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Taking Step-daughter to College Pt. 02

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John’s recollection of what happened:

In the previous story I spend the entire week-end fucking and sucking my step-daughter Karen, her roommate Teri and their senior advisor Gwen. Caught in a snowstorm, in an empty dorm I lived out my dream of fucking two co-eds over and over again.

I returned home to my wife, who was supposed to go with me to take her daughter back to school, but she told me she was to go to Boston for an ad campaign. I know she went, but she must have finished early. When I entered the house to see how her trip went, I noticed my twenty year old son had already made it home. He returned early too, seeing he spent the entire holidays in California with his mother, my ex-wife.

I climbed the stairs to greet her home the right way, especially after seeing Karen dressed in an outfit I knew Patti had in her closet. I was hard the last hour driving home just imaging her in it. I heard a loud groan coming from the upper floor. I slowed my steps and went up quietly. Approaching the master bedroom I heard Patti’s voice; “Come on Jimmy, let go of it, I have to suck on it. You know how much I love sucking on that huge cock of yours!”

I peeked around the corner and I sucked in my breath. Patti’s half-naked body was crouched over Jimmy’s huge erect cock, at least three or four inches larger then my eight inches. What really got me was that Patti was wearing exactly what Karen was wearing last night and her extremely long ash blonde hair was pulled up in a French twist, just as Karen did.

I stepped back and headed downstairs, but not before snapping a few minutes of her expert cock sucking on my cellphone. When I got downstairs, I went directly to the bar and poured myself a stiff drink. What ran through my head were the words she said; “You know much I love sucking your cock!” I began to wonder how long the two of them had been doing this together.

Patti had always voiced her opposition to having Jimmy living with us. She thought with him being twenty and not going to school, he should be out working and on his own. If not on his own, at least paying his way and help with the household bills.

I now wonder if all of this was just an act, an act to make me believe she didn’t want him around. Why else would she say this, to deflect how she really felt about him? I sat there wondering how I should handle it. I had her sucking him off on video, so she couldn’t deny it. I decided to give her enough rope to hang herself.

I slowly snuck out of the house and drove to a local fast food restaurant. I ordered a couple of burgers from the drive-thru. Picking up my order, I reached and hit the push to talk. Dialing her cell, it rang several times before she picked up the phone, she was out of breath, panting she blurted out; “Hel…hello!”

“Hi sweetie, how’s Boston, just wanted to call and say I’m at a drive-thru picking up a couple burgers for to eat while you’re out of town. I should be home in about five minutes.”

“Oh I finished up in Boston early and caught a flight home this morning. I just got home myself and am hungry. Could you swing back and get me a chicken sandwich?”

“Sure, can’t wait to see ya, I’ll hurry!” I hung up before she could reply. I laughed to myself, knowing she must be scrambling around trying to get the bedroom in order and Jimmy out of our bed.

Patti’s Story:

“I was glad the meeting in Boston went so well. I was able to catch an early flight out Sunday morning. I completed my presentation flawlessly on Friday, but was unable to get a flight out on Saturday due to the huge snowstorm in the Midwest.

Out team partied Saturday night and I was so close to fucking the CEO of the company we just pitched the ad for. I was able to restrain myself and ended up stopping at an adult book store to purchase a large dildo. Before climbing into bed, I stripped off my clothes and slid into my pillow-top bed; I turned on the adult channel on the hotel pay-per-view and found the raunchiest movie I could find. I fucked my steamy pussy through two orgasms. Totally exhausted, I fell asleep with the large dildo still stuck in my pussy. I dreamt of the CEO and woke up and knocked off another orgasm. I swore to fuck John’s brains out as soon as I got home.

Taking a cab home from the airport, I called John, but only got voicemail. He must be on his way home; the cell reception between here and Western is spotty.

When I got to the house, I noticed Jimmy’s car in the driveway, but didn’t think he was back from California yet. John told me that his buddy Brad was going to drop it off over the week-end and seeing it was covered in snow, thought nothing of it. I sure hoped he wasn’t here, although the two of us had gotten together several times while John was out of town working on a high-profile murder case. I hated cheating on John with his son, but god, his cock was huge and he sure knew how to use it.

Dropping my bags at the bottom of the stairs, I kicked off my heels and headed upstairs to take bostancı escort bayan a long, steamy bath and play dress up and wait for John to return.

Putting my hair up, I turned on the water for my bath and went into the bedroom to strip. I hung up my fashionable suit; I returned to the bathroom and tossed my bra and panties in the hamper. Stepping into the steamy water, I nearly fell asleep, I was proud of the results of the trip and I began thinking about how I loved sucking on Jimmy’s cock. He was very cocky and made me do things I would never do with John. I began diddling my clit, but just before I came, I stopped. I wanted to save this orgasm for John.

Getting out of the tub, I dried off and walked naked into our adjoining bedroom. Sitting at my dressing table, I dropped my hair and brushing it out; I wound it about and put it up into a fashionable French twist. I knew John liked me this way and fastened it with the least amount of pins possible, knowing how he loved to undo it and run his hands through it. I applied some fresh red lip-gloss and a little shadow. I went and found the outfit I know he loves. Slipping into the lacy, nearly see-through bra, it cradled my full tits. I squeezed my nipples and watched them perk up under the thin material. I slid on the matching panties and clipping the garter belt to match, I found the sheerest black stocking I could find. Slipping them on, I clipped them up and found my slutty black strappy high heels.

I spun around before the large wall mirror and loved what I saw. I slid into the tiniest see-through cover-up and went downstairs to make myself a stiff drink. Walking down the hall, for some reason I stopped at Jimmy’s door. I listened, but didn’t hear a thing. I reached out and slowly opened the door and I sucked in my breath.

Jimmy was sitting on his bed, naked and his eyes were focused on his laptop. He was stroking his huge cock and I licked my lips, my pussy immediately began to moisten. I was so horny, going without all week-end and thinking about that very cock in the bathtub, I went weak in the knees. I slowly closed the door and headed quickly downstairs to get an even bigger drink to down.

I refilled the glass after downing it and hurried upstairs to wait for John to return. I passed Jimmy’s closed door and was glad he didn’t see me or even know I was home. I entered my bedroom and immediately dropped my glass of scotch.

Sitting spread-eagled on the turned down bed was Jimmy. He was completely naked and he had his huge cock in his hand and was stroking it slowly.

“Come on in Patti, I saw you come into my room out of the corner of my eye. I knew you were ready to fuck, especially dressed the way you are.”

I shook my head; “We can’t Jimmy, your father will be home soon and I know he’s going to want to fuck me; and me him!”

He chuckled; “Oh I know you’re ready. Whenever you wear that outfit, I know you’re rearing to go. So why don’t you slip off that hide-nothing robe, climb up here and suck me off. I need a fast one so I can fuck you good and slow. I love watching your face as you cum all over my cock!” He keep his eyes focused on her, His large hand gripped his cock and reached over, opened her nightstand and looked inside; “Oh yeah, you still have that lube in there!” Pulling it out, he put a squirt in his hand. He wrapped it around his cock and began stroking it longer and harder. It was shiny in the light of day and licking his lips he whispered out to me; Come on Patti, drop that robe and slide up here. Look what I have for you!”

I couldn’t resist it; it was so hard, so thick and so long. I had to have it. Maybe I could suck it and fuck it good and hard, just get the edge off, take a quick shower and be raring to go again with John. I knew I would cum fast and I know I can make Jimmy cum quickly. I’m just not sure I want to do it really, really fast. I love that cock and when I started, it’s hard not to savor it! I slipped out of my cover-up and I saw how Jimmy stared at my huge tits. I leaned over his legs. I dragged my tits across his thighs, but he refused to let go of his cock. He continued to stroke it, a lot slower now but he did it deliberately teasing me. “Come on Jimmy, let it go, I have to suck on it. You know how much I love sucking on that huge cock of yours!”

He let out a chuckle and slowly gripped the base and moved it from side to side, making me reach out and grab it myself. I slid up and hovered over it. I let out a puff of hot air on it and I heard him let out a groan. Opening my mouth, I took about three inches of his length into my mouth. I held it there and closed my lips harder around it. I sucked hard and my cheeks hollowed as I drew more of his shaft into my mouth. I released it lightly and began running my tongue around and around the fat, swollen head. I stopped and tilted my head up and stared into his dark eyes. I met his with my baby blues and smiling; I pulled my mouth off his cock and began licking it up and ümraniye escort down. I bent it back and trapping it against his belly. I leaned down and ran my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft from balls to the tip. I just couldn’t get enough of him.

Having his cock trapped against his belly, I slid up his firm, well-muscled body. I licked my way upward, across his toned chest and up to him mouth. He was waiting for me and we fought back and forth. I shoved my tongue deep into his mouth and flicked back and forth across his tongue. I let out a tiny groan when I felt him release my bra and pull it from my aching tits. I loved how my nipples stiffened as they scraped against his hair covered chest.

Jimmy rolled me over and suddenly he was above me. He ground his stiff cock against my dripping cunt.

John always said my pussy looked like a clam shell, all puffy and swollen.

I reached down and stroked Jimmy’s cock several times. I tried to guide it to my cunt. I needed to get fucked hard and I needed it now. Jimmy wanted to take his time; “Come on we can’t take too long. Your father should be coming home soon and we surely don’t want him catching us like this.”

He chuckled; “I wouldn’t mind, then we could share you without having to hide what we do.” He slid down and grabbing me by the legs, he pushed them up against my bare breasts. Grabbing hold of my panties, he pulled them up and off my stocking clad legs. Tossing them aside, he dove right in and like a bull in a china shop, he began licking, sucking and fingering my aching pussy. Normally, I like it slower and gentler at first, but because we were pressed for time and I was so fucking horny, I was okay with it.

I grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled him tight to my pussy. I let out a long groan when he found my clit and started chewing on it with his lips. His tongue followed and flicking it back and forth bringing me closer to the orgasm I so sorely needed. I began to shake and rotate my hips and was on the verge of cumming when he pulled away. “Oh you mother fucker, why, why did you stop? I was so close to cumming, come on Jimmy, I need it!”

He chuckled; “Oh I’m going to give it to you Patti, but not with my tongue. I’m going to fuck you and I want to feel you cream all over my cock!” He held my legs against my tits and his cock found my pussy lips. He shoved it in and just had the head seeded and he held it there.

I screamed out; “You son-of-a-bitch, fuck me, quit your games or so help me…!” I was cut off as he shoved his monster cock deep into me and letting go my legs, he buried that monstrous cock all the way in. I wrapped my stocking clad legs around him and dug the heels of my shoes in his tight ass.

He let out a growl when he felt them dig into his flesh and he reared back and began pounding me faster and faster.

All of a sudden my cell phone began to go off. “Stop, Jimmy stop, I have to answer that, it could be your father!” He slowed, but continued to slide in and out with tiny thrusts and jerks of his hips. I was still panting hard as I answered the phone; “Hel…hello?” It was John

“Hi sweetie, how’s Boston, just wanted to call and say I’m at a drive-thru picking up a couple burgers for to eat while you’re out of town. I should be home in about five minutes.”

I had to think fast; “Oh I finished up in Boston early and caught a flight home this morning. I just got home myself and am hungry. Could you swing back and get me a chicken sandwich?” I really wasn’t hungry, but thought if I could have him get back to the restaurant; it would buy me some time.

“Sure, can’t wait to see ya, I’ll hurry!”

He hung up before I could tell him to take his time. I hit the end button and tossed the phone on the bed; “Come on Jimmy, get off of me. Your father is on his way home and I have to get myself presentable.”

He let out a disgusted laugh; “Are you out of your fucking mind Patti? My cock is deep in your sweet pussy and I don’t intend on going anywhere until we both cum!” He began pounding me relentlessly and I suddenly could care less if John caught us.

I gripped his ass and with my legs now spread wide, I began thrusting my hips upward, meeting his movements equally hard. I plastered my mouth to his and tried making him cum quicker, but he had the upper edge, seeing he had me at the brink of cumming earlier.

Jimmy rolled me over and I was above him. He reached up and began playing with my tits and I was soooooo close to cumming. I began pumping my hips forward and backward, sending his cock deep into my quaking cunt. I started cumming and couldn’t stop. I covered his cock with my cream and I knew I was in trouble. I was so wet; the friction on his cock wasn’t there any longer. I knew I had to make his cum or he wouldn’t stop and John would catch us together.

Without him being able to stop me, I quickly pulled off his cock. I was still in the latter stages of cumming, but I had to finish him off. I slid down escort kartal and took his slime covered cock in my hands. I began stroking him hard and fast. I added my mouth and sucked and licked at it. I knew I had him close as he started thrusting his hips up to meet my actions. I knew I didn’t have much time; I slid a finger between his ass cheeks and slid my index finger up his ass. I heard him let out a grunt and I clamped my lips tightly around his cock. The last thing I needed right now was a faceful of cum. I felt his cock jerk and began to shoot his cum down my throat. I forgot how much cum those large balls of his held. I swallowed as fast as I could and as the last of it came shooting out, it seeped out and trickled down my chin.

Jimmy tried to grab hold of me, but I slid back and hurried off the bed; “Come on Jimmy, get your ass off the bed. Get over there and light a few candles. We need to get the smell of sex out of here before your father gets home!”

He laughed; “We could just open the window!”

“Are out of your fucking mind, its freezing out there and if we do that, he’ll know something is up.”

“I still say, let him catch us. I’d love nothing better than to share you with him.”

I shook my head; “I swear Jimmy, if you don’t get your ass up, make the bed and light those candles, I’ll never let you fuck me again!”

He threw up his hands; “Okay, okay don’t get so aggressive. I’ll do it, but we need some quality time together. Promise me we’ll get together soon.”

“John has an important case coming up. If I remember correctly he’ll be out of town. I promise to really take care of you then, okay?” He agreed and helped me get the bedroom back to the way it was when I got home. I ushered him out of the room; “Get your ass dressed, you may want to wash off. I don’t want you smelling like me if your father comes in close contact with you. I’m hopping in the bathtub and taking a scented bubble bath, but not before brushing my teeth and using some very strong mouthwash. The last thing I need it to have your father kiss me and taste your cum on my tongue.”

He laughed; “Oh I wouldn’t mind. I always love kissing you after you suck me off.”

I let out a groan; “You’re so fucking wicked Jimmy. I can’t wait to do that and really take our time, but for now, get the fuck out of here!”

He jumped away and ran out of the room when I took a swat at that tight, lean ass. I just settled into the tub after brushing my teeth when I heard John coming up the stairs. When I heard him enter the bedroom I yelled out; “I’m in here John, I’m taking a long soothing bath.” When he entered and sat on the edge of the vanity I continued: “What a week-end, it was hectic, but very productive. How was your time at Western with Karen?”

“Great, so where is Jimmy?”

“Jimmy? Is he home, I didn’t even know?” I looked at John and for some reason; it looked to me as if he knew what had happened.

Back to John’s version of the story:

I pulled into the garage, Jimmy’s car hadn’t moved so I knew he was still in the house. When I got into the house, Patti’s bags were still at the bottom of the stairs. I made enough noise for Patti to hear me. I stomped up the stairs and I heard Patti yell out; “I’m in here, I’m taking a long soothing bath.” I entered the bathroom and sat on the vanity and waited for her to continue and she did, I could tell she was nervous.

“What a week-end, it was hectic, but very productive. How was your time at Western with Karen?”

I gave her a brief reply and sort of blew her off; “Great, so where is Jimmy?” I saw her tense up when I asked her that.

“Jimmy? Is he home, I didn’t even know?”

She looked at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and I nearly gave up on what I saw and let it go, but I couldn’t. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone and found the video I shot of her and Jimmy. I pressed play and turned the phone towards her. I didn’t want her to hold it. She just may accidently drop it in the water to destroy any evidence, if I wanted to pursue any legal action; that was still to be determined.

I wanted her reaction, a one of shock and regret as she saw the video begin. She sucked in her breath and covered her eyes with her soapy hands; “Oh John, John please forgive me! I couldn’t help myself. He was sitting on our bed naked. I had dressed in that to greet you when you got home. I went downstairs for a stiff drink and when I returned…”

I let out a disgusted laugh; “Yeah I know you found something else stiff in our bedroom that you liked better huh?”

“John, you have to believe me, it was the first time and promise it will be the last!”

“Don’t lie to me Patti, when I first looked in and saw you, I heard what you said.”

She looked confused; “What do you mean, this was the first time!”

“You said you know how much I love sucking your cock. You wouldn’t have said that if it was the first time, SO DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME GOD DAMNIT!”

She started crying; “Please John, I couldn’t help myself. Everyone was hooking up in Boston. I was good, I watched some porn on the hotel TV, but it only made it worse. I couldn’t wait for you to return and when I found Jimmy in our bed naked and with his cock all stiff, I lost it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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