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Taking Control

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I waited till I heard mum come out of the shower and as the bathroom door opened I called, “Hey mum can you come here a minute.” I knew she was just tying the towel around her body so I waited.

The bedroom door opened and she stepped into my room. Before she could say anything I grabbed her by the hair and threw her towards the bed keeping hold of the towel. She grunted as she hit bed and fell to her knees naked. I had waited and planned for this for longer than I could remember.

I pounced on her and pushed her head into the bed so all I could hear was muffled cries. Planting myself between her legs I took my throbbing cock and rammed it into her dry cunt. I felt her scream as I entered but all that did was turn me on even more. I thrust into her repeatedly enthralled to finally be in that most sacred of mothers places, the hole that birthed me. As I pounded my second wish came true. Slowly she stopped fighting and started moaning. As I loosened my hold on her head she moaned out loud.

“Ohhh fuck. Mike what are you doing oohhh shit you have to stop this. Mike I’m your mother for god sake. Oh fuck your so fucking big. Oh shit oh god no I’m gonna come mike stop please before its toooooo ooohhhhhh fuuuuuuck yes oh fuck it fuck it harder fuck my hole come in me mike fill me uuuuuuuuppppppppp.

Mum was thrusting back on me now and I felt my come shoot up my throbbing cock. I threw my arms wide titanic style and let my mother fuck my come out me. “AAhhhhhgggggggghhhhh yes do it mother, fuck your son. Fill your cunt with my hot seed. Eeeeeewwwwwaaaaaarghghhhhhh. She didn’t stop although she could have. Not till I finally collapsed.

“Oh god Mike what have you done?”

“Clean me up.” I said, ignoring her question.

“What?” she asked, “You mean?”

“I mean take my cock in your mouth and clean me up.” I didn’t even look at her I just gazed at the ceiling as I lay on the floor. “What else do you think I mean.”

“But, I can’t.” She seemed shocked, “You’re my son. It’s wrong.”

“Fuck wrong.” I said looking up at her, “I just fucked you to orgasm. Now it’s your job to clean me up. Just get on with it or I will be ready to fuck you again.” I wasn’t nice about it at all.

She took my flaccid cock into her hand and then heaven opened and let me in as her mouth closed around my cock head. She licked and cleaned every inch of it from the head all the way down to my balls and back and by the time she had finished she was breathing rapidly. ” Good.” I said, “Now get on the bed and spread your legs.”

“Mike I can’t do this.” She moaned as she lay on the bed.

“Spread your legs.” She did as instructed and closed her eyes.

I don’t know what she was expecting but it certainly wasn’t me burying my face in her come filled cunt. Wish number three. I ate that cunt like a ravenous dog. She had at least three orgasms and by the time I was ready to mount her she was completely exhausted. “Now mother why don’t you ask your son to fuck you.”

“You little bastard.” She said smiling, “Fuck mummy and fuck her hard.” With that she reached down and took my cock placing at the entrance to her hole. As I rammed into her she lifted her legs and threw her arms around my neck. “Fuck me son. Make mummy yours. Fill me up with your cock and never stop.”

We rutted like savage dogs. Both thrusting hard at each other. Mum came twice more and as her second one subsided I again filled her with my seed. Finally completely exhausted, I lay on top of my mother, held in her arms till my cock slipped from her well used cunt. Then I climbed off her and lay on the bed next to her. We lay in silence for a while till she broke the quiet.

“What brought that about then?” She asked.

“Since dad died a year ago you and the three girls have treated me like the man of the house, only without any rights. I just got angrier and angrier till I decided to do something about it. I didn’t know what I was going to do till you went for your shower. I knew you always came out with a towel round you, you all do the same. So really it was just an impulse. Now I am going to fuck my three sisters and your going to help me. In the meantime you will always be ready to suck and fuck me without question. Understood?”

“Understood.” She said, “But how will you get your sisters to go along with this?”

“I have no idea but it’s going to happen and if you come up with any ideas let me know.”

“Do you think you will be able to manage all four of us.” She smiled, “You certainly have the equipment. Your father was never that big.” She was fingering my cock now.

“I think we better get dressed before the girls get home.”

“Yes.” She said, “I need another shower.”

“No you don’t.” I said, “I want to smell sex on you while you get dinner ready. Tonight you can suck me off. Do you deep throat?”

She laughed as she got off the bed, “Wait and see.”

It wasn’t xmas and it certainly wasn’t my birthday but the stars must have been aligned bursa escort in some way because less than fifteen minutes after mum left my bed I walked out of the shower drying hair with the towel covering my face till something told me to stop. As I lowered the towel my middle sister, Abby, stood in front of me with a towel held in front of her. Seemingly waiting to go into the bathroom. She stood rigid, her gaze fixed on my flaccid cock. Her hands fell to her sides as her mouth opened and her eyes widened in amazement.

She had a wonderful body, full hips and firm 34″ tits, long hair and an angelic face. I stepped forward, she held her ground. I took her hand and led her into my bedroom. Closing the door I sat her on the bed and stood in front of her. Slowly her hand came up and encircled my newly erect manhood. Her hand could not fully encircle it but her grip was firm and she leaned her head forward and with closed eyes took me deep into her stretched mouth.

For five minutes she sucked and licked my erection with what I can only describe as love or devotion. It was slow and precise as though she wanted her tongue to know every last inch of what it was tasting. She pulled it from her mouth and looked lovingly up at me. I moved towards her and she moved back on the bed, opened her legs and held out her arms to me.

I lay gently on top of her allowing her arms to encompass me and then, slowly I kissed her. Starting with a lingering kiss on her sweet mouth I moved to her neck and then down over her chest to her erect nipples, tasting each one gently as it fully extended, then down to her navel before kissing her sweet wet pussy. She lifted her legs slightly to give me better access and I slowly penetrated that sweet honey pot with my tongue. Slowly I tongue fucked her, making sure that every time I withdrew my tongue I brushed her swollen clit. It didn’t take long for her to let out a sigh as her muscles went stiff and her back arched, reaching a long gentle throbbing orgasm.

As she came back down to earth I moved up her body till my cock was at the entrance to her sweet cunt. “Are you sure about this?” I asked gently. In response she took hold of my cock and guided into her hole. Even though she was wet I could feel her pussy walls stretching as she let out a groan. I entered slowly until I was all the way in and then just lay for a while allowing her to adjust to the size. When she was ready she started to move up and down and I moved with her. Try as I may to keep things at a slow pace she was more insistent and we started fucking, and fucking hard. The more I thrust into her the more she demanded and in no time she was biting my shoulder to avoid screaming in orgasm. This of course drove me on even more. I was rutting her as hard and fast as I could. On her second orgasm I told her I was about to come.

She wrapped her legs around me and moaned into my ear, “Fill me. Give it to me. Fuck your little sister. I want to feel your spunk in me.” And seemed to double her efforts. I was in no state to argue with her and let go with every ounce of strength I had left. The speed that my come shot threw my cock felt like a train and when it shot out of the end and into that hot cunt I thought I had blown the top of my cock off. Finally, both exhausted we came to a stop. I lay on top of her, unable to move while she pulled me to her and hugged me like she never wanted us to be apart.

After a while I rolled off her and leaned on my elbow looking her in the eyes. “Regrets?” I asked.

“Like fuck.” She replied with a huge smile. “When can we do it again?”

“Soon.” I replied, “And how would you feel if I said I want you to always be ready to suck and fuck.”

“Hmmm.” She said with a smile, “I hate wearing underwear anyway.” She threw her arms round my neck and gave me a huge kiss. “What would the others say if they knew?”

“Well mum already knows.” I said, “I caught her coming out of the shower earlier on.”

“And you still had enough for me.” She said a little shocked, “You horny bastard.”

“Yes I did, and now you and mum are going to help me with Anne and Bella.”

“Oh wow. You really are a dirty bastard.” She said, “Are you going to breed us then.”

“Yes hopefully.” I said smiling, “Lets see how it goes shall we. Now go and have your shower while I tell mum your one of us.”

Anne was the oldest of the girls at 20, Abby was 19 and Bella was 18 and I was pretty sure Bella was a virgin. I am 21 and mum is 38. While mums body showed the ravages of her years and having 4 kids she still looked good for her age. The three girls all looked very much alike and they all had great bodies, varying in bust size but all great looking women.

I went down and told mum about Abby. “Yes I guessed something was going on when you didn’t come down and then your bed was banging the wall like a pile driver.” She said putting her hand on my cheek and giving me a soft kiss. “So who is next on your list of sisters to fuck?”

“Well as I didn’t bursa escort bayan expect things to go quite so quick I will have to see how it goes.” I said, “Any ideas?”

“Well I am pretty sure Bella is still a virgin so Ann may be the easiest to get to, even though she is with Bob.” She smiled, “I don’t think he actually has any idea how to pleasure a woman. She often comes home smelling of sex but never happy so I will keep an eye on her and let you know when I think she maybe ripe. Then we can all just hold Bella down for you while you take her cherry.”

“And would you actually do that?” I asked.

Mum laughed, “Once she sees that huge cock of yours I bet she will be fighting us to get to it.”

At that moment the two girls walked into the house. “No dinner for me tonight mum Bob is taking me for dinner.” Anne said.

Mum looked at me and smiled, “Ok dear.” she said.

Bella just ran upstairs. Half an hour later they emerged freshly showered and clean. Anne ready to go out and Bella in shorts and T shirt. I found it hard for the rest of the evening to keep my hands off Mum and Abby and I had the feeling that they felt the same. I had seen them chatting and laughing in the kitchen several times with sideways looks in my direction. So far it had all gone exceedingly well.

We had dinner and then Bella went up to her room as usual. She would be gone for the rest of the night. Mum and Abby came over and stood in front of me. They didn’t say anything, just waited.

“Show me that your ready.” I said. In a second they both stood naked in front of me. “You both need to at least trim. I don’t mind some hair but a bush is too much. ” I took my T shirt off and then stood up and dropped my joggers to the floor. As I sat back down they both pounced on me, grabbing for my cock.

“Wait.” I said sharply. “Mum gets to show me her sucking skills as you have already shown me how good you are. But, sister mine, can show me how you can eat your mothers cunt.”

Mum looked shocked but Abby smiled, “Me and Ann have often talked about eating you out mum. Now I can do it at last.”

“I have never done anything with a woman before.” She said looking at me.

“You wont be eating pussy yet because your mouth will be filled with my cock. Just make room for Abby.”

Mum shuffled back a bit on the floor and Abby slipped underneath her, Mum took my cock into her mouth and as Abby licked at her hole I felt her shuddering. This was my kind of heaven. Mum did indeed do deep throat. In fact she had this little trick. Once I was deep in her throat she started squeezing her throat muscles, almost as though she was wanking me and sucking me at the same time. I lay back on the settee with my hands behind my head. As Abby got mum closer and closer to orgasm mum got me closer and closer. When she finally came her head was going up and down like a piston letting out loud moans and stifled groans causing vibrations to run up and down my rod till I shot my load deep into her throat.

“Oh wow!” Came a shocked voice from the doorway.

I looked up to see Bella slowly walking over to us. Her eyes wide and huge smile on her face. I held my hand out to her and came and sat beside me. To begin with it was clear that mum was a bit worried. Abby on the other hand seemed to not care one little bit.

Bella’s eyes were glued to my softening erection. “Can I have a taste mum.”

We all laughed at that. “Well it doesn’t belong to me darling. You should ask Mike.”

Bella looked at me with pleading eyes. “Mum will teach you how to it. But first take your clothes off and let me see your gorgeous body.”

She only had on her pj’s so it took seconds and then she was naked, shy but naked. Her tits were slightly smaller than Abby’s but they were just perfect, slimming down to a thin waist and bold hips. She too had a bush of hair. “You are every bit as stunning as the all the women in this family.” I said, “Mum will show you what to do. And if you want to do more just say so.”

While mum guided my youngest sister in the art of cock sucking Abby ran her hands over her sisters body. Playing with her nipples and running her fingers down her back to her bum cheeks and beyond. Bella shuffled slightly and Abby was able to slip a finger into her sisters pussy. I knew this because she pulled her fingers out and showed them to me before putting them into her mouth.

It was pretty obvious that Bella had never sucked cock before but she was a quick and avid learner. She was also impatient to experiment even further. “I want it in me mummy. But it’s so big it wont fit. Will it?”

“Are you sure that’s what you want baby?” Mum said looking at me.

“Can we.” Bella said excitedly, “Can we make it go inside me I want to feel it.”

I took her head in my hands and made her look me in the eye “Are you sure you want this Bella?” I asked softly, “It will take away your virginity and you can never get it back.

“I would rather lose it someone who I escort bursa know loves me than some boy who just says he does.” She replied softly.

I pulled her across my lap. “Mum get the Vaseline.” I said, “Abby you keep doing what your doing and loosen her a bit more.”

I pulled Bella to me and softly kissed her, she responded and I slipped my tongue into her mouth while running my hands over her body brushing her nipples and gently squeezing her breasts. Bella moaned with all the attention she was getting. Abby had used the Vaseline and nodded at me that Bella was as ready as she would ever be.

“Bella follow what I tell you.” I said.

I gave her instructions how to raise herself and then slowly lower herself on to my erection. To stop when she felt the barrier and then proceed when she was ready. Then to go as far down as she could and to take a break till she felt comfortable. I slowly guided her in every aspect of riding her very first cock and I watched her face intently to make sure she wasn’t going to fast or too far. Her pussy felt like a glove that was a size to small but slowly it stretched and drew me further and further inside that virginal love hole.

It wasn’t long before she was riding up and down on my shaft and then as she started to moan louder and louder and she moved faster and faster her eyes wide open looking me in the face her smile getting bigger and bigger till she finally screamed out loud in her first real orgasm. She lost her rhythm and seemed unable to get it back but her mother and sister helped her keep in her stride as did I till I shot my seed deep into her pulsing cunt reaching a pinnacle of ecstasy. Slowly we subsided and mum and Abby threw their arms around us both and hugged us tightly.

After a while mum said, “Come on you two girls up to bed. Mike has had an exhausting day and it’s not over yet.”

“Oh mum can’t we do it again.” Bella chimed.

“Girls I am going to be with you for as long as you want me. We have the rest of lives to enjoy. I have you sister to break in yet so lets see what the morning brings.”

Reluctantly they went off to bed while I cleaned Bella’s virgin blood off my cock. I had thought of making mum clean it off but something had changed over the last few hours and I no longer wanted control. I didn’t need it as I had full participation.

Mum looked out of the window. “Anne is home. Go and get in bed. Leave the door open.” She said, “I will bring her up.”

I heard Ann’s annoyed voice and smiled. A moment later she appeared at the top of the stairs with mum. I pulled the cover bed back, inviting her to join me. She looked at mum who just nodded. Slowly she walked into my room and mum came behind her and closed the door leaving us alone. I patted the bed and Ann slid in next to me and lay down. Obviously unsure and maybe even a little afraid. I brushed her hair from her face and lightly kissed her on the forehead, her cheeks and then her lips. She took a deep breath which seemed to fire her acceptance of what was going to happen.

I would love to say that I made love to me eldest sister but it would be a lie. From the moment our lips Ann was on fire. We ripped her clothes off and after the shock of feeling my cock in her hand she pulled me into her and we fucked, and fucked hard in every position we could move into for an hour or more. After the amount of times I had come in the last few hours my cock was almost completely desensitised, but I still came twice and lost count of how many times Anne screamed in orgasm. Finally she collapsed on top of me and that’s the last thing I remember before I drifted off into a deep sleep.

Mum woke me gently the following morning. I had no idea what the time was but I knew it was late as the sun had passed my window which made it late morning. When I arrived in the kitchen mum and my three sisters were sitting at the breakfast bar waiting for me. Mum seemed very much in control. “Girls.” She said, “Show him.”

The four of them stood in a row and opened their dresses to show me naked bodies. “Mum got us up this morning and we have been talking about what to do.” Ann said as they all sat down, leaving their bodies on full view. Then the others tried to have their input and all I could hear was gaggle gaggle gaggle.

“Girls.” Mum said, “Let me please.”

They settled down and mum continued. “We have all decided that we enjoyed what has happened and would like for it to continue.” She said, “But we don’t really know what it is you want from us.”

I sipped at the cup of tea mum had put in front of me cleared my thoughts. “This, this all started as a fantasy.” I said quietly, “And as we all know fantasies never come true.”

“And just how did the fantasy go?” Mum asked.

“Well it certainly didn’t go this fast.” I said with a laugh, which seemed to lighten the situation. “The fantasy was simple as most fantasies are. First I would have sex with you and then you would slowly help me to involve the girls. Then we would all live together happily ever after and raise our kids.”

Total silence ensued. Followed by the gaggle gaggle parade. Mum raised her hand and the girls fell silent. “Ann. How would you feel about that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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