about his mother and even after seeing her naked he still was not thinking of her in that way. He did find, however, that despite telling himself that he should look away he couldn’t resist staring at her chest gently rising and falling from her breath. Her soft breast jiggled slightly as it moved ever so slightly up and down.

Jason tiptoed into his parents’ room as slowly as he could manage. He paused between each step, scared as hell that she would wake up and think that he was doing something weird. As he approached the bed Jason discovered something even more startling. His mother’s right leg had been bent and was raised several inches up from the bed. The position of her leg obscured much of her lower body from him until he got close enough to see over her knee.

Jason’s heart raced again as he looked between his mother’s bare thighs to the light brown hair that covered her soft mound. What caught Jason off guard wasn’t so much the sight of his mother’s pussy but instead it was the enormous dildo that was tucked between her lips and projecting out from between her legs.

As if moved by a mysterious force, Jason felt compelled to go closer. He positioned himself so that he was standing between his mother’s legs at the foot of her bed. From there he had a clear view of her. Her knees were bent and her legs were pushed apart, presumably so that she could play with herself. Jason could now see both of her breasts, each sagging slightly away from her body, and he again watched the peaceful, rhythmic pattern of her breathing. Her face was still turned to her left and he could see that she looked to be out cold.

Jason also noticed the empty wine glass on her night stand for the first time. Right next to the glass was a bottle of sleeping pills. Jason realized that his mother must have been having difficulty sleeping and so she resorted to alcohol and pills to help her. He also surmised that if she was anything like him a good round of masturbating would make her sleepy too, which would explain her current position.

As Jason collected his thoughts his attention was once again drawn between his mother’s legs. He was amazed at how big the dildo was. It was lodged deep enough inside of her that it practically saluted him as it extended seven or eight inches from her body. Her hands rested right on top of each of her thighs leading Jason to guess that the combination of the pills and wine must have gotten the best of her while she was playing with herself.

In light of the many distractions facing Jason at that moment, he was happy to find that her well-being was still high on his priority list. He comforted himself with the fact that she was still breathing, which meant that there appeared to be no adverse reaction from her combination of sleep aids.

Jason stood admiring the view of his naked mother sprawled out on her bed with her toy bostancı escort tucked inside of her. Though he never would have fantasized about his mother before he now recognized that the sight before him was causing his penis to respond which caught him off guard and triggered a brief tinge of shame to wash over him.

Jason’s mom was not a gorgeous woman, but he had to admit that she was pretty. She was 48 and though she exercised regularly she had what can only be described as a soft and curvy body. It would be unfair to call her fat or overweight though. She was fairly well endowed and her breasts, each now sloped away from her body, were capped with dark areolas and pronounced nipples.

Jason had seen his mother wearing her nightgown earlier in the night. It was a modest length, light purple, satin gown that was now pulled up over her chest. Her shoulder length, light brown hair was pooled around her head on her pillow.

There was no denying that Jason was getting turned on as his eyes explored his mother’s naked, vulnerable body. Despite his shame and guilt at being so turned on, Jason decided that he should still cover her up before leaving. He slowly stepped forward and as he reached for her comforter he decided that he should remove her dildo first.

Jason proceeded as slowly as he could manage and carefully reached out for the end of the dildo not currently snuggled inside of his mother’s pussy. As he got closer he could make out the thin folds of her pussy spread around the thick circumference of the dildo. He carefully examined the edges of his mother’s pussy lips stretched tightly to allow the thick rubber cock inside of her. His eyes traveled up the length of her pussy to the top of her opening where Jason could see the distinct bump of her clit nestled among the light brown curls of her hair.

His heart was pounding so loud that he could hear no other noise as he reached out. He prayed that the sleeping pills would keep her from waking. Jason mustered his courage thinking to himself that he would quickly remove the large, fake cock from his mother’s pussy and then cover her before retreating to the safety of his room.

His first finger gently touched the cold rubber. He monitored her body for any signs of stirring. Feeling confident he gripped the end of the dildo with his other fingers. Jason tried to calm his nerves but despite his best efforts his hand shook uncontrollably. At first, the dildo offered resistance to his unsteady hand but suddenly gave way from his shaking and he felt it move. It was almost imperceptible but he felt it move.

Jason’s world came crashing down around him as he heard a soft whimper escape him mother’s lips and noticed her hips shift. He knew that he was dead. Frozen like a deer caught in headlights he remained staring at his mother’s naked body, still holding on to the dildo buried in her pussy and unable to move. As suddenly as it had occurred the fear of being caught dissipated. Jason realized that his mother had merely shifted in her sleep and hadn’t woken up after all.

Jason leaned forward to ensure that his mother’s eyes were still closed. Much to his relief he was reassured that she was still out cold. While shifting his attention from his mother’s face back to his hand Jason realized that by leaning forward he had inadvertently pushed his hand forward as well, causing the dildo to move further inside of her pussy.

Jason looked down at his hand, and the dildo that it held, and the pussy that seemed to be begging for more of it. As if propelled by some outside force, his hand nudged the rubber cock forward again. Jason marveled at how easily it slid into his mother’s pussy. He gave it another gentle nudge, watching as it slowly disappeared inside of her. Jason watched anxiously as the lips of his mother’s pussy molded to the contours and bumps of the dildo as it moved deeper inside of her.

Unsure of what he was doing at this point Jason decided that he should stop. He still didn’t want to leave to dildo inside of her so he slowly reversed his course from pushing to pulling. He was mesmerized as he watched the glistening rubber emerge from his mother’s pussy. The dildo was textured with thick veins which caught the light as it moved.

Jason’s eyes moved up to his mother’s body as he slowly removed the massive rubber cock. He could see that her breathing was getting heavier, even if only slightly, and watched the subtle movement of her breasts with each breath. He realized that her body was responding to the stimulus and that at least he wasn’t hurting or bothering her. If anything, he thought that a release would help her sleep better.

Suddenly it dawned on him that he was fucking his own mother with a sex toy. His initial repulsion at that thought quickly faded as he looked back down at her pussy. He rationalized to himself that she would never know what he was doing and that this wasn’t really that bad anyway – after all he was just finishing what ümraniye escort bayan she had already started. Armed with an enough of an excuse to pacify his conscience Jason proceeded to push the dildo back inside of her.

He repositioned himself so that he was now partially sitting on her bed between her legs. This allowed Jason to move closer and watch his mother’s pussy receive the dildo. From this position, Jason could also now smell the heady aroma of his mother’s sex. He leaned in closer and took in the smell; his face merely inches away from her glistening pussy as he inhaled her scent.

His cheek lightly grazed the inside of her right thigh. The sudden contact with her warm, soft flesh sent goosebumps through his body. Feeling more emboldened Jason held his face in that position so that he could continue to brush against her soft flesh.

The dildo was now pushed back to where it was when he found it. He could tell from the fact that the remaining rubber was dry – much like checking your car for oil. He didn’t know how much more of the dildo would fit into his mother’s pussy but he decided to press on. Still amazed at the size of his mother’s toy of choice Jason wondered if his father had such a big cock as well, or whether this was selected to give her something that he wasn’t able to.

He felt her body shift again and quickly tilted his head upwards to monitor the situation. While turning his head up he felt the soft fur of her pubic hair brush against his upper lip. The sensation was incredible and while still looking up at his mother’s face from between her breasts he gently pressed his lips against her. Jason kissed his mother in a way that no son should ever kiss his mother. Jason held his lips against her and allowed himself to again take in the heady smell of her sex.

Jason’s lips were now just an inch away from her clit protruding from her soft hair. His eyes were fixed on the target before him as he continued to slowly work the dildo deeper inside of her. He pulled his lips away and then kissed her again, moving closer to the sensitive button that crowned his mother’s pussy.

While still focused on the sight of his mother’s clit surrounded by her soft hair Jason felt his fingers against her soft flesh. He realized that he had successfully pushed the entire length of his mother’s gigantic dildo inside of her without her waking up.

The knowledge that his mother’s pussy, barely inches from his face, currently had something so big inside of it made Jason feel incredibly horny.

In that moment she ceased being his loving and nurturing mother and became little more than a plaything for him. Moving very carefully, Jason slowly pressed his lips gently against her clit. He could hear another soft moan as his lips made contact with her.

Needing to feel more of her Jason pushed his tongue past his lips and against her soft clit. He could now taste the sweet nectar of his mother’s juices for the first time. A shock of electricity coursed through his body as he ran his tongue against her sensitive nub of flesh.

Jason twisted his head again to look up at his mother as he massaged her with his tongue. He could see her chest moving faster and noticed that her nipples were now much more pronounced. Unable to stop himself, Jason continued to lick his mother’s clit while he started slowly pulling the dildo from her.

Her soft tufts of hair were brushing against his nose as he increased the pressure against her clit. He could feel his mother’s hips beginning to stir beneath him. Feeling bolder Jason began to fuck his mother with the dildo faster while still teasing her clit with his lips and tongue. Her hips lifted up just slightly, enough to signal to Jason that something was happening.

He looked up at his mother, her face framed by her heaving breasts, as she came. Jason slowed his hand as her body shuddered. He could see a slight smile appear and the light reflecting off of sheen of her sweat on her face.

Jason continued to gently nibble at her clit while he allowed his mother time to recover from her orgasm. He was in no rush and was happy that he made her cum.

Jason eventually propped himself up, still sitting between his mother’s legs, and looked down at the dildo still buried inside of her. He decided that it was time to finally remove it and slowly began to pull it out. Jason took his time and again watched carefully as the lips of his mother’s pussy molded to the contours of her toy. He was once again struck by its size as he finally held it in his hand. It was much heavier than he imagined and hung to the side, unable to support its own weight.

Jason placed the massive rubber cock down on the bed next to his mother. Looking back up between her legs he was now offered a much better view of her pussy. Her lips were slightly separated from being stretched by the dildo, which allowed him to see hints of the soft pink flesh between her folds. Her thighs and pussy were covered kartal escort in her juices which made her appear lewd and wanton.

Jason turned towards his mother and lowered his face to her thigh. His lips pressed against her skin as he kissed her. His hands pushed her legs further apart as he kissed his way up her thigh to her sopping wet pussy. Her aroma got stronger as her progressed until his head was again surrounded by her thick perfume. His nose brushed against her first and then his lips. He kissed her softly and with loving care. Her juices coated his lips.

She was slick and his mouth slid across her soft mound with ease as his tongue darted out. He dragged his tongue along the length of her entire pussy stopping at her clit. Jason then opened his mouth and pushed his tongue between her folds. Her soft, warm skin against his tongue thrilled him. Jason knew that what he was doing was wrong but couldn’t help himself. He proceeded to lick and kiss his mother’s pussy with reckless abandon.

Before long Jason could feel his mother’s hips pressing against his mouth. He knew from before that this was a signal that she was about to cum. He was now feeling proud of the fact that he was about to make his mother cum, again. He pushed his tongue deep within her folds while letting his nose push against her clit. Jason braced himself as he felt her body contracting against his tongue and knew that the time had come. He pushed his tongue against her and reveled in the thought of what he was doing to her.

Jason sensed that this was a more intense orgasm than the first one and let it run its course before pulling his mouth from her. He was now out of breath and needed a rest. Jason lifted himself up and then lay down next to his mother while he caught his breath. He turned so that he could see her and placed his hand on her thigh. It didn’t take long until he was tracing circles around the soft mound of her pussy.

Now that Jason had a chance to collect his thoughts he finally became aware of his own needs and his rock hard cock straining against his boxer shorts. Jason stood up and looked down at his mother while pushing his shorts down. Now standing naked with his cock at full salute Jason had to make a big decision. In Jason’s mind, though, there was no decision to make. He stood before his naked mother, his own cock proudly standing at full attention.

Jason moved forward and climbed up on his parents’ bed. He proceeded slowly, aware of his every movement. He was now very confident that his mother would not wake up, but he was still scared as hell about what he was about to do. He positioned himself so that he was directly above her body. Her legs were still pushed apart, allowing him plenty of room between her thighs.

Jason looked down at his mother’s face. Her head war turned to the side but he was taken by how peaceful she looked. His mother’s face and neck were coated by a light covering of her sweat and her mouth curled slightly at the corner as if she was not only happy but satisfied.

He leaned towards her and smelled her perfume. Though it was her familiar scent it had an entirely different impact on him in this context. He breathed in the delicate floral smell as his lips brushed against her neck. The contact on her neck caused his mother to shift again and she moved her head so that he was now looking right into her face. Feeling bold, Jason brushed his lips against his mother’s and gently kissed her.

With his lips pressed against hers, Jason lowered his hips until he felt the tip of his cock brushing against her warm flesh. He could tell that he was not positioned properly and arched his back to better line himself up with his target.

Jason closed his eyes as he pushed against her. Her pussy was soaking wet and still stretched out from before. He found no resistance as he penetrated his mother. Jason rocked his hips forward while his cock pushed deeper into her. Finally, he opened his eyes and looked at his mother’s angelic, sleeping face. There was no hiding from the fact that Jason was now fucking his mother.

Once fully inside of her he stopped to enjoy the feeling. He knew that her body was used to accepting much larger objects than his own penis, but he was thrilled to find how tight she still was. He could feel her lips clutching to his shaft and could still visualize how they conformed to the contours of the dildo.

Holding himself up with his arms, Jason lowered his head and kissed his mother’s neck. He pushed his hips into hers one more time before pulling himself out and beginning to truly fuck her. He looked down at her chest and smiled as her breasts shook with each thrust. He could hear her breathing increasing as he fucked her and was able to discern several small moans escape her sleeping lips.

Feeling bolder with each thrust, Jason began to fuck his mother with the same force and energy that he would have fucked a more willing partner. He no longer considered the possibility of her waking and focused on the task at hand. After the events of the night, Jason was hornier than he had ever been and knew that it would not take long for him to cum. He continued to pound his cock into his mother’s pussy as he felt the pressure building inside of him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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